Strictly Business

Jack doesn't do relationships. He especially doesn't do relationships with blonde alpha males who don't seem to understand the word no. But when the relentless stranger he rejects at the club turns out to be his boss, Jack realizes that he's going to have a much harder time keeping this one out of his pants.


15. Chapter Fifteen

I was wrecked. In the most wonderful way possible. Cole wasn't done with me until it was nearly sunset. The day had been a blur of sex with rest periods in between. I was sore and tired, but in the way people claimed to have felt after a long, intense workout of the non-sexual variety.

I took a shower – alone – and gave into Cole's demands of borrowing his clothes. I didn't really have a choice in the latter matter though as he had stolen mine and sent them for dry cleaning, probably as revenge for not letting him join me in the bathroom. If he had, the marathon would have never ended and as much as I loved a good and thorough, extended, romp, I did need to go home eventually.

Once I grabbed all my things, I was ready to leave. Cole was sitting on his couch, wearing only a pair of snug boxers.

"Sure you don't want to spend the night again?" he asked upon seeing me, standing up and following me to the door.

"Tomorrow's Monday," I deadpanned, looking over my shoulder at him.

Cole shrugged but then sighed mournfully, "Fine. I'll see you tomorrow then."

"Rules," I reminded him, opening the door and stepping out.

Rolling his eyes, Cole nodded, "I know, I know. Don't you worry your firm little ass, Jack. This...arrangement will work out splendidly."

"Uhuh. Bye then."

I waved slightly and walked away to the elevator. Cole was still standing at the threshold of his apartment when I stepped into the lift. I rolled my eyes and motioned for him to go away but he just grinned and waved as the elevator doors closed.

There was one stop on the way down, a young woman who looked shocked upon seeing me. Her face burned a bright pink when I nodded in acknowledgement and she kept giving me less than subtle glances for the entire duration of the ride. It was weird. Her eyes had lit up as if she had recognized me but I had no idea who she was.

She scurried off as soon as we reached the lobby and the doors slid open enough for her to escape through. Even in the lobby, one of the concierges shot me a look before he quickly looked away, busying himself with something at the desk.

It was only when I was standing in a subway train, two stops from the one that was closest to my apartment did I realize that those looks were likely due to last night. They must have seen me and Cole together, and considering how smashed I was, I had no doubts that I, at the very least, had been behaving like a teenager with too many hormones.

I groaned audibly, making the woman standing next to me give me an odd look that I ignored. I reached to my pocket to pull out my phone and was halfway through unlocking it when I remembered that I didn't have Cole's contact info - aside from his company email but I was not about to use that. Carson probably had his number, but then I would have to explain why I needed it and I could only image what Carson was going to say about me sleeping with our boss. Especially considering how adamant I was about not doing so.

That was something to deal with at a later date. I was just going to have to wait until tomorrow to speak with Cole.

Monday morning I was ambushed. The moment I strolled in, Frank was asking me about the dinner, Jade wanted to know what I had been wearing, Crystal was asking what Mr. Anderson was like, and that was about all I could manage to gather from people talking over one another.

"Okay," I said, raising my palms in a 'calm the fuck down' gesture. "It is Monday. Morning. Too. Early."

Eye rolls were my response so I sighed and relayed, "It went pretty well. Carson picked out my clothes so I was not a huge embarrassment. Mr. Anderson is a nice man. There's likely going to be a meeting soon to discuss anything else that's important. May I get to my desk now?"

I wish I could say they parted like the red sea but no, I had to elbow my way around and through them to get to my desk and set about my things as I waited for my computer to start up. Maybe I was more irritable and grouchy than most other Monday mornings, but I had more than enough clearance to behave so. Most other Monday mornings I was not partaking in an office affair with the new CEO.

I logged in, ignored the 'update x program' popups to deal with later, and brought up my email and the design I was working on from last week.

Evelyn came by my desk and frowned.

"Something wrong…?" I asked her.

Her lips pursed into a pout, "I miss the flowers."

"Uh…" I wasn't quite sure how to respond to that. I didn't even have to as she went her desk without a word, the conversation apparently over. It had been a full week since the end of the flowers. Why bring it up now?

Putting Evelyn and her oddness out of my mind, I scrolled through my emails, deleting a few, marking some to respond to later, and filing others into their appropriate folders. I had an email opened up from Mr. Anderson, cc'd to Samantha, Cole, and a few other people I didn't recognize, when a hand landed on my shoulder.

"Oh, Samantha, morning," I said after turning my head.

"Morning, Jack. Mind if I steal some of your time? I'm going to see Cole."

I nodded with an easy smile even as my heart jumped slightly, a trickle of nervousness crawling down my throat. I put my computer to sleep and walked with Samantha to the elevator.

"You and Cole didn't get into too much trouble after I left, did you?" she asked me as she pressed the button to Cole's floor. She was teasing, I knew, but that didn't stop my heart from stuttering.

I forced a laugh and a playful eye roll, "Ha. Ha. We were fine and got home without incident. Just because you're now a mother doesn't mean every single man you encounter is your baby."

She rolled her eyes at me and shook her head, "Cole, and you especially, are absolute children. If you're not watched, you'll destroy something or another. Carson will back me up on that."

"Carson takes every opportunity he can to make me look bad," I replied immediately. He does. And I return the favor. We love each other, we really do. "And should you really be calling our boss, our CEO, an absolute child?"

Samantha chuckled, "I speak nothing but the truth. He can come off as a serious, hard working leader, and he is, don't get me wrong, but when he gets comfortable, his youth is very apparent. You'll forget he's only twenty-nine in a board room or meeting, but in a casual atmosphere? He makes me feel old."

I nodded slowly but otherwise didn't give a response. He did behave slightly child-like at times. A spoiled, stubborn child.

Samantha glanced at me from the side, adding, "It's very similar to you, actually."

I frowned, "What?"

Before she could reply, the elevator dinged, signalling our arrival, and the doors slid open. I followed Samantha out but couldn't ask her what she had meant since Cole was talking to Carson at Carson's desk.

"Samantha, Jack, morning," Cole greeted, quickly spotting us.

I waved at both him and Carson, Samantha gave a vocal greeting.

Cole finished up talking to Carson, confirming an appointment or meeting or something, before he invited Samantha and me into his office. He let us in first and I could feel his gaze on my back as he closed the door behind us.

"How were your Sundays?" Cole inquired, walking around to sit at his desk while Samantha and I plopped ourselves down in the chairs in front. Okay, so she sat down with a poised grace that was innate and I landed like a sack of potatoes.

"Wonderfully lazy," Samantha grinned, "You?"

Cole glanced at me for a tenth of a second before he shrugged a shoulder, "It was alright, nothing special." I could see the slight twitch at his lips.

I barely kept my eyes from narrowing. That sentence was a touch more than pointed. "Mine was absolutely boring," I replied when he fully turned to me. "Passed by in a flash - I barely even remember it."

Cole's expression flickered between several emotions for a moment before settling on barely noticeable bemusement. "That's unfortunate."

We slipped back to business after that, a brief review of what had been discussed during the dinner and talking about deadlines and how work for this project was going to be organized.

"Yes, I received an email from Mr. Anderson but I haven't read it yet," I answered when Cole asked Samantha and me about said email.

Samantha nodded as well, "Same here, I grabbed Jack and came straight up here."

"Alright, check that soon but it is mostly a review of what we had discussed during dinner. You two will be organizing a meeting, correct?"

Samantha answered, "Considering Jack was in charge I'm leaving that to him to lead."

I blinked in surprise but nodded after a slight pause. "I'll go over the email and figure out what the Evac team needs to know."

Samantha chuckled, clapping me on my knee, "I'm not going to throw you off the cliff without a parachute, Jack. We'll meet up and then hold a meeting with the Evac team, as you call them. I'll be there as a guide but you're in charge of this one."

"No sweat," I muttered, but a considerable amount of tension left me at the knowledge that I wasn't going to be completely on my own.

The other two laughed and Cole told Samantha that she was free to go but he had a few more things to discuss with me regarding the Anderson project. I was suspicious until he actually continued to be professional and had legitimate questions and comments on what I was going to do and how the current progress was going. Since the project was going to be bigger than we had first anticipated - what with Mr. Anderson wanting to cooperate in a full on promotional campaign among other details - the current Evac team was going to have to expand and we'd be working with members of Mr. Anderson's people. Therefore, we needed to set up meetings with them, of which I would be leading.

I exhaled loudly and unconsciously when we finished up, getting up from my seat.

"You'll do fine," Cole told me with a grin. "This will pass by in a flash - you'll barely remember it."

I raised a brow at the change in his tone - business of the Vendi variety was no longer the subject, "You're the one who started it."

"Well, I could hardly tell the truth," he replied. He was walking around his desk, getting closer to me. I was still standing, the chair a faint presence at the back of my knees.

The mood had quickly changed. Cool business overtaken by the heat of lust wrung tension.

"And what would that truth be?" I asked, voice going low without permission. By then he was stood leaning against the back of his desk, barely a foot or so from me. He reached out and I let him hook a finger in a belt strap, tugging me gently but firmly towards him.

Between one step and the next, I was the one pressed against the desk, the edge of the sleek, hard wood digging into the back of my thighs and an entirely different type of sleek, hard wood contained by fabrics flush against my groin. An index finger was hooked around a belt loop on either side of my hips, tugging with purpose. Cole's head ducked down to mouth the area just under my ear.

"That I am far from even remotely satisfied," he whispered into my skin.

My eyes were drifting close to soak in the sensation but when I placed my hands against the surface behind me and my fingers hit pens and papers, I hissed, "We're at work."

Cole pulled his head back, body still much too close to mine to be anywhere near a casual, platonic stance, and smirked, "What's an office affair without adding a little office into it?"

My glare held.

Cole sighed and pursed his lips into a pout, "Just a handjob?" He accentuated his plea by releasing one belt loop and letting the hand drift down to cup and oh so slowly squeeze my crotch, pulling a startled and drawn out sigh from me. He rubbed and coaxed heat and blood to travel down, lowering his voice in a husky drawl, "I just really want to get you off. It'll help with the nerves."

He placed his lips on my Adam's apple, sucking it gently, licking and then nipping the skin lightly. I sagged in defeat, "No stains. No marks."

That was all the go ahead he needed to have my pants and boxers-briefs halfway to my ankles and my quickly hardening cock in his hand. He tried to kiss me but I turned my head, gasping some form of a sentence about bruised lips, and he took his sinful mouth elsewhere. The handjob turned into a blowjob and my only issue was keeping sounds to a minimum.

He worked my cock with his mouth and tongue, and when I felt the back of his throat, the muscles moving as he swallowed around me, I held back my moans by the skin of my teeth. The inside of my lip hurt from how harshly I dug my teeth into them - biting on the lip itself would have made refusing his kiss utterly pointless - and my mind was caught in a post-orgasm daze. I barely registered Cole licking me clean, pulling my pants and underwear up, doing the fly, and licking his lips as he watched me get myself together again.

"You want that taken care of?" I asked, glancing at the strain in his crotch. "But this can't be a regular thing."

Cole shrugged, "As you wish, save these for stress reliever treats. And I'm fine for now. Like I said, I just wanted to get you off."

I shook my head in disbelief. He was way too lax about all of this. I fixed my clothes and when my hands brushed against my phone in my back pocket I recalled, "I need your number."

Cole cocked his head to the side curiously.

"I'm pretty sure some people at your place recognized me when I left and-"

"You don't have to worry about that, I promise," he interrupted. "Some pretty high ranking people live there and it's not unusual for bed partners to drop by. No one says a word about anyone else."

"They thought I was a prostitute," I deadpanned.

Cole laughed, "No, no. Escort more likely, no one in my building would ever settle for less. There's one particular establishment that most of the men and women who visit come from."

"You've used this service?" I raised a brow.

He shrugged, "Once in a while. I don't prefer it, but sometimes a night at a bar or club might not be so successful when I'm really in the mood for a bed partner. The night I met you was one such time. He was good, it helped that he looked a bit like you"

I blinked. I never once thought I'd be talking to my boss about escort services.

"Okay...Either way, I need some way to contact you that does not go through the company," I said.

Cole took out his phone and handed it over, "Add your number and I'll text you soon. I forgot about this - I had," he glanced down at my crotch, a slow smirk growing on his face, "other things distracting me."

Rolling my eyes, I added my number, leaving it under Name Me Later for him to, well, name me later. He chuckled upon seeing it and nodded, leading the way to the door.

"Have a good day, Jack," he winked.

"You too, sir," I replied with a professional politeness as I left his office.

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