11 year old Maggie Smith has lived a happy life with the nice people who she thinks are her parents. When she finds out that a snobby rich couple who everyone dislikes are her real guardians, she tries to keep it secret so she can stay with the loving Smiths. But the word gets out and she is forced to move into the Caricona's huge, expensive mansion. Can she manage to fight for the people who truly love her? Or will Maggie forever stay a Caricona?


1. The Smiths

   The Smiths were the perfect picture of a family.  They had loving, adoring parents and kind, playful children.  But of course, in order to take that picture, their would be a lot of commotion and organizing in order to squeeze everyone into the view of that camera.  You see, the Smith family was that of 15 people: 13 kids and 2 parents.  All of the children were young and fun-loving.  But one little girl stood out.  She was more sprited and confident than all the rest.  She was a leader, and always took care of her younger siblings as a mother would.  This girl is the one whose name, as you can see, is on the cover of this book.  Her name was Maggie.

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