Why Me?

Ty, just another skateboarding high school junior, was minding her own legal business when she gets stuck in the middle of a mafia fight with guns, knives, and potato launchers, while only armed with her trusty skateboard. What does she do? Runs for her life only to get captured and asked (read: commanded) to marry one of the three sons of the don. And then people want to kill her. Obviously.


3. Chapter Three

Ty was frozen in complete shock. What?

“Fiancé candidates? What are you talking about, Papà? Cosa candidati fidanzato?” Dante asked, his brow furrowed into a sharp V. He had slipped from English to Italian from the complete abruptness of the announcement.

The declaration came as a surprise to everyone. Even Lorenzo hadn’t been told or hinted about his boss and old friend’s sudden interest in having the girl, or any girl for that matter, marry one of his sons. The girl was an accident, a mission mishap; she wasn’t supposed to be here.

Roberto sat back down and clasped his hands loosely on his desk before replying, “In our line of business, living till old age is a rarity. You three are also always in danger of dying early and none of you even have a girlfriend in the least, just the occasional hook up with some girl at a club. Besides, I want to see at least one of you boys get married and meet at least one of my grandchildren before I greet Satan.”

“Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait,” Ty stuttered shakily as she stood up with a doubting and confused expression.

You,” she pointed to Roberto, “want me,” she pointed to herself, “to...marry...one of them,” she pointed to the boys, “and…and have kids?”

Roberto nodded, curious about Ty’s suddenly weird and stuttery behavior. He thought he had made himself quite clear and had refrained from using the Italian terms for his new daughter-in-law’s benefit.

“Are you out of your fucking mind?” she asked incredulously. “If this is some kind of joke, I wish I had a truckload of rotten tomatoes and a machete to save the world from such horrible humor.”

“Why would I joke about nipoti and a beautiful daughter-in-law?” Roberto asked, slightly amused with Ty’s panicking. He was so comfortable and unwary around her that the Italian word slipped even though using a foreign language would not help his newly decided daughter-in-law understand completely. The girl’s quick-changing, open emotions were refreshing as he was getting bored of the blank faced, stony expressions worn by most in his presence and he himself. It was a pleasant feeling to have some real, unguarded emotions around. Something he had not been faced with in quite a while.

“No fucking way! You can’t just kidnap someone to marry one of your sons, even if they are kinda hot!” she yelled with her hands gripping her hair in bewilderment and anger, ignoring the small bit of flattery.

The Rizzo boys lost their temporary confusion to form small smirkish smiles at Ty’s declaration, even if she was having a minor panic attack at the moment. No matter the occasion, a stroke to the ego was generally welcome.

“I am not going to fucking marry anyone or have frickin’ kids! I’m not even legally allowed to drink or smoke yet!” she yelled again, this time she started pacing a few steps and her fists were shaking in outrage. Never mind that I already drink and smoke occasionally, but that’s beside the point.

Roberto could see that Ty’s breathing was becoming quick paced and shallow and that she was becoming increasingly frantic and unstable. He slowly stood up and calmly tried to ease her nervousness, “Okay, just calm down, bambina. We can discuss this calmly without you ending up hyperventilating and passing out again.”

She turned to glare at Roberto, her sudden shift in emotions temporarily confusing the others in the room once again.

Grey eyes burning, she calmly stated, “Discuss this.”

Roberto faintly narrowed his eyes in puzzlement but widened them, along with raising his brow noticeably, when Ty picked up the sleek black vase and threw it at him without the slightest bit of hesitation.

Blood pumped in Ty’s chest, speeding her heart rate when the glass shattered. She ran on autopilot and quickly turned to Mario. He was wide eyed at her act, and no one seemed able to move. She took advantage of their temporary stunned behavior to grab Mario's shoulders and drive her knee up sharply. She hit her mark with complete accuracy and Mario released a grunt of immense pain as he crumpled to the floor, clutching his abused crotch. Without wasting a moment, Ty snatched up the discarded skateboard and charged out of the maroon study.

Dante stared at the broken vase, his slightly cut up father, the groaning body of Mario and then the opened door before shouting, “Inseguire il suo!” and following his own orders.

Luca, Carlos and Lorenzo instantly snapped out of their bewildered daze. Luca went to his father to see how badly the vase cut him, Carlos ran after Dante while Lorenzo checked on Mario.

Roberto only had a few cuts on his arms since he had just enough time to shield his face from the impact of the fragile black vase that was now oddly shaped, glistening shards littering the floor and his desk. He was soaked from the water and the lone, broken white flower was slowly turning a pale red on the floor.

Mario cursed through his pain but gritted out that he was fine to Lorenzo. “That…stronza…I kill…her…” he grunted as Lorenzo left him in search of Dante, Carlos and Ty.

Ty ran past the long hallways, fearful of bumping into any other residents of the mansion. Having no idea where the exit of the fancy prison was, she ran past the various décor feeling lost and like a lab rat before seeing the painting of a dead tree that she had passed before. The staircase came to view and she ran up it, just like all escapees who seemed to have it stuck in their mindset that gaining height equals escape. Behind her she heard yelling and footsteps that gave her a burst of speed and energy completely fueled by fear and adrenaline.

They stormed after her; others of the household joining Carlos, Lorenzo and Dante chase the fleeing brunette.

Ty kept running up the stairs, tripping, stumbling and acquiring new bruises and cuts in her haste, but charging forwards nonetheless. She ran up the smooth, polished wooden steps, passing uncounted floors until she reached a door. Struggling, she hurriedly fumbled to open the door, hearing the stomping steps and yells of her chasers. She managed to open the door and ran out only to see that she had reached the roof.

She shut the door knowing it would only save her a few precious seconds and sprinted to the edge of the roof. She looked over to see that she was well above the ground and a large tree was the only thing that may have been within jumping distance. No ladder, trellis or drainage pipe that was even mildly climbable.

“Fuck...” she cursed, seeing no way of a non-suicidal escape.

“Nowhere else to run?”

She whipped back to face the door to see that Dante had caught up. He was alone, but she was certain that the others were following behind. He wasn’t even breathing that heavily, like he had only jogged to catch up.

Caught you, he thought wickedly, keeping his face expressionless though he could feel a smirk trying to pull at his lips. His eyes scanned her haggard form. She was breathing heavily, a flush on her face and her stormy eyes displayed her fear, fatigue but also the unrelenting stubbornness he had quickly learned she possessed. He noticed the newly acquired red swellings that joined her previous injuries from her first attempted escape when she had been spotted in the park.

Dante took slow, deliberate steps towards Ty and she backed away until she came to the very edge of the roof. One more step and she’d fall over to her possible death. Or a concussion and many broken bones at the very least.

“...Can’t you just let me go?” she whined, unable to come up with a decent retort. Ty clutched the board closer to her chest and eyed Dante warily. “I just want to go home. You have no idea how rare it is for me to say that when my parents are back, heck I barely ever say that phrase.”

Dante continue to slowly stroll towards Ty and she was tempted to step backwards but knew she had nowhere to step.

What she had said about her parents confused him though he didn’t let it show. Family troubles, maybe? Wait, why do I even care? I don’t, he quickly shoved the thought away. He was also surprised by her whiny request, especially after seeing how violent she could be and how she could hold his gaze that many feared.

Her level of panic increased and she looked over her shoulder again to see if she somehow missed something that would help her escape. A rope, moss covered ladder, teleportation pad, lost flying broom stick, Aladdin’s carpet, something.

“C’mon, please? I’m practically begging here, man,” she pleaded, still looking around for some miracle.

Dante still silently treaded forward. Behind him, Carlos and Lorenzo had caught up along with a few other men Ty did not recognize.

“Stupid....bloody....what the hell did I do.....damn....motherfuckers.....” Ty grumbled incoherently. They began to corner her, their alertness and defense lowering as she was trapped on the roof and was just a teenaged girl.

“What was that?” Dante questioned, unable to stop a smug smirk from decorating his face. He always did like the thrill of the chase and the final capture. Made his blood rush with excitement and a sense of satisfaction. The taste of victory always so sweet, in fact the only sweet thing he enjoyed.

Ty looked back over the roof and then at the cluster of men in front of her. I am pretty desperate... With a crooked smirk that caught the men off guard, she tightened her grip on her board under her right arm, “Later, fuckers.” With that comment she turned on the balls of her feet and jumped over the ledge of the roof.


Italian Lingo:

Cosa candidati fidanzato? - What fiancé candidates?

nipoti - grandchildren

bambina - child/little girl

Inseguire il suo! - follow her!/chase her!/pursue her!

stronza - bitch

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