Not Understanding

From the past couple weeks my father been slightly off and very distant from me.
When my father walked into my room he sat me down and told me to take a deep breath in , so I did. I was very anxious he started talking the first sentence were "My dear Julianne I will have not see you for awhile so please understand". My mind was blank I couldnt even process what words he said to me.


15. Chapter 13

I through up in the toilet. Ah l don't feel so good, lm tired and exhausted. l headed back to the bed with the boys. Harry said " Hey are you alright love". Yeah lm fine, l feel exhausted. Niall " Okay l guess you not eating the burger, yeah more for me". The boys left, l checked my calendar when the last time I had my period. Huh no no l can't be no no no this can't be happening. lm late on my my period lm to 3 weeks late. No l didn't have sex yet. l fell down to the ground that Anthony Marce fucking raped me. l started crying lm having a panic attack. l started yelling, throwing stuff to the ground grabbing everything that's breakable smashing everything to the ground. Fuck my LIFE.
The boys came running in one by one. Liam said " What the hell happened to you room ,your hands are bleeding, Juli talk to us". I didn't look at them. Harry cupped my cheek lm looking into his orbs. "Harry Harry l l l think lmm pregnant". "What you told me your a virgin". I know that fucking Harry don't you remember l got raped. l missed my period. lm usually never late.

Niall : Its okay Juli calm down first. Lets clean you up first.
Niall is lifting me into the bathroom, washing my hands off.
He sat me down on my toilet.
Niall : Okay Liam go down to Walgreens to get a pregnancy test make it snappy.
Liam dashed out of the room.
10 minutes later Liam came back.
Liam : Okay Juli, your'e going to be fine don't worry you have us. Take you time time okay.
The boys left the bathroom.
l sat on the toilet looking at the test, staring at it. This test will change my life forever.
It took me a good twenty- minutes to take the test. I was so scared lm only 19.
l finally took the test, the instructions said it takes 4 minutes to get the answer.
l walked out of the bathroom, to see the guys. I looked up to see their faces Zayn was there.
l ran to Zayn, crying in his arms. Zayn l may be pregnant.
Zayn : l know sweetheart, lm sorry l left you..
Me : Its fine..
Four minutes passed, l was scared to get up l told Louis to get the pregnancy test.
He handed to me l looked it said positive.
I fainted this can't be true this all a big dream...........


Hours later  

I heard noises in the background. l got a pounding headache. I was laying on Zayn's lap.
Me : Hey Zayn when did you come back l was waiting for you. And also l had this horrible dream l was pregnant by the guy who raped me hilarious right.
Zayn gave me a sympathy look.
Zayn : No it wasn't a dream.
Me : No it has to be..
Harry walked up to me and said " Were taking you to the doctors office right now before they close". l couldn't even move. The boys had to put my jacket on me and my shoes. l felt so numb inside l was blank, nothing left in me.

We arrived at the doctor's office the doctor put this special jelly on me. It was so cold.
Okay Ms. Garren l will take a look now said the doctor. Is the Father around, all the boys were in the room with me. I told the doctor l was raped.
The doctor let out a deep sigh and said " Okay you see this on the screen Ms. Garren this little mass right here, that's a baby." Your'e are indeed pregnant.
Dr. Nancy said are you having this baby or are you going to get abortion ?

That's the question am l keeping this baby ?

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