Strictly Business

Jack doesn't do relationships. He especially doesn't do relationships with blonde alpha males who don't seem to understand the word no. But when the relentless stranger he rejects at the club turns out to be his boss, Jack realizes that he's going to have a much harder time keeping this one out of his pants.


14. Chapter Fourteen

Cole needed no convincing. He picked me up, securing my legs around his waist, and all but walked us to his bedroom as quickly as he could. My back had barely touched his bed when he was already throwing my shirt to the floor so he could bite at my chest.

I raked my blunt nails down his back and thrust up into his hips, latching my lips onto his shoulder.

“Condom,” I muttered into his skin, biting the flesh for punctuation. The foreplay was against his fridge.

Cole pulled back to reach over into his side drawer, rummaging around while I shifted on the bed, moving back so my head was on his pillows. It didn’t take long for him to cover his length and settle between my parted legs, slowly pushing into me. He was taking too long though, and I cupped his firm backside to pull him in, shoving those last few centimeters into me quickly.

The burn from the stretch made me moan, arching my back ever so slightly. Once he was fully seated, he stilled to let me get used to the feeling, his eyes screwed shut. The fullness was familiar and it made me realize how much I missed it these past few weeks. My mind tried to remind me that Cole was my boss, that he was Mr. Stone. But such complexities were automatically dismissed. Sex wasn’t meant to be stressful. It was simple, easy, mindless.

I gave him the green light when I rocked my hips and slid my hands back up to dig into his shoulders, lips finding his mouth. He wasn’t Mr. Stone. He wasn’t even Cole. He was my current fuck, and nothing else.

We moved in a steady, past-faced rhythm, each thrust quick and powerful with lots of mouthing, panting, grabbing, and moaning. He was rough and dominant. Knew what to do, and boy did he know how to do it. He marked my skin with his mouth and hands much like I did his.

He snapped his hips against me. I clawed at his back. Skin slapping skin, grunts and groans, panting, gasping; I drowned in the sounds, lost my mind to the sensations. It was why I loved sex. I could let go and forget the world around me. The same applied with alcohol. They were an outlet as well as the only home I could return to.

My thoughts were derailed when Cole thrust right into that walnut sized bundle of nerves that all men should really get more acquainted with. He went to town on it after I let out a lengthy moan, urging him onwards.

It didn’t take long for his thrusts to lose consistency and he came first with a strangled grunt, me following with my own shout muffled by his skin after quick, harsh strokes of my throbbing cock. We rode out our orgasms with him continuing to gently thrust in me before pulling out, tying off the condom, tossing it probably into a trashcan nearby, and flopping down beside me, pressing his face into my neck as we regained our breath.

“Hot damn,” he chuckled breathlessly, after a moment. “You’re rougher sober.”

“Probably because I have more control over my actions. What, can’t handle a little bite?” I replied, sucking as much air as I could into my lungs and breathing out slowly.

“Babe, I can handle anything you can think to dish out. Rough lovers are my preference.”

“Don’t call me ‘babe’ ever again,” I said. “And we seem to have something in common,” I muttered the second half of my reply under my breath as I sat up, looking around for Kleenex or something to clean myself up with. I found some and wiped myself off, tossing the used tissues into the trashcan I could see off to the side.

Cole turned his head to me, grinning, “So I finally fit one aspect of your type, huh. Looks like I won’t have to attempt to change a part of me again. That last attempt ended terribly for me.”

“What are you talking about?” I questioned.

“My hair,” Cole replied, sitting up as well. “You said you had a thing for brunets so I dyed mine. But, well, you saw the result of that.”

I blinked, staring at him for a moment, before shaking my head, “Jesus, are you always this idiotic when you want to get into someone’s pants?”

“No, but I’ve never had to work for it before. My partners welcomed my advances with open arms.”

“Open legs, you mean,” I couldn’t help but correct.

Cole laughed heartily at that. When he calmed down, he nodded to the door that led to his bathroom, “Even though we both already took showers, I think we may need another.”

I nodded, getting up from the bed, wincing at the pleasant ache in my lower half. Once I was on my feet, I stretched my back out with a low groan as my spine crackled. I was mid-groan when hands placed themselves on my hips and I was tugged backwards, nearly falling over onto my back again.

“What the hell?” I snapped after I caught my balance.

Cole’s reply was a kiss to my lower back, right above the curve of my ass as his hands pressed into my skin.

“I don’t know what you are, but I don’t have that kind of stamina,” I told him, pushing his hands away and turning around to glare at him, hands on my hips.

His eyes did not rise to meet mine. They stayed level with my cock, a mischievous glint flashes across the darkened blues.

“We need to talk,” I insisted, feeling heat course through my body at his intense gaze. It was like he was willing for blood to rush down south. It was working.

“How about you talk,” he suggested huskily, “while I suck your cock.”

I think I just met my match in the horny department.

I moved my hands from my hips, placing them on Cole’s shoulders as I leaned down so our faces were level. “I have a better idea,” I replied with a husky drawl of my own. “We talk, and if things go well, you can fuck me six ways from Sunday until one of us passes out. Hm?”

Cole’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed and licked his bruised lips. He looked utterly debauched and I knew I was definitely quite the sight as well, if not worse. Or better, depending on how you looked at it.

“Deal,” he finally answered, pushing me back a bit so he could stand up. He went to his bathroom and came back out with a towel, tossing it to me, before telling me to follow him to his living room. I wrapped the towel around my waist and returned to the main room to see that he had gone to pick up his discarded towel form the kitchen floor.

I took a seat on the fancy, dark leather La-Z Boy, sinking into the chair while wishing I had one of them at my place. I could spend hours laying in it.

Cole took a seat on the dark red couch on the other side of the glass top coffee table.

“So, we have some things to discuss?” he began.

“First off, I need to know if we used condoms those three times you claim we fucked last night.” He could lie, but I had a feeling that he was going to be honest with me. And even then, I was still going to be getting tested just to be safe.

“We did, I swear. I also get tested every three months and am 100% clean, I have proof if you don’t believe me.”

“Okay,” I nodded. “Now… this can’t get out to anyone. I mean it. I will be completely screwed if people found out we had sex.”

“Jack, I meant it when I said I can be very discrete. Office affairs aren’t new to me,” Cole said with ease, leaning back into the couch.

I raised a brow in response, “So you fuck your employees regularly.”

“Let’s just say that at my old workplace, some interns really worked that extra mile,” he smirked. Probably noticing my less than impressed expression, he continued, “But I kept a strict line between business and pleasure. Our arrangements always ended with their internship, if not earlier, and if they happened to get hired, we kept things professional. It’s just business, with a little after hours treat. You are the first hired employee that I’ve dallied with and want to continue dallying with. And you can’t tell me you didn’t enjoy yourself against the fridge and then in bed.”

“Oh I can,” I answered, enjoying his look of complete shock. I gave him mercy and followed with, “But I will admit that I would be lying.”

Cole laughed, holding his stomach and shaking his head. His grin was broad, “Now my turn for a question. What are your thoughts on us having some fun off the clock?”

I sat in silence thinking it over. On one hand, this was clearly a bad idea. He was my boss. We worked together. If anyone found out, I’d be screwed. On the other hand, we already fucked multiple times and he’s not half bad…

“I have rules,” I finally stated. Cole’s face lit up despite my stern tone. “Whatever happens between us does not affect our work relationship. You treat me like you treat everyone else and I do the same.”

Cole nodded, “That’s a given.”

“Condoms, always,” I continued. “Exclusivity, safety is my priority. And finally, this is a no strings attached deal. I don’t do relationships and if you start developing actual feelings for me, we’re through. The second any of these rules are broken, especially the last one, this is over. You have anything to add?”

Cole shook his head, “Nope. Three little rules aren’t hard to follow.” He started chuckling, “But this does feel like some sort of BDSM relationship contract being formed.”

“Not into that,” I drawled. “Rough sex, perfectly fine, but that lifestyle isn’t for me.”

“Fair enough. Not something I’m into either but I’m open to trying new things. And speaking of trying new things, I remember you suggesting something along the lines of me having my way with you if things turned out well?”

I shrugged, sinking back into the chair as I drew attention to the hem of the towel tied loose around my waist, “Well, it would be one way to kick off the start of this little…arrangement, wouldn’t you say, Cole?”

A grin and darkened eyes were my response before we made very good use of his couch and coffee table.

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