One girl two boys, ho is the one?

Julias best friend is Niall Horan from one Direction but Niall is in love with Julia so what happends after the crazy night in Julias apartment? And what is that feeling that Louis has to Julia and will it destroy their friendship.


8. The date.

we were back in my flat and I was sitting in my chair with Danniel in front of me and helped me and did my makeup, and Perrie stood beside me and talked about how romantic it's going to be and what I should and shouldn't do.

-Alright take a look! what do you think? Danniel asked me and pushed me to the mirror to show me.

It was beautiful but a natural look with a little bit of mascara and some brown eyeshadow.

-oh Danniel I really like it! thank you! But... what should we do with my hair?

-oh, no nothing I think it should just fall natural over your shoulders. said Danniel.

-Come on put on your dress now! Perrie handed me my dress and pushed me to my warderobe.

I stepped in and puted on my dress, I walked out and spinned around.

-so how do I look?

-you look absolutly amazing! said Perrie.

-Thanks Perrie!

-Oh no! Perrie, Niall is going to pick up Julia in 5 minutes we need to go! said Danniel

-wait? what? why do you have to go just beacuse of that? I asked confused.

-oh my Julia my little Julia... I know that you dont have so much experience with boys but I and Danniel have that and we are pretty sure that he want to be romantic when he comes to pick you up, but if we are here he can't.

-see you soon Julia!

after we had said ours goodbyes and they had walked out I started to get really nervous. What if he didn't like me in that way, what if he never wants to see me again! I not want to ruin our friendship, I love Niall!

"knock knock"

Oh my god he is here!

I run to the mirror just to take a last look on my self, I look ok!

I oppened the door and there in a white shirt with the 2 last buttons unbuttned and a black blazer stood a blue eyed, irish boy that I have knowed for 7 years, with a big bunch of with roses, my favourite.

-Hi Niall! Oh thank you! he gave me the flawors

-Hi Julia! are you ready to go?

-yeah! lets go!

He streched out his hand and I aceepted it. We walked to his car and he oppend up the door to the passenger sit like a true gentelman.

-so I guess you would like to know were we are going to do today? he said but with his eyes on the road.

-Yeah! you haven't told me anything!

-I am going to take you for lunch and I maybe not even have to tell you were we are going to eat. He said it with a smile that showed he's white teeths.

-Nando's! I said pretty loudly!

-haha! correct mrs. Jakobsson! And after that I have a little suprise for you!

-Oh no! Niall please tell me!

-haha you just have to wait and see! Niall said it with a smirk on his face.

-uh! fine!

we arrived at Nando's and ordered our food, I know that Niall eats a lot, but he always says that he wants a girl that eats just as much as he does, I mean I eat a lot but not as much as he does.

We started to talk about everything and nothing and damn he was hot! It was hard to not stare at him.

-Eeemm... Julia? what is it?

oh no! I must have got into some trance and stared at him!

-Oh eeemmm... nothing.

I could feel my cheeks burn and I am pretty sure that I am blushing.

-haha you should blush more often you are cute in it! Said Niall and that just made me blush more!

-are you done Niall or are you going to order a thirde plate of food? I chuckled and he to.

-yeah I'm done come on lets go out!

we walked out to his car and went of.

-so Niall can you please tell me were we are going now!? Please I am dying here! I made a dramatic fall back in my seat with my back side of my hand on my forhead, beacuse I know that I can always make him laugh wen I am doing dramatic falls.

-hahah alright alright I am going to tell you I don't want my beautiful date to die!

oh my god! he said beautiful date! Oh now I am blushing, I am blushing so hard!

-ooww! you are so cute when you blush!

-well Niall if you are done with making me blush... can you please tell me were we are going now!

-do you remember that park we used to go to when we were kids?

- yeah! I haven't been there for 5 years!

- well we are going to have a picnic there!

It was so cute at the park.

-Oh Niall this is so amazing thank you!

The picnic has been so nice. we shared chocolate strawberries, Niall sing sommer love to me and now he is chasinge me around the park.

-aahhh!!! I screamed when I felt a pair of strong arms around my waist.

-got you Julia! Niall carried me over his shoulder back to the blanket and I tried to get down.

-Niall put me down!

-ok! he took his other arm round my back and puted me down on my back at the blanket, he puted one leg on my side and the other at my other said.

-Julia... do you remember that time in you apartment when I tickled you? Niall said it with a huge grin on his face.

-Niall Horan you don't da- but I got interupted beacuse of course Niall started tickle me.

-Niall no please stop it! hahahah!!! Niall! I screamed and laughed.

he stooped and got of me, I sat up and stared into his blue eyes.

He started to lean in and then his lips crashed on my lips. Our lips moved in perfect sync. His lips was so soft and I didn't want it to end but he stooped the kiss and looked deep into my eyes.

-I love you Julia

-I love you to Niall.

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