When a drug problem is getting out of hand and a long written prophecy is being brought up because of the appearance of a human boy, what has one one-winged, orphaned hybrid outcast got to do with anything?


4. Chapter III

Let's see. Underwear, check. Shirts, check. Pants, check. Socks n' stuff, check. Toiletries, check. And... I think that's it.

I stretched my back, arcing it and hearing the pleasant sound of bones cracking. I had two bags in front of me, one small, black duffle and the other a small, black and red splattered suitcase. Both courtesy of Lucifer.

They were open on the floor with all of my belongings. I never realized I had so little. There was still extra space in both the small bags. I think if I was determined to, I could fit everything in the duffle.

"Knock, knock."

"This is your room, well one of them, Luke. You don't need to speak knock," I answered without turning around.

"Well sorry for acting like a gentleman. You could have been indecent and then I'd be categorized as a pedophile with incestuous intentions," Lucifer answered as he took a seat on the couch.

This was Lucifer's Room 4, the one he used the least and was given to me in secret. He has six in total, his primary one the blood red and black one where I always went for a debrief.

Room 4's color scheme was black and blue instead of red. Different shades of faded blue covered the walls and the pillow covers on the single bed while everything else was black or dark grey with tinges of a blue here and there.

It was simple. I liked it. And now I wasn't going to live in it anymore for the next two years.

I took a seat next him and sighed. Packing is exhausting even if there's not much to pack.

"You're pedophilic anyway. Everyone is a child compared to you, Luke," I said easily.

I closed my tired eyes and relaxed my breathing until it was like I drifting on a narrow line between awareness and sleep. I could sense everything around me, but I just couldn't physically see. It's disorientating at first, but extremely calming and relaxing when you get used to it.

Lucifer "harrumphed" quietly and I smirked at my minor victory.

Just as I was about to drift completely to sleep, a weight was materialized on my lap. I opened my eyes reluctantly and spied a simple black, grey and red messenger bag that weighed more than it looked it would.

I raised an eyebrow in silent question to Lucifer but he just smiled sneakily and nodded at the bag.

Giving in to tempting curiosity, I opened the bag and let out a surprised gasp.

Shakily, like I would break it, I took out the brand new laptop. It was sleek, black (obviously) and fairly light with a slim structure. The keys were a pale dusty grey with dark red lettering that stood out.

After a cautious inspection I discovered it had no brand. The only indication of a brand was my name written in the same red of the keys right under the blank screen.

"There's more, you know," Lucifer's voice broke my trance and I just looked at him in bewilderment.

Almost robotically, I carefully laid the laptop down on the empty space next to me and rooted through the messenger bag again. Each item I took out was placed around the laptop until I had a small pile of various gifts of the same color scheme.

A spiral bound notebook filled with 200 blank lined pages, a small box that contained a claw shaped amber shard attached to a black chain, a bracelet of intertwining black and silver metal and finally a sleek, brand-less phone that resembled an iPhone. Like the computer, my name was engraved on the back in the same sophisticated font.

Seeing how I was speechless, Lucifer said, "You didn't think I'd let you go without some goodbye presents, did you? I know I'll be seeing you soon, but I want you to have these. Think of it as an early 259th birthday present."

He added the last part in because he knew I couldn't—wouldn't—accept the gifts without reason. Using my upcoming birthday was playing dirty, but I couldn't do anything about it.

"The book is charmed so you just have to think and it'll write automatically and it only responds to you. There's another little special feature that you will have to discover on your own. The laptop and phone have a few slightly magical additions that you can figure out on your own like I know you will. The necklace and bracelet are charmed as well, the necklace serving as a teleportation device fueled by magic and the bracelet makes it easier for you to use some powers like putting up and holding shades, opening 'drawers', the necklace and minor materialization," he explained, pointing or picking up each item he was talking about as he spoke.

Knowing I wouldn't be able to return the gifts until Lucifer willingly belly danced at a Council Meeting of his own volition and proclaimed his undying love for Edgar Spiecherg, the grouchy, narcissistic, arrogant, vampire representative, I turned and wrapped my arms around his torso, giving him a rare Nyx hug.

"You really shouldn't have, but thanks, Luke," I mumbled into his shirt and looked up to give him a broad grin.

He returned the embrace and patted my head, chuckling under his breath, "I wanted to and you're welcome, Nyx."

He released me and I him as I packed away my gifts back into the bag. He helped me close my suitcases and soon I had the messenger bag slung over my shoulder, my duffle in my right hand and the suitcase at my left side.

Time to go.

I stood in the center of the room with Lucifer opposite me. He was going to send me to the School since I couldn't do it myself for now, even with the new necklace and bracelet.

"See you later, Nyx. Don't get into too much trouble," he said, preparing to send me.

I grinned, "I grew up in Hell with Satan as my guardian and have an assassin persona. What would you expect Lucifer? I'll see you soon."

He shook his head at me and I felt the familiar sensation of every fiber in my body slowly dematerializing and being sent to another area. The molecules in my body shook, shivered and danced, buzzing around as I was physically displaced by supernatural means.

The tingling sensation of your foot falling asleep dulled down as the blue and black room disappeared to be replaced by a mauve study with a stern looking lady who was physically in her mid-50s.

She had grey streaked brown hair held up in a perfect bun with piercing brown eyes that could bring out the truth in any misbehaving troublemaker. She dressed professionally in a long black pencil skirt and a pale blue blouse. Her fingers were adorned with expensive rings commonly worn by powerful witches but she had the air of a sprite of sorts, either water or earth.

"We've been expecting you," the lady droned, only missing the cat and swivel chair to complete the scene. She looked bored as she scanned my casual apparel. It seemed she didn't like age-faded jeans and a red graphic t-shirt paired with worn out black converse.

Not sure how to respond, I said, "Uh, well here I am."

"Uh, well here I am"? I wanted to slam my face into a wall. Great job at first impressions, Nyx. Maybe I am too antisocial.

The lady was not amused. She ignored my less than clever response and continued, "Welcome to Supernatural School, I am your principal Ms. Murano."

Ms. Moron-o? Are you serious? That's just asking to be bullied.

Seeing how she seemed to be waiting for a response, I spoke as politely as was possible for me, lowering my head in respect, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Moro-er-Murano. You have my deepest gratitude for accepting me so late in the term and with such short notice."

She eyed me critically before the corner of her lips twitched slightly upwards, "I see Lucifer has taught you how to please people. He always did have a way with words, being pleasantly polite when necessary, and it appears you have picked up on it. Though, considering what you are to him, it makes sense that you should be polite and obedient."

I was slightly shocked by her words, but I didn't let it show on my face. I knew most of the supernatural world knew of Lucifer's personal servant, the abandoned hybrid freak.

Lucifer never paid special attention to anyone for lengthy periods of time but, here I was, his "servant", for the past two centuries. During exceptionally depressing days, even I wonder when he was going to tire of me and kick me out.

She clapped her hands together, the rings clanking at the contact and smiled coldly, "Well, you should head to your room. Since today is Sunday, there are no classes and most of the students are off doing whatever they do. Classes start tomorrow morning, 8 AM sharp, we do not accept tardiness even if you are new. Your schedule will be in your room along with your uniform and school supplies. I have business to attend to, so follow Miss Tigerlily. She will lead you to your room."

Without saying goodbye, Ms. Moron-o walked out the room leaving me stranded with my luggage.

Who the heck is 'Miss Tigerlily'?

Sighing, I gripped the handle of the suitcase and began to roll it out the door where Ms. Moron-o had left. Maybe I'd get lucky and somehow find my new room.

Just as the thought crossed my mind, I burst out laughing and to this day I'm not sure why. Right there at the threshold of the mauve study, I clutched my stomach in laughter, dropping my duffle and the suitcase handle.

"Oh yay, I get to show the crazy one around," a small voice sighed dejectedly. It was soft but high pitched, like wind chimes ringing in a light breeze.

I turned to face the voice to see a small creature only about 6 or 7 inches tall. She had four pairs of thin, petal shaped wings, two on each side fluttering rapidly to keep her aloft. They were burnt orange speckled black and blended into a dark orangey red bordering vermillion with undertones of yellow.

Her black hair with sunrise highlights was curled and held up in a high ponytail with loose tendril falling down to her shoulders, framing her small face. Large brown eyes, small thin lips, long delicate eyelashes and a button nose. The usual pixie facial features.

She was wearing a classic pixie outfit which consisted of a dress that fell to mid-thigh, similar to the humans' Tinkerbell, and matched her wings. She had a green belt that looked like thin vines woven together in a braid-like fashion around her tiny waist with a flower seed buckle. Simple burnt orange ballet flats with ribbons that tied around her ankles to half way up her calf completed the predictable look.

She rolled her eyes, "Never seen a flower pixie before, new kid?"

I focused on her face again. She looked bored and annoyed, like she really didn't want to be here. She isn't the only one, I thought wryly.

Still, I smiled and answered truthfully, "Not many pixies around where I'm from."

I had seen plenty of pixies in complete honesty, but as Slayer. Nyx has never left the Underworld and pixies tend to avoid Hell like most other supernaturals.

She almost smiled back, but stopped herself and put on her bored face again, "Uhuh. Whatever. C'mon then, the sooner I get you to your room the sooner I can leave. I can still make the end of the party, and that's always the best time."

Just like Ms. Moron-o, the pixie flew in front of me down the hall to the left without turning back. I picked up my bags again and ran to catch up, which didn't take long since she wasn't going incredibly fast like pixies could.

When I caught up to walk beside her I attempted to start conversation, "So, I'm guessing you're Miss Tigerlily?"

She spared me a glance and answered, "Just call me Tigerlily, I'm around the same age as you. Ms. Murano always calls everyone Miss This and Mister That. I think the only people she ever calls without the titles are her family and past flings."

"Human or real?" I asked. It was a normal age question since some supernaturals aged differently and it gets confusing when age comes into the question sometimes.

"Human. We're in the same class. Two more years and I'm out of here," she answered. Her voice turned gleeful at the prospect of graduation. I don't blame her and I haven't even had my first day yet.

"I'm Nyx by the way," I introduced myself. I mentally prepared for her to think that the name sounded familiar and then back away from me like I was a walking plague.

She kept the same distance and nodded, "I know. The hybrid from Hell with an unknown half. Lucifer's personal servant who he took in when you were around 50 years old. Never seen outside of the Underworld and rarely out of the palace in Hell. Found in a basket almost 259 years ago at the main gates of the main city and been a mystery since."

I stopped in my tracks and stared at her in disbelief.

She stopped and hovered as she turned around to look at me skeptically.

"Either you are really interested in the Underworld, or you're another one of Master's admirers, also known as stalkers," I stated.

When in public, I've chosen to call Lucifer Master because that is what he is supposed to be to me. A servant cannot call their Master by name unless their Master says so. Considering it's Lucifer, him giving someone like me permission to call him by name is extremely suspicious and I like to keep as low as possible.

She laughed, it tinkled like bells, "It's a bit of both I guess. Lucifer may be eons old and extremely intimidating and terrifying, but you have to admit his looks are nothing to laugh at."

I couldn't deny it so I nodded in agreement.

Don't even think about it. It's like admitting your brother or another male family member got pretty good genes. You can't lie or exaggerate and say he looks like a slobbering ogre when he is sinfully beautiful.

"Besides, you are one of the most interesting things that has happened in the past few centuries. I wasn't even born when you popped up out of nowhere. I'm only 104 and I've heard so much about you," she continued. Her eyes lit up as she continued to drone on about everything she knew or heard about me.

I blocked her out, not wanting to hear all the stories and rumors that orbited around me. I heard enough of them in the palace and the main city when I was a kid and even now here and there. You'd think one topic would have become boring after the first century.

We finally reached a corridor that had a door at the end of the hallway marked with the number 6. Tigerlily stopped talking (finally) and handed me a key that she unshrank with the number 666 on it.

I bit back a small laugh. Lucifer would never let me hear the end of this.

Pixies can shrink items since they are so tiny and then unshrink them again. It is a useful ability, but it can be quite annoying when they use it to mess with you. One of the reasons I don't particularly like dealing with pixies and such during missions.

"That's your key. Building 6, dorm 6, room 6. The School has 7 building in total and each building has 6 dorms with 10 rooms since most of the students that go here live here," she said, pointing to the door.

"Well, I got to go. Nice to meet you and welcome to Supernatural School. I'll probably see you tomorrow, so bye," she smiled.

I smiled back and waved at her retreating figure, "Yeah, thanks."

When she was gone I opened the door and came to face another long corridor with doors on either side, each numbered.

I quickly found room 6 and unlocked it easily with the key.

My room was simple, sterile and uniformed with cream walls and wooden flooring. A basic single bed with off-white sheets, barren wooden desk pressed against the opposing wall, two large windows with pale blue curtains drawn, a tall wardrobe and a door to a small bathroom that consisted of a sink, toilet and shower.

On the bed was a pile of textbooks and my new uniform along with an ID card and a sheet of paper.

The ID card contained the school logo, my name, date of birth (date of discovered in my case) and a picture I never knew I took.

The uniform reminded me of the uniforms drawn in the humans' Japanese comic books called mangas. A short plaid skirt, blouse, blazer and tie that were all color coordinated in red, gold, black and white. There was even a PE uniform which consisted of black, knee length shorts and a plain white, water absorbent t-shirt. Skirts are a no, I don't care if it's uniform, so I'm going to have to make some adjustments...

I left the uniforms and other school supplies on the bed but snatched up the paper and emptied out my new messenger bag, placing the items on my new desk.

I fastened the necklace around my neck, tucking it under my shirt and then put the bracelet on my right hand. It fit the way I liked it, slightly loose but not loose enough to easily fall off. If I didn't know any better, I'd think Lucifer had actually measured my wrist without me knowing. He probably magicked the bracelet to fit how I liked, or changed to the wearers preference.

Let's see. I wish this were tighter. I don't want it sliding around my arm.

Just as I thought, the bracelet tightened until it fit snugly to my skin. Smiling I shifted it back to the way I liked it, loose and unable to halt my blood flow.

Finally, I looked down at the single sheet of recently printed paper with my name written on top followed by a string of 5 computerized numbers that were on my ID card as well.

I had to face it eventually. The proof, the final piece of evidence that couldn't make me avoid the absolute certainty of my predicament. I was going to attend school. Not undercover for a week where no one would remember me, not investigating after hours, nothing remotely related to Slayer.

I, Nyx, was going to attend school as a proper student until I graduate.

Yay me.

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