When a drug problem is getting out of hand and a long written prophecy is being brought up because of the appearance of a human boy, what has one one-winged, orphaned hybrid outcast got to do with anything?


16. Chapter XV

"Matt!" I cried out, catching his falling body before he crashed into the floor. I fell to my knees, holding him as his breathing became ragged and slow, his pulse already weakening. My wing curled down in a veil as I stared down at his paling face.

"You idiot. Stupid human. What were you thinking, boy?" I scolded, forgetting about everyone around us.

He had the nerve to smile. "If you died...Lucifer'd kill me..." he spluttered a bit, coughing hoarsely. It sounded horrible, crackling, like his lungs were made of crushed paper.

"And...you're my...best friend...Save...them...Nyx..and..cough...show 'em you're not...a...cough...monster...you're...an angel...one helluvan angel," he breathed. His eyes dulled, that familiar and comforting spark gone, and his body went limp in my hands.

"Matt? C'mon, quit joking. Matt? Dammit! You stupid, stupid human. Wake up, boy. What the hell? You're supposed to be the golden Prophecy boy, you can't die before your little lady friend comes along. Wake the fuck up Matt!" I felt my eyes sting. I don't know when I grew so attached to him but immediately the day I first met him, the time I took him to the garden, all our conversations, everything involving him flooded my mind. Somewhere along the way, he became my best friend. My right hand, second lung, and any other metaphorical body part with which I would be impaired or dead without.

I closed his lids as I gently laid him down on the stage floor and stood up. I felt anger. Red, hot, burning anger grow inside me.

Tigerlily softly called me but I ignored her and Daniel. My ears were deafened by rage boiled blood.

"What is your dammed problem?" I bellowed. "What the fuck did a human or hybrid or half breed every do to you? Why do you hate them so much you don't bat an eyelash or show a bit of remorse when you slaughter them and ruin their lives? Is power really that important to you?" The chains at my feet had melted away somehow but I didn't notice as I took steady steps towards the front of the stage where Draheim was just standing and watching. He seemed slightly shocked, like he honestly hadn't expected Matt to run in and give his life to save mine. He didn't believe a human could be so selfless and caring. A courageous idiot.

"I heard you used to be a great warlock, but when you heard of a chance to rid the world of humans and anyone impure you went straight to the crack house. Is it worth it? All those lives?" My throat hurt, my screaming becoming cracked and hoarse.

Draheim snapped out of his trance and sneered, "They are a waste of life. So powerless and useless. Humans especially. They rule the world while we have to hide. They are ignorant creatures that have no use. Even the Prophecy boy was completely useless. Dying so easily."

"Don't you dare say anything about Matt, you filthy piece of scum," I growled.

He laughed, "Matt was his name? Well he shall be known as the first worthless human to succumb to my power."

I felt my body burning, heating up. My wing stretched out and I felt an intense burning on my wingless shoulder blade.

'Release it. The times has come for your dormant powers to be free. Harness the fires, my little Night.'

My powers are gone though, Voice, I answered her bitterly. Her sudden appearance calmed me considerably, but not enough to rid my murderous intentions towards Draheim.

'Embrace the burning you feel. The fires of your loyalty and friends. Just let go, my child, feel,' she encouraged.

When I looked at Draheim's lifeless eyes, the heat increased. My back burned, my blood boiled, I felt fire licking all around me. My head hurt, pounding incessantly. It hurt so much I couldn't move. I dropped to the floor mid-step, clutching my head.

'I know it hurts, but you can overcome it. I know you can, my little girl,' the Voice supported. Her soft voice helped to ease the pain slightly but it was still almost mind-numbingly unbearable.

My back burned with excruciating pain. I felt like something was forcing its way out of my spine, tearing at the muscle and bones in me. I felt power seeping into me, the emptiness I woke up to at Lucifer's rapidly being filled until it was overflowing. It was too much.

"Aaarrrghh!" I cried out, arching my back. Light, bright orange light glowed from behind me as the pain faded. When it was over, my back felt heavier, but the weight was distributed evenly instead of more on one side as previously.

I slowly rose to one knee and then both feet breathing heavily. When I looked up, Draheim's face was the picture of silent horrified amazement.

"It...wings...it can't be..." he whispered in bewilderment.

I felt my hands burn and saw that I had two small balls of fire swirling in each. Golden flames. I stepped forward and he shrank back.

"No..stop. STOP!" he screamed and threw another ball of black magic at me. It burned in dark orange flames before it got two feet of me. He threw two more, smaller and faster ones but the same thing happened.

"Stay away!" he hollered, horrified.

I raised the two fire spheres in my hands and calmly stated, "This time, no type of black magic will help you. I hope you suffer, Bartus Draheim."

I threw the two spheres together, making them collide to double in size as they went directly for Draheim. His scream was cut short when the fire engulfed him. He burned in the golden light before my eyes leaving nothing behind. Completely purified.

When I landed on the ground I realized I had flown for the first time in my life. Behind me were two wings. No longer was my sole black wing alone. It was paired with a wing of pure fire. An array of fiery feathers of various golden and orange hues burning brightly in the auditorium.

I had no time to wonder or celebrate though as I turned back to Matt's sleeping body. I crouched down and sat beside him, staring at his expressionless face. It was wrong. He always had some sort of emotion displayed across his features, even in sleep. Matt with a blank face was not my Matt.

Tigerlily and Daniel slowly crowded up behind me along with a horde of other pairs of feet.

As soon as Draheim burned into oblivion, his magic died with him. The cages had disintegrated and I could already hear the police entering the now normal school. Where the hell were they when Draheim blasted that damn dark magic ball?

'You can still save him, child,' the Voice spoke softly.

"How? I'll do anything, just bring him back," I answered back out loud. I didn't bother speaking mentally even though I was given worried looks from those around me. The doors to the auditorium were kicked open but I didn't look up.

"Nyx...! You, what? Nyx!" I heard a deep voice call my name, but I ignored him.

"C'mon Voice, tell me what to do, please," I begged while staring at Matt's still, unmoving chest.

'Every creature has a flame burning inside of them. His is still not quite snuffed out completely. His fire just needs a little food and a push.' The Voice then began to whisper a string of words that I repeated robotically. I mindlessly repeated them, not knowing what I was saying, but I felt my body heat up once again. I felt the same fires growing inside of me and I closed my eyes, laying my hands on Matt's chest.

Everything around me disappeared until it was only Matt, my hands, my voice, my magic and the Voice. The strange, unfamiliar yet recognizable language flowed from my lips and as I finished reciting the incantation, I slowly opened my eyes to see a dull orangey golden glow emanate from my palms as they seeped into Matt's chest.

Once the glow faded I felt completely drained. The rest of the world came back to me and I saw that Lucifer had ran up to kneel beside me, worry clearly visible across his features. My wings were gone and I slumped, falling backwards until two steady arms held me.

"Nyx! Nyx, stay awake," he shook me but I couldn't stop my lids from drooping again.

"This had...better have...worked...Voice..." I murmured as my senses left me once again.

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