Not Understanding

From the past couple weeks my father been slightly off and very distant from me.
When my father walked into my room he sat me down and told me to take a deep breath in , so I did. I was very anxious he started talking the first sentence were "My dear Julianne I will have not see you for awhile so please understand". My mind was blank I couldnt even process what words he said to me.


18. Chapter 16

It was the weirdest thing, Liam didn't give a response back or anything he had a poker face. He was taking me to the coffee shop where l was going to meet Sarah. Liam dropped me off front before l got out of the car l gave him a kiss. Then l waved the he was gone. l entered the shop most of the tables were occupied so l sat in this little table. Where is Sarah ? Then my phone went off it was a text from a unknown number. Sarah: Im coming right now. A fair lady sat in front of me she was very pretty.
Me : Are you Sarah ?
Sarah : Yes.
Me : Hi how are you ?
Sarah : Im fine my dear.
Sarah : Your exactly what l imagined you to be. I heard a lot about you.
Me : What do you mean, we haven't seen each other in 15 years. How could you possibly know lm fine.
Sarah : I have people my dear.
Me : Why did you leave me and Father ?
Sarah : Because we had a lot of things going on.
Me : What do you mean a lot things ? And why didn't you come visit me ?
Sarah : Honey because it will ruin my plans for you.
Me : Plans for what, and what does this key mean?
Sarah : Wait and see when the time is right.
Me : Wait and see what. Your'e freaking me out right now.
Sarah : l know. You'll know the truth soon enough.

Then a waiter came by and gave me a latte, excuse me sir l didn't order anything. It's on the house, the waiter said. I took a sip out of the latte l felt very whoozy l looked up at Sarah she was giving me a grin. I said " Why do l feel like this". Then l blacked out.


3 weeks later

I was in my room, l had a major headache l looked at my phone it said 11/22/14. Wait that doesn't make sense my phone must be broken. Then its been 3 wks since l saw Sarah Okay. Who's pulling a trick on me l yelled out. No answer. Ah Sarah when l tried to remember it was only bits and pieces here and there. Sarah's face was blurred l would see bits of her face but l couldn't remember. That bitch l can't believe she gave birth to me. Wait l remembered l was at the coffee shop then Sarah came talking about the truth or something like that then l passed out. l looked at my baby bump it got bigger holy shit what happened. Last night on the couch l was rubbing my baby bump during the movie what happened.

I was inspecting the rest of my body there were little dots on my forearm l never had before. It looked like a was hooked up to a IV. I looked at my left arm there was gauze, and stains of blood down my arm. I unwrapped the gauze there was a big incision there. What the fuck happened my phone said it was November 22. l have cuts all over my skin, and blood, my baby bump got big. l looked in the mirror it looked like l didn't shower for months. My wrists had little splotches on them then l licked my finger then l ran it over my wrist. Makeup was on my wrists it looks like someone tried to cover it up. Then l revealed my wrist it had burns it looked like l was tied down by straps. l walked over to the door l saw this little bottle with a needle in it the label read Epidural. What is this what happened to me. Tears started flowing down.

After my crying session l was thinking of a plan.
I headed downstairs all the boys were there. I told them Good afternoon.
I went on Zayn's lap and pulled him into a kiss.
Zayn : Hey l thought you were sleeping.
I tried to read Zayn's face but l couldn't.
Me : Hey this morning was awesome, that melody was beautiful can you sing it to me again.
Zayn's face started to panic.
Zayn : You don't remember anything what happened to you.
Me : No what are talking about l was snuggling with you don't you remember. It was only couple hours ago.
Zayn : Thank god he said under his breath.
Me : What did you say ?
Zayn : Ah nothing.
God lm so smart lm faking it. Hopefully l can get information out of him. Keep it up Juli your on a roll.

Me : Please sing the song you wrote for me, please Zaynnie. (Giving him a pouty lip)
Zayn : I don't remember how it goes, lm sorry.
Me : What do you mean you sang it a couple of hours ago.

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