Not Understanding

From the past couple weeks my father been slightly off and very distant from me.
When my father walked into my room he sat me down and told me to take a deep breath in , so I did. I was very anxious he started talking the first sentence were "My dear Julianne I will have not see you for awhile so please understand". My mind was blank I couldnt even process what words he said to me.


5. Chapter 4 1/2

Niall was there I didn't even know what to do, I just wanted to crawl up in a ball and hide. I got the confidence to approach Niall. Right when I was going to talk to Niall, Harry asked " Why are you wearing Louis clothes ?" I I um well yoou seee. Louis spoke up and said " She was with me last night". Liam asked " Did you guys sleep together in the same bed". I got flustered. Louis said "No that would be fucking disgusting if I slept with her". I screamed at Louis, how can you say that Im fucking disgusting in front of everyone come on, your such a douche bag. I thought you actually cared about me. Now Im fucking disgusting. I ran out of the house as fast as I could, I have no shoes on. I've been running for 20 minutes now, Im far away from the house. I started walking into this alley ditch thing. A guy started walking towards me I got scared so I started walking faster and faster. Someone grabbed both of my wrist and pinned them to wall it was the guy from earlier. He put his mouth to my ear and said "You better keep your mouth shut bitch if you don't I might have to kill you." Now I started crying yelling for help because I TOLD MYSELF IM GONNA GET RAPED BY THIS GUY IF I DON'T TRY.I started fighting back but I couldn't he pulled my shorts down I wasn't wearing any underwear because from the night before. He pulled down his pants and his boxer. He started inserting his cock into me his hand was covering my mouth so I couldn't scream. It was to late he was raping me. After he was done raping me, he started getting dressed. He started kicking me and punching me. And he left like that. Im just sitting there in that alley. Im regretting leaving the house. I lost my virginity to a guy I don't know. I saw five guys running but I couldn't make out their faces I just started crying I got scared, I thought it was the guys friends. When the group stepped closer it was Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Liam.
They instantly saw me on the ground my arms and legs are brusied. Im naked on the ground. Harry started saying "Julianne what happened".

Harry's POV  

The guys and I saw a girl on the ground naked, crying, bleeding, and, scared. We went closer it was Julianne. Julianne what happened I said. She didn't give a response. Louis said " She was raped". I tried looking into Julianne's brown eyes to find hope, but she fainted. Niall called 911 the ambulance came shortly after. Louis started crying and cursing at him self. Louis walked over to me and said "Man this is all my fault, if I didn't say those words she wouldn't even left the house". I was patting his shoulder saying it was alright Julianne will be fine. But I don't if she is going to be fine. All of us arrived at the hospital were in Julianne's hospital room.Louis is holding Julianne's hand. Were waiting for the doctor to come in. He came in for the results when he was about to speak Julianne woke up.

Julianne's POV

I woke up in the hospital looking at everyone Louis is hold my hand Harry is at my side Zayn, Niall, and Liam are sitting in chairs. The doctor came in he walked over to me putting a flashlight over my eyes to see if Im alright. Dr. Macy started talking his name was on his name tag.
Dr. Macy said " Ms.Garren you have been raped you fainted because your were in shock. But the good news is you that you didn't pick up any diseases from the guy. But you the bad news is you have to be in bed for a few days, and your bruises and wounds will heal in a couple of days. So Im sending you home with these boys. He turned to Louis and said "Make sure she gets plenty of rest thats doctors order". Liam grabbed a wheel chair rolling the chair near the bed so I can sit in it. Im a little sore down there and I couldn't even walk. Harry picked me up bridal style, he put me in the chair. Louis was pushing me he kept saying how sorry he was it was all his fault. I was a little angry but I let it go. I don't like having grudges against people. Were finally home. Harry picked me up bridal style again bringing me to my bedroom he sat me down on my bed. He said "What ever you need love just call for me". I said Okay he left the room. I was sitting there until I heard a knock on the door come in I said. It was Niall, I was nervous anxious I let out a sigh. He walked over to the bed he's laying next to me. He said "How are you holding up". I said "I was fine just, shocked" .I started crying. Niall said " The guy that raped you is going to hell, the cops are finding him now". I felt relieved when Niall said those words. Niall was wiping my tears away. He finally spoke up, I saw you and Liam yesterday. I didn't even know what to say, Im crying even harder. He said " Its okay don't cry love, I'll keep it a secret. "Don't worry my lips are sealed". I just shook my head. He brought me closer to him, my face nuzzled into his chest. It was relaxing I finally fell asleep in Niall's warm loving arms.

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