The story of my life!!

Harry is my brother and I am in love with Niall will I get with niall or will that bitch get with him......


3. Harry Styles

Hello. My name is Harry Styles and I love to sleep, sleeping is my absolute trade mark because well I do it mostly all the time. I have been told by so many directioners that when I first wake up in the morning and they hear my morning voice they find it very sexy but all I think is that it is as normal as any other morning voice I hear. My sister Gemma was very supportive when Taylor Swift dumped me sometimes I don't understand Girls why? Why do girls confuse me? I LOVE my band mates they knew that when Taylor dumped me niall said, "Forget that fucking twat and come hang out with us Hazza" But sometimes I felt so shit that I just thought that maybe I could just stay at home and watch some shit movies with my mum or my mates or sometimes by myself. I sometimes wish that Taylor swift would leave me fucking alone she stalks me I swear she follows me home she always breaks me up with anyone. I love my sister Lucy's best friend and you know what my love for Cher cannot be described in word because she is so beautiful and I think that I should tell her that I LOVE her but id be scared too you know because when I know her that well she will understand what it is like to be that way. she is amazing!!

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