When a drug problem is getting out of hand and a long written prophecy is being brought up because of the appearance of a human boy, what has one one-winged, orphaned hybrid outcast got to do with anything?


7. Chapter VI

"We have a new student joining us from now on. Please make her feel welcome," the stubby old warlock monotonously droned.

I stepped into the classroom filled with quite curious students. It wasn't everyday a new student turned up so late in a term. New students in general were a rarity in themselves.

I hadn't gotten any sleep the previous night what with Matt getting dragged along, though I'm still not sure how. I had called Lucifer and he immediately teleported himself to my room giving Matt a fright and me scolding him on being so rash. We quickly decided that Matt couldn't stay any longer and I was not allowed to miss my first day, so after a long argument, Lucifer took Matt back to Hell and I haven't heard from them since.

After school I was going to immediately return and we were going to have to discuss what to do. Matt could see things he should not be able to and he shouldn't have been able to hitch a ride while I teleported. I have to be touching the person if I were to do a dual transport and I definitely hadn't been touching any part of him.

Just finish today, go through the classes and go to the palace. I can pass out until tomorrow later. I can do it.

The alchemy teacher, apparently called Mr. Darius Bertham, motioned for me to stand next to his cluttered desk in front of the age-old blackboard.

I stood awkwardly and half asleep on my feet until he cleared his throat impatiently, "Well then, introduce yourself."

I blinked and tried to clear my mind as I responded, "Oh uh, well, I'm, er, Nyx."

I noticed some slight flashes of recognition in a few of the more awake eyes of my future classmates. Some found my name familiar and then the one exceptionally gifted vampiress exclaimed, "Hell's Hybrid!"

That got the class going. They murmured to one another and I heard the normal terms said whenever someone figured out who I was.

Hybrid, half, servant, Lucifer, freak, orphan, Hell, dark angel, one winged, fire eyes, etc.

"Yeah the hybrid. That's me. The hybrid freak of nature that showed up out of nowhere. At least talk about me when I'm not standing right in front you to gawk at," I bitterly spat out. I was still quite drained from magic use and the lack of sleep really wasn't helping my situation or mood. I was pissy, bite me.

"That's enough!" Mr. Bertham bellowed. The class instantly quieted down and he pointed at an empty seat in the back corner of the room, next to the wide window that ran the length of the wall. "That shall be your seat for the rest of the year."

Taking my cue, I nodded and walked to the seat holding my head up high over the whispered gossip.

I ignored everything, even Mr. Bertham's lecture on alchemy that I should have been taking notes or something on. I was trying to stay awake. Listening to the ingredients required to make a weak invisibility potion that lasts barely 10 minutes will be of no help.

No one bothered me for the rest of the period, only whispering and sneaking the most obvious, horribly concealed glances I had ever seen.

Thankfully the lesson finally ended the set 85 minutes later with the only homework being to remember how to create the potion. What was stupid was that we weren't allowed to actuallymake it. We just had to know how.

Apparently, some of the many rules of School were that students weren't allowed to use their powers during school hours, nor were we allowed to create potions or practice spells without teacher supervision. How that works is a mystery to me.

I drifted through the 10 minute passing break and math, feigning attention when required and generally ignored all the eyes directed at me. By the hour long lunch period at 12PM my name had passed the lips of almost all the students and teachers.

I didn't think it would happen that quickly, but then again I guess I had underestimated the natural instinct people (supernatural or not) had to talk about an item of interest.

I steered clear of the cafeteria, or at least I believed it was the cafeteria considering it was the building being flooded by student chattering about their weekend. Instead, I made my way to an isolate table near the dorm entrances of Building 4.

Even before I had properly sat myself down on the wooden bench I had my phone out and ready to call Lucifer.


I cut the phone right before the prerecorded default message told me that the person I was trying to call was unavailable. After four unsuccessful tries with the same result, I took full advantage of the phone's trait to be practically destruction proof and threw it to wherever it went and flopped onto the table groaning in frustration.

"Looks like someone isn't having a great first day," a low masculine voice tsked.

It was followed by a much softer and higher voice that tinkled, "First days are hardly ever great. Normal days are only decent at most."

Looking up I eyed the two people who decided to bother me. The girl was the same pixie that reluctantly showed me my dorm yesterday, Tigerlily. The only difference was that she was dressed in the standardized uniform instead of her orange dress.

She was fluttering by the shoulder of a boy I recognized from my math class in the last period. He was a warlock, and a powerful one at that for a person his age. Rich and of high blood too, if his perfect teeth, styled golden locks, gleaming skin and arrogant posture were anything to go by. Even his stormy grey eyes held the same snobbish sheen present in the many nobles of any court I had seen and the displeasure to meet.

The warlock took a seat on the opposite side of my table while Tigerlily sat at the edge of the table right next to my arm. They watched me and I stared blankly back, waiting for them to get bored and leave.

Reluctantly, when I realized that they weren't going to do as I mentally wished, I sat up again and scanned the floor. The small black device had bounced around until it landed under the table next to the warlock's blindingly white branded trainers.

Just as I ducked under to retrieve it, the warlock kicked my phone out of my reach and picked it up himself.

I returned to my original position and glared at his smirk, wishing my eyes really were fire so I could burn him to a magical crisp.

He ignored my death glare and held out my phone in his left hand, his smug smirk shamelessly contorting his face.

I reached to take it, but he pulled his hand back, or at least attempted to. I was quicker, and grabbed his thin wrist first, squeezing a little more than hard, before reclaiming the device.

He winced and began to rub his wrist with his uninjured hand and needlessly exclaimed, "That hurt!"

"That was the point, warlock," I drawled not bothering to look at him as I tucked away my phone.

Throughout the small exchange, Tigerlily was busy laughing, her bell-like laugh ringing in the air.

"How did you know I'm a warlock?" the boy asked, still rubbing his wrist. I might have pressed a little to hard because I could see faint purple bruises already forming. I need to keep a check on my actions.

Standing up and preparing to leave, I shrugged my bag onto my shoulder and answered, "Like I know that Tigerlily's a pixie."

With that less than helpful remark, I walked away towards the building where my next class, history, was supposed to be located. I still had another 40 minutes left of lunch and even though I should probably get something to eat, having more stares and questions directed at me was not worth it. I had plenty of that in Hell and the first two periods today.

Besides, I doubt I'd be able to eat peacefully with the human Matt in my head. Lucifer hadn't told me a thing since he left with Matt the previous night. I don't even know if Matt is still in Hell or if Lucifer did something and wiped his memory or even killed him. As far as I know, Matt is the first full mortal to enter Hell while still very much alive.

Lunaria and an abnormal human both appearing in a short time frame can't bode well for the world.

So what am I doing? The person who found the human? Sitting under a tree counting down until the time I can leave this pointless campus and return to Hell.

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