When a drug problem is getting out of hand and a long written prophecy is being brought up because of the appearance of a human boy, what has one one-winged, orphaned hybrid outcast got to do with anything?


17. Chapter XVI

I sat up and the rock I was leaning against disappeared. How the rock got there, I have no idea. I actually had no idea where I was or if I was even alive. Is this another "dream world"? I can move and see this time though.

I got to my feet and checked my body for injuries and realized I was no longer wearing my torn, modified school uniform. Instead, I was wearing something I would never willingly wear. It wasn't a dress, thank Satan, but it was something flowy.

I was wearing a loose halter top that was more like a really short halter dress thing. It was black with dark reddish orange that flared down from below my neck in a way that resembled dark flames. It was held up with a black cord that tied at the back of my neck in a strong knot. My modified skirt was replaced with ripped grey jean shorts that only came to half thigh and just barely showed under the long flowy shirt. I still had the bracelet and necklace Lucifer had given to me, but otherwise, I had nothing. I also happened to have lost my shoes.

"What happened?" I murmured to myself. I looked around and shrugged, "Well, wherever this place is, it's not too shabby looking."

The area I was in was a large field that went far beyond the horizon. It was completely flat, unnaturally flat with no bumps, slopes or ditches. The field was an ashen grey, but it did not look like death. It was actually quite beautiful, like volcanic snow had been evenly painted across the landscape.

I looked up to see that there was no sun, moon or any celestial object to light the area up. The sky, a dusky, pale dark blue was void but looked to stretch on endlessly.

"It's beautiful isn't it?"

I whipped around, my shirt ballooning slightly from the spin, and faced a tall woman. She was dressed in a long, silky sleeveless sundress. It was a blood orange sunset, going from a deep, almost red, orange at her chest to a golden yellow at her shoeless feet.

What struck me the most though, beside her flawless tanned skin and immeasurable beauty, were her eyes and hair. She had fiery ginger locks pulled up in a messy bun with a clip of some sort and a few tendrils were free to frame her small face. Her hair was so orange and with the golden highlights, I had mistaken it for fire at first glance. Her eyes though, I had seen eyes like that every time I looked in a mirror. Bright amber, closer to an orangey red that looked like small spheres of fire.

I tensed, raising my arms in a defensive stance. "Who are you?" I asked cautiously. She seemed familiar but I didn't let that lower my guard.

She smiled and I thought it unfair that such a person could smile so beautifully. She was ethereal, like a goddess described in the prehistoric humans' religions.

"I thought you would have been able to recognize my voice, little Night," she spoke with a lilt.

I frowned for a second before my eyes widened in realization. "You're the Voice..." I trailed off not believing that the stunning woman in front of me was the ever cryptic Voice who had appeared out of nowhere.

She laughed melodiously, "I see you have the same skill with naming as dear old Lucifer and I."

Again, there was the sense of longing as she said Lucifer's name. I lowered my hands and stepped forward, determined to have my questions answered this time.

"Who are you? What is your relationship to Lucifer? What was that spell you told me to do? Will Matt be okay? How did I get another wing? Where am I? Wh—" I was cut off when I became mute. I furrowed my brow and tried to make some sort of sound, but nothing came out. I scowled at the Voice as she just held back some giggles.

"One question at a time, child. We are not too short on time now that the Prophecy has finally been completed. You need your rest. The spell you did on the Seer would have killed any normal being, but you are far from normal, my little Nyx." Her tone held a tinge of pride as she said the last sentence. I felt warm, not the warmth of excess power flowing in me, but warmth in comfort.

With a sweep of her hands a cluster of large boulders cropped up and she seated herself down. She patted the space next to her and beckoned me to come. Not really having a choice, I plopped myself down beside her and waited expectantly.

She examined my face with her eyes, a soft smile forming as she reached out to hold my cheek. "You've grown so much. You don't know how many times I wished to hold you in my arms again," she said so softly I barely heard her.

"What do mean?" I asked in an equally soft tone. I was happy I could speak again, but I wouldn't start rambling like before.

She retracted her hand and I felt the spot cool considerably, already missing the feeling of her nurturing hand. She smiled knowingly, "I thought you were clever. You have my eyes along with a rare magic and a wing of fire. I even gave you a clue a few weeks ago, before I began to speak in your mind. You haven't figured it out yet?"

In my mind's eye the scene were Lucifer tested to see if Matt was indeed the boy of the Prophecy popped up, much like how Draheim's list had appeared in my mind during the last Council Meeting. I had taken a card with a picture of a phoenix. The Phoenix. The only creature with wings of fire.

I stared back at her, not believing my completely unrealistic idea. Her smile remained on her face as she stood up and closed her eyes. A golden glow encased her from behind, growing and growing, gaining in size and brightness until I had to shield my eyes. When I was able to look again, I gasped, my hand coming to cover my gaping mouth.

"F-F-Fire wings..." I breathed. "No way..."

Behind the Voice was a pair of wings made of fire. Pure magical fire. She flapped them and rose above the ground by a few inches. Even though she had only materialized her wings, there was no denying it.

"You're the Phoenix...You're real," I whispered in disbelief. I shook my head, completely confused. "But, what does that have to do with me?"

Phoenix lowered herself to the ground and pulled my head up to look into my eyes. I saw affection and warmth reflecting from hers. Her eyes that were almost completely identical to mine.

"Do you really not want to believe it?" she asked, a brief flash of hurt coming across her features, marring her beauty for just a second.

"B-but..." I was stuttering, unable to comprehend what she was hinting at. "The Phoenix...y-y-you and the other Elemental Demons can't have children. You guys are the only ones of your species, living for eternity, right?"

She sighed in remembrance, "That's what I had thought as well. I was quite surprised when I learned I would be having my own little bird." She glanced at me in the way I had seen mothers look at their young ones. "But I couldn't have been happier."

"Then why did you throw me away?" I couldn't stop myself from whispering. I was surprised that I had accepted it so easily, but I guess I already did realize with her hints. And she looked so much like me, or I looked like her. Our eyes were pretty much copies. I had a wing of fire.

She pulled me to her chest, wrapping her arms around me in a comforting embrace and spoke into my hair, "Oh I felt horrible leaving you, but I had to. I couldn't keep you with me no matter how much I wanted to watch you grow up, dress you, teach you about your powers and be a part of your childhood. The Prophecy has been ongoing for centuries. The first of the lines have long since faded away but they did foretell of an impossible child. They also told of another child with wings of fire and darkness, though I only recently realized the two children were one and the same."

I was reeling from the information. I was part of the Prophecy. I was the partner who we thought hadn't shown up yet. But most importantly, my mother was holding me. My goddamnmother was the fucking Phoenix and she was rubbing my head and holding me close to chest in a dream world.

I was half Elemental Demon.

My missing half that I knew nothing about for the past 259 years.

I pulled back and bit my lip, afraid to ask. I sucked it up and hesitantly asked, "Who's...what about my...my father?"

Phoenix (it's much too weird to call her 'Mom' or even 'Mother') smiled and sighed happily at the flashbacks she must have received. Her reaction really made me wonder what kind of man my father was.

"I don't know where to begin," she started. Her eyes glazed over as she described the man who helped in conceiving me. "He's tall. Very tall. And he was the typical bad boy with black hair, dark eyes and when I had met him he was caught in the 'rebellious phase'. It was quiet adorable, but don't tell him I ever said that."

My eyes bulged, "He's alive?"

Phoenix laughed, "Of course he is. You didn't really think a simple dark angel would be able to father you, did you? And I never would have put you in Hell if you weren't near him. He's taken such good care of you, but I do not forgive him for letting you carry on that charade as an assassin and getting hurt. If he—" She slapped her hands over her mouth, cutting off her rant-to-be. The classic "oops I said too much" expression.

I frowned, "But the only one who's known about Slayer...oh my Satan. No way. But he has blonde hair. He can't be..."

"He changed his hair color not long after we parted ways," she explained. "He doesn't know he has a child but from what I've seen, he already treats you like his."

I put my head into my hands and groaned, "This is too much. For my whole life I've though that my parents were a dark angel and something else. Apparently I'm not even half dark angel. I wish I could say you were lying and I was dreaming or something, but I can't help but trust you. And it makes sense. My magic, my powers, they are nothing like that of a dark angel. With my black wing...it was just assumed." I sat up and laughed bitterly, "And now I'm apparently some Satan-Elemental Demon hybrid. Just when I thought I couldn't become even more of a freak."

I leaned back against the smooth rock and saw that Phoenix was gazing at me curiously. "I would have thought you'd be happy to learn who your parents are."

"I don't know what I'm feeling," I answered truthfully. "I mean, I just killed the guy who killed my best friend. I'm unconscious and having a dream talk with someone who I just learned is my birth mother and that the man who I've looked up to since I was a toddler is really my birth father but he doesn't know. I now have a pair of wings, one of which is made of fire. I cast some powerful spell with unknown effects because you said it would save Matt and I don't even know if it worked."

I felt Phoenix brush my hair from my forehead and I faced her smiling face. She must be one of those dolphin-like people, some sort of smile for every occasion. "Our time is almost up, you should wake up soon and check for yourself."

"What about you?" I asked, though I already knew what her answer would be.

She shook her head, "I cannot go back. I have to stay hidden, play my part as an invisible force. Golem and Griffin are already going to chew me out for having a child and keeping you a secret. Leviathan will probably understand but still keep up a cold front so that he can keep Griffin happy."

At my surprised look she added, "Even Elementals have their own high school like drama. Eternity is a long time, little Night."

She stood up, pulling me along with her and gave me one more warm hug. She pulled back but kept her hands on my shoulders and smiled softly, "Time to stop your friends and father's worry."

"And you'll just hide away? Disappear after coming into my life without warning?" I prodded. It was clear she still had feelings for Lucifer and it may be too much to hope for, but Lucifer hadn't had any flings in the entire time I had been with him. At least no flings that I knew of. Jeez, I'm acting like a kid who wants their divorced parents back together and I only just found out who my parents are.

"Lucifer and I were never supposed to be together. Two immortals of such power coming together resulted in the almost-destruction of the world. You are called the impossible child for a reason, my little Night. Now it is really time for you to return."

I felt my eyes drooping and the world began to fade. The sky disappeared and the ashen grass turned into oblivion blackness until only a circle around Phoenix and I was left.

"I'll see you again, my beautiful daughter," were the last words I heard as I fell into darkness once again.

But I soon awoke not even a few seconds later.

"Nyx!" a chorus of voices greeted me. The three voices were followed by their owners who crowded around me, worried and relieved smiles adorning their faces. I tried to readjust my self, but it required a lot more strength than I expected and I realized I was lying in Lucifer's lap. He was cradling me like a child.

We were still in the auditorium and I could see the usual blankets wrapped around huddled ex-cage victims. The police were talking to the freed humans and I saw them questioning the more calmed ones. Daniel was kneeling next to Lucifer and I with Tigerlily perched on his shoulder. She looked like she had been crying.

"How long was I out?" I asked, facing Lucifer.

He scanned my face for a moment and then pulled me into his chest, squeezing me in his arms until it almost grew hard to breathe.

"Uu-uhm Luke?" I spoke into his chest. My cheeks were squished and his body muffled my voice but he did not let me go. I sure am getting quite a lot of hugs lately... but it feels nice. And...

I cut off my thoughts and squirmed in his grip to return the embrace, though not as tightly as I was still a bit light headed. "You're being sentimental, Luke," I berated him halfheartedly. "I can feel eyes on us."

"Screw them," he snorted. "I'm allowed to be sentimental when I thought my little girl was gone. You're honestly like a daughter to me. My little Nyx."

I froze at his words and remembered my conversation with Phoenix in the dream world. I pulled out of his embrace and smiled, "And you're like a father to me."

I punched him lightly and crawled out of his lap to try and stand up. It was hard and I needed help from Daniel but I managed to get to my feet and not crumple to the ground. I looked around again, confused. I swear I'm forgetting something...something's missing.

"Oh my Satan...Matt!" I gasped. How could I forget Matt? I spun around, too quickly though and almost fell to the floor from light-headedness. "Where's Matt?"

I felt hands grab my arms to support me from behind. They were really warm, as if they had been lying in the sun and their skin soaked up the heat like a sponge in water.

"You gotta be more careful, Nyx. You've been sleepin' for a while."

I stood frozen in complete, mind numbing shock. Slowly, I turned around to face him. He looked normal. Scruffy, long sun streaked dark brown hair. Bright, lively, forest green eyes. That crooked nose and cheeky grin. He didn't look like he had run in front of a ball of dark, black magic and died.

I stared at him for a moment, unable to speak. His grin slowly widened, almost splitting his cheerful face. Unable to stay still for so long, I succumbed to my desires and punched his stomach.

His mouth flew open in an O and he doubled over, clutching his abused stomach.

"Owwww. What was that for?" he groaned.

"What in Hell's name were you thinking? Were you really that eager to die?" I scolded him. He looked up with an apologetic expression and was about to explain when I wrapped my arms around his shoulders.

"I can't believe you're alive," I murmured as he returned the gesture by encircling my torso with his injury free arms.

He squeezed me encouragingly, "That's all thanks to you. You're part phoenix, that's gotta be pretty frickin' cool. And you've got two wings now."

I pulled back, surprised. "H-How did you know?" I asked. I then realized we had attracted a lot of attention. Every person, supernatural or not, was staring at us on the stage. We released each other completely as one of the blanket wrapped humans walked up to the stage. It was the gangly man who pointed out my unintentionally released wing and accused Matt of being a demon.

He looked up at us with a blank expression, silent and staring. Two children, twins at around seven or eight years old, came up behind him followed by a woman who I assumed was his wife. I watched him, wondering what he wanted. He was free and his family was safe, what business did he have with Matt or I?

The man took me by surprise by bowing. He kept his head down in submission while he spoke with complete honesty and sincerity, "Thank you. Thank you for saving us even though we called you a monstrous demon. I won't give any excuses, but I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving us."

Once again, I was left speechless. As soon as the man finished his short monologue, more of the blanketed humans came up behind him and bowed. I had an army of yellow blanket covered humans bowing down to me in a supernaturals' school auditorium where two people had died, one of which had been brought back to life though I'm still not sure how.

Matt nudged me with his elbow and I stiffly turned to see him grinning proudly. He patted my back in a silent "go on, what're you waitin' for?" to shake me out of my reverie.

"Oh, um, well, I, er...I don't know what to say..." I stuttered, feeling my cheeks grow warm. I felt horribly awkward being the center of attention when I was usually hidden in the shadows. I scratched the back of my neck in embarrassment, "Please stand up, I really don't know how to respond. I was just doing what I had to, what was right. You humans may be weak compared to some supernaturals, but you're incredibly remarkable. For years you've thrived and overcome disasters without much aid from, er, otherworldly powers, so to say. I really don't need any thanks and I don't blame you for freaking out. If I was in your position, I'd be scared shi—er, I'd be really scared too." I had just barely managed to censor the cuss from the many children.

Thankfully, they all stood back up but didn't stop staring at me. It was creepy to say the least.

I cleared my throat uncomfortably, "Well erm...I'm just going to check some stuff. Matt, come with me." I waved to the horde of humans and pulled Matt towards Lucifer, Daniel and Tigerlily but went past them to behind the stage curtains. I heard them follow though, so I didn't turn around to call them.

When we were out of sight of the others, I released a deep breath, "I doubt I'm going to be keeping to the shadows from now on. I bet the entire supernatural world will know what happened here by the end of the day."

"Actually," Lucifer broke in, wincing slightly to show the bad news he was about to reveal, "They already know. The Council is preventing the supernatural news crews from entering the school, but you did put on quite a show with your new wing and bringing the dead back to life."

I laughed tiredly, "I still can't believe the spell worked. I don't even know what I was saying."

"Neither do we, but Lord Lucifer looked like he couldn't believe what you were saying. You spoke in a completely different language and suddenly, it felt like gravity grew stronger like your words carried weight or something," Daniel offered up, not realizing the implications of his words.

"But that's impossible," I frowned. "I should have burned into oblivion if I used the Ancient Language."

"You brought me back from the dead, grew a really pretty fire wing, killed some crazy psycho warlock, had a chat with your birth mother while unconscious, and you think you speakin' some ancient language is impossible?" Matt raised an eyebrow.

"Okay, how did you know about the dream world? I know you can see my new wing, but how did you know about her?" I demanded.

"Birth mother?" Lucifer parroted.

"Yeah," Matt answered Lucifer, but not me. "Nyx is part phoenix and her father is—"

I slapped my hand over Matt's mouth to cut him off. "Matt, you may be my best friend, but I will kill you if you say another word," I growled into his ear.

"Nyx," Lucifer drew out my name like a father about to berate his child. Technically, he was. Hell, that'll take some getting used to.

"Dead. My father is no one and it doesn't matter," I half-lied. Technically, Lucifer is not a living being as he resides in Hell, a place of death. I continued truthfully with a small smile, "But Matt's right. When I did the spell and fell unconscious, I was in a dream world created by Phoenix. We talked, and she...she told me what I was. I know what I am now."

"I knew there was something special about you, hatchling," a soft velvety voice came from above.

We all looked up and Tigerlily gasped, "Queen Liseira!" She hurriedly curtsied mid air, her face flushed.

The rest of us bowed as well out of respect though I had to pull Matt down since he was too enraptured by the ancient faerie.

"Not to be disrespectful, Your Majesty, but we have never met," I said once I stood up again.

She smiled knowingly, "I have not had the pleasure to meet you, but I have met your persona, Slayer on a few occasions. I have known for some time now, young hatchling, no need to be so surprised. There is little one can hide from one of the Fay, especially one as old as I."

She flew to flutter in front of me, her pale grey wings flapping rapidly as she examined me. "I just never expected one of the mythical Elementals to have a child such as yourself."

"Sorry for being such a disappointment," I muttered unconsciously.

"Nyx!" Tigerlily hissed, horrified that I had back talked to her queen.

Liseira laughed, the similar tinkle faeries and pixies had, "Oh no, little one, it is fine. I do have a request though, hatchling."

I waited for her to continue but realized I had to vocalize my consent, "Um, okay."

"May I see your wings?" she asked.

All eyes were on me now. I shuffled self-consciously but closed my eyes to release my wings. I wasn't even sure if I could since I rarely ever released my wing in the past as it was of no use. I felt the bones in my back rearrange, two lumps jutting out until I arched my back and felt a sense of release and freedom. My back felt mildly heavier and when I opened my eyes, I had an audience staring in awe.

"Oh my God..." Daniel whispered.

"A wing of darkness and one of fire..." Lucifer murmured.

I pulled back my wings, I wasn't used to leaving one out, let alone two, and then it clicked.

"The Prophecy is complete," I stated, finally realizing.

At the questioning looks I received I began to explain, "When a mortal of pure, untainted blood is found, together with a partner shall he be bound. Matt is the mortal and since he was found, we've been almost inseparable. Something kept us coming back together."

"One whose eyes are free from cloth and grime, the other with an inner fire slowly burning over time. We already knew what Matt's line meant and the fire is my other half."

"He sees only truth, not lies or shades of deceit, she lives in the shadows, flames snuffed out until they meet. Again, we knew Matt's part and before I met him, I had always hidden in the darkness, being a secret. At the Council Meeting, I spoke out when I would usually be silent, a shadow. I hid from everyone, but Matt came along and I slowly became more open, stepping out of my little bubble of darkness."

"Blood and death shall lead their path to one consumed by black wrath. The blood could be from the drugs which was followed by death, and when we were exploring the school, Matt saw blood splatters on a crack that seeped dark magic and the crack led us to here. Draheim was lost to black magic because of his hatred, the one consumed by black wrath."

"And the final lines: And when wings of fire and darkness take to the sky, what has been held together for millennia will either fall or intensify. The wings, when my wings came out, Draheim died and now look out there. The wall we created between the humans is crumbling. The wall put up to separate us for millennia is falling. This entire stupid prophecy was about our nonexistent relationship with mortals."

Unbelievable. Just completely unbelievable.

"It was also a warnin' of sorts," Matt added. This time it was his turn to be stared at. He continued with un-Matt-like seriousness, "That Draheim guy thought he was better than a human or hybrid or whatever. There's gotta be more supernaturals who think the same, but not as crazy or determined as that guy was."

"Did you come back alright? Did I somehow mess up the spell and bring back a smart, psychological Matt?" I questioned.

He rolled his eyes good naturedly, "I do feel a bit different, but your mom told me that there was gonna be some sorta change in me. She said that phoenix fire has some side effects or somethin' 'specially 'cause I'm a 'special case'." He put up finger air quotes around 'special case' and then shrugged.

Lucifer had a thoughtful expression on and walked away to check the auditorium. I silently followed him, leaving the others to talk amongst themselves but I sensed Matt follow me.

He stopped at the edge of the stage, looking down at the humans and supernaturals mingling. There was a tension of distrust in the air, but also curiosity.

"You heading back to Hell?" I asked, knowing he couldn't remain in the mortal world for long.

"Will I have yet another empty room?" Lucifer asked back quietly.

I was about to answer when a scream echoed from behind us. Turning and tensing for a fight I could only stare in puzzled shock as I saw Matt running across the stage like a headless chicken. A flaming headless chicken.

"AAAHH! I'M ON FIRE! SAVE ME SOMEONE! NYYYYYX HELP!" he screamed, swatting at the golden flames dancing along his arms in vain.

"Using phoenix fire did have side effects. He's part phoenix," Lucifer commented, sly amusement lacing his tone.

I held back a chuckle, "As if he wasn't much trouble before. Now a fire wielding Matt? I better try and help him control it before he burns the place down."

I left Lucifer's side to go and try to calm Matt down. After a few steps I turned back, "I'm kinda hungry, think you can set up pizza or something for when we get back?"

Lucifer smiled, his black eyes shining as he nodded, "Hurry up then, I don't like tardiness."

He snapped his fingers (he really doesn't have to but it became a showy habit) and vanished as I went to calm down the world's first Elemental Demon half-breed, brought back from the dead, my best friend.

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