Why Me?

Ty, just another skateboarding high school junior, was minding her own legal business when she gets stuck in the middle of a mafia fight with guns, knives, and potato launchers, while only armed with her trusty skateboard. What does she do? Runs for her life only to get captured and asked (read: commanded) to marry one of the three sons of the don. And then people want to kill her. Obviously.


30. Chapter Thirty

"Where the fuck is she?" Dante roared in frustration. When Ty hadn't returned to class, or lunch, and then the class after, Dante and his brothers knew something was wrong. They checked all the bathrooms, the car park, the library, the field, the bleachers, everywhere, but the brunette was nowhere to be found.

"Luigi, can you track Ty's phone?" Carlos said into his phone. He and his brothers were heading to their bikes, leaving school early.

"We're on it."

Carlos closed his phone and tucked it into his back pocket before sitting on his bike.

"Where should we look?" he asked his brothers who were about to put their helmets on.

"Luca, check Sal's with Carlos, I'm going to check the skate park. If we can't find her then we're going to have to assume that Bellini has her and we meet up back home," Dante dictated, taking control of the situation. He appeared to be calm and collected but in reality he was still furious and worried beyond words. He had to find Ty safe and sound.

Carlos and Luca nodded at Dante's plan and the three set off to their destinations.

They were shit out of luck. There was no sign of Ty anywhere and no one had seen her.

"Cazzo!" Dante punched the nearest wall. He had been pacing furiously, practically burning a path in the wooden flooring. He, his brothers, their father, Lorenzo, Luigi, Mario, and a few other trusted men were in Roberto's office to discuss the situation and form a plan.

"Dante, stop pacing and stand still," Roberto scolded.

Dante scowled but did as told and leaned against the edge of Roberto's desk. "Then we need to have a plan. She's still missing!"

"We don't know where Bellini is, Dante," Mario said. He was, quite frankly, annoyed with Dante's impatience. Dante was usually the calm one, never letting his emotions run high yet here he was like a chicken without its head.

"Then find him!"

"And how do you suppose we do that, monello?"

Dante snarled and made to move towards Mario but one strict word in Italian from Roberto had him staying in place, if not glaring hatefully.

"I have an idea if anyone wants to listen and stop being an emotionally strung idiot," Luca said.

He had everyone's attention.

"The necklace," he said simply. "We know that Bellini used it to keep track of whatever was spoken in Ty's apartment. I can take it a part without disturbing the feed and then Carlos and Jon could track where the feed goes and voila, we find Bellini."

"That could work," Roberto mused. He nodded, "Alright. Luca, you and Carlos go find that necklace and bring it back here as quickly as you can. We'll continue when you two get back."

The two boys nodded and left the room, heading for their rooms to gather any supplies they might need to break into the apartment before going to their bikes.

In Roberto's office, he dismissed everyone else and called up each and every one of his men who were his spies in the various other organized crime groups in the country.

Bellini isn't this sneaky; he's loud and obnoxious. He's recieving help. Of that Roberto was certain. And I'm going to find out whom.


Carlos and Luca arrived at Ty's apartment and rang the doorbell. They waited patiently to see if anyone was home though they were hoping Ty's parents were out so they could sneak in, take the necklace, and get out without a fuss and as fast as possible. Every second they wasted was another second of Ty being in danger and probably suffering.

They waited for five minutes, ringing the doorbell practically every minute before they were certain that no one was home. Carlos reached into the hole behind the wooden plaque and pulled out Ty's spare keys. He quickly unlocked the door and the two entered, closing the door behind them.

"I'll check downstairs, you go upstairs," Luca said. Carlos nodded and the two split up to look for the necklace that could be their only lead to Ty's whereabouts.

It took almost ten minutes but Carlos managed to find the necklace in a safe that was, in an absolutely clichéd manner, hidden behind a large painting in the master bedroom. He put the necklace in his pocket and rushed downstairs, calling out, "Luca!"

Luca stepped out of the alcohol room, locking the door he had picked open behind him.

"Got it?"

Carlos nodded and the two headed for the door. Just as Carlos reached for the door, it he heard the lock click and the door open. The two boys were then face to face with a startled Heather Jackson.

"Who on earth are you?" Mrs. Jackson demanded.

Carlos thought quick on his feet and replied, "We're friends of Ty. She said she thinks she left something here and my brother and I offered to look for it for her."

"How did you get in?"

Carlos held up Ty's spare keys, "She still had them."

Mrs. Jackson snatched the keys from Carlos and entered her home. "If you've found what you are looking for I suggest you leave. I do not like hoodlums in my home."

Carlos and Luca weren't inclined to stay longer so they quickly filed out of the apartment and impatiently waited in the elevator, rushing to their bikes to get home as fast as possible.


"Have you got it yet?" Dante asked, hovering over Carlos' shoulder. Carlos and Jon, the main tech geeks of the group, had immediately taken the mini microphone Luca had carefully extracted from the red garnet pendant and began to try and pinpoint the location of the feed.

"Give us a minute, Dante," Jon said, focusing on the laptop in front of him. Carlos was doing the same and had long since stopped listening to his frantic younger brother. His mind was only on what was on his screen and finding Ty.

Almost twenty minutes later, Jon shot out of his seat exclaiming, "I've got it!" with Carlos coming in barely a second after with the same exclamation.

In seconds, Jon and Carlos' computers was surrounded, both screens showing an identical image of a set of coordinates on a zoomed in map of New York.

Roberto started barking orders, "Mario, Luigi, I want you two to lead a group of four men to the location. Kill only if you have to but if you find Bellini, I want him alive. Knock him out, injure if you have to but he needs to be alive and Ty takes priority. This is a rescue not an ambush."

The two brothers nodded and were about to say who they would be taking with them when the Rizzo boys all said, "I'm going."

They stared at each other in surprise but none of them were going to relent, they demanded to go.

Luigi nodded, "Fine, you three and we'll take Randy as our fourth. Gather whatever you need and we'll meet in the garage in fifteen minutes."

The five others nodded and left the room to do as told. They would arrive at the location in thirty minutes if they broke a few speed limits so they had forty minutes until they attacked Maurice Bellini's hideout.


"Something's not right," Randy murmured. The group of six had split off into pairs, Mario and Luigi, Dante and Randy, and Carlos and Luca, and none of the groups had come across any sign of life other than rats and spiders. It was unsettling.

Carlos and Jon had tracked the feed from the necklace bug to a small, unregistered one story building and there was not a trace of life. It was as it appeared to be, abandoned.

Dante and Randy continued down the hallway until they came up to a set of double doors. They shared a glance and Dante cocked his gun and stood in front of the doors, Randy right behind him as backup.

"Uno, deu, tre," Dante said under his breath before kicking the doors open and aiming the barrel of his gun straight ahead.

"Nice of you to join us, Dante, and please point that away from me," Luigi said calmly. He and Mario were standing in the center of the room, having already searched every crevice.

Dante dropped his arms and stepped into the room with Randy. "Nothing?" he asked.

Luigi shook his head, "Not a clue to be found. I'm gonna check on Luca and Carlos, I think Bellini's split from here."

Luigi pulled out his phone and in seconds he was talking with Luca.

"You boys found anything?"

"We found where they were getting the feed from the bug but otherwise nothing. Carlos' trying to see if he can get anything from the computers but so far he's had no luck."

"We'll head over to you guys," Luigi said and cut the call after Luca told him where the room was.

The four of them quickly found the room after running into empty hallway after empty hallway and immediately set to work looking around the room and checking on Carlos who was still having no luck.

Eventually, when the boys were losing hope, Mario had dug into the tattered old couch that was propped against the wall opposite the computer monitors and pulled out a banged up cellphone.

"Guys," he called, holding the phone up. He turned it on, but found that it was locked with a passcode.

"If we take it back home, I can unlock it and we can see if there's a lead," Carlos said, getting up from the computers. He had searched everything and came with nothing.

"This place is a bust," Mario said and the others agreed.

It didn't take long for them to finish up, doing a final sweep of the place, and they were soon back at the Rizzo estate, the phone Mario had found in Carlos' possession.

Once they reached the mansion, they had a debriefing in Roberto's office, informing him of the abandoned office building as well as the discovered phone. Carlos went up to his room to unlock the phone while the others waited in Roberto's office.

"I still haven't gotten back from Stephan," Roberto said to them. While the boys were gone, he and Lorenzo had gotten in touch with his various spies in the other mafia groups of New York and surrounding areas but Stephan from the Pellegrino group had yet to get back. Stephan was his last hope since the others had said that there was no funny business going on. Roberto just knew that Bellini was working with someone. He just had no evidence yet. He couldn't just go charging in at one of the other groups and risk all-out war. It was his job to avoid that.

"Do you really think Guido's teamed up with Bellini?" Lorenzo asked him just coming off the phone with one of the spies. He had nothing to report.

Roberto sighed and flopped into his chair, tilting his head back, "It's not so much as Guido as it is his son. I've never felt quite right about that boy."

"That's what I've been trying to tell you for years," Dante said.

Just then, the landline rang and Roberto was quick to snatch the cordless phone, bringing it to his ear, "Yes?"

"It's me Stephan. I couldn't find a place to call you until now."

"That's fine. Just tell me you've got something."

"I don't know if I'll be of any help. I'm still at a pretty low rank in the Pellegrino's but Guido's son has been having private visitors. I—shit, someone's coming."

"Leave the phone on," Roberto commanded.

Roberto heard shuffling and then a door opening and slowly closing but not shutting completely. Stephan had hid himself in the closet of the empty room he had found to converse with Roberto.

Roberto kept the phone to his ear, listening intently, his heart racing in anticipation. If Stephan got caught, there would be no stopping the chaos of underground war.

"She's a fighter," Vladimir's muffled voice came through. "Maybe a little time chained up downstairs will shut her up."

"By now, they've probably found the phone and the warehouse location." Roberto grit his teeth at the sound of Bellini. It was muffled, but he could recognize the bastard's voice anywhere.

Just then there was a knock on Roberto's door and Carlos peeked his head inside.

Roberto put his finger to his lips to silence him as he entered, slowly closing the door behind him, the phone Mario had found in hand.

"Who?" he mouthed to Luca.

"Stephan," his brother mouthed back. No one was risking making any noise.

"How long do think it'll take them to get to the warehouse?" Bellini asked.

"Considering Carlos the boy tech genius, I figure they have it by now. You said that they left your old base about a half hour ago? Just make sure your men are ready there for the ambush," was Vladimir's response. "I give them another hour before they go charging blindly for Brooklyn."

"My men will be ready. What about your old man?"

Vladimir chuckled darkly, "Just waiting for someone to find his body."

The men's laughter started to fade until Roberto heard a door shut closed and then shuffling until Stephan was speaking to him again, "I think that speaks for itself, boss."

Roberto nodded, "Stay safe, Stephan."

He cut the line and was presented with waiting stares.

"It's Vladimir. Bellini's working with Vladimir," he said.

"What about Guido?" Luca asked.

Roberto shook his head, "Dead. Killed by his own son from what I could hear."

Curses filled the room and Carlos tossed the phone to his father, "I checked the messages, call history, and voicemail. They have her at a warehouse in Brooklyn but it's got to be a trap. That was way too easy."

"They have her at the Pellegrinos'. There's an ambush waiting at the warehouse. We'll split up into groups. Max five people go to the Pellegrinos'; I want Lorenzo leading that group with Luigi. Mario, you're leading the group to the ambush, I want Carlos with you because he knows the location. Take as many men as you think you'll need. They're expecting us in an hour in Brooklyn. Rodney, I want you and Randy to go to Brooklyn and bring back Ty's grandfather. We need to keep him out of danger and I'm sure she'll want some familiar faces when we get her back."

Everyone moved with a purpose after Roberto dismissed them. Lorenzo and Luigi's group was quickly formed with Dante and Luca, and Mario chose the men for his and Carlos' group. Rodney and Randy wasted no time to gather a firearm each and head off to Brooklyn.

As the others were preparing to leave, five very worried boys barged into Roberto's office.

"Have you found her?" Drew demanded.

"We have a location and were just about to get her back," Carlos answered.

Roberto nodded, "You boys can wait here. We'll get her back so don't worry."

The boys nodded and Roberto directed them to the gaming room so they could distract themselves with video games while they waited. While they were deciding what games to play, Fred slipped out and managed to find Carlos in his room.

"Hey," Carlos said. He finished double-checking his ammunition and pulled Fred into a hug, kissing the redhead's forehead.

"Be safe," Fred told him, returning the embrace fiercely.

"I will, you too, alright?"

Fred nodded and reached up to press his lips to Carlos. He was terrified something would happen to him and didn't want to lose his boyfriend so early into their relationship. In the short time they had been together, Fred knew that he was a goner. Carlos possessed every inch of his heart and soul.

"I think I love you," Fred blurted and then turned red. Oh my god why the fuck did I say that?!

Carlos froze and Fred began to panic, attempting to back track, "I-I mean, no, I was just—"

Fred was cut off by a bruising kiss, his body held tight against Carlos'. The kiss was long and passionate, filled with gasps, tongue, teeth, and muffled moans. When Carlos finally pulled back, he was grinning at his beloved redhead.

"Now I've got even more incentive to get back as fast as possible," he said, hands clasped at Fred's lower back. "I love you too, volpino."

Fred was blushing madly and hid his face in Carlos' chest, but he was grinning like a fool. They eventually parted after one last lingering kiss, and Fred returned to the boys playing NewSuper Mario Bros and Carlos met up with the team headed for Brooklyn.

After one final briefing, the two groups set off to shut down Bellini once and for all and to save the snarky brunette that wormed her way into everyone's hearts.


Italian Lingo:

Cazzo - fuck lit. balls

Monello - brat

Uno, deu, tre - one, two, three

Volpino - little fox

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