When a drug problem is getting out of hand and a long written prophecy is being brought up because of the appearance of a human boy, what has one one-winged, orphaned hybrid outcast got to do with anything?


3. Chapter II

"…Nyx. Nyx, wake up."

I felt someone shaking me, his voice soft but firm as he tried to coax me awake. I ignored him and snuggled further into the pillows, absentmindedly bringing my wing closer to my body.

I heard the person sigh and could imagine him rolling his eyes, "Nyx, you better wake up in the next three minutes or else."

"Or else what?" I mumbled back, the hazy dew of sleep coating my words.

He didn't reply but I heard movement and the next thing I knew, frigid cold water froze my bones making me shoot up straight, completely awake.

"ARGH! THAT'S COLD!" I screeched, wrapping my arms around my soaked, shivering body with my teeth chattering. My wing had gotten soaked as well, and I flapped it a few times to get rid of the droplets.

I glared at Lucifer as he snickered at my surprise, "Was that really necessary?"

He grinned, "I'm the Devil aren't I?"

Still shivering, I retorted, "Can you stop answering questions with questions?"

He clicked his fingers and a towel materialized around my shoulders as he answered cheekily, "That depends. What fun would it be if I gave boring straightforward answers?"

The towel snagged on my wing so I had to retract it even though it was still wet, and the feeling was anything but comfortable.

I pulled the warm and fluffy towel closer to my body and got out of the soaking bed, making my way to his private bathroom. I mumbled curses under my breath, but I doubted cursing Satan himself would do anything. The negative energy might even feed his powers or something.

I dried off and changed into a pair of extra clothes I had stored in my 'drawer'. A simple grey t-shirt and a pair of loose jeans. Comfy, casual, and easy to blend in. Perfect for me.

I entered the room again to find Lucifer sitting in the same chair as last night but my shoes, gloves and bandana were neatly folded and piled at the foot of his bed. The neat freak.

After one final rub of the towel on my hair, I hung it over the back of my chair and unfolded my wing again to let it dry out. I flapped it a bit to shake out some stray water droplets and sat down ready to listen. Lucifer had something to talk to me about. I could see it in his captivating eyes.

One of the first things you'd notice about Lucifer, other than his unnaturally good looks, are his eyes. They are almost completely black except for a thin rim of ice blue that separated his pupils from his otherwise dark irises.

He told me that he used to have clear ice blue eyes before he was thrown out of Heaven and that little rim is what is left of his past life there. Sometimes it looks like he misses it, but then it quickly disappears leaving me to think that I must have imagined or misinterpreted it.

Leaning forward to put most of my weight on the table I asked, "So what made you decide to materialize a bucket of freezing water on me and soak your bed?"

"Well, you could have changed into one of my clothes to keep my bed clean. Who knows where you've been in yesterday's clothes? And you just threw your muddy shoes on the floor. I like my room to be neat and tidy, you know that," he answered. He was holding back a smirk and I just narrowed my eyes at him.

"Ha. Ha. Very funny, Luke," I drawled sarcastically, an eye roll added for effect. I went back to being a bit more serious, "But seriously, what do you want? Another mission?"

Even though I just finished a mission last night, the Council and the rest of the world doesn't wait for me to catch up on lost sleep. I guess it's a good thing I suffer from a horrible case of insomnia and am a (half) creature of the night.

"Not exactly," Lucifer cryptically replied. He was hiding something, I was sure of it. I have no proof, but I know him enough to know when he's hiding something from me.

Well, usually.

Okay, only sometimes.

He's Satan for Hell's sake. He's the epitome of all sins and other bad deeds, lying and deceit included. It's impossible to out lie him.

I raised a suspicious eyebrow and asked carefully, "What do you mean 'not exactly'? It's either a mission or it isn't."

"Well…" he began slowly, already drifting off. I narrowed my eyes at him and sent out a loud thought, "QUIT STALLING!"

I could have yelled out loud, but thought projections are much more effective, and I don't jack my throat up.

He visibly winced and muttered something that sounded a lot like, "Why'd I teach you how to project thoughts?" under his breath.

Out loud he said, "I was not stalling, just adding a pause for effect, but you ruined it."

He pouted but I ignored it with some difficulty. Ignoring Lucifer's pout is one of the hardest things to do, good thing I've had more than 2 centuries to practice. It's really not fair though. The Devil should not be allowed to look like a sick puppy when he wants to. Disagreeing makes it feel like you kicked the sick puppy like a soccer ball and then stuffed him into a blender with a giant snake.

"Get on with it, already!" I urged, my patience running thin. I had just woken up and not in a pleasant way, sor-ry if I was being a grumpy grouch.

He put his hands up laughing, "Okay, okay! What's got Nixie Pixie so cranky today?"

I groaned, "Please don't ever call me 'Nixie Pixie' ever again. And you did dump freezing cold water on me."

He chuckled, "Fine. Anyway, back to the point, and before you say it, yes there is one, Nyx. What are your thoughts about school?"

I tilted my head to the side like I always did when I was confused or lost, "School? It's fine I guess, but I wouldn't really know considering I've never gone to one. You've taught me all I need to know and I've read a bunch of books from your library. From what I've heard and seen, it's just a big building or area where kids have to go through classes where they learn different subjects until they graduate when they are 17 or 18. It can be earlier if they are exceptionally intelligent. There's a lunch break in the middle of the day and when classes are over they go home or do activities like sports and clubs or hang out with friends. They also get work that has to be done at home and completed for the next time they have the class or when the teacher assigns it."

Lucifer's eyebrows rose considerably as he just stared, slightly surprised at my answer.

I shrugged, "I have a lot of downtime when I don't have missions. There's a lot the Internet and books can teach you."

"I can see that." He continued, sounding a bit upbeat, "Well you seem to know enough of the basics of school so I guess that part is out of the way. But your 'downtime' is going to be cut short for awhile by about 7 hours maybe 8 or 9 depending on you."

Still not quite sure where he was going with this, I asked, "And why is that? Could you just get to the point, Luke?"

"You're going," he stated.

I blinked and he added, "To school. I'm sending you to school."

I blinked again.

I finally broke the silence saying, "Oh, okay, sure. What's the mission? Tracking Lunaria in high schools? How long? Where? Please don't tell me its in a big city, I hate the cities, too many supernaturals and it makes everything more complicated."

"I don't think you understood me clearly, Nyx," Lucifer said carefully, like he was handling a delicate subject that could make a docile bear turn into a raging beast that wanted to rip his face off.

In response I scrunched my eyebrows in confusion.

"I'm sending you to school, not Slayer. To learn, not scope out the area and report back to me every few hours. To be around people who are around your age, appearance wise anyway. I want you to attend school like a normal kid until you graduate. This isn't a mission, Nyx," Lucifer explained.

My jaw went slack, leaving my mouth to hang open.

"School? Like actual school? Like teachers and homework and awkward lunches and classes and all those hours just sitting at a desk writing whatever it is needed to be written down and classmates and bullies and clubs and sports teams and tests and quizzes and social cliques and—"

"Yes all of that, now breathe," Lucifer broke my rant.

I did as was told and took in a much-needed deep breath, trying to calm down. Once my chest wasn't heaving and my initial shock had more or less worn off I exclaimed, "I can't go toschool!"

I stood up, and began to franticly pace, "Going on a mission is different, I'm undercover and I'll be leaving in a matter of days or weeks. But as me, it wouldn't work because someone'll recognize me pretty quickly. And it's too strange. I'll be questioned for coming in so late. I'm supposedly 17 so I'd be graduating this year, but the school year is almost over and I have no records. Even if you did forge some, I don't know anything about a normal mortal curriculum."

I felt hands on my shoulders, stopping me and I looked up to face Lucifer's black eyes, the blue rim standing out in the close distance. "Calm down, Nyx. Let me finish explaining before you hyperventilate and pass out," he said sternly with a bit of worry.

I nodded, my mouth shut tight and sat back down. Lucifer retook his seat and waited until I was calmer before continuing.

"I don't want to freeze you because I find it annoying and unnecessary and you will be in a pissy mood for the rest of the day, so don't start going spastic again, okay?" he asked, falling to his more reputational, "no monkey business" tone.

He waited until I nodded before continuing, "You won't need the records because I'm not sending you to a normal school. I'm sending you to one where even though you will be recognized, there are others similar to you in the sense that they aren't full bloods. You'll be going there for only 2 years and it's for your benefit. You need to spend time around people around your age, and you know what I mean by your age; other angsty, sarcastic teenagers. The only person I have ever seen you talk to is me, and that's kind of sad."

"Well its not like you have any friends either," I muttered on reflex, forgetting that Lucifer could hear every word I said.

He mock scowled at me, "Do you remember who you're speaking to?"

Rolling my eyes, I answered, "Satan, the Devil, the Beast, the Fallen Angel, the one with too many names, Lucifer the almighty Lord of Hell and all things related to the Underworld."

He snorted, "Ha. Ha. Very funny." His snort turned into contained laughter after a few seconds, "But that was pretty good."

I smiled smugly, "I know."

"Wait," I said abruptly. "Stop. You're distracting me. What school are you sending me to? I didn't know there were any like you are describing in the mortal world. Supernaturals aren't supposed to be in concentrated groups, the largest is a were pack and rarely a coven."

Lucifer leaned forward, carefully annunciating, "That's because the school isn't in the mortal world."

Realization slowly crept up me followed with dread hot on it's tail.

Oh no, please don't say it. Not there.

"I'm sending you to School. Supernatural School."

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