One girl two boys, ho is the one?

Julias best friend is Niall Horan from one Direction but Niall is in love with Julia so what happends after the crazy night in Julias apartment? And what is that feeling that Louis has to Julia and will it destroy their friendship.


2. Hang out in the apartment

-No Niall get of me! I laughed.

-Not beafore you saying that you love me! Niall said.

Niall is my best friend and now he is tickling me on the floor in my apartment and sitting on my hips and tickling my stomach.

-Common i know you love me, say it! Niall said with a smirk on his face.

-Alright! Alright! Alright! I love you! Now please let me go!! I screamd

He stopped tickling me and got of my hips.

I sat up and looked him in his eyes and he had a big playfull smile on his face.

- you know that you don't need to do that, you just need to ask me to say it. I said

- oh come on Julia you know that it is not true! Niall said.

-I know I'm just kidding that was the last time i said that I love you! I said playfully.

-well you don't need to "say" it but if you make me some food to me...

-actuly I was going to order some Nando's.

- yeey I love Nando's!!

Niall said it with a childish voice, I tride to keep a straight face but I couldn't hide a smile that creeped on my face.

*about 1 hour later

when the food had arrived and me and Niall sat at the dinner table and eat out food Niall looked at the time.

-oh! I should go it starts to get late.

-but shouldn't you finish your food first?? I asked him, and was pretty suprised how much food he had left.

-no I'm not hungry, bye Julia!

-Bye Niall see you tomorow!

Niall had left my apartment and I couldn't stoop worry, Niall... not hungry?? I don't think so! Something must be wrong.

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