Why Me?

Ty, just another skateboarding high school junior, was minding her own legal business when she gets stuck in the middle of a mafia fight with guns, knives, and potato launchers, while only armed with her trusty skateboard. What does she do? Runs for her life only to get captured and asked (read: commanded) to marry one of the three sons of the don. And then people want to kill her. Obviously.


32. Chapter Thirty-Two

Ty woke up nestled in Dante's arms and after a moment of panic, wondering how they ended up in such an intimate position, she remembered the previous night, relaxed, and gave into spontaneity, placing a soft kiss to the underside of Dante's jaw.

Dante furrowed his brow and groaned, tilting his head down to burry into Ty's hair while pulling the girl further into his chest.

He slowly blinked his eyes open and looked down at the girl in his arms, a slow smile forming, "Buongiorno, Sierra. Did you sleep alright?"

Ty nodded and nuzzled Dante's neck, closing her eyes to enjoy the feeling of being wrapped in his arms. She really didn't want to get out of bed.

"I'm so not going to school, by the way," she murmured.

"We wouldn't let you," Dante replied.

They remained quiet for a moment, Dante's room filled with the sound of them breathing deeply, relaxed.

"The skate boarding competition is this weekend," Ty eventually said. Now that she was awake, she couldn't go back to sleep. The longer she remained conscious, the more she became aware of the fact that Dante was only in his boxers and she had to distract herself from that fact.


"I'm looking forward to it. It's gonna be so fun."


"I feel bad Drew can't compete with his shoulder still healing and all."


"I'm going to have sex with Davie."

"Hm—Aspettare, che cosa?" Dante's eyes shot open and he sat up as Ty turned away from him and laughed at his reaction.

Dante narrowed his eyes at the giggling girl, "Very funny, stronza."

"Oh it was and you know it," she replied, smirking.

Dante rolled his eyes but a wicked glint flashed in them. Before Ty knew it, the boy was straddling her, fingers digging into her sides.

"No!" she screamed between laughter, trying in vain to squirm away from Dante's fingers.

Dante grinned and continued tickling her relentlessly.

Ty squirmed, her face red from laughing so hard, eyes screwed shut as she tried to curl into a ball to protect herself.

Dante was having too much fun to notice that his door was opened and Drew was standing in the doorway.

"At least you two aren't in the middle of almost having sex," Drew said, startling Dante and Ty back into noticing their surroundings. "I think Carlos and Red are forever going to be imprinted behind my lids for the rest of my life. I don't need to see another of my best friends about to get some."

"Red was sexing up Carlos?" Ty asked, tilting her head to the side to see Drew as Dante still hadn't gotten off of her.

"More like heavy make out while in boxers though I think I saw Carlos' hands inside Red's boxers. Never going to get that mental image out of my mind and do you two mind changing positions?"

Dante rolled off of Ty, letting her sit up. He was quite reluctant.

"What do you want?" he asked, irritated that he and Ty were interrupted.

"You guys skipped breakfast but Lorenzo and Roberto won't let you skip lunch."

Dante sighed and rubbed his face, "We'll be down in a couple of minutes."

Drew nodded and after making a teasing remark about sexual positions, left the two.

"Let's go then," Dante said, getting off the bed and rooting around for a shirt.

The two walked out of Dante's room and headed downstairs to find Lorenzo in the kitchen.

"Buongiorno, or rather, buon pomeriggio, you two," Lorenzo said. "Here're your plates."

He handed Ty and Dante each a plate piled with baked potatoes and a piece of steak.

"Everyone's in the games room," Lorenzo said when Dante and Ty went towards the room that led to the dining room.

"Thanks, Chucky," Ty smiled at him and grabbed Dante's hand, pulling him after her. He wasn't complaining.

The two found the games room and as Lorenzo had said, everyone was sitting about on the various couches. Carlos and Fred were stuck to the hip on the two-seater, Grant, Drew, and Henry were on the three-seater, Luca was in the armchair, and Jimmy was on the beanbag next to Luca's legs.

"Thanks for saving us some space, guys," Ty drawled.

Drew used his good hand to point at Carlos and Fred, "There's some room with those two lovebirds. Since they came out they have not been an inch apart."

"Shut up," Fred said easily but didn't move from his position, curled up under Carlos' arm, head nestled in crook of the blond's neck.

Ty rolled her eyes even as she grinned and pulled Dante to the free space. Carlos and Fred budged up as much as they could and managed to squeeze in the extra two people. It was a tight fit but none of them were complaining when they were molded to their respective partner.

They ate in silence, watching one of the Fast and Furious movies – no one knew which one.

Eventually, Luca got bored and snatched the remote, flicking through channels until he or someone else saw something of interest. He eventually stopped on a news channel, grinning at the report.

"…found dead with prime suspect being his son, Vladimir Pellegrino, who is also the suspect for Maurice Bellini's murder last night. Police have also found evidence of the young Pellegrino leading a cocaine trafficking ring. Tune in later for—"

Luca turned the TV off. They had all seen enough.

"So…it's over?" Ty asked after a few moments of silence. "It's finally over? No more death threats, no more bodyguards, no more fearing that some fucking revenge starved psycho's gonna kidnap and kill me?"

"I guess… ," Carlos said.

Ty slumped back against the couch and closed her eyes, sighing in relief. Despite her injuries that were still healing, she felt completely relaxed. She smiled and started laughing.

"What's got you so happy?" Dante frowned in confusion.

"I don't know. I just feel…light. I've got my grandpa back, my friends are safe, I'm not being targeted anymore, Shady's agreed to work at Blue Moon, I've cut off all ties to my parents, Red and Carlos are happily together... I have no more worries." She sighed happily, and relaxed into the couch, feeling unburdened for the first time in a long while, "It's amazing."

Everyone was grinning.

"But how did you manage all this?" Ty asked.

"We're kind of sell outs," Luca said. At the boys and Ty's confused frowned, he continued, "Papà works closely with the police. We're a mafia group that controls the other mafias. It's our job to keep organized crime organized, keep it from getting too out of hand like in the case of Vladimir and Bellini."

"So that's why they kept calling you guys dogs," Ty realized.

The Rizzos nodded.

"Well forget all that. This shit storm has ended," Jimmy said.

Ty tugged at her right ear, "I say we go celebrate. I'm getting my ear pierced."


The week passed by with Ty and the boys returning to school. People gawked at Ty's blue-green jaw, what with the bruising that still had yet to be healed. They may have also been gawking at the fact that she was holding hands and kissing Dante between classes.

Ty occasionally saw George and his lapdogs between classes but ignored them and they left her and her friends alone in return. They were going to put the event past them, the four-year long one-sided rivalry ending on a note that was not to be repeated.

It was Saturday morning and Ty was getting ready for the skateboarding competition. She was going to meet the rest of the gang at the skate park in an hour.

A knock sounded on the door and she turned to see Dante leaning against the doorframe.

"You ready?" he asked.

"Just need to put on my shoes," Ty replied, plopping down on the bed and stuffing one foot into its corresponding shoe. She was already decked out in her safety gear minus the helmet – all of which were her birthday presents.

Dante stepped into the room and sat down beside her, leaning over to bite her right ear, his teeth hitting the two piercings.

"Dante, really?" Ty laughed, bringing her hands up to push him away by his face.

Dante didn't stop and in seconds, Ty was on her back with Dante leaning over her, lips latched onto hers.

When they came up for air, Ty shook her head in wonder, "Who would have thought we'd end up like this?"

"I'm not complaining," he replied.

"Neither am I but I do need to get to the skate park so down, boy."

Dante did as told and Ty quickly put her shoes on then grabbed her new board and helmet and headed downstairs to grab breakfast before she set off. The Rizzo brothers were going to join her, Dante and Carlos going to support their partner and Luca because he was bored.

They ate breakfast while talking about the competition and Ty was getting more and more stoked by the second.

"Get any more excited and you'll be jumping to the moon," Carlos teased.

Ty stuck her tongue out at him, "Shut up. This is big."

"You sure you're okay to skate?" Luca asked. "Your jaw is still healing as well as your ankles and wrists."

"I'm fine. They don't even hurt anymore," Ty assured them. "And even if they did, I'd still be going. If not for me, for Drew."

Dante frowned, "You need to stop blaming yourself for what happened. Bellini's dead, Vladimir's been sentenced for life, and we're all alive."

Ty nodded but everyone knew she would never truly feel no guilt for what happened.

Trying to lift spirits back up Ty grinned, "Let's go. I want to get there and register before it gets too crowded.

It took less than twenty minutes to get the skate park and it was already full. Skaters, supporters, and even reporters were standing around. Ty registered and quickly found her friends who were all just as excited as she was.

"You guys better kick some serious ass," Drew told them.

"Like that's even an issue," Jimmy smirked.

They stood around, talking with each other and other skaters before there was an announcement calling for all the contestants to gather up to begin the competition.

"This is gonna be sick!" Ty exclaimed, grinning broadly.


The group, Ty, Drew, Jimmy, Henry, Fred, Grant, and Jake, stood close together, arms over each other's shoulders with Ty and Jake in the middle. They grinned broadly at Carlos who was taking the picture and when he called for a second shot, just before the flash went off, Jake pressed a spontaneous, completely platonic kiss to Ty's cheek.

Dante, already peeved off at how close they standing, literally pressed right up into each other's side, tensed and barely held himself back from ripping the platinum blond skater's head right off his shoulders.

Jake felt a set of murderous eyes on him and glanced up, gulping at Dante's expression. A cold shiver ran down his spine.

He leaned down to whisper in Ty's ear, "I think your boyfriend wants to murder me. I probably shouldn't have kissed you, huh?"

Ty frowned and looked over to Dante before sighing and rolling her eyes, though her lips quirked up a bit into an amused smile. "Don't worry about it. I'll calm him down."

She walked over to Dante confidently until she was right in front of him, barely any space between their bodies. She poked the area between his eyebrows and lightly reprimanded, "If you scowl too much, your face is gonna freeze like that."

Dante growled angrily and pulled Ty's hand away from his face by her wrist.

Ty rolled her eyes and pulled her hand out of his grip, grabbing him by the neck of his shirt and roughly pulling him down to her so their noses were barely touching. "Dante, if you act like a jealous caveman every time I hang out or goof around with someone who I am completely platonic with, we're going to have a problem. If I can handle a bunch of horny sluts like Adreana latching onto you like the damn leeches they are, you can handle me and some guy friends fooling around in a completely nonsexual way. Capisce?"

Dante, ignoring the fact that Ty speaking Italian one of the biggest turn-ons ever, opened his mouth to argue about the fact that he didn't actually let said horny sluts kiss him and he immediately shoved them off when they were getting too handsy, but Ty wasn't finished. She lowered her voice and not once looked away from his amber eyes, "Jeez, do I need to remind you that for some strange reason, ti amo, you testa di cazzo."

Dante stared in surprise, "How…?"

Ty let go of him and created a little distance between them, cheeks burning lightly at what she said. She cleared her throat and acted nonchalant, "I figured I might as well learn a bit of Italian so I know when you or the others are talking shit and I could retaliate. Google is really helpful and I now know a bunch of Italian swears."

Dante smirked slightly, murderous mood forgotten, "Oh really? What else do you now know?" He knew he was digging his own grave. Ty speaking Italian, despite a few faults in her pronunciation, really tested his control and if she knew, he'd be wrapped around her finger more tightly than he already was.

"Vaffanculo, figlio di puttana, stronzo, cazzo…" Ty listed, racking her brain for the phrases and words she had found on the Internet.

She didn't get to list anymore as Dante had pulled her to him and crashed their lips together heatedly, completely ignoring the fact that they were quite out in the open with photographers, magazine journalists, and a bunch of strangers surrounding them. Both were oblivious to the pictures that would be seen in some skateboarding magazines the next day with an article on the girl, who despite visible injuries, snagged third place, seemed chummy with Jake Sanders, and scored a business card from a respectable manager.

The kiss was short, lasting barely a few seconds, but the suddenness and heatedness of it left Ty breathing heavily.

Dante rested his forehead against hers, watching with dilated pupils as she blushed beautifully and her grey eyes darkened. "Never speak in Italian in front of anyone other than me," he whispered, his voice low and husky with desire. "Let's go home and celebrate."

"Home?" Ty questioned. In all that had happened, she still hadn't gotten around to finding a place since she had disowned her parents other than a little fruitless research here and there. And now that the threat of Bellini and Vladimir were gone, she had no reason to stay with the Rizzos any longer either. No one had said anything about her living situation but she assumed they were just waiting for her to find a place.

Dante responded by quickly lifting her up in his arms, bridal style. Ty yelped at the sudden movement and instinctively wrapped her arms around his neck to keep her from falling even though she knew he would never let her fall. In most cases.

"Yes, home. I told you before, stronza, I'm never letting you go again," Dante answered as he started walking out of the skate park, ignoring the cameras and gawking spectators. "You're also moving into my room. That is not up for negotiation."

Ty started kicking her legs, trying to get back to the floor. "Hey, put me down! At least let me get my board, pissfuck!" she complained.

"One of your friends will get it," Dante said dismissively. He tightened his grip on Ty, further emphasizing the fact that she was not getting away from him now.

Ty grumbled and looked over his shoulder to see that Drew had picked up her board with his good hand and her friends were smirking at her knowingly as they waved. She stuck her tongue out at them and raised her brows when she saw Carlos pulling Fred to the side and promptly began a rather sweet but passionate make-out session.

"Are all you Rizzos a bunch of horny bastards?" Ty muttered, looking away from the two so she didn't feel like some kind of creeper. It was cute, but rather disturbing to see someone she considered a brother making out with a friend who was her boyfriend's older brother.

Dante chuckled but didn't answer, placing Ty on his bike and getting on in front of her. She wrapped her arms around his waist, leaning forward on his broad back as he put on his helmet.

He started up the bike, the engine purring nicely, and before shooting off down the road, he murmured loud enough for Ty to hear, "Ti amo anch'io. I love you, too, Sierra. And I'll show you just how much when we get home."

He sped down the road and Ty tightened her grip on him so she didn't fly off.

"Horny bastard," she muttered against his back, but she couldn't help the smile that grew on her face.


Italian Lingo:

Buongiorno - good morning

Aspettare, che cosa? - wait, what?

Stronza - bitch

Buon pomeriggio - good afternoon

- yes

Capisce? - understood?

Ti amo - I love you

Testa di cazzo - dickhead

Vaffanculo - fuck you

Figlio di puttana - son of a whore

Stronzo - asshole

Cazzo - fuck (lit. balls)

Ti amo anch'io - I love you too

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