Why Me?

Ty, just another skateboarding high school junior, was minding her own legal business when she gets stuck in the middle of a mafia fight with guns, knives, and potato launchers, while only armed with her trusty skateboard. What does she do? Runs for her life only to get captured and asked (read: commanded) to marry one of the three sons of the don. And then people want to kill her. Obviously.


7. Chapter Seven

"I made it! Put that phone down right now, Callahan!" Ty commanded as she literally crashed through the front door of Sal's while still on her board. Her abrupt entrance drew the attention of everyone in the diner for a moment but they all returned to their own things, used to the antics of loud teenagers, namely Ty and the gang.

Sal's wasn't really the name of the little diner. It actually went by two names because of the owner's desire for uniqueness. By day, from 7AM to 6PM, it was a cozy breakfast and lunch diner called Munchies, while from 8PM to 2AM, it was a small yet popular pub called Bala Borracho, which was Spanish for Drunk Bullet. The owner had actually used an online naming generator to come up with the names, much to the gang's amusement.

"Honestly, mija, how many times have I told you not to break my doors down?" a rather short South American man shook his head of thick black curls at her with a smile. His mind registered the state of her jaw then neck and his smile fell to gravity into a frown, "What happened to you?"

Ty smiled sheepishly, "Hey Sal, sorry. Again. And it was just a little scuffle, no biggie."

He rolled his warm brown eyes at her good-naturedly, "Be more careful though, mija. Also, you and I both know you will knock my doors down for many more times to come." He refrained from questioning just how 'little' the scuffle was, used to seeing her and the boys covered in scrapes and bruises. He had quickly learned not to expect any of them to turn up injury free, especially the young, reckless brunette. "The usual?"

Ty nodded with a smile, grateful he had not pressed on the issue of her newfound injuries, and Sal headed back into the kitchen. Sal, or Salvador Hernandez, was the well-liked and very chill owner of Munchies/Bala Borracho. Originally from San Pablo, Chile, Sal had left his family's ranch to fulfill his dream to create a place for anyone to enjoy with his wife Esperanza and daughter Isadora. Under the rising sun, students, business people, and anyone who wanted a quick breakfast were welcome to fresh, filling, energy packed food, while during the sun's journey across the sky, one could drop by for a warm meal in a joyous atmosphere. Then, under the moon's watchful eye, teens and young adults could relax with a drink in hand or dance to the various remixes or Saturday night live performances.

Ty picked up her board and walked to the corner booth where Drew was stuffing his phone away while Grant tried to teach Jimmy that the Cold War was not called the Cold War because it was during a ridiculously prolonged snow storm or that penguins and polar bears fought in it. Henry and Fred were in the kitchen as they worked part time at Sal's and the two had just exited to deliver hot meals and cold drinks to their respective customers. They grinned at Ty but she shooed them away to continue working as she scooted in beside Drew. She then removed her helmet and placed it on the table, her board on the floor with the others'.

"You got your stuff back," Jimmy commented, immediately using Ty's return as a distraction. His head was swimming with barely memorized and garbled facts and thoughts of the food he was craving. Red and Rinny sure are taking their damned time with it, too. I need my cheese fries before Buzz makes my brain explode!

Ty rolled her eyes, "No shit, Sherlock."

"Jimmy Jenkins, I swear to god if you even think about using Ty as a distraction to avoid doing your work I will never help you with any school related things ever again and you can be lab partners with Felicia until we graduate," Grant threatened, completely exasperated. He was half a mind away from cutting Jimmy's head open and cramming all the notes and immensely heavy textbook directly into his brain. "Why do I even try to tutor any of you idiots? Oh that's right, because you'd all still be bratty middle schoolers if I didn't make you do your work and I actually have a conscience."

Ty laughed and cooed, "We love you too, Buzz." She reached over the retro-esque black tabletop to pat his shaved black locks that felt prickly and fuzzy against her fingertips. She was about to pinch his cheeks too, but he swatted her hand away and she sat back down after sticking her tongue out at him.

"But Ty," Drew looked at her worriedly. "You sure you okay?" His eyes scanned her now that he had a better look at her and was not out of his mind with worry. He gaped when he caught sight of her neck, "What the hell happened?" How he and the others had not noticed it immediately was an ongoing mystery to them all.

She placed a hand on his arm, trying to placate him. Knowing Drew as she did, Ty knew for a fact that he and the others would seek out the Rizzos and murder them. If the Rizzos were anyone else, then Drew and the gang could probably murder them, but the Rizzos are the fucking mafia apparently.

"It's nothing, I'm fine, don't worry about it. I'm gonna wait for Red and Rinny to finish their shift and then I'll tell you guys everything. We can even go back to my place or something."

Grant wacked the back of Jimmy's head to return his attention to the notes before looking at Ty, "What about your parents? Or did they already leave again?"

Ty's grin faltered for a noticeable second before she shrugged, "I don't know. I think they're gonna be here for a couple of weeks to keep up appearances or something. Anyone up for housing me? I've been able to avoid them more or less but it's getting annoying."

Grant rolled his eyes at her but they still retained his concern. Giving Jimmy one more whack, forcing his head down to the open textbook, Grant offered, "My place is open for a couple of nights, if you want. You'll have to deal with Brady though."

Before Ty could thank him profusely, Drew butted in, "Wait, doesn't the Bradester have a huge crush on our little Ty?"

Ty grimaced, "Fuck, really? Still?" She had forgotten Grant's little brother had a ridiculous infatuation with her. Brady went bright red, stuttering like a fool whenever Ty was in the vicinity and went past many lines in trying to please her or his version of chatting her up. The TV shows he watched that involved the cheesiest pick up lines in existence did not help and neither did the guys' constant teasing. The last time Ty had gone to Grant's house while Brady was there was a little more than three months ago. Since the revelation of his obvious crush and the beginnings of his desperate flirting, she had avoided Brady like the persistent, fanatic door-to-door salesmen/preachers trying to spread veganism and some occult group that goes a bit too far in their worship of a higher power. (Or as most people would say, the plague.)

When Grant only answered her with a badly hidden amused grin, she groaned and collapsed onto the table, her fingers running through her hair, "He's a fucking nine year old!"

Drew laughed and patted her head sympathetically, "Aww poor Ty. You know you're always welcome to my place, oh and my mom asked about you by the way since you weren't with us for cookies."

Ty's head immediately shot up to stare at Drew, "Cookies? You guys got Callahan Cookies? Without me? When?"

Seeing an opening to avoid doing his work despite Grant's threat, Jimmy answered, "When you went to see those dudes' dad or whatever it is you went to do."

Ty's mouth hung open in disbelief, "What? B-but, cookies. Please don't tell me you got snickerdoodles."

Jimmy and Grant lifted their shoulders and smiled awkwardly while Drew pointedly looked away towards the door and whistled busily.

With a frustrated grunt, Ty looked up to the ceiling as if she could yell at it and her frustration would be transferred to the ones she cursed, "Arrrrrgh! Those stupid, stubborn, cactus fucking, Italian dickheads!" My snickerdoodles, she whined silently, her mental tone filled with longing.

Just then, Sal walked out of the kitchen with an order, calling out, "Alright everyone, closing time in ten minutes! Only employees and dead bodies after six-twenty!"

Right behind him, Fred and Henry walked out of the kitchen no longer wearing their black uniform aprons and went to the gang's table with plates of heavenly, quite unhealthy foods. Jimmy cheered, shoving away the textbook and notes to make room for his long awaited cheese fries, Grant sighed and shook his head at Jimmy but licked his lips in anticipation for his chili fries. Drew and Ty happily received their bacon burgers while Fred and Henry set their own double cheese burgers down along with everyone's cans of Dr. Pepper.

Fred slipped in beside Ty and Henry went to Grant and Jimmy's side, all six now zeroing in on their food. At everyone's first bite, they moaned obnoxiously loudly in delight and then burst into laughter, one of their many rituals.

"So, spill," Henry directed the statement towards Ty once he was certain food would not be sprayed or choke him when he spoke. Everyone's eyes immediately locked onto her as she swallowed the chewed up mush in her mouth. Her jaw and neck still ached slightly, but she could bear it enough to eat and talk.

"Well, after I stole the bike..." She then recounted the entire series of events from the moment she parted ways with them. She told them about how she got the new bruising on her neck, quickly moving on with the story when their murderous auras peaked. She had a very short, hesitant moment where she wasn't sure whether or not to tell them that the Rizzos were a mafia family with Roberto the don. When she came to the part, she decided to tell the boys as they had already guessed that the Rizzos were not normal, everyday stalkers and she could never keep something that big, or really anything, from them. She didn't have to worry about eavesdroppers either as all the other customers had gone and Sal had closed down to prepare for the night persona of his beloved shop. Ty and the gang were special customers of Sal and were allowed to hang around after closing time, though they were not allowed to remain after 8 PM on school nights.

"...told Roberto that I am not going to be his stupid sons' fiancée and that I like my life as it is so they can basically fuck off. Then I dashed here before Drew could call every police force on the planet," Ty finished narrating as she swallowed the last of her bacon burger and then washed it down with her Dr. Pepper. "So yeah."

The boys stared at her in disbelief before Fred finally broke the silence, "Jesus Ty, what the fuck did you get yourself into this time?"

"Hey, I did not purposely seek out a bunch of Italian douchfuckles in the hopes of getting injured and almost killed," she defended herself. "I'm not completely batshit insane."

"You just have shit luck," Drew nonchalantly stated with a small smirk. His attempt to make it a joke worked to a degree with Ty punching his arm, but it was quite obvious that the situation was not humorous in the least.

"And on that incredibly true note," Jimmy stood up cheerfully. "I gotta go home and finish up tomorrow's work or my mom'll flip her shit." The group felt a small shiver run up their spines; Mrs. Jenkins was not someone you wanted to see when her shit was being totally flipped.

Grant stood up too, tidying up his notes and giving them along with the textbook to Jimmy, "Well if you actually did the work I tried to make you do, your mom wouldn't be breathing down your neck."

Jimmy stuck his tongue out at Grant, not able to come up with a retort that Grant wouldn't be able to easily turn against him. Everyone laughed and they bid Sal goodbye, asked him to tell Esperanza and Isadora "hi" when they returned from their two-day girls only trip. They walked down the road, joking and complaining about school the next day, eventually splitting off where they had to though Ty went on with Drew.

When the two reached Drew's two story generic house with the white picket fence and everything minus the atypical family dog due to allergies, they were greeted by Margret Callahan, "Ty, darling! How are you?" Her eyes widened at the sight of Ty's jaw and neck, "Oh my goodness, what happened? Drew Calla—"

"Hold on, it wasn't Drew's fault!" Ty smiled at the worried woman who was basically a shorter, older, female version of Drew. "It was just another little accident, Margie, I'm fine, promise. Can I stay the night though? Maybe a couple?"

"Of course you can, pumpkin. I've told you so many times before you don't even need to ask; you are practically the daughter I never carried inside me for nine months. If you and Drew weren't like siblings, I'd be waiting on the edge of my seat for you two to announce your engagement."

"Mom," Drew complained half-heartedly. He was used to his mother making jokes about the imaginative wedding between him and Ty due to their inseparability from the moment they met. When they were dating the previous year, his mother and even father would not let a moment go by without mentioning something about trading vows with his best friend.

They laughed and went inside, Ty and Drew going straight upstairs to Drew's room with Mrs. Callahan throwing them a teasing remark about keeping the door open. There had been a time when she was half serious, but she just couldn't see her son and Ty living a life together other than as immensely close friends. She had known they wouldn't have lasted long as a couple when they tried it out and was not surprised in the least when they broke it off very quickly.

The two went about their usual routine, attempting homework but goofing off and playing a couple video games, heading downstairs for dinner and then running back upstairs to continue playing video games and then changing and going to sleep. While Drew just wore a pair of blackmail worthy black with red hearts boxers and a loose t-shirt, Ty had taken a pair of Drew's basketball shorts and a tank top to sleep in like she usually did when she was going to spend an unannounced night at any of her friends' places. Since they were all roughly the same size, it was never a problem and they all usually traded or borrowed clothes constantly. Ty herself had at least one clothing item from each of the boys and they her since she bought guys' clothes every other blue moon she went shopping.

Just when they were about to go to bed, Drew changed the topic of mindless conversation by asking, "Seriously though, Ty, what are you gonna do?"

Ty walked to the bed and sat down beside him, resting her head on his shoulder and shrugging, "I dunno, I said my piece and he didn't really stop me so...I guess I'll just wait and see. And it's not like I can do anything anyway."

They left it at that and crawled under the covers, talking for a while before drifting off to sleep next to each other.


Mrs. Callahan stood at the door of Drew's bedroom fully dressed for work, looking at her watch and then the two teenagers deeply asleep and sprawled over each other with the blanket and pillows on the floor. Any other parent would have been horrified to see the sight but this was a normal occurrence and she knew they rarely ever saw the other as a sexual partner. Besides, they were fully clothed and there was no moaning or bed creaking the previous night.

Shaking her head she cleared her throat and slammed the door shut, yelling loud enough to wake the dead, "Drew! Ty! You both are going to be late!"

The two immediately jumped at the abrupt loud noises, but as they were entangled they fell off the bed, Ty's body softening Drew's landing.

When they got up, groaning in pain and annoyance of being woken up in such a manner, Mrs. Callahan tapped her high-heeled foot and tut-tutted, "Unlike you two, I am not going to be late for work and Rob is already gone, so hurry up, it's ten till eight. There're pop tarts on the kitchen table so you can grab one each and eat while you run." Without waiting for a response, she reopened the door and walked out, her steps slowly faded until the sound of the front door closing was heard.

Ty and Drew looked at each other, cursing in complete unison, "Shit!"

They scrambled to their feet, dashing to the bathroom to quickly brush their teeth, Ty using an extra one she had left in Drew's house since she did practically live there. Then hurriedly grabbing their bag and helmets, they hopped down the stairs while pulling on their socks. Drew ran to the kitchen and grabbed the two pop tart packets while Ty slipped on her shoes, placed her helmet, unbuckled, on her head and grabbed her board as she headed out the door with Drew following behind and locking up. He passed her a tin foiled pop tart pack and they had a running start before jumping on their boards and racing to school, determined to make the 30 minute walk 10 while recklessly skating.


"...welcome them and—"

Mr. Yvuicks' speech was cut off as his classroom door was thrown open and in tumbled Ty closely followed by Drew, their helmets still on their head, boards in their hands and pop tarts stuffed away in their bags. Drew tripped and was thrown forward, crashing into Ty as their boards were knocked out of their grip and they both ended up on the floor in a very similar position from when Mrs. Callahan had woken them up not thirty minutes ago.

The class burst into laughter, tossing sarcastic praises on the two's impeccable coordination along with some more sexually orientated remarks.

They both mumbled an incoherent "Shut up, fucktards" and slowly picked themselves up off the floor. The stood still, heads down and awaiting the rant Mr. Yvuicks was sure to award them with.

Sure enough, he sighed frustratedly, rubbing his temple in preparation for the migraine sure to follow and walked to the two still in their pajamas. He tapped his foot in controlled anger. "Mr. Callahan and Ms. Jackson, what is your excuse this time?" he asked, though it was clear from his tone that the two were clearly not getting out of this situation without some form of punishment. He also sounded tired since this was certainly not the first, and definitely not the last time he would repeat this one question.

Ty pulled on an angelic smile as Drew did the same. It was a look the two had down perfectly from constant use in their younger years to lessen their punishments.

"Sorry, Mr. Yvuicks. It was our fault. We both overslept but ran straight to school as soon as we realized the time when we woke up," Ty said sincerely, sounding as if she were extremely guilty.

Drew picked up, "Yes, we're really sorry, sir. We didn't even stop to change out of our PJs to get here as soon as we possibly could. I skated through the city in my boxers. And on the bright side, we're not a half hour late this time."

Mr. Yvuicks narrowed his eyes at the two, "Don't even bother. Both of you will come back during lunch and I'll have thought up a suitable consequence for being late to my class for the eighteenth time this semester. You are both in your second last year of high school, the last semester of it with spring break in just a few weeks. I would recommend you take it seriously. I do not want to fail you and have to put up with you for yet another year." With that, he turned back to the class and massaged his predestined headache. He continued to the class, "As I was saying, would you all please welcome our—"

"What the fuck are you three doing here!?" Ty interrupted, pointing an accusing finger in the direction of the three boys who had silently watched the display.

Luca smiled and waved cheerfully, "Good morning, Ty." He was even dressed brightly in jeans, a white t-shirt, an unbuttoned red flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and a pair of fire engine red chucks. His hair was neatly messed with, the natural blond sticking out in the dark brown locks and he had not a spot of smudge on him from tinkering.

Dante didn't even bother looking at her or Drew, he just stared out the window, bored and irritated. He crossed his arms over his fitted black shirt, clearly not wanting to be here. He was dressed in a pair of old jeans and regular black converse, his hair didn't look touched either as he had had no intention of coming to the school in the first place.

Carlos on the other hand was more like Luca. His blond hair was styled, his dark blue button-down was stain and wrinkle free, washed jeans and clean sneakers. He grinned jovially, "Morning, Ms. Jackson. I hope your jaw and neck are better." Having noted Dante's dismissal and rather unfriendly behaviour, Carlos nudged his younger brother, urging him to give some sort of greeting.

Dante held an annoyed growl and turned his gaze to Ty who was still standing stunned and surprised. She looked quite comical with her gaping expression, haphazard apparel, flushed face, still slightly bruised jaw and neck and her hair was sticking out in every possible direction. Smirking slightly he drawled, "Overslept? More like an extra romp under the sheets, rightstronza?"

The girls in the class melted at the Italian word though they had no idea what it meant. They were all drooling over the new boys and giving Ty a multitude of dirty looks for already knowing them and having an Italian pet name from the bad boy of the brothers. It seemed as though Ty was close to every attractive guy that went to the school. She already had Fred the adorable ginger, Henry the cute artist, Jimmy the attractive musician, Grant the smart soccer player, Drew the sexy hooligan and they were all pranking, mischievous skateboarders who added a form of joy to the drudgery of school.

Ty brought her jaw back up so it was no longer hanging open for anything to crawl in and rolled her eyes, quickly regaining her composure, "That the best you can come up with, asscunt? And I told you before but it looks like I'll have to tell you again. I'll say it nice and easy, alright?" Holding back a laugh she continued, speaking slowly and carefully like she was explaining a basic concept to a toddler, "Your insults, those are mean words said to people to try and hurt their feelings, are not working because I do not speak or understand Italian."

Drew had no qualms about laughing and neither did the majority of the class, the only ones not finding any amusement being the girls who were drooling over the new boys. Dante just spared her a minor glare and over the uproar stated, "Well since you're too much of an idiot and haven't figured it out by now, stronza is the Italian equivalent to bitch." He thought she would feel offended or even just embarrassed since he had been calling her a bitch from the moment they met and she had no clue.

To his surprise, Ty just rolled her eyes and scoffed, "Oh wow. I'm so insulted. I've been called a bitch more times than you can count but props for doing it in another language. You get one gold star!"

She's mocking me in her pajamas, Dante thought, slightly astounded. Then he registered the fact that she had insulted him yet again and was about to step forward to teach her a lesson when he felt Carlos hold him back. Cursing the brunette and his stubborn father he remained in his position and did not throttle the girl into a coma from which she might possibly never wake up.

Before things could escalate further, Mr. Yvuicks slammed one of his math textbooks on his table, instantly attracting everyone's attention once again. Narrowing his eyes at Ty, Drew and the brothers, he gritted his teeth, "Mr. Callahan and Ms. Jackson, you two are already in trouble for being twenty minutes late to class once again and also in indecent attire, plus it appears you were involved in yet another fight of some sort. I would be careful for the rest of the month if I were you. And Mr. Rizzo, since it is your first day and Ms. Jackson is the one to aggravate you, I will let you off with a warning. I do not condone of such behaviour and language in my class. You will speak English and do not let Ms. Jackson, Mr. Callahan or any of the others bait you into causing a disruption as they tend to do so."

"Hey!" Ty and Drew called out in defense. "We're not that bad." They paused a second before adding, "Sometimes."

Mr. Yvuicks simply stared them down and they both got the message. Hands in the air they said, "Right, shutting up and going to our seats."

Carlos raised an eyebrow at the two's complete and utter synchronization, watching them pick up their boards and quickly walk to the back of the room, hi-fiving and fist-bumping a few of the still laughing guys along the way. They hadn't even been a second off from each other; it was as if they were sharing a brain when they spoke.

Mr. Yvuicks turned to the brothers, and tiredly directed, "Alright, find a place to sit and please, don't be like Ms. Jackson and her friends." Turning back to the board to finally begin the lesson he ran his hand through his balding hair and muttered, "If I don't get a raise, I'm retiring early. Good luck finding a science teacher willing to teach at the same school as these miscreants."

As soon as Mr. Yvuicks told the boys to find a seat at one of the lab tables, the more forward girls in the classes called out to them.

"Dante, there's a seat here!"

"Hey Luca, wanna be lab partners?"


It was a zoo at feeding time if the zoo animals could talk and were all in heat. The brothers simply raised surprised eyebrows, not having expected such a welcome. Carlos spied out Ty and Drew in the back with two other boys, one was the curly red head from the previous day who was lying face down on the table, sleeping. The other boy was one he didn't recognize and was busily chatting with Ty and Drew. Carlos heard him and his brothers' names come from the boy's mouth but could not hear Ty's response.

"Hey, I'm Eve. Why don't you sit here?" a busty, skimpily dressed, fake ginger suggestively pulled Carlos' arm to direct him to a seat that already had another skimpily dressed brunette. The fake red turned her head to heatedly whisper, "Kate, move! Hottie is sitting here!"

I can hear you, you know, Carlos thought, slightly annoyed at her behaviour though he was used to it. He easily freed himself from the girl's grip and headed straight for the back of the room, sitting in the last free chair at the table, next to the sleeping red head.

Luca followed his lead and marched up to the table smiling innocently at the nameless boy who sat on the other side of Fred, "Hey, do you mind if I sit here? I like being near myfratellone." Realizing he had spoken Italian, he added, "I mean big brother."

The boy felt a chill crawl up his spine and hesitantly nodded and backed away, moving to another table near the front of the room. When Luca smiled at him, he felt an impending sense of doom swell up from the deepest pit of his gut but had no idea why.

Luca happily took the now free seat and grinned at Ty as if he had not just made a guy almost shit his pants because of a simple smile.

Class finally started as Mr. Yvuicks was finally was able to begin his lecture on microorganisms for the new unit. Dante had rolled his eyes at his brothers' hasty retreat to the back to sit with the brunette their father had practically ordered to stalk and sat at a table with some of the more quieter people in the class; two easily distinguishable WoW and LoL gamers (they wore t-shirts and their bags had various pieces of merchandise relating to their respective gaming franchise) and a mouse of a girl who completely ignored his existence, more focused on the ridiculously thick chemistry book before her. He was tempted to sit with the screeching banshees just so they would shut up, but knew that their blabbering would only increase if he sat with them and he would probably not be able to restrain himself from going postal.

Only a couple minutes into the lecture, most of the class had zoned out. The banshees' table was stealing obvious glances of the brothers and then promptly began texting under the table while stifling giggles, Dante's table was paying some attention to the lecture though his tablemates occasionally began doing other work or quietly watched LoL and WoW Let's Plays between note-taking. Dante was completely uninterested and was halfway to sleep but the banshees' not so quiet whispering kept him awake. There was the occasional note-taker spread out around the class, but in general, most were lost to their own thoughts.

Ty's table on the other hand had more variety. It contained one one-sided glaring contest, one curiously wary observer, one oblivious sleeper, one subtle starer and one who was pretending to pay attention but was mentally planning out a new invention.

When Mr. Yvuicks began to move onto the next sub-subsection of his lecture, Carlos turned to Ty and Drew, whispering, "No matter how long or hard you glare, neither Luca's nor my head will explode."

Ty just narrowed her eyes at him further, "Well if you and your brothers didn't fucking stalk me I wouldn't have to wish for laser eyes. Why the hell are you in my school?"

Swiftly deciding to change the subject since he knew that if they continued on this matter they would definitely attract unwanted attention, Carlos turned his head to the still sleeping and faintly snoring red head. "Shouldn't we wake him up?"

Ty looked at Fred then back at Carlos. That was a horrible subject change tactic. I'll give them hell after class though; I can't afford to piss Yvuicks off again in one day. "Probably, but he'll just punch one of us and go back to sleep. Feel free to try and wake him up." She then turned her attention to the board to try and get something out of the lesson though she knew she wouldn't be able to stay focused for long.

Carlos left it at that and Drew decided, like Ty, to leave the questioning for later. He busied himself by writing down a few notes and then playing tic-tac-toe with Ty and then ultimately having a doodle war with her. All the while, Luca pulled out a blueprint sketch and began modifying it while Fred slept on peacefully.

Eventually though, Fred began to stir. He felt eyes on him, combing his body in a way he wasn't sure he liked or disliked. It was slightly unnerving enough to wake him up slightly. There was something about being stared at for a prolonged period of time that could wake a person up.

Blinking blearily he scanned the room and started when he caught a pair of deep amber eyes. He jumped backwards in surprise and almost fell off his chair but a pair of strong arms held him from the back and prevented his fall to the floor.

He yelped slightly, instantly causing everyone to swivel their heads in his direction. Mr. Yvuicks sighed and reluctantly asked, "Is there a problem, Mr. Fox?

Fred shook his head, "Nope, sir. Just had a momentary loss of balance but I'm all good." Fred added a slightly sleepy grin and Mr. Yvuicks resumed his lecture after grumbling under his breath about enduring just two and a half more months, or at least two weeks until spring break.

"You alright?" Carlos whispered, his arms still supporting Fred.

Fred furrowed his brows and looked around the room seeing the two other mafia brothers. He looked to Ty and Drew asking, "What the fuck is going on? Why the hell are these guys here? Am I still asleep?"

Making sure Mr. Yvuicks was not glaring at their table, Ty answered, "No, you're awake unless we're all having some sort of joint nightmare. I don't know what these stalkers are doing here, but I will find out." She directed the end of her statement to Carlos and he understood that he and his brothers would not be able to avoid revealing their reason for enrolling into Brick Road High. He was actually surprised she hadn't attacked one of them yet with some sort of inanimate object, demanding answers.

Nodding, Fred then realized that he still had a pair of hands on his back, though now they had slid down to his lower back, almost cradling his hips. He wriggled to get them off but Carlos didn't seem to get the hint. Grunting, Fred smacked his arms away, mumbled a string of garble that was completely incoherent and flopped back down onto the table to go back to sleep.

Ty and Drew shared a look, raising an eyebrow and mirroring the other with frightening accuracy. Ty let out a single, quiet laugh and reached over the table to pet Fred's red coils then quickly sat back down and withdrew her hand before he could whack it away and possibly rip it off.

Fred growled and looked up, narrowing his fatigued light browns at the brunette. It was only then that Ty actually took in the faint dark circles under his slightly bloodshot eyes.

"Damn, Red, what happened? You look like complete shit," she bluntly stated. Though she seemed to sound rude, her worry over him was very well evident.

Fred yawned then collapsed back down and mumbled, "Jimmy Jay-Jay I'm-A-Bitching-Piece-of-Shit Jenkins happened."

Ty, Drew and Carlos, who was drawn into the conversation even though he was very pointedly ignored, had their own versions of a confused expression.

Drew was the one to ask, "Umm what?"

Fred breathed out deeply and looked up sluggishly. "He escaped his mom's wrath and came over last night so I helped him with some of the work and he slept over. Anyway, you know how he kicks and moves around in his sleep when he's dreaming of giraffes and he only ever dreams of giraffes if he's eaten Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey before bed? Yeah, he ate three fucking pints. It was like I was sleeping next to a fucking kick boxer dreaming he was in a match with a fourteen legged octopus-kangaroo hybrid, so I'm sore, tired as fuck and will murder him when I next see his fucking smiling face so leave me the fuck alone and let me sleep." He then laid his head back down on his arms, quickly drifting off and leaving all forms of consciousness with light snores.

"Is Jimmy one of the boys you were with yesterday?" Carlos asked Ty. There was a slight catch in his voice that Ty picked up and decided to store away for later. That was the first time she had seen him seem slightly tense and even she could notice the change in his character.

She nodded but gave no further explanation and resumed her doodle war with Drew. They were both horrid artists so neither even had any idea as to what they had drawn. Even their stick figures were unrecognizable as the demons and cyborgs they had intended them to be, dissolving into lead and pen LSD influenced chicken scratches.

Not risking anymore hushed whispering, Ty wrote a small note in the only bit of clear space.

Rinny would gouge his eyes out if he saw this.

Drew read the sentence and held a chuckle but nodded in agreement. He clicked his pen and wrote his response right under Ty's note.

He'd chop our hands off with his sculpting knives so we'll never be able to draw again.

Ty bit her hand, ignoring the faint stings of pain in her jaw, to prevent bursting out in laughter at the mental image of Henry armed with one of his tiny sculpting knives. Her mind had given him a Rambo-esque look with war paint stripes on his face and it was ridiculously hilarious.

From the front of the room, Dante was bored out of his mind. His hands were fidgety, itching for the feel of a gun, knife, or even a certain brunette's bruised neck. He let his eyes roam the dull classroom but sterilized lab equipment held no interest to him. He had settled on eyeing the table his brothers had practically sprinted to when the red head had woken up and almost fallen off his chair. Since there was nothing else that could hold his faint interest, he settled for watching the table.

What are they laughing about? He thought grouchily, watching Ty bite down hard on her own hand in a desperate attempt to not laugh despite her jaw still being a faint dark purple. The blond boy she had saved the previous day was grinning at her and wrapped an arm around her shoulders, pulling her close enough to him to rub his fist on the top of her head playfully. Dante turned his attention back to the front after that, not seeing Ty swat Drew's fist away to whack the back of his head. He also missed the look Ty gave to the small, one-sided, silent exchange she caught between Carlos and Fred.

Class ended at the ring of the bell and after only half hearing what the homework was, Ty grabbed Luca and Carlos by the arms, kicked Dante's back and herded the three boys out of the classroom.

"Woah, che cazzo stai facendo, stronza?" Dante growled after being kicked. She had not held back and he was pushed right out the door in his surprise. Once he got his bearings he dug his feet into the ground and turned to face her with an annoyed glower.

Ty scowled, "No idea what you just said, but move you piece of shit. I've got my free now and you porcupine fucking dickweeds have less than ten minutes to tell me why the fuck you now go to my school."

They were now standing in the middle of the hallway, an audience already gathered and watching them. Ty and Dante were glaring at each other while Luca and Carlos made no move to release Ty's surprisingly strong hold on them.

"Actually," Carlos spoke up, preventing Ty and Drew from shooting bolts of lightning from their eyes, "We have free right now too, so we have the whole period to talk."

Ty gaped at him, "You what?"

Luca chose this moment to smile broadly, "Yep, we're in all of your classes for the rest of the semester."

By this time, Drew had shaken Fred into a state of consciousness that was enough for him to sluggishly walk out of the classroom while Drew ran ahead with Ty's forgotten belongings to see her gaping at the three brothers.

"Jesus Ty, your shit is heavy," he complained half-heartedly. He was only trying to get her attention and prevent her from attacking the three brothers as he knew she was prepared to do. He knew that Ty's quick temper was abrupt and in most cases rather explosive but could also be dissolved just as quickly if one knew what to do and if the calmer was on her good side.

It worked and Ty had to restrain from laughing at the sight Drew made. He had his backpack slung over one shoulder, Ty's shoulder bag crossed over his other shoulder, his helmet unbuckled on his head, his arm through Ty's helmet straps and both their boards were hugged under an armpit each. Coupled with the fact he was in his black with red hearts boxers and thin, oversized shirt, he was more than a slightly comical sight.

"Well hey there you sexy bastard you. Better stop rocking that look, Callahan, I might have to fight a bunch of fan girls and boys just to have you for our group gaming nights," she teased.

Drew rolled his eyes, thankful he calmed her down, "Yeah, says the slut who's running around in my clothes, pulling three guys to god knows where, and not to mention while bra-less."

The comment drew out a couple of wolf whistles from the surrounding crowd and more than a few eyes couldn't help but cast a glance at the brunette's tank top clothed chest.

"Eyes up or they'll have knives in 'em," Ty nonchalantly threatened. "Oh, Red, you've risen from the dead," she added when Fred came up behind Drew. He was still very disorientated and drowsily analyzed the situation, completely oblivious to a set of eyes that roved his whole body from his black and purple skate shoes, up his ripped jeans, lingering over his hoodie covered chest and raked over his freckled face.

Emotionlessly, he took Ty's gear from Drew, walked up to Ty, dumped her belongings into her arms, turned her around, held onto her shoulders and pushed her down the hall towards the cafeteria, their usual free period hangout when they decided to stay in school. He didn't say a word and Ty did not bother trying to stop him and speak. He was almost dead to the world.How bad was Jay-Jay last night? Red's completely zombified.

When the two were out of sight, Drew clapped his now free hands, "Alright, shows over, get to class or whatever and you three," he pointed at the brothers, "Obviously, I don't trust you at all and really want to beat the crap out of you, but I can't afford to get suspended or expelled or hospitalized, but don't even fucking think about hurting her anymore than you've already done. If I see her with one more bruise because of you duck fuckers, I don't care who or what you are I will—"

"Yeah, yeah we get it," Dante interrupted. "Look, I don't give two fucks about her, we're only here because our Papà is stubborn and will always work to get what he wants which in this case for some ridiculous reason is adding that stronza to the family."

"And," Luca stepped up, "It's our first time going to school. I've always wondered what going to school was like and now I can. So far, it's been disappointing but I think Ty will make it a lot more interesting."

Before Drew could respond, a teacher stuck his head out of his classroom and scolded, "Everyone go to class or you all have detention for a week! Get moving!"

Everyone scattered immediately save for the brothers and Drew who hesitated a moment before turning and heading to his next class. He couldn't afford another detention for at least until spring break started to keep his parents from grounding him and confiscating his video games and skateboard for two weeks again.

"Shall we go find the red head and Ty?" Carlos suggested though he already had his decision set in stone. He was already walking in the direction Fred had stolen Ty to and didn't bother waiting for Luca and Dante to catch up. Luca followed cheerfully while Dante muttered and reluctantly followed with his hands shoved deeply into his pockets.

The three found Ty and Fred sitting on a table in the mostly empty cafeteria. Fred had surrendered his hoodie to Ty so was now visibly sporting the Simple Plan band t-shirt he had on under. Ty was leaning her back against their bag tower and her side against the wall, just about to start eating the broken pop tarts Mrs. Callahan had left for her while Fred had already laid his head down on her lap.

"There you are, I thought you wanted to talk," Carlos called out, getting Ty's attention. Fred remained undisturbed, his chest rhythmically rising and falling. Is he asleep again?

Ty popped a piece of cherry frosted pop tart in her mouth and nodded, "Oh I do, but going against Red when he's zombified is not a good idea. At all."

The zombie slowly moved so his face was towards the ceiling, opened his eyes and half smiled up at Ty, yawning, "Eh, I'm not that bad. And gimme a piece."

Ty rolled her eyes at him and popped a piece into his waiting mouth, "Oh you have no idea, Foxie Fred. Go back to sleep now, you still look dead."

Fred just pulled his legs up and lifted his head slightly to chew and swallow the pop tart piece without the threat of choking. He laid back down and stuck his tongue out at her, "I slept enough in bio and I want to hear what the douchedicks want from you, Jackie Tyler."

"So your name really is Tyler?" Luca asked. He sat down in one of the bench chairs with Carlos following. Dante just stood against the wall, staring angrily at the completely calm brunette.She's fucking bipolar. One minute she's going to rip heads off, the next she's laughing and now she's just sitting there eating a damn pop tart while some red haired teppista uses her lap as a pillow.

"Really?" she asked. "You fucking enrolled into my school, somehow got into all my classes and you still don't know my name or every detail of my life? You guys tarnish the name of stalkers."

Carlos answered her though his eyes slipped to the spectating red head still on Ty's lap, "Well it was Papà who enrolled us, we didn't know we were enrolled until he woke us up this morning and told us to get ready. He didn't tell us anything except that we'd be in all your classes."

"And," Dante decided to speak up, "what kind of parents name their daughter 'Tyler'?" He had heard the silent message her tone gave and refused to be acknowledged as an idiot by the unpredictably annoying girl.

Shit. Fred's eyes quickly went to Ty's face which froze for half a second before she rolled her eyes and ignored the comment. She glanced down at Fred and gave a small, reassuring smile to tell him not to worry.

Not wanting to stay on the topic, Ty moved back to the original one, "Anyway, why are you here? I already told your damn dad that I want nothing to do with you lot."

Carlos gave her apologetic smile, "Sorry, quello che dice Papà è la legge. Also, you're very interesting."

Ty groaned, "Again with the Italian, I swear you keep doing that just to annoy me further."

"Well you can't really blame them there, Ty," Fred pointed out. The others just looked at him, waiting for him to continue. "Annoying you is helluva a lot of fun," he grinned cheekily.

Ty answered by pinching his cheeks causing Fred to try and wrestle free of her grip yelling, "Oww! Stop it you bitch-hoe!" but due to Ty's hold on him it came out more like, "Stwop wbit vbuu bvwitch-hvoewl!"

Ty just laughed and chubbed his cheeks more, "Ohh does widdle Reddie-boo not wike it? But it's helluva a lot of fun."

"Dante? Where're you going?" Luca asked, noticing Dante push off the wall and angrily walk towards the doors. Since coming to the school he had been angrily walking everywhere, it was actually really amusing to the youngest Rizzo. I've never seen him so emotional. It's funny.

"Away. You two can flirt all the fuck you want with her. Papà's gone insane if he wants that stronza as a nuora." Without another word, he stormed away not knowing where he was going. He just wanted to leave the area in which Ty was. She grated on his nerves on a level he never knew existed.

"Okay, now I know he called me a bitch, nothing new there, but what the hell was the other word? And what you said before," Ty asked when Dante was no longer in the room.

"I had said that Papà's word is law and nuora means daughter-in-law," Carlos translated.

"Daughter-in-law?!" Ty exclaimed. "I fucking told him I refused to get married! We finished talking yesterday and I clearly said I want nothing to do with you gangsters."

"Don't let Dante, or really any of us, hear you call us gangsters. We are a family of business men, not a bunch of wannabe, 'rebellious' teenagers who think shooting anything in sight, drugs, alcoholism and tattooing every inch of skin is considered 'badass' and 'cool'," Luca corrected, wrinkling his nose at being compared to mere gangsters. Being related to or even being mentioned in the same sentence as gangsters was a major pet peeve to practically every member of the Rizzo family and friends, some reacting more than others.

Fred raised his hand to get attention. He didn't want to sit up as Ty's lap was one of the best non-pillows in existence, a fact that any of the gang could and would attest to. When he got the required attention on him he asked, "So you guys really are mafia? Like Italian Mafioso with suits and guns and The Godfather-like shit?"

"You told them everything?" Luca asked Ty when Carlos simply answered with a laughing "kind of", amused by Fred's excitement rather than fear.

Ty shrugged, "We hide no secrets from each other. I trust them with my soul and would give my life for theirs."

Fred grinned up at her and awkwardly encircled his arms around her waist while still lying down. Ty laughed, "What are you trying to do?"

"I'm hugging you without sitting up cuz when I sit up you're not gonna let me lie on your lap anymore," he explained. "You know the gang and I love you and your ridiculously comfy pillow legs, Tyler."

Ty rolled her eyes and ruffled Fred's hair, "Yeah, yeah, I love you idiots, too." She looked back to Luca and Carlos who were watching the interaction with different forms of interest, though one was more focused on the oblivious, adorable red head on her lap. "So, continue," she prodded. "Or was that all you had to say?"

"Oh yeah, there is one more thing," Luca remembered. "You're coming over again for a party we're hosting."


Dante pulled out his phone as soon as he left his brothers, Ty and Fred in the cafeteria. He put it to his ear and only had to wait one and a half rings before speaking, "What is the point of all of this?"

Roberto sighed on the other end of the line, "Because you three need to spend more time with her and I should have sent you to school earlier on instead of hiring tutors and having Lorenzo tutor you three, though it was mostly you. I already explained this morning."

Breathing in deeply and pinching the bridge of his nose, Dante tried to contain his temper and carefully responded, "Papà, she is a troublesome, annoying, completely reckless and naïve baldracca. Perché do you want her in the family? She's an idiot and this is a complete waste of time."

"Bada a come parli, Dante," Roberto warned. "You may not like her now, but you and your brothers will be spending a lot of time with her. Bellini's men also saw her that day."

"So?" Dante retorted though he knew that it couldn't be put off that easily. So what? Let Bellini find her and have her. Not like she's anyone special and he's just a piece of lowlife scum.

"Dante," Roberto stressed impatiently. "Provate. Just try to be civil. Has anyone recognized you boys yet?"

"No, but our names sounded familiar to a few. I wouldn't expect them to know though, but as soon as one person figures it out, the news will spread like wildfire."

Roberto hummed and Dante heard him shift through some papers on his desk before answering, "Okay. I have to go now, don't do anything stupid and if you leave early, I will know,capisce? I'll see you boys after school." He didn't even wait for Dante to answer before cutting the line and resuming to finish out the final details for the party he was throwing later that day.

Dante scowled at his phone and sighed irritably. He checked the time and felt his very soul turn to sludge. This period isn't even half over, then there's lunch and two more classes. Che palle, I'm stuck here for another five damn hours.


Spanish Lingo:

mija - slang term for daughter used in relationships like the one between Ty and Sal.

Italian Lingo:

stronza - bitch

fratellone - big brother

che cazzo stai facendo, stronza - what the fuck are you doing, bitch

teppista - punk/hooligan

quello che dice Papà è la legge - what dad says is law (tried to find 'my word is law' equivalent)

nuora - daughter-in-law

baldracca - whore

Perchè - why

bada a come parli - watch what you say

provate - try

capisce - understood?

che palle - like saying "balls" or "fuck" when something is a pain in the ass to do. literally means "what balls"

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