One girl two boys, ho is the one?

Julias best friend is Niall Horan from one Direction but Niall is in love with Julia so what happends after the crazy night in Julias apartment? And what is that feeling that Louis has to Julia and will it destroy their friendship.


6. the dress

Julias P.O.V.

It has been 2 weeks after the crazy night in my apartment and today Niall is going to take me on a date at 8 o'clock, so before that perrie, Danniel and I are going to have a girl day.

I could hear a knock on the door so I ran to open it.

-Hi Julia! Perrie and Danniel said at the same time

-Hi girls! Come in!

-so should we start shopping or... Perrie said

- well could we talk a second in the couch? I asked the girls while looking down at my feets.

-Sure has something happend? Danniel asked with a wooried face.

-no nothing has happend... or not yet... it is about Niall. I said nervesly.

Danniel rusched to the couch and jumped on top of it.

-Come on come on tell us!!

Danniel almost screamed, Danniel loved all type of love talk.

Me and Perrie just stood there and giggled before joining Danniel on the couch.

-the thing is that as you know Niall is taking me on our first date today and... I am scared that if this dosen't work out, it maybe ruin our friendship. I could feel tears trying to escape from my eyes but i whipped them away as fast as I could.

-But honey you know Niall and so do Danniel and I too, he would never let you go away from his life dosen't matter if you are his girlfriend or his friend he will always love you. Perrie said with a calm voice.

-yeah Perrie has right don't worry, and if you still is worrid about it you can always talk to Niall he will understand. Danniel said it with the same calm voice.

wow this was really the best friends a girl can have!

-Thanks girls! Common lets go shopping! I need a new dress for tonight!

-yeey shopping!! Perrie yeld, she really loved go shopping!

we went to my favourite store, "Marks and Spencer"

I found a beautiful dress and showed it for Danniel and Perrie.

-Girls what do you think about this?

-It is absolutely beautiful! Go try it on! Said Perrie.

-Yeah you most try it! Said Danniel.

I went to the fitting room and stripped of my clothes and puted on the dress.

Wow it was so beautiful!

It was a white dress that goes down to my kneecaps, with small strapes over my shoulders with a wide white band over the waist.

-oh come on Julia I want to see it!

-Alright alright Perrie I comming!

I walked out from the fitting room and saw Perries and Danniels jaw dropped.

-Omg! Julia you look soooooo great you have to buy it you have to! Niall is going to love it! Danniel almost screamed.

-Thank you Danniel, yeah I think I should buy it.

-what do you mean THINK?? You ARE going to buy it! said Perrie.

-Ok I buy it. I said that at the same time I put up my hand in defens.

I walked in to the fitting room and stripped of the dress and and puted on my clothes and walked to the checkout to pay it.

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