Not Understanding

From the past couple weeks my father been slightly off and very distant from me.
When my father walked into my room he sat me down and told me to take a deep breath in , so I did. I was very anxious he started talking the first sentence were "My dear Julianne I will have not see you for awhile so please understand". My mind was blank I couldnt even process what words he said to me.


17. Chapter 15

 couldn't sleep all night, but l had this odd dream it kept replaying and replaying.


This lady was packing her bags she was crying Father was yelling at her, l was terrified . The lady's face was blurred, she walked up to me and said "l'll be back don't worry, you'll see your brother soon". She kissed me goodbye.

Who is this woman, l looked at the the clock it was 5 am so l decided to go get ready for the day. l jumped in the shower then curled my hair and makeup. I heard someone talking l headed to the direction l think it was Zayn's room. The door was cracked open he was on his guitar singing a song. When l was listening to song the song was about me l got butterflies in my stomach. Clumsy me l was leaning on the door, the door flung opened. l fell to the ground. God lm so embarrassed right now, Zayn got off his bed and helped me up.

Zayn : Are you okay.
Me: Yeah lm fine.
Zayn : How long have you've been standing there?
Me : Not long by the way you have a beautiful voice. l blushed.
Zayn looked away l think he was embarrassed.
Me : What are you doing awake its only 5 am.
Zayn : l should be asking the same question. Your all dolled up.
Me : But really why are you up.
Zayn : l couldn't sleep. lm sorry so sorry what l had said earlier. l was just mad because your still 19 and everything is so frustrating. Then l just made up this melody in my head and lyrics then l was singing.
lm stroking Zayn's cheek its so soft. Then l kissed him, l think l have feelings for him.
Zayn didn't retract from the kiss. l straddled him it was a passionate kiss it was full of lust.
After the kiss l tried to leave but he grabbed my wrist now lm lying in his bed.
We are spooning it was nice, me and Zayn went to sleep.


Hours later  

Liams POV

I was going to take Juli out for a date today a surprise date. It was 10 am I knocked on Juli"s door. There wasn't a response so l went in. She wasn't there. Then l was searching the halls, l passed by Zayn's door there was a girl there. But it didn't hit me than l stepped back to the door. l peeked my head through the door, the girl was Juli. My blood started boiling l was so raged l wanted to punch something. I knocked on the door then Juli started wiping her eyes. She was startled she got up from Zayn's bed. Hey l said to Julianne. She mumbled good morning. Hey l wanted to take you out on a date, so will be leaving in 15 minutes it looks like your dressed so lets get going. She just nodded her head she didn't look like she was fully awake. We headed downstairs we were hand and hand. She slipped on her shoes then we were off. lm taking her sail boating. l bought the boat maybe a year ago.We arrivied at the pier. I was holding her hand dragging her to the boat. She was surprised. She had a big smile on her face. I was happy to see her smile, shes been under the blue. I started the engine now were off.

Julianne's POV

Liam brought me to his boat. It was so beautiful and it was huge and it was expensive. My Father use to take me out in his boat, l was so happy. lt brings good memories. I standed next to Liam. He was steering l felt the wind in hair. I felt free. "Hey Liam what time is it" he looked at his watch and he said 11:30 love. We've been on the boat for and hour already. 11:30 omg l have to go see Sarah. Liam we need to head back to the house. Why he asked. Because l found out my Mother is alive now l haedve to go meet her at the coffee shop near our house. For some reason he didn't looked shock. He knew my Mother died, when l told him she was alive. he had a poker face.

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