The story of my life!!

Harry is my brother and I am in love with Niall will I get with niall or will that bitch get with him......


1. Chapter 1

Hi. My name is Lucy Styles my brother is Harry Styles and my sister is Gemma Styles. I am 18 years old and Harry is 20 and Gemma is 23 I am the youngest our Mum is called Anne and our Dad is called Desmound. My Brother Harry is the biggest boy band in the world called One Direction and I have always been jealous of my brother’s fame and fortune. We are happy for Harry’s success of course we are he is doing well my mum and dad miss him so much. Gemma isn’t bothered because she has her own life to run but me I miss arguing with him all the time I miss him singing on the corridor at the top his voice. But hopefully he will be coming home soon and I look forward to that day because I get to see the guy I love Niall Horan mum warns me about him and so does Harry and says he is a heartbreaker but I don’t care the soft guys are the best ones because they know what heartbreakers are like they break up with them before the first date but I don’t believe that especially with Niall I mean he is the nicest guy I’ve spoken to Niall before and he seems like the best guy you could ever date trust me I know a heartbreaker and it certainly isn’t him trust me. My ex-boyfriend Matt was a heartbreaker and a cheater he was two timing and I hated him so much.

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