The story of my life!!

Harry is my brother and I am in love with Niall will I get with niall or will that bitch get with him......


2. Gemma Styles

Hi my name is Gemma I am 23 years old I am the oldest out of Lucy and Harry because Harry is 20 and Lucy is 16 and they are not far apart but still Lucy is the youngest even though my brother is in that bad One Direction I don't want to be know as Harry's sister that guy in one direction because what if people only like me because I am Harry's sister. Maybe they only like me so they cam meet One Direction or get their number or even get a fucking auto graph. I get fucking pissed off when people ask me "how's Harry? Will he be coming to Japan any time soon" I don't fucking know and to be honest I don't give a fucking shit you fucking crap pot why you even fucking stalking my brother anyway he doesn't even freaking know you. OMFG!!! Harry is a very weird boy he does all sorts of crazy stuff ever since Harry has been in One Direction our lives have changed completely. The thing about Harry is that he is waiting for that perfect girl. If Taylor swift wasn't a fucking dickhead and broke is fucking heart and swore at him at one of them award shows I'd be able to fucking listen to god damn songs but now I can't even hear the word "taylor swift" without wanting to throw up. Seriously who writes songs about frigging break ups she is the saddest person on earth I fucking don't give a shit about who her boyfriends are next time that girl breaks my brothers heart she will get broken into a million fucking pieces and not her heart. I will fucking beat her up because she deserves to get hurt and know how it feels. Harry was hurt for days I used to go in his room to talk to him and he'd just cry and cry. If I beat her up though she will probably get put into a fucking god damn hospital and I don't care who agrees with me and who doesn't. Taylor swift fucking slag she goes out with anyone.

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