A Dragon´s Story

Shine a young dragon hatchling, is forced to flee her home as a knight dragon for the royal family after her rider is murdered by the Jealous prince. She stumbles on to her riders family who have been told she murder their son. Suddenly turning in to a human shine is forced to find a way to retuned to her former self and set things right where they haven ben set wrong but when a new rider comes in to her life everything changes


2. A family of a friend

My vision is failing me and my body feels heavy, I know why. My shoulder is bleeding badly and the poison has started to take effect. I can hear the sound of water from a river nearby. I walk towards it but I can´t see where I am going. I can hear voices –humans?- I know I can´t go out there. If I do they´d get scared. I can feel my body getting lighter and it feels like everything is getting bigger. Then I realize that my wings, tail and Fur is gone. I have skin and hair, I am human –but how?-. “who is there!” I voice calls out I steps out in the open, a boy and a man is looking surprised at me. I try to say something, but the only sound I can make is some kind of whimper. I am shivering of cold, since my fur is gone and I stand naked in front of two strangers. Then I just can´t any more. My human body is a lot weaker than my dragon, so I just give up and faints. Well knowing that when I wake up I will be more lost than ever.       


5 hours later (close to midday). 


I could feel something warm was covering my body and I´m wearing some kind of clothing to. “Hey you’re awake! Mom, dad, she´s awake now!” I got up faster than I should as I sharp pain shot trough my shoulder. I whimpered a little, as I looked at it a bandage was covering my arm. “Jack, get back your scaring her!” a woman stepped in to the room. She came over to me. I moved back until my back was pressed against the wall. I hissed at her when she came over to me “calm down, I won´t hurt you” she said in a kind tone, and for some reason I calmed down. “so what’s her name?” a tall man stepped in to the room. I felt it like someone had just stapped me with a knife. He looked so much like my rider. The long blond hair, the tan skin and the large ocean blue eyes. I let out a whimper and sat down on the floor tears was streaming from my eyes. “What’s wrong with her mom?” the boy, Jack asked her. She petted me on the head just like my rider would have done. And I just whimpered even more. “I don´t know but it seems like your dad was the one who made her sad” she sat down in front of me. “you can stay here if you want, we have an extra bedroom.” Then she became silent. She wrapped her arms around me and rested her head on my small shoulder. “I have lost my son. They said that his dragon hatchling went out of control and killed him. My poor Rex” I stopped my whimper and pushed her of me. she looked at me surprised as I shook my head. The boy sat down in front of me looking me deep in to my eyes and now I knew he felt like someone I know. This was my riders kin. The woman grabbed Jacks shoulder and dragged him a little back “give her some room” he got free an sat down in front of me “the dragon didn’t kill him did she” he said. I could here hope in his voice. I shook my head again. “Jack enough” the man grab Jack by his neck and dragged him out of the room “stop it, it wasn’t shine, she would never hurt Rex.” Slam the house grew silent and Jack ran out of the house “I hate you all!” he screamed. I looked after him and I could feel my hate for the castle grow. They had told that I had killed my rider. That it was my fault that he was dead. I would never forgive them.


-The woman had help me get some clothe on. I do not get how they can get all that stuff on every single day, I can’t even tie my shoes and the buttons I gave op on before I had even tried to take on the shirt. Now I was sitting at the table looking at some odd warm water with strange plants in and small pieces of meat. I grab one of the pieces whit my fingers I eminently drop it whit a yelp after burning my fingers. Laughing the woman hands me what she calls a spoon. She helps me get the water and meat on to it and then she lets me eat. Its taste amazing even trough there is plants in it and the meat is rally tasty so I empty the plate and hold it op smiling while chirping. “Want more?” the woman laughed as she fills the plate aging. I look around and see that there are more plaits on the table by the wall some clean others dirty. I stand up at takes a clean plait and puts in on the table in front of a chair tabbing the chair to tell her I want her to sit and eat whit me. She laughs and pets my head making my hair messy “we will all eat together later” I take the clean plait and puts it back a little sad that she would not eat whit me. But when she puts my plait back on the table the sadness is soon gone as the warm food makes my mouthed water. After emptying a lot of plaits , apparently I still have the appetite of a dragon, I walk around the small house. There isn’t many rooms, tow bedrooms, a kitchen, and a small room whit a rally big bunched you could probably fit a hatchling like me in it. “won´t to take a bathe?” the woman looks at me whit a smile I look at her not understanding what she wants me to do. Though I smile and nod happy while chirping. “ill take that as a yes” she laughs and grabs the pump witch is standing so that you can pump water in to the Bucket. She pumps the water out in to the big bucket. “won´t to try?” she ask as I am, watching her I nod and take over. She leaves the room but comes back whit wood placing it under the bucket with have a stone bottom. She then light a fire and I chirp happy as the fire grows strong eating the wood and heating op the water in the bucket.


I sit in the water playing whit the bubbles and making the water splashed all over the room. “you really are something special aren’t you?” the woman looks at me whit a smile as she takes a sponge and start cleaning my wounded shoulder. I whimper and try to push her of but she just tries to calm me while taking care of the wound. When she finally is done tears is running down my cheeks and she drags me in to a big hug while petting my head trying to calm me down. “we better get some bandages around that wound so you don’t spill blood everywhere don’t you think?” she helps me out of the tube and help me dry myself up. “its odd that you look around the same age as jack but you act like a young child. And you can´t talk, I wonder if something really bad happened to you.” I look at her, she is right I am around the age of jack in human yeas but In dragon years I am still joust a child only 2 years old. And whit out a rider I will never mature to be able to fly on strong wings, fight ore talk in a tongue that this family can understand. After she put new bandages om my arm I go back to sleep.



this text is not corrected

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