Why Me?

Ty, just another skateboarding high school junior, was minding her own legal business when she gets stuck in the middle of a mafia fight with guns, knives, and potato launchers, while only armed with her trusty skateboard. What does she do? Runs for her life only to get captured and asked (read: commanded) to marry one of the three sons of the don. And then people want to kill her. Obviously.


2. Chapter Two

“She should have been up by now; it’s been almost two hours.”

“Maybe the chloroform dose was a bit too much?”

“She deserved it, whacking me with that fucking skateboard.”

“This pathetic little stronza actually caused so much trouble?”

Ty groaned and moved to try and get up, but her body protested. Even though her eyes were closed, she felt like she had done four continuous backflips and then rode one of those spinny thingies the astronauts had to ride. Okay, not that bad, but she did feel pretty sick. What are those called anyway?

“Hey, she’s coming to,” a deep, low voice said much too loudly for Ty’s ears and thumping head.

Ty groaned again and mumbled croakily, “Urgh… Keep it down, idiot. I’ll run you over with a lawnmower when I find one.” Speaking had been a bad idea. All the liquid in her mouth had dried up; leaving a coarse, burning and scratchy sensation that had been intensified when she had spoken.

She heard a surprised “what?” and a low, amused chuckle. Ty was too groggy to open her eyes and her memory was a bit fuzzy. She also desperately needed to ease her burning throat.

Someone shuffled next to her and she could hear their breathing and rustle of their clothes. A large hand lifted her head and a cold glass was pressed to her mouth. The glass was tipped and a cool liquid slipped passed her parched lips. She greedily swallowed the water until not a single drop was left. The stranger removed the glass from her lips and gently put her head back onto the soft cushion it was on previously.

After a little more shuffling and the tinkle of glass being placed down, the figure spoke softly to her in a very relaxing, slightly accented male voice, “Don’t try to move too much. How do you feel?”

Ty cleared her throat to respond but kept her eyes closed. “Like I have the worst fucking hangover ever. By the way, what’s the spinny training thingy astronauts have to go on and makes ‘em sick as hell?”

The man chuckled. It was the chuckling man from before. Ty immediately decided to dub him Chucky, at least until she knew his real name. Ehh, who am I kidding? I’m probably gonna call him Chucky either way.

Chucky responded, clearly amused, “I’m not sure what ‘spinny training thingy’ you’re talking about, but the hangover feeling will go away. Do you think you can sit up?”

Ty sluggishly nodded and attempted to get up again, this time slowly and carefully. Chucky’s calloused hands supported her until she was able to sit up relatively straight. She clutched her stomach as a wave of nausea tumbled over her and she ducked her head down between her knees.

Her head still ducked, she mumbled, “Geez, the rest of you just going to stand and watch me prepare to throw up?”

This time, Chucky’s chuckle turned into outright laughter. It was a nice sound even to Ty’s throbbing ears.

The wave of nausea passed and Ty slowly pulled her head up and opened her eyes. She opened them too quickly and was blinded by the light, so the second time around she slowly opened them until her eyes adjusted to the fluorescent bulbs.

She took in her surroundings in awe. She was sitting on a wine red three-seater sofa in a very fancy looking living room that had signs that people actually lived there. The curtains were a few shades darker than the sofa and there were two other couches that were double-seaters. The couches surrounded a large, dark, almost black, rectangular coffee table that was littered with newspapers, some books and a few remotes. In the spaces between each couch was a small side table with an antiquely styled lamp and one had an empty glass with remnants of the clear liquid it used to contain. There was also a matching armchair and a huge widescreen TV built into the elegant cream wall.

Even though Ty lived in a pretty luxurious apartment herself, the room was still magnificent and she found herself gawking. Also, this one actually had a homey feel, like a family actually lived here. Unlike the cookie-cutter, straight-from-a-magazine, jail-cell-in-disguise rooms at her so-called home.

“Like the room?” a middle-aged man in his late thirties with strawberry blonde hair asked with a kind smile. From the sound of his relaxing tone Ty recognized him as Chucky.

She smiled at him and nodded, “Yeah, it’s pretty sweet, especially that TV.”

Chucky grinned, but it disappeared when Ty asked, “Where exactly am I? My memory is kind of fuzzy.”

“What do you remember?” the same low voice as before asked, the one whose owner Ty had threatened with a lawnmower. That was when Ty noticed the others in the room; though they probably should have been the first things she should have noticed. Then again, she did have a particular skill to be completely oblivious to the most obvious of things.

There were three men besides Chucky who were staring down at her with various expressions though they all held some form of curiosity and wariness.

Chucky was standing beside her in a pair of black slacks and dark grey t-shirt that was one size too big for him. He had a bit of a beard that matched the coloring of his hair and it looked like he forgot to shave in the morning. Not that it looked bad, some guys cannot pull off a bit of whiskers, but Chucky sure as hell could. He even had a black stud piercing in his right ear. If he were single, Ty wouldn’t be surprised if lonely, lustful ladies in their mid-thirties or twenties staked claims on him. She doubted even him being married or at least dating would deter them. Heck, even if he were gay they would still probably hunt his ass.

Among the other three men, the youngest looked about 16. He was in a white wife-beater that clung to his frame and a pair of low hung, hip hugging, washed out jeans. He had amber eyes that were slightly covered by his brown streaked blonde hair. Said hair poked out at a few places like he had just woken up a few hours ago from a nap or something and didn’t bother combing it. There were also a few black smudges around his cheeks and ears like he had been working on some sort of mechanics previously. His skin was a nice Mediterranean type bronze tan that did not look like it came from a can or human microwave. He also had an ear piercing, a simple black stud on his right ear. Despite his roughish looking appearance, he had a more boyish charm that was more cute than sexy. His expression, though mainly blank, had a sort of puzzled look that was mostly well hidden accompanied by one of minor annoyance. He didn’t seem to want to be there at the moment, but he was still curious enough to remain.

Next to him was a man who must have been his brother since they had the same bronze coloring and amber eyes. He looked about the same age though most likely older. This guy though had deep black hair that was much shorter, but cut more roughly and had Band-Aids and fading cuts instead of the black smudges. He was dressed in a pair of faded jeans and tight black t-shirt that hugged him in all the right places that would leave the girls and certain guys at Ty’s, or really anyone’s, school salivating. He had the whole ‘tall, dark and handsome’ thing floating about to kick the notch up too. Clearly the stereotypical bad boy. He even had more piercings than his brother and Chucky. Along with the same black stud, he had two small silver rings and a hexagonal screw head piercing lined along his right ear. He stood in a seemingly relaxed posture, but was completely alert to everything in the room. His amber eyes were trained solely on Ty but his face gave away no expression. He was also nursing a head injury if the cold pack pressed to his head was any indication.

The third man though was not so good at keeping his emotions in check, or at least he hadn’t bothered to. His blue eyes were flaming in barely controlled anger as he glared openly at Ty. Even this burly man had a black stud in his right ear. He was dressed similarly to the dark haired bad boy but had a looser dark red shirt on and looked to be more around Chucky’s age. He was physically stronger too, appearance wise, with more prominent muscles. Those muscles were clenched and visibly stiff from his tightened fists that were mildly shaking.

“What do you remember?” the low voice asked again, his impatience showing. It was the second guy who had spoken. He removed the cold pack from his head and tossed it to the armchair and stepped forward to stare Ty down with emotionless, interrogative eyes.

Ty instinctively shrank back, but mentally berated herself and relaxed again. She scrunched her brow and bit her bottom lip, trying to remember. Any normal person would have been questioning relentlessly, been paranoid and suspicious to the max, but Ty was a very special case. Far too easily distracted being one of her more prominent traits.

“Umm… I was at the skate park with the guys. We kicked ass,” she smirked but then frowned again as she tried to recall what had happened afterwards.

“I was going home…but I took the long way ‘cause of… oh right my parents were coming back today and I was supposed to ‘welcome’ them or some shit.” Ty looked for a clock but couldn’t find one and shrugged. “Ehh it’s late now anyway so I guess it doesn’t really matter.”

The men, or at least the two who seemed to have a shared dislike towards Ty, were growing impatient, as she easily got distracted. The dark-haired boy tapped his foot impatiently and put an arm next to Ty’s head against the back of the sofa, effectively caging her in. He caught her eyes with his own burning ones and repeated, each word emphasized with a slight accent tinting his tone, “What. Do. You. Remember.”

Ty was momentarily stunned by the sudden aggression, and quickly scowled at the amber-eyed boy she immediately dubbed Jackass. She growled slightly earning a few quick startled expressions, “Get out of my face, Jackass.”

Did she really just growl? Did we catch a little puppy? “Answer the question, bitch,” he glowered back, hiding his surprise at her snarky remark despite the situation. She should have been intimidated into submission. He knew she had feared him; her attempt to hide into the sofa had not gone unnoticed by his perceptive gaze.

They held a scowling contest for seconds that seemed to drag on, bursts of static threatening to spark out from the tension that formed between their warring gazes. Before anything detonated, Chucky put a hand on Jackass’ shoulder and gave him a warning look. Jackass remained in his position for a moment longer before reluctantly pulling back. He still gave another dirty look to Ty who was wearing a smug mask across her face.

Chucky sat beside Ty on the couch and turned to face her with a calm and smiling face. “Sorry, he is not very patient and has a bit of a temper problem. Now, could you tell us what you remember after leaving the skate park, bambina?”

Ty frowned at the unfamiliar word that was definitely not English. She let it slide though and wracked her brain. After splitting ways with her friends, her mind came up with splotchy blanks and blurred images. “Hmm, er, I was skating through the park. And then…”

She looked down at her hands to see that she was no longer wearing her wrist guards and her arms were littered with cuts and scrapes. She frowned, not remembering how she received the new injuries and looked further down to her legs to see that her knee guards were also missing and she had similar cuts that she definitely did not remember getting so recently. She hadn’t gotten any new injuries from skateboarding lately and there was no way a skating accident could create the finger shaped bruises on her arms.

With full force, her brain finally connected the last few wires that had been cut off. Ty’s eyes widened as her mind replayed the events from the Blue versus Brown park fight to the hands grabbing her and shoving the cloth to her face.

She immediately shot up off of the couch and dashed for the door. She barely got four feet from the couch before the pissed off blue-eyed man grabbed her arms and held them behind her back, rendering her immobile and in pain.

“Let me go you goddamn murderers!” Ty yelled and wriggled in the strong man’s grip. He tugged sharply on her arms and she let out a yelp as a sharp sting of pain shot through her soon-to-be dislocated joints.

“Mario, don’t harm her,” Chucky scolded as a worried look flashed across his face when Ty yelped.

The grip on Ty’s arms loosened considerably, but was still too firm for her to break out of. Unable to resist, she snorted through the receding pain, “Mario? You have a little brother called Luigi and get high on shrooms?” She never really had much control over her actions.

If Ty hadn’t had her back facing Mario, she would have seen the darkened look that covered his rugged face and burning eyes that glared holes into her head. He had more than thirty different scenarios flash through his mind in which Ty would be a heaping pile of agony at the very edge of death.

“Looks like she remembers,” the youngest boy stated needlessly. The comment earned him a glare from his brother and an absentminded eye roll from Ty.

“Luca, shut up,” Jackass deadpanned just as Ty jeered monotonously, “No shit, Sherlock.”

Luca ignored his brother but gave Ty a quizzical look. Does she not realize what kind of situation she’s in right now? Her life is in our hands and Mario looks like he wants to send her to death and yank her back just before she’s completely gone only to repeat until she begs for her life to end.

Jackass turned back to Ty with a cold, impassive expression. If Ty paid more attention to detail, she would have noticed the curiously interested glint in his eyes.

“What exactly do you remember? Don’t bother lying or trying to run, Mario’s pretty strong and you did piss him off.”

Despite wanting to question what she did to piss of Mario since she was the one currently held hostage and she had just met him, she kept her mouth shut firmly. Even though she should have probably been spilling every detail and begging to live, she held her chin up in defiance.

“Keeping quiet won’t do you any good either,” he stated, slightly amused at Ty’s stubbornness.

Ty snorted, “Yeah, and I’m so sure you lot are a shit ton better. Thanks, but I’ll take my chances being a selective mute.”

Jackass opened his mouth to respond but found he wasn’t exactly sure how. He was saved when a knock on the closed, wooden slide doors diverted his attention. Everyone’s gaze focused on the left door that slid open to reveal another rugged man in jeans and a plain t-shirt. And what a surprise, he had a black stud piercing too.

“Lorenzo, the boss is ready for her,” the new stranger relayed his message in a respectful tone. He briefly nodded to the two brothers but otherwise ignored everyone save for the person he was speaking to.

The new man only left the room once he received a nod from Chucky, apparently called Lorenzo. “We’ll be right there.” His previous amused expressions were long gone, as if they had never been there in the beginning, and he turned to face Jackass and Luca blankly. “You two lead, Mario walk her and I’ll be right behind you. I don’t want you to get hurt, so just follow along and don’t try anything.” He directed the last words to Ty with the briefest flash of concern flickering in his dark brown eyes.

They obeyed without a word, though Mario was a bit rough in pushing Ty out the door and down the halls. To keep busy, Ty observed the path they took, looking for any possible way to escape, or to map out her current position at the very least.

She knew it would be pointless to try and escape with Mario restraining her, the two brothers in front and Lorenzo right behind. Even though Lorenzo seemed to show some sort of concern for Ty, she knew that he would prevent her from escaping.

She was so absorbed in figuring out her surroundings, she never noticed the backward glances she received from the two brothers, the younger one giving more frequent ones. When Jackass had looked out of pure curiosity, he held a scoff as he could easily read the determined glint in the girl’s searching eyes that held fear and caution. He saw her mind trying to work out a plan of some sort, no doubt one to escape, and he almost pitied her for escape from them was close to impossible. Almost being the key word. He was actually barely containing himself with sadistic enjoyment, waiting for that light to snuff out and see her crumple into the depressed, desperate heap of fear that was expected of her.

They walked in silence through a long corridor with plain walls. Left, straight, right, past a painting of a dead tree, a spiraling staircase and more hallways. Ty momentarily questioned the income of murderers as these seemed quite well off seeing as they had the huge mansion filled with tasteful décor. Before she could delve deeper in that thought river, they finally stopped in front of a dark brown set of double doors with gleaming, gold painted handles.

Lorenzo stepped towards the intimidating doors and knocked thrice, waited a second and then one more knock. He waited until he heard a muted call from inside before gripping the handles, pushing down and pulling open one of the double doors.

Mario shoved Ty forward behind Jackass, Luca and Lorenzo until she was situated in the center of the room. It was a well-furnished study with dark maroon walls and dark wooden furniture giving it a regal setting. There was a large office desk cluttered with papers, files, a picture frame and a medium sized, glossy black vase with a single white, trumpet-shaped flower.

Behind the desk was a man a little bit older than Lorenzo, maybe early or mid-forties, sitting in a black, swivel-type leather office chair. Since he was sitting and behind the desk, the bottom half of him was hidden from view though Ty would bet he too was wearing some sort of jeans.

He was in a simple, pale blue button down with a white undershirt peeking out from the slightly loosened collar and of course, the same black stud that everyone in the mansion seemed to sport on his right ear. The man must have been Luca and Jackass’ father because they looked so much like him, but with differences that must have come from their mother. The two boys got their amber eyes from him and Jackass must have gotten his dark hair from the intimidating man as well.

His cold amber orbs observed the girl in front of him. She was dressed completely in black and he honestly wondered how his men could have mistaken her for a boy, even if it was dark and they were “sort of busy at the moment”. Her short choppy brunette locks had been released from her helmet which was being kept with her other safety gear. Even though it was cut in a boyish style, her facial structure was still clearly female as was the rest of her body. Her grey eyes were observing the items on his desk with fear, alertness and intrigue. There was also faint signs of a strong will and determination that he found quite interesting. It seemed that Lorenzo also noticed something from the way he seemed slightly concerned for the female.

The man eyed Mario and barely nodded his head, but Mario saw and pushed Ty towards the simple cushioned chair in front of the desk. Ty grew tense as she was herded closer to the man on the other side of the desk. Mario squeezed none-too-softly on her bound arms in warning and she reluctantly sat down in the chair.

She tried to keep her expression as blank as possible, thinking of how she would keep her face when she was playing poker or pranking the guys. A smile almost decorated her lips but she remembered where she was. The almost change in her expression did not go unnoticed, but was not mentioned.

“Hello, how are you feeling?” the man asked.

Ty was speechless for a moment trying to register what he had said. When her brain understood his question, she laughed harshly, her words leaving a bitter taste in the air, “How am I feeling? Oh, just peachy. Fine and dandy. Couldn’t be better! I mean, I just woke up from being drugged feeling like I was put in that astronaut training thingy and then realized I was kidnapped by a bunch of murderers. I’m just fan-fucking-tastic!”

Her outburst surprised everyone in the room and after a slight delayed reaction Mario scowled, “Show some respect, baldracca.”

“Mario,” the man warned just before Ty responded with continued sarcasm.

“Well sorry, but I for one do not show respect to my fucking kidnappers. Also, bald dragon or whatever the hell you called me is not effective since I don’t even fucking know what it means, Plumber Boy.”

Mario growled but Lorenzo made a gruff throat clearing noise to tell him to shut up. Luca covered a snicker with his hand that was ignored while Jackass only revealed a small smirk that bordered an amused grin, but he quickly got rid of it.

The man ignored the interruption and remained blank faced, but the tiniest bit of admiration and amusement could be seen by the most perceptive people had they paid attention to his eyes and extremely subtle facial changes. He only showed a significant change when the door was knocked upon again. He called out to let them in with slight annoyance tingeing his tone. He did not like interruptions of any variety and had specifically ordered that none disturb him. His office was off-limits to everyone save for his sons and Lorenzo unless stated otherwise by himself.

A blond haired boy with amber eyes entered confidently but with a slight apologetic smile towards the man. Looking at him, Ty cursed the family for their unbelievably good genes.

He was in loose clothes compared to his brothers with a green t-shirt and dark khaki shorts but he too had a single black stud in his right ear. What is with that piercing? Some sort of murderer initiation reward? Kill your first innocent and ta-da! You are eligible to join the ranks of a bunch of good-looking crazies!

It seemed as if the fair haired boy could hear Ty’s thoughts as he caught her gaze and smiled brilliantly at her, which surprised her since she didn’t expect the family of murders to be able to smile so pleasantly. Then again, why was a family of murderers Abercrombie model worthy? So the victims can have some eye candy before departing to the netherworld?

“Carlos, where have you been?” the man asked impassively, like this was a usual occurrence.

Carlos returned his gaze to his father and replied, “Scusa, Papà, took a little longer than expected to finish up and our guest was rather unexpected.”

The man nodded and returned his attention to Ty who was still staring at Carlos.

When he moved to stand beside his brothers it was easy to see the relation. Not only did all three have the same amber eyes, they also had similar builds and a certain edge that matched the man who was still silently observing the young woman seated before him.

Jackass whispered something to Carlos and received a reply that made him frown slightly. Luca furrowed his eyebrows and whispered something back making the other two return their attention to their confused and wary guest.

The man cleared his throat to regain Ty’s attention and she immediately returned her grey gaze to him, watching him warily.

“I should have done the introductions first. I am Roberto and you have met my sons Carlos, Dante and Luca. You have also met Lorenzo and Mario,” Roberto coolly introduced.

Ty stared blankly back, nodding slightly to show she heard, but wasn’t really listening. She was still looking for anything to use to get away. Besides, she didn’t really care who her captors were. Even if she did escape, she highly doubted the police would have been able to do something. She could already tell that these were no ordinary murderers.

Roberto looked expectantly at her, waiting.

After receiving no response, Dante grew impatient and murmured loud enough for Ty to hear, “When someone introduces themself, it’s polite to give your own name.”

Ty rolled her eyes and snorted, “Yeah and it’s also polite to not kidnap people and take their stuff. Where’s my skateboard?”

Roberto hid a small smile at Ty’s blunt response that drew out an annoyed grunt from his son who looked the most like him. Instead, he raised a hand gesture to Mario. Mario nodded and walked to a tall cupboard, opening it and taking out a clothed object before closing the door. Ty followed him with her eyes that widened when the cloth was removed to reveal the black and toxic green board in question.

Ty stood up immediately and moved for her board, ignoring the surprised expressions of everyone else in the room. The sudden action prompted Dante and Luca to move quickly and grab her arms, effectively restraining her.

She jerked her body to try and make Dante and Luca release her, but their hands were fastened to her arms.

“Let me go,” she gritted out as she stopped squirming. She didn’t want to add to her already numerous injuries.

“Sit back down and don’t try anything,” Dante replied, letting little emotion through even though his temper was quickly thinning. He had no idea why or how the girl could so easily make him lose his calm. He found her incredibly irritating and he had only just barely met her.

“Give me my board back and we’ll see, fuckface,” Ty spat back.

“Shouldn’t you be crying, begging and or screaming to not be killed or threatening to call the police or something?” Carlos asked, genuinely curious. He was honestly expecting her to be screaming bloody murder and empty threats until she broke down in tears. But there she was, fighting back confidently and vigorously. He knew she was afraid, but she was strong willed and fiery. Or just plain stupid and naïve.

Ty was surprised by Carlos’ question and turned her head to respond, “Would it make a difference? Would you just let me leave with my stuff, walk right out the doors and leave me alone?”

When no one answered she smiled mirthlessly, “I thought not.”

Roberto was impressed with the girl’s courage that most would consider ignorance and stupidity, though traces of those may have been in play. It wasn’t every day that a recent abductee, accidental or not, answered back rudely without pleading for their life, at least not for him. He heard from his men that she definitely put up a fight, even when they had gotten her in the car. One throbbing black eye, injuries to the groin, bruises, an almost concussion and frustrated men were what he was given back when they finally caught her.

“We won’t hurt you as long as you don’t fight. I just want to talk to you and then you can get your skateboard and gear back,” Roberto said calmly.

He shared a look with his sons and they forcefully led Ty back to her seat though she didn’t protest much for the sake of her board. She glared back and her jaw tightened as she reluctantly sat back down.

Roberto clasped his hands in front of him on the table speaking evenly, “How about we start off with your name?” When she was brought back, they searched her and found that she had not carried any form of identification. No jewelry, wallet or even a phone. All she had was her skateboard and gear.

“What’s the use in knowing the name of a dead person?” Ty asked back. She thought for a second and added, “Well a soon-to-be dead person.”

Roberto thought for a moment before answering, “Well, that’s true in some cases. But a name would be useful if an address for a ransom were needed or knowing the place to send the body if I felt compassionate enough.” He didn’t have to answer her questions and could easily force answers from her, but there was just something about the reckless girl’s impulsive behaviour that made him want to at least humor her. And besides, he had never had such an entertaining guest before. She was intriguing, to say the least.

“If you want a ransom, you’d have to already know that your prisoner was rich or had whatever you wanted; therefore, you’d already know their name and probably a bunch of other stalker-like info. If you wanted to return the body it’d be sending the evidence back and you’d be tracked down, right?” Ty responded, relying on her extensive knowledge gained from TV and video games and her ability to think on her feet to avoid too much trouble. She was trying to keep him talking, get more time to think. If running her mouth could work with teachers, other adults and jerks her own age, maybe it would work with kidnappers.

Roberto leaned forward, a small grin threatening to stretch across his face. He was well practiced at keeping his emotions concealed, but this girl was easily making him put his guard down. “You seem to know a lot about the basics of kidnapping, bambina.”

Ty frowned, “Don’t call me whatever the hell that was. First bald dragon and now Bambi? I don’t even know what language that was.”

Behind her, Luca snuffed another chuckle while Lorenzo and Carlos let a small grin slip, Carlos’ a bit wider than Lorenzo’s. Even Mario’s anger was slowly dissipating momentarily and Dante was almost smiling.

Roberto laughed internally, She’s extraordinary. Was it fate that sent her to me? Who am I to deny such an interesting child? Externally he barely smiled saying, “Bambina means child or little girl in Italian, my home language. You’ll have to learn a bit of Italian. Basic phrases should be enough though learning the whole language would be preferable.”

Ty frowned and quirked an eyebrow, confused at what direction his interrogation was taking. “Why?” she slowly, hesitantly asked the question that ran through everyone else’s minds.

Roberto ignored her and beckoned for his sons to come to the right of his desk as he got up and walked to where he made them stand. None of them knew what their father was planning now, but listened to him anyway. Roberto never did anything without reason before so he must have something planned. They lined up beginning with Luca on the farthest left, Dante on the farthest right and Carlos in the middle.

Roberto put a hand on Luca’s shoulder keeping eye contact with Ty. “This is my youngest son, Luca Rizzo. He’s 16 years old, plays around with mechanics and is always messing with the firearms for an experiment or another. A bright boy with a skill for technology that rivals any technician.”

Roberto moved down the line and spoke again, “My eldest boy, Carlos Rizzo. He’s 18 years old, 19 in a month. He is what you would call a bookworm and spends his free time in the library or his room with a stack of books or hacking something on one of his computers. He’s a genius and ahead of most people his age and older.”

He moved down the line again to place a hand on Dante’s shoulder. Roberto completely ignored the questioning and skeptical gazes of his confused companions and kin as he continued, “And this is Dante Rizzo, my 17 year old. He is one of my best fighters and has excellent aim. Extremely athletic and is always found in the gym or training areas whenever possible. He is quite adept at keeping his emotions locked but warms up to those he cares about.”

Ty nodded warily, completely and utterly lost. “Okay, but why am I supposed to care?” Where the hell is this going, Mr. Bossman?

Roberto smiled and though it looked quite nice on his face, it did not feel comforting for Ty or the boys. “I’d think you’d want to know a little bit about your fiancé candidates.”


Italian Lingo:

Stronza - bitch (stronzo is the masculine form meaning asshole)

Bambina - child (feminine form, bambino is masculine)/ little girl

Baldracca - whore

Scusa - sorry


Disclaimer: I am not a fluent Italian speaker nor did I have anyone help me with the translations and phrases. All the Italian is  from researching tourist sites, skimming online Italian learning websites, and google translate so the Italian is probably horribly inaccurate.

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