Not Understanding

From the past couple weeks my father been slightly off and very distant from me.
When my father walked into my room he sat me down and told me to take a deep breath in , so I did. I was very anxious he started talking the first sentence were "My dear Julianne I will have not see you for awhile so please understand". My mind was blank I couldnt even process what words he said to me.


2. Chapter 2

I started crying feeling tears coming down my cheeks while Im wiping them off with my baggy sweat-shirt. Father approached me and he was comforting me so I can stop crying so after that , Louis I think that was the boys name he started leading me upstairs with my bag then he leads me to a gorgeous bedroom. He said this was my room it has my name on the wall. Right before he left he said whatever you need I will be downstairs with the guys. I said 'Thank you'. After that I flopped on the bed I was exhausted and I drifted off into deep sleep.


I heard knocking on the door so I jumped up in surprise because I wasnt familiar in the room I was in, but I remember that Father dropped me off thinking of that where is Father ? I went to open the door to a curly head boy oh I remember his name was Harry. He told me Good Morning Sunshine, I was a little surprise how he looked he was beautiful oh my gosh his eyes were perfection. I said Good Mornin back to him he smiled I saw his dimples how cute they were I want to poke them anyways beside that. Harry took my hand by surprise dragging me to the kitchen he lead me to the counter top letting me on the barstool I saw everyone cooking. Everybody exchanged Good Morning with me. The first actual sentence I said 'Where is my Father'? Liam turned to me and said he didnt want to disturb you while you were sleeping we found you dead asleep he said to contact him when your all settled in. All I did said Oh. So breakfast was done it was awkward for me eating with strangers I dont know and there's five of them. So I got up done eating doing all the dishes and stuff.What Im use to doing because my Mom was never around. After that I asked Harry where's the bathroom he said down the hall I love their British accent. I looked in the mirror I looked like a monster mascara stains all over my cheeks my hair looks like a rat nest I tried wiping the mascara it worked combing through my hair with my fingers. I put it in a side braid so I can look some what presentable. I got out of the bathroom Zayn was there staring at me like I was a creature that he never saw before, he grabbed my hand he started running. I tried to tell him to stop but he wouldnt he was leading me to the backyard it was big beautiful very spacious it was like a little forest. We finally stopped running I was gasping for air Im not that athletic. Zayn turned to me and he kissed me I was so shocked but his lips were soft and nice he tried to deepen the kiss I refused to, but I loved that feeling his lips were on mine. I stepped back from the kiss staring at him. The first thing he said 'Uh sorry that was very inappropriate of me ,but your so beautiful. I blushed of course a freakin hot guy called me beautiful. In my head I said at least he said he was sorry. I gave him a shy smile. There was a small little wooden bench so I walked to it and sat he walked over and sat also. It felt great looking at the beautiful scenery wind in my hair it was magnificent.I asked Zayn out of the blue how old he was he said he was 21. He asked me the same I told him I was 19. After staying out in backyard we walked backed to the house everybody was a little panicked and worried about where I've went with Zayn. Niall asked me what we were doing a blush came up on my cheeks when Zayn kissed me. I said 'I asked Zayn earlier to take me in the backyard for fresh air because I felt stuffy in the house'. Everybody believed what I said after that Zayn gave me a wink hopefully no one saw that I looked away of embarrassment.

I went back up stairs to my room to take a shower and get ready for the day. After I showered I did my makeup really basic shimmer eyeshadow and mascara with nude pink lips. I blow dried my hair and curled it. I put on blue jean skinny jeans with a white baggy v necked shirt tucked half in my jeans. I went to get my phone that was on my nightstand I called Father he picked up he said how are you Julianne I said I was fine I asked him why was I here and how long Im staying here. He didnt say a word he just told me that the boys will tell me everything that I needed to know I said bye and I love you to my Father thats how we ended our conversation.I walked out of my room I went down the hall to see a door halfed open with music playing it was Nialls room. I knocked on the door before walking in he said come in so I did. Niall was shocked I was shocked he was shirtless and wearing boxer briefs. Oh man he was hot I was blushing toned stomach nice arms and pecks. He ran across the room to get clothes while he was putting those on I was covering my eyes. I told him sorry he said it was fine he wasnt expecting me to come in his room. I told him that I need everybody down stairs so I can ask them questions. Ten minutes later everybody is in the living room with smile on their faces Harry especially he was staring at my boobs when I bent over I felt his eyes on me it was weird but I liked it for some reason. The rest of the guys were staring at me waiting for me to talk they were on the couch I was on the chair.
The first question I asked was why was I here for? The guys looked at each other giving confused looks. So Niall first volunteered he said " Ah the thing is Julianne you were sent here for a special reason." I was confused I asked ' Why do I require this reason."

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