Why Me?

Ty, just another skateboarding high school junior, was minding her own legal business when she gets stuck in the middle of a mafia fight with guns, knives, and potato launchers, while only armed with her trusty skateboard. What does she do? Runs for her life only to get captured and asked (read: commanded) to marry one of the three sons of the don. And then people want to kill her. Obviously.


31. Chapter Thirty-One

"Bloody tool."

Vladimir sighed and leaned against the wall next to the door, watching Ty seethe and glare at him hatefully while chained against the opposing wall. Her hands were chained above her head, wrists rubbed raw from her struggles against the metal cuffs. Her bare feet – they had at some point taken her shoes – were chained to the wall, shoulder width apart, and her ankles were in the same condition as her wrists. It was how she had woken up, how many hours ago that might have been.

"You've run out of American curses so you're now resorting to British ones?" he questioned, amusement leaking into his tone.

"Fuck you," Ty spat at him. She was exhausted, mentally and physically. Her arms were stiff, her throat was dry, her wrists and ankles burned, she was lightheaded, and her stomach was trying to eat itself. She was running purely on fear, hatred, and stubbornness, refusing to submit to Vladimir and Maurice's wills.

Vladimir pushed off the wall and stalked right over to Ty, gripping her chin with his thumb and forefinger while his other hand stroked her hair, pushing it out of her face. He drawled huskily, "Remember that you asked for it, principessa."

Ty shivered in disgust at the feel of Vladimir stroking her hair, trailing his cold hands down her sides and resting at her hips to stroke slow, firm circles.

"Get away from me," Ty ordered, forcing her voice to stay even.

The circles stopped but Vladimir kept his hands in place. He leaned forward and whispered in Ty's ear mockingly, "Or what? You'll fire more petty terms of abuse at me?"

Vladimir's hands went to the ends of her shirt, fingering the hem. "You really should be more aware of your situation, principessa," he commented idly.

Ty tensed, she couldn't help it, and Vladimir smirked. He moved his hands from the bottom of her slightly oversized shirt and the moment Ty barely relaxed, he gripped her shirt by the collar and ripped it right down the middle.

Ty gasped, instantly feeling incredibly vulnerable as her shirt now hung openly down the middle like an unzipped jacket.

She paled in fear and stiffened as Vladimir trailed a finger down her middle, lightly grazing her now revealed skin all the way down to the waistband of her shorts.

"I definitely see the appeal," he remarked. He took a step back and let his gaze travel down Ty's form hungrily. She was certainly a sight to his eyes and he could already feel his groin hardening.

A knock on the door disrupted his fantasizing and he scowled at the interruption, opening the door to see Maurice.

"Che cazzo vuoi?" Vladimir snarled. He did not like to be interrupted.

Maurice peeked over the younger man's shoulder and smirked wickedly at the sight of Ty. He looked back to Vladimir and drawled, "You can play with your new toy once the Rizzos have been completely exterminated. They're heading towards the trap we laid out for them at the warehouse in Brooklyn. It'll be a matter of a few hours until we have them in our grasp."

Ty's head shot up at the information and she felt instant worry for the Rizzos; the brothers, Roberto, Lorenzo, Mario, Luigi, Randy, and even the other men she didn't know.

"Is that all?" Vladimir asked, clearly impatient.

Maurice shook his head, "We also need to deal with that George boy and his two friends."

"Kill them," Vladimir stated offhandedly. "They're completely useless now and are a risk if left alone. They could tattle and I'm not taking any chances."

Maurice nodded, keeping his irritation at bay. Just be patient. I'll kill this brat soon enough.

"Well, I'll leave you to your toy," Maurice leered at Ty and walked away, pulling his phone out to get updated on the Rizzos' movement.

Vladimir closed the door again and walked back to Ty.

"You can't kill them," Ty told him as soon as he was just a foot away from her, finally finding her voice again.

Vladimir raised a brow and decided to humour her, "And why not? Weren't they the ones who have been bullying you for years now? Weren't they the ones that brought you to me?"

Ty swallowed, "Yes, but they're just a bunch of idiots. They got tricked into working for you didn't they? They don't deserve to be killed for not even knowing what they were getting into. Besides, I doubt anyone would believe them if they did decide to let the cat out of the bag. You're rich and powerful, they're a bunch of high school thug wannabes."

Vladimir closed the distance between them and cradled Ty's face with one hand, brushing his thumb over her cheek. "You're actually standing up for them and have forgiven them after everything they've done. You are such a good person, Ty, and actually right, so how about we make a deal?"

Ty eyed Vladimir warily but could do nothing as he continued, "How about I tell Bellini not to kill those three if you surrender to me. I just want you to say two little words, a simple 'I surrender', and those three will be oblivious to having just escaped death. What do you say, principessa?"

Ty stared at him in disbelief, shocked into silence.

Vladimir pretended to frown sadly and traced Ty's jawline with a cold manicured finger, "If you refuse, will you be able to live with the guilt of having condemned three ignorant little high schoolers, classmates that you've known for roughly four years, to death?"

Ty dropped her gaze to the floor in defeat. She couldn't.

Vladimir smirked in victory, tilting Ty's chin up, forcing her to meet his cold gaze. "Just two words and you won't have three lives on your conscience."

Ty bit her lip, forcing back tears of defeat. "I…I…I surrender," she croaked weakly.

"I know," Vladimir cockily grinned. Without another word he took out his phone and quickly called up Maurice.

"Bellini," Vladimir greeted when Maurice picked up his phone. "Don't kill the boys. Plant some evidence, drugs in their bags and lockers and even their houses, enough to get them in prison for a couple years. I'm sure it won't be too hard since they're already a bunch of junkies. That's all." Vladimir cut the call before Maurice could respond and tucked his phone away.

"What the hell was that?" Ty demanded incredulously.

Vladimir grabbed her from behind her neck, "Our deal was that I take back the order of killing them. They are alive but did you really think I'd let them go scot-free?"

"But," Ty tried to refute but Vladimir cut her off.

"Nothing you can say will change that. You surrendered, principessa, now shut up." With that, Vladimir crushed his lips to Ty, holding her head to him so she couldn't escape.

Ty struggled but it was useless. She was chained to the wall and Vladimir was infinitely stronger than her. She could do nothing as he forced his tongue past her lips, dominating her helpless mouth. She could do nothing as his hands trailed down her body and under her ripped shirt, pinching and massaging her bare skin.

When Vladimir released her mouth and latched onto her neck, she didn't realize she was crying now, the tears flowing freely down her cheeks. He suckled hard and bit sharply on the skin, making a path down to the swell of her breast, and when his fingers began to unbutton and unzip her shorts, she was almost sobbing, "No…No…please…don't…"

"Shut up," he growled, capturing her lips forcefully again. Just as he finished sliding the zipper of her short down and about to push them to her ankles, harsh, frantic knocking resounded from the door.

"Of all the fucking times!" Vladimir cursed, pulling away from Ty and marching to the door, ready to beat who ever dared to disrupt him senseless.

He swung the door open, snarling "What the fuck—"

He never finished his question as a miniature metal bat smashed unforgivingly into his head. His eyes rolled up, his irises disappearing, and he jerked as if being electrocuted before crumpling to the floor.

Immediately, Vladimir was picked up by three men with masks covering their faces, and tied up before being thrown to the side to be dealt with later.

There were four of them in total and when they entered the room, removing their masks, Ty almost began sobbing a new batch of tears, these of relief.

"Bambina!" Lorenzo exclaimed, horrified at the state she was in.

"Chucky? Luigi? Luca? Dante?" Ty breathed, unable to believe her eyes.

"Dio mio, Ty," Luca gasped. They were all stunned to see her looking so defeated, so broken. They knew she wouldn't be in perfect condition, but the way she was now worried them to no end.

"Son of a bitch," Dante cursed when he saw the darkening hickeys peppered along her neck and upper chest, and he almost turned around and emptied his entire clip into Vladimir when he noticed the state of her clothes and her reddened eyes, tear tracks glistening down her cheeks.

Dante rushed over to Ty with Luca and Luigi right behind. Lorenzo kept guard at the door, ready to shoot anyone that realized something was wrong.

"Hold on just a minute, we'll get you down," Luca promised, digging into one of his pockets and pulling out a lock picking set. Luigi did the same and crouched to the floor, setting to work on her ankles while Luca did her wrists and Dante zipped her shorts back up and cradled her face.

"We're here. It'll be okay, just hold on, alright? Are you hurt? In pain? Did they…did he…?" he questioned, eyes scanning her face, thumbs rubbing away her tears.

Ty shook her head and her lips formed into a soft watery smile, "No, you guys, you came just in time."

Luigi and Luca managed to unlock her cuffs and they fell away, clattering to the floor. Ty, unable to carry her own weight after being chained up for so long, toppled forward but Dante was there to catch her. He easily lifted her up into his arms and held her close to his chest.

"Let's go," Lorenzo directed once he saw that Ty was now safely in Dante's arms. The others nodded and filed out of the room, Luigi throwing Vladimir over his shoulder, not bothering to be careful.

"Sit tight, we'll be home soon," Dante whispered to Ty, giving a little into his urges and kissing her head. He wanted to just lay her on his bed and kiss her tears away, capture her lips and make her forget this all happened, but they didn't have the time and they weren't out of harm's way just yet.

The others had watched the way Dante behaved but none questioned him. It wasn't the time.

Ty curled into his chest, holding the newly formed flaps of her shirt together and simply nodded, closing her eyes and wishing for everything to just end and that no one would get hurt. She was just so tired.

The group quietly moved through the mansion, clinging to the walls and checking every corner before they turned into it. They had already dealt with most of the men in the house thanks to Luca's little invention, the electric metal bat that also fired tranquilizer darts. It was incredibly useful and made entering the mansion and finding Ty a lot easier. But, they weren't certain if there were still any men left in the house and they weren't taking any chances.

They reached one of the living rooms and Lorenzo went to the window as Luca closed the door behind them as quietly as possible.

"It's clear," Lorenzo informed them before opening the window and climbing out, keeping his gun cocked and ready just in case.

Luca went next, followed by Dante who handed Ty to Lorenzo and then immediately taking her back once he got out safely. He didn't want her out of his arms longer than necessary. Luigi came after, Vladimir still unconscious over his shoulder and the group then moved to head towards the main gates. Their car was parked in an alley near the gate and they just had to get to it.

Lorenzo went before them to the edge of the building and peeked around. When they had entered, they took out a number of the guards who were now either dead or unconscious behind bushes and trees. Lorenzo motioned for the others to follow and they quickly ran across to the main gate, going left and into the greenery, stopping at the surrounding wall.

Lorenzo tucked his gun away and climbed to the top, scanning the area before motioning for Luca to get up. Luca climbed up with a little help and jumped to the floor on the other end. Lorenzo then motioned for Dante to give him Ty.

"Easy, bambina," Lorenzo murmured, helping Ty climb up to the ledge. He hugged her and laid a comforting kiss on her head before helping her down and into Luca's waiting arms.

Luigi went next, tossing Vladimir up to Lorenzo who threw Vladimir back down to Luigi once he got over. Finally, Dante climbed up and over with Lorenzo right behind him and he took Ty from Luca, cradling her to his chest protectively.

"Let's go, we need to get back as soon as possible. Who knows when the rest of them realize we have one of their leaders," Luigi stated, quickly heading towards their parked car with the others at his heels.

They reached the sleek black car and Vladimir was dumped into the back while Lorenzo went to the driver's seat and Luigi had shotgun. Dante, Ty and Luca shuffled into the back, Luca keeping a steady eye on Vladimir, ready to electrocute him into oblivion should he wake up.

When they were all finally settled, Dante had Ty on his lap sitting opposite Luca and Vladimir, and Lorenzo had the divider down.

They all breathed a sigh of relief that they managed to get in and out without too much trouble and Luigi called up his brother to get his side of the situation as well as to inform him of their success.

"It's a trap," Ty stated suddenly, remembering Vladimir's conversation with Maurice. "The warehouse is a trap they set up for you."

Dante shushed her, "We know and we're ready for them. Carlos and Mario are leading some men there and they're going to capture Bellini. That son of a bitch is finally going to get what's coming to him."

Luca nodded in agreement before sending a disgusted look to Vladimir's duct taped body, "And this piece of shit too."

Ty glanced at him and even though he was out cold and restrained, a shiver of fear ran up her spine at what he almost did. Dante felt it and tightened his hold on her out of the sense of protection he felt for her and now accepted, but also out of anger and self-restraint so he wouldn't rip Vladimir apart, limb from limb, with his bare hands.

"What about George, Bruce and Stan?" Ty asked. "They're going to be framed for owning drugs. Vladimir told Maurice to plant drugs in their bags, locker and house."

"You don't worry about anything, bambina," Lorenzo called out from the front as he slowed down, caught in traffic. He looked over the seat and smiled warmly at her, "You just focus on resting up and we'll deal with everything else. Your friends and nonno are at our house waiting for you."

Ty nodded, trying to smile back and managed to succeed with a small one, "Thank you, Lorenzo."

Lorenzo frowned and tut-tutted, "Chucky, bambina, I won't respond to anything other than Chucky from you."

That drew a quiet chuckle from Ty as she nodded again, "Alright, Chucky."

"That's better," he smiled before turning back to face the road again as the red light turned green.

Ty looked up at Dante and realizing her position, blushed and stuttered, "Um, Dante? I'm fine now, really, so you can let me go."

Dante looked down at her and without hesitation answered, "No."

Ty furrowed her brow in confusion, "No?"

Luca was holding back a smirk, looking out the window while Luigi and Lorenzo were grinning knowingly up front and out of sight.

Dante, no longer caring about the others since he knew that they already knew and would never let him hear the end of it, leaned down and whispered into Ty's ear, "I'm never letting you go ever again, Sierra."

Ty's eyes widened as she stared at Dante in disbelief, not knowing what to make of his bold declaration. Her face heated up as she watched him slowly smirk and look straight ahead again as if nothing just happened.

Dante glared at Luca, daring him to say something but Luca just shook his head, smiling in amusement. Dante caught Lorenzo and Luigi's gazes in the rearview mirror and sent them the same look, which they bit back smiles at, but also said nothing.

The three all had the same thought running in their minds: Finally.


Lorenzo had to stop and drop off the unconscious Vladimir to a nondescript building that had a couple of Roberto's men waiting inside before they returned to the Rizzo estate. The reunion waiting to happen there was filled with cheering and tears. Ty was attacked in a group hug that consisted of her friends and she was happy to see them despite how tired she was.

"Why're you wearing Dante's shirt?" Jimmy asked.

"My shirt kind of got fucked up," Ty explained. Dante refused to let anyone else see Ty in a state of disarray. With his shirt gone, he was extremely distracting to Ty and having been carried by him, she was more than a little flustered about being pressed up against his firm, naked chest.

Ty was hugged and kissed and she managed to smile sincerely with her grandfather and friends who were all relieved that she was okay. She was thankful that Dante's shirt covered up the bruising Vladimir had given her, she didn't want to make them worry unnecessarily when nothing happened, no matter how close of a call it was.

"I'll get you something to drink and eat," Lorenzo said. He left the group in the dining room and quickly returned with a pitcher of water, some glasses, and a large plate of cut fruit for everyone to tuck into, mainly Ty who was ravenous but knew she wouldn't be able to stomach anything heavier that some strawberries, apples, and mangos. Ty was fussed over, wounds dressed and ice pack to her bruised jaw, and even though she found it irritating – she wasn't a baby – she was smiling with everyone and assuring them she was all right. And she was. Just a bit shaken but she was safe, and save for some sore arms and legs, unharmed.

They had long since finished the fruit and water and were talking about Grandpa Tyler's house in Brooklyn that he invited Ty and the boys to visit when Carlos, Mario, and some of their men returned, looking bruised, beaten but still very much alive and clearly victorious.

Before anyone could react, Fred shot to his feet, running across the room and flung himself onto Carlos, attacking him with a fierce, desperate kiss.

Carlos caught the redhead around the waist and after only a moment of stunned surprise, returned the kiss with the same amount of fervidness. He wrapped Fred's legs around his waist and walked right out of the dining room.

"Did…did that really just happen?" Jimmy broke the silence that covered them at Carlos and Fred's exit.

"It was exactly like some dramatic romance-crime movie except Red's not a chick," Drew added, staring at the space where the two in discussion used to be standing.

Ty chuckled and almost outright laughed at Roberto's completely stupefied expression. "I guess that's one way to come out of the closet, eh?" she said, grinning. She then noticed that Mario's arm was bleeding. "Shit, Mario, are you okay?"

The man nodded but Luigi still went over to him and fussed over his brother.

"I'm fine! Cristo, it's just a scratch," Mario said, pushing his brother away.

"He got shot," Jordon supplied earning a glare from Mario who didn't want to make a big deal out of it. "We've got a few injuries but we dropped them off at Doc's. Mario refused to go until we came back to report."

Roberto frowned at Mario, "Go to Doc's, Mario. Luigi, make sure he goes."

Luigi nodded and grabbed his brother's free arm, pulling him out while he soundly chided him, wondering how Mario was the older brother when he was so irresponsible and reckless with his own health.

"Who's Doc?" Ty asked once the other men left to go and rest.

"He's our trusted doctor. We go to him for our injuries and such," Lorenzo explained. "It's less paperwork and explaining to do."

"You know, I'm surprised that you two are still here and not shacking up already like Red and his boy," Grandpa Tyler pointedly looked at Dante and Ty.

Dante had been restraining the urge to follow Carlos' lead with Ty in his arms. He was tempted to take them straight to his room the moment they had returned, but he knew she would want to see her friends and grandfather, and that they in turn would want to make sure she really was safe and in one piece. Still, he was almost jealous of his older brother who was no doubt having the time of his life at that very moment.

"Gramps!" Ty exclaimed in horror, turning an amusing shade of dark red. She got to her feet but that was a mistake. She was still recovering and her legs couldn't support her weight. The moment she crumbled to the floor, everyone shot to their feet and to her in worry.

Dante moved the fastest, coming to Ty's aid barely seconds after her knees hit the red carpet flooring. He lifted her up into his arms, ignoring her protests and the knowing looks from the others in the room.

"You need to rest," Dante stated firmly. It was an order, not a suggestion.

Ty opened her mouth to argue and to tell Dante to put her down, but her grandfather gave her a sharp look, "He's right, kitten. Go get some rest and we can continue celebrating tomorrow when you won't be fainting on us."

Ty couldn't go against her grandfather's wishes so she heaved a sigh and muttered, "Okay, Gramps. But I can walk by myself."

Dante scoffed, "Sure, because you didn't take one step and fall to the floor just seconds ago."

"Just go with it, Ty. Arguing is only going prolong your recovery and we'll have to baby you even more," Grant said.

Ty crossed her arms over her chest and grumbled under her breath. Dante took her lack of a clear response as submission to her friends and family's wishes and walked out the room.

He walked in silence at a steady pace, reaching his room rather quickly. Ty uncrossed her arms so she could open the door since Dante's hands were busy holding her up and she could tell that he wasn't about to let her stand on her own feet for even second, though she wasn't sure why he was so protective and overbearing all of a sudden.

Dante kicked the door shut behind them as he entered his room and set Ty down on the edge of his bed.

When he backed away, he just stared at Ty, the brunette feeling more and more self-conscious as the seconds of silence and staring passed by.

"What?" she finally demanded.

Dante shook his head, as if clearing his thoughts. "You're stubborn, annoying, a pain in my ass, don't know when to keep your mouth shut, always attracting trouble," Dante listed, pacing in front of her.

"Gee, thanks," Ty commented under her breath sardonically.

Dante ignored her comment and continued his pacing without faltering for a second, "But I still want to kiss and fuck you senseless."

Ty blinked, not expecting that at all.

Dante continued, knowing that if he stopped now, he would never get the words out, "I hate when other guys get close to you, like that David kid, or whatever his name is. I wanted to rip his head off his shoulders when he asked you out and you agreed. I get pissed beyond words whenever I think about you being with other guys. I was completely terrified when we couldn't find you and found out that those bastards had you."

Dante stopped pacing, stopping right in front of a completely speechless Ty. He rubbed his hands over his face and mumbled mostly to himself, "Penso che sto innamorando di te."

"Uhh, mind repeating that in English?" Ty asked. She didn't know what else to say, the whole situation was just beyond unreal.

Dante faced her, determination and a tinge of anxiousness painted across his face, "I… Cazzo, I think I'm falling for you, stronza. Actually, I might have already fallen."

Ty stared at Dante, her mouth moving but unable to produce a sound so she just kept her lips pressed together. Eventually, she managed, "Do you always call someone a bitch when you tell them you might possibly be falling or have already fallen in love with them?"

Dante made a noise of exasperation and glared at her incredulously, "Is that really all you have to say?"

"Well I'm kind of still trying to process stuff, jackass. I just got kidnapped and saved and on a couple painkillers and a bunch of shit has been going on and now you throw this on me," Ty snapped. She wasn't angry, just completely overwhelmed. Her confused feelings soon cleared out though and all she could feel was intense happiness and relief.

Dante turned his back to her, feeling embarrassment and anger for confessing. He could feel the humiliation rising, realizing he had pretty much just bared his soul to her and she hated him.

Taking a deep breath, Ty said, "Remember when those guys tried to kidnap me the first time and Drew got shot?"

Dante put on a blank mask over his face, hiding his confusion. So she's just going to change the subject now? Pretend I didn't just completely embarrass myself so she doesn't have to come up with a response? he thought bitterly as he turned to face her again.

Ty took this is a sign to continue, which she would have done anyway, "Well, I had run off without telling anyone because I really needed to talk to them about something that I was really,really confused about and kind of scared of."

Dante crossed his arms over his chest but otherwise remained stoic. He really had no idea where Ty was going with this.

"I needed to talk to someone in private and the gang were the only people who I could talk to about it, but I didn't want them coming here since I didn't want any word of it getting out past their ears." Ty closed her eyes tightly and quickly finished, her words almost blending together, "Because I don't hate or dislike you at all and might kind of maybe sort of be falling or already fallen for you too."

After a stretched moment of silence, Ty forced one of her eyes open to see Dante's reaction.

He was staring at her in surprise, jaw slightly unhinged and Ty couldn't help but start giggling at the sight.

"What?" Dante frowned. "Have you actually gone insane?"

Ty shook her head, still silently laughing, "I've always been a little less than sane, it's just, your face."

"I'm so glad my face amuses you, stronza," Dante responded dryly but his lips twitched up into a small smile.

They both heard a loud thud from right outside the door, and Dante frowned, heading to the door and opening it.

Outside, Drew, Jimmy and Henry were piled on top of each other on the floor right before the door while Roberto, Lorenzo, Grandpa Tyler, Grant, Carlos, Luca, and Fred were standing right around the pile of limbs.

"What are you guys doing?" Ty questioned, walking up behind Dante. She was still a bit wobbly and a little light headed, but managed to make it to the door without falling over or fainting. The painkillers she had before were working and she barely felt the stings of pain that reverberated throughout her body.

Grant smirked down at Drew and Jimmy, "Ten bucks."

Fred and Henry had similar smirks while Drew and Jimmy grumbled under their breath as they got off the floor and to their feet.

"What did you guys bet on and my last question still stands," Ty crossed her arms over her chest, putting her weight on the doorframe.

When no one would answer, Ty narrowed her eyes, "Guys."

"First question, we were eavesdropping. Second question, we were betting on whether or not you and Dante were getting it on or just talking," Grandpa Tyler answered. He pulled out his wallet and took out a couple tens, handing them to Grant, Fred and Henry who were grinning broadly.

"Gramps!" Ty exclaimed in disbelief, her face turning bright red. He bet that I would be getting some with Dante. My own grandfather!

Grandpa Tyler shrugged, grinning mischievously, "I may be old, but I'm not blind, kitten. I've seen the way he looks at you and I'm actually really surprised that you two only talked."

"I don't even know if I should be insulted or flattered that you think I'd so easily get some action," Ty finally stated.

Everyone laughed at that and Ty could feel her energy reaching critically low levels, her eyelids feeling heavy and her legs just about to give way beneath her.

"Before we all go and get some much needed rest," Fred spoke up, eyeing Dante and Ty. "Are you two…?"

Everyone stared at the two and they glanced at each other. They had never really specified it but Ty shrugged with a small smirk directed to Dante, "If you call me 'babe', 'baby', or anything else completely retarded, I take back everything I said about not disliking you."

Dante gaped in surprise for a moment before smirking back at her, "No need to worry about that, stronza."

Ty turned to their audience and narrowed her eyes, "If any of you guys make stupid bets on my love life again, I will sic Dante on you." She nodded with finality. She knew she was about to pass out whether she was on a bed or not and turned towards the bed, not caring that it wasn't hers. "Now, I'm dead tired, still a bit sore, and the meds are kicking in so I'm going to sleep. Good night."

The others chuckled and bid her good night, heading off to their rooms, Fred being taken hostage by Carlos while the rest of the gang and Grandpa Tyler headed for the empty guest rooms in the mansion.

Dante closed his door and turned around to see Ty about to fall face first onto the floor. He quickly ran to her and lifted her into his arms. She was already half asleep and nuzzled into his chest, seeking his warmth, and mumbled incoherently.

Dante rolled his eyes at her but couldn't help the smile that formed and stayed on his face. With everything out in the open now, he felt relaxed and calm. He knew he was in for relentless teasing from his brothers, father, Lorenzo, and others, but he really couldn't find it in him to care.

He put Ty in his bed and turned off the lights, stripping down to his boxers before he crawled in under the covers with her.

Ty, as if sensing his return, immediately rolled over to him, snuggling into him when he put his arm around her.

"Thank you," Ty murmured. She was still a bit conscious but mostly off to SleepVille.

"For what?" Dante whispered, his breathing gently moving her hair.

"For… sssaving me. And…"

"And?" Dante asked quietly. He could tell Ty was just about gone, but he wanted to know what she was thinking.

Ty yawned and burrowed in closer to Dante, smiling sleepily, "And for…the earrings. I never thanked you for them. I'll get my ear pierced soon."

Dante placed a kiss on her forehead and moved a stray lock from her face. "I'd do it again every single time, Sierra. Now go to sleep, you need rest."

Ty mumbled incoherently and nodded, nestling her head in the crook of Dante's neck and quickly went out like a light. Dante pressed a kiss to her lips once more – he couldn't seem to get enough – and soon followed her to a dream filled wonderland.


Italian Lingo:

Principessa - princess

Che cazzo vuoi? - what the fuck do you want?

Bambina - child/little girl

Dio mio - my god

Cristo - christ

Penso che sto innamorando di te - I think I'm falling for you.

Cazzo - fuck lt. balls

Stronza - bitch

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