Why Me?

Ty, just another skateboarding high school junior, was minding her own legal business when she gets stuck in the middle of a mafia fight with guns, knives, and potato launchers, while only armed with her trusty skateboard. What does she do? Runs for her life only to get captured and asked (read: commanded) to marry one of the three sons of the don. And then people want to kill her. Obviously.


33. Epilogue

"You're not going!" Dante yelled, his tone allowing for no argument.

Ty, stubborn as ever, yelled back, "And why the hell not? It's literally half a fucking hour away!"

The two had been arguing about Ty going to Coney Island with the gang (which now officially included Shady) to enjoy a day at the beach on the upcoming Saturday. Grant's parents had bought him a car for his eighteenth birthday the last week and they all immediately decided that a road trip to the beach was the best way to break his new baby in. Besides, it was the beach.

The trip was to be specifically a friends-only thing, no boyfriends or girlfriends, which meant Carlos, Dante, and Grant's recent girlfriend weren't allowed to come along. Luca was invited but he politely declined, saying he had a date with a girl he met at a hardware store, much to everyone's surprise. Apparently the girl shared his love of mechanics and they instantly hit it off as they bought more supplies, trading tips and ideas. Being Luca, he didn't feel the need to share the information to anyone else until the moment he was asked.

"You aren't going to the fucking beach if I'm not there," Dante growled.

Ty threw her hands up in exasperation, "I don't need a fucking babysitter, Dante. If you're worried about my safety, I have Drew, Red, Rinny, Buzz, Jay, and Shady, for fuck's sake. And I can take care of myself just fine as well."

"You're not going. I'll handcuff you to the bed if I have to," Dante threatened.

"What the hell is your damn problem?"

"I don't want some stupid surfers ogling you all day!" he snapped.

Ty gaped at him in disbelief. She face palmed herself and gave him a withering glare, "You don't want me to go have fun with my friends at the beach because you're jealous? Jesus fucking Christ, Dante."

"I've seen you in your swimsuit, Sierra. Did you not notice the number of guys mentally undressing you when we went to the pool?" Dante said, as if that was more than enough reasoning for Ty not going on the trip.

Ty made a noise of frustration and rubbed her face, "Of course. My boyfriend just has to be one of the most easily jealous people on the damn planet." She looked up at him with an almost pleading expression. She knew he would pull through with his previous threat. "It's just one day, Dante. We leave early Saturday morning and will be back before dinner the same day, a couple hours before I have to go to work. Seriously, you have nothing to be jealous of. I won't look twice at any dude, no matter how hot of a surfer or skater or whatever because for some damn reason, I love you."

Dante's scowl twitched into a smile and Ty narrowed her eyes at him, "You little fucker, you were just trying to get me to say that, weren't you?"

Dante shrugged though his scowl was now completely gone and had transformed into a slightly smug smirk, "No, but that was a nice consolation prize."

"Jerk," Ty pouted, but she knew she had managed to win the argument. I should really take advantage of how easy it is to placate him like that. Three little words. Embarrassing, but super effective.

Dante chuckled, taking a step forward and easily replying, "Troia."

Ty further reduced the space between them, looking up at him challengingly with a hidden smirk, "Dick."






Before Ty could retort or remind Dante that she was not an object to be owned, he closed the last few millimeters between their faces and captured her lips with his. He held a groan at her soft, warm flesh and began to nibble on her lower lip, his eyes fluttering shut.

Ty frowned despite how much she was enjoying his attack and tried to back away, ready to rant about his method of shutting her up, but Dante wasn't going to let that happen. He wrapped one arm around her waist, pulling her flush against his chest while his other hand went to her cheek, slowly travelling to the back of her neck and into her choppy brown locks. He lazily opened his eyes and caught hers, the stormy greys holding annoyance, surprise and a tint of desire. It was almost his complete undoing.

Ty began to try and voice her half-hearted protest but Dante took that as an opportunity to explore the recesses of her mouth by skillfully slipping his tongue past her lips.

Oh I hate him, Ty thought as she gave into a temporary surrender, finally letting her body do what it wanted to do since the moment she and Dante began to trade half-assed insults. She closed her eyes and let her hands glide across his arms, over his broad shoulders and thread into his raven hair, her fingers weaving through the thick yet soft locks, curling one around her index finger and tugging lightly.

Dante almost growled in pleasure at the feeling of her hands in his hair. He slowly began to pull them backwards towards the couch, turning at the last moment until Ty was now under him, lying on the sofa, and pulling him down to her with his legs between hers.

As they attacked one another's lips, suckling, nibbling and licking, Dante mumbled against Ty's mouth, "I will never understand how excessively coarse language can come from such soft lips."

He felt Ty smirk into the kiss before she pulled away only to lay light, feathery kisses with the odd lick along his jawline and down to his collarbone, nipping lightly at his sensitized skin.

"You know you love it," she teased, her smirk widened as she opened her eyes to stare at Dante and continued her welcomed assault on his neck.

Unable to take anymore of her teasing, he pulled her up until they were both now in a sitting position, Ty straddling his lap. He caught her lips again and dug his hands into her hair, holding her close.

After a moment, he released her kiss-bruised lips, his hands moved down her sides to rub circles against her hips as he planted a delicate kiss at the corner of her mouth, eyes opened and locked on with hers, whispering, "Your voice." He moved a little ways up and to the side, planting another kiss, "Your lips." Another kiss just a bit to the side of the last. "Your ears." Another kiss, again moving in a path that led to her pierced ear. "Your eyes." Another kiss. "Your hair." Another kiss. "Your sarcasm." Another kiss. "Your stubbornness." Another kiss. "Your loyalty." He nibbled on her earlobe, flicking his tongue against the black stud and then tugging on the screw head a bit, and whispered huskily, "Amo tutto di te, stronza."

Ty shivered and turned to face Dante, kissing him gently before resting her forehead against his, noses touching and lips millimeters apart. "Translate?" she requested quietly, giggling a little as he nuzzled their noses, reminding her of rabbits.

"I love everything about you," Dante translated, smiling softly and wrapping his arms around her torso, clasping his hands at the small of her back. "My little stronza."

Ty shook her head and lowered her eyes to his chest, her cheeks flushing at the intensity of his gaze and tone. Dante chuckled and pecked her nose, "And I especially love when you blush."

"Shut up," Ty huffed and looked away, her cheeks burning brighter by the second, the heat reaching to the tips of her ears much to Dante's pleasure. "What happened to Jerk Dante? Sappy Romantically Cheesy Dante creeps me out."

Dante smirked, amber eyes glinting, "Oh really? You want Jackass Dante back? And when I was trying to be all caring and loving. Guess I'll just do things my way then, it's much more enjoyable for the both of us."

Before Ty could respond, Dante pushed her back down on the couch and caught her lips for the third time. He didn't give her any time to recover from the surprise and immediately pulled on her lower lip with his teeth, followed by ravaging her mouth with his skillful tongue.

They broke apart briefly for air and Ty narrowed her eyes at Dante, "I really don't like you, Pissface McDick."

"Well too bad," Dante grinned back, leaning back down. "You're stuck with me and I'm not going to be letting go of you any time soon, maybe ever." He stole another kiss and smirked, "You're mine, Sierra."

"Still not an object, Dainty," Ty's eyes flashed for second and she managed to take Dante by surprise by rolling them off the sofa, using Dante to soften her landing. They rolled, fighting for dominance and laughing until a knock on the door made them freeze.

Roberto raised a brow at the two from the doorway, their current position easily providing misconceptions. Ty had managed to get on top of Dante, straddling his torso and Dante had a firm grip on Ty's forearms, holding them above his head, ready to flip their position and pin her down with her hands above her head leaving her to his pleasurable mercy. Their slightly flushed complexion, mussed up hair, darker than usual lips, enlarged pupils, and heavy breathing told Roberto of their previous activity and that their misleading position wasn't too far off the mark.

They had both turned their heads to face him, Dante looking slightly annoyed at being interrupted and Ty was surprisingly a little embarrassed, her cheeks and ears getting a few shades darker as she realized how exactly she and Dante must have looked.

"Sorry for interrupting, but your friends and nonno are here, bambina. They're waiting in the front lawn with Luca and Carlos," Roberto said, grinning slightly as Ty tried to get off of Dante and stand up only to yelp as Dante sat up and pulled her into his lap.

Roberto turned to leave, calling out over his shoulder, "I hope you two are remembering to use protection. I do want some beautiful nipoti, but you both are still in high school."

Ty gawked in disbelief as Roberto chuckled and left the room. She tried to wriggle out of Dante's lap but he had a firm, possessive grip on her, holding her right up against his chest and wasn't in the least inclined to release her.

"You're blushing again," he teased, whispering and nibbling on the helix of her ear.

"Shut up, you possessive duck fucker," Ty pushed him away, only getting redder. Jerk Dante she could handle easily, it was with Flirty Dante where she was always at a loss on how to react. She tried to remove his arms from around her, but Dante just tightened his hold, snickering as Ty huffed in annoyance. "And I am not getting impregnated," she added sternly.

Dante simply nodded and nuzzled the back of her neck, nipping the skin lightly. He knew of Ty's dislike for children, remembering her reaction to his younger second cousins, and he himself wasn't too enthusiastic about having any kids either. They'd simply reduce the amount of time he could have Ty to himself. His father was going to have to depend on Luca for those grandchildren or even Carlos if he and Fred decided to adopt in the future. It was obvious those two were going to last.

"C'mon, let me go. The guys are waiting," she whined. She looked up at him through her lashes, jutting her bottom lip out ever so slightly and added, "Por favore?"

Dante laughed, "First of all that was a mix of Spanish and Italian. It's 'per favore' in Italian and 'por favor' in Spanish. Second of all, you said it yourself, stronza, I'm possessive."

"What about a duck fucker?" Ty retorted. She'd mostly given up on berating herself for not minding Dante's dominating nature. It used to piss her off, clashing with her overly independent character, but it was just attractive on Dante and she couldn't help but fall victim to it.

Dante smirked and leaned towards her face, seductively whispering, "Well, if you're the duck then that's also true."

Ty raised her brow at him, skeptical, "Now I'm a duck? Okay. Fine. Duck's don't kiss people and they certainly do not sit in people's laps. So now, I'm going to waddle away."

She stuck her tongue out at him and blew a raspberry, effectively stunning him enough to slip out of his grip and crawl to the door. She stumbled as she got to her feet and ran to where Roberto had said her friends and grandfather were waiting without sending a single glance back to Dante. She knew he'd follow her anyway.


Dante wiped her spit from his face and rolled his eyes at Ty's retreating figure, getting up to go follow her. He was a bit annoyed that his father had interrupted them and she had run off, preferring to hang out with her friends than continue where they had left off in the smaller of the living rooms.

He passed by Luigi who was still fussing over Mario like the brother he was and stopped momentarily to nod to them, "How's the arm, Mario?"

"It's fine," he answered while Luigi rolled his eyes with a scoff.

"If by fine you mean you still can't hold a bottle of beer without pain shooting up your arm, then yes, he's perfettamente bene, Dante."

Dante snickered as the twins argued with one another and left them to bicker. He passed by more of his father's men, nodding in acknowledgment to all of them as he reached the front doors. He could feel the changes in his home since before the events that involved Ty. He could feel the changes in himself.

"And it's all because of one little stronza," he smirked, shaking his head in mild wonder. "Mio piccola stronza, Sierra."

He was now in the main lawn where Ty, her friends, grandfather, and his brothers were supposed to be but he only saw his brothers, Fred (who was hugged from behind by Carlos who rested his chin atop the redhead's head), and Tyler senior. Ty and her other friends were nowhere to be seen.

Luca waved at him and Dante began walking towards his brothers and Grandpa Tyler. As he got closer, Luca's eyes widened and he began waving frantically, about to yell something out but Dante beat him to it.

"Where's—" Loud shrieking and rumbling motors cut off his question. He turned to face the noise but only got as far as turning his neck before he was pummeled to the floor by a rather large and heavy machine.

"Urrrgh," Dante groaned, rolling onto his back and glaring hatefully at the lawnmower that was now turned over with steady streams of smoke rising from the engine. He looked up at Ty who was struggling between laughing her ass off and worrying if Dante was okay. Her lips were twitching up into a smile and she just bit harder down on her bottom lip to prevent from bubbling over in laughter.

"A-are you o-okay?" she stuttered, trying to keep the inevitable laughter at bay. She had just barely managed to turn the lawnmower off and jump off of it to avoid causing Dante more serious harm, but the lawnmower had flipped over as she jumped off and knocked Dante to the floor anyway.

Dante narrowed his eyes at her and responded dryly, "Yes, I'm perfectly okay after having been run over by a fucking lawnmower. Thank you so much for caring, amore mio."

While Dante responded, Ty's friends came up behind her, even Fred who had gotten out of Carlos' embrace, having stopped their own lawnmowers and gotten off of them without crashing into someone.

Jimmy and Henry gagged as Grant snickered, "Amore mio? What other names have you got for each other?"

"Sweetie? Honey-cakes? Italian stud-muffin? Baby? Sugar plum?" Drew supplied, laughing and hi-fiving Grant.

Ty rolled her eyes at them and pulled Dante up, smiling apologetically but her amusement had yet to die down. "Sorry, but you gotta admit it was funny."

Dante was not amused but he was a victim of Ty's smiles. He sighed, knowing just how whipped he was and wrapped an arm around Ty's shoulders, pulling her to him and kissing her head, ignoring her friends' obnoxious gagging and the smug looks from his brothers and Ty's grandfather. "Well, you do always keep your promises," he muttered.

Ty tilted her head in confusion, furrowing her brow. Dante chuckled at the look, ruffling her already messy hair as he recounted, "The first thing you ever said to me was that you'd run me over with a lawnmower." At Ty's still puzzled expression, he added, "When you woke up after I drugged you the day, technically night, you first met us."

"You actually remember the first thing I ever said to you?" Ty stared at him incredulously.

"Never mind that," Dante brushed it off, returning to glare at the lawnmower. He noticed it had a few adjustments such as a two panels that were in the shape of feet, each of the lawnmowers were painted like sports cars, and there were some other adjustments such as extra handles and wires that did god knows what.

"What did you do to those lawnmowers and what the hell were you guys doing with them?" he asked Luca who had walked up to the mess with Carlos and Grandpa Tyler.

"Lawnmower racing," Luca answered simply, as if he had said they were playing catch with a tennis ball and not racing around the estate on modified lawnmowers. "I just tweaked them a little, gave them a bit of a speed boost, added a way to steer, and they tested them out. I just need to fix the breaks and they'll be good to go."

Dante looked between the still functional lawnmowers and then at Ty and the gang, shaking his head, "I'm almost afraid to ask. But why?"

"Oh, that'd be my fault, boy," Grandpa Tyler grinned unabashedly. "And no PDA with my little kitten around me."

Ty was almost certain that Dante would only antagonize her grandfather by practically making out with her, so she was rather surprised when Dante sighed and released her, putting a good few inches between them.

"Sorry, nonno," Dante nodded politely. "I'll be sure to do sinfully pleasurable things to her out of your sight and sound." He forced his lips to remain in a blank line though a smirk was threatening to break across his face.

Grandpa Tyler merely raised his brows before chuckling at Dante's response, "Well done, kitten. You definitely picked a fun one, but I'm still too young to be having great-grandchildren so be very careful when you're having your fun."

"Oh my god, why me?" Ty groaned, slumping to the ground and ducking her head in mortified embarrassment. She never really cared if people discussed her sex life, she wasn't really embarrassed about it, but this was her grandfather.

Her friends smirked, crowding around her on the ground. "Well, that's an easy question. You just had to go and watch a gang fight," Henry answered.

"Then get knocked out and taken to their fancy ass mansion," Jimmy continued.

"And then get the interest of the big bad don because you can't shut your mouth for the life of you," Fred added.

"And then you get caught up in a large scale mafia rivalry," Grant continued the verbal list.

"And finally, you fell for the stubborn, possessive, easily jealous dick of the Rizzo family," Drew finished, grinning.

"And said stubborn, possessive, easily jealous dick of the Rizzo family is taking her back." Dante had snuck up behind the gang and easily grabbed hold of Ty's waist, pulling her out of the semi-circle she and her friends had formed on the ground and tossed her over his shoulder. "You're stealing her from me on Saturday anyway, so you guys can continue testing out Luca's lawnmowers while we continue where we had left off before Papà interrupted us to announce your arrival. Ciao."

Everyone watching snickered as Ty began thrashing in Dante's vice grip, yelling, "Dante! Put me the fuck down, fucking fuckfaced prick! What the hell?"

Completely unaffected, Dante carelessly replied, "If you keep thrashing like that you're gonna get hurt, stronza."

"Fuck you!" Ty screamed back, continuing to pound her fists into his back and kicking her feet up.

They returned to the house, Dante quickening his pace a bit as he went straight for their room. Laughter echoed behind them from everyone who saw and Ty continued to scream and hit him the entire way.

When they finally got to their room, Dante shut the door, locked it, and unceremoniously dropped Ty onto their bed, smirking at her haphazard appearance. Her face was flushed from embarrassment and anger, her hair and clothes were in a pleasing state of disarray, and her chest was heaving from exerting a lot of her energy in her struggle. He'd be damned if anyone else ever saw her in such a condition ever again.

"I hate you," she pouted, crossing her legs on his bed. Her anger was already gradually leaving since she knew it was no use to try and escape. And she wasn't really that against staying either.

Dante's smirk stretched crookedly as he leaned down, caging her with his hands on either side of her waist on the bed, chuckling, "Ti amo anch'io."

Ty couldn't help the small smile that formed on her lips. "Translate?" she asked cheekily. From the faint reddening of her cheeks and his favorite set of ears, Dante knew she was just trying to annoy him by stalling.

"Stronza," he rolled his eyes and after that, no more coherent words were swapped between them. Their mouths were a little too busy.



Italian Lingo:

Troia - slut

Baldracca - whore

Stronza - bitch

Mio - mine

Amo tutto di te, stronza - I love everything about you, bitch

Nonno - grandpa

Bambina - child/little girl

Nipoti - grandchildren

Per favore - please

Perfettamente bene - perfectly fine

Mio piccola stronza - my little bitch

Amore mio - my love

Ti amo anch'io - I love you too

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