Why Me?

Ty, just another skateboarding high school junior, was minding her own legal business when she gets stuck in the middle of a mafia fight with guns, knives, and potato launchers, while only armed with her trusty skateboard. What does she do? Runs for her life only to get captured and asked (read: commanded) to marry one of the three sons of the don. And then people want to kill her. Obviously.


4. Chapter Four

Dante and the others stared gape jawed as they saw her jump off the roof.

“We’re five stories high!” Carlos exclaimed as he ran forward, expecting to see the broken corpse of their unintentional kidnapee and recently decided fiancée.

“Whaa?” Instead of seeing a gruesomely disfigured mess of skin, bones, blood and entrails, Carlos saw Ty just barely hanging onto a tree branch a few feet from the ground with one arm while her board was gripped tightly in the other. He could see small cuts already bleeding, most likely from the twigs and leaves that broke her half-fall, and her hair resembled a literal bird’s nest. She was breathing heavily with a relieved smile but quickly schooled her expression and jumped down from the tree, falling that last few feet and stumbling a few steps as she landed on the ground.

By the time she had fallen to the floor, the men on the roof had snapped out of their surprise and dashed back downstairs, none stupid or reckless enough to follow Ty’s path.

Dante ran ahead, closely followed by Carlos and barked orders to the other men. “Alert the others and make sure she doesn’t get away. That crazy stronza must have been injured in the fall so don’t lose her!”

The men did as ordered and soon the small army plus a few were charging downstairs. Luca had seen to his father and was now closely following Carlos, getting the broad details of what had happened on the roof.

“She jumped? How’d she survive that?” he asked between breaths.

Carlos answered with a shake of his head and shrug of his shoulders. She is definitely something, he thought to himself. Maybe Papà’s actually onto something with her.

Dante on the other hand held little to no bit of admiration at Ty’s antics. He simply thought she was a crazy bitch who needs to think before acting or else she’d end up dead in a ditch somewhere. Not that he cared or anything. I’d just prefer to end her life myself, that’s all.

While they were retracing their steps back to the ground floor of the mansion, Ty had grabbed her board and ran staggered to the main gates of the estate. She looked behind to see that they had yet to catch up and this put an extra burst in her run even though she was in pain from the cuts she attained from roof jumping.

Tree climbing and elaborate pranking really does pay off. Along with a reckless, stupid, impulsive mind. But, thank all that is good in the world that there was that tree. I love trees, she thought as she kept running.

She heard a shout from behind and saw that a new face was chasing her and commanding her to stop. The word of her escape had spread to all the house residents and visitors and she was now public enemy number one for the moment.

Ty ran harder, changing her path from the main gate to the surrounding walls of the estate. The walls were like fancy, regularly polished prison bars with spikey ornaments decorating the top of every other pole.

She slammed into the metal bars, her feet not causing enough friction to stop her body in time. Only stumbling for a few seconds, she disregarded her stinging hands and tossed her board over the fence. When it clattered to the pavement on the other side, she winced and apologized out of reflex before crouching low and putting all her effort into jumping as high as possible. She stretched her body, fingers extended to latch onto a metal bar, then used her feet to run up as much as she could. Then she began pulling herself up until she was near the top and carefully swung one leg over, not wanting to injure herself further on the pole’s decorative spike, until she was awkwardly balancing herself in a modified straddle position. Rope climbing in gym was actually slightly useful for something other than Tarzan practice.

Due to curiosity, she succumbed to her desire to take a look behind her to see that a new group of men had joined in the chase after her. The men from the roof soon burst out the main doors of the mansion but Dante and Carlos were not with them.

Rushed, she swung her other leg over the fence, her cargo pants getting hooked on the sharp ornament and ripping as she fell to the ground a little distance from her board. She picked up the board and ran for all she was worth for what seemed like the millionth time that night. There has got to be some sort of limit for being chased by crazy rich-ass murderers in a few hours. Someone really does hate me, she thought despairingly.


Cazzo,” Dante cursed as raced to his motorbike and hopped on the seat, turning it on and revving the engine with practiced ease. He sped out of the garage, soon followed by five other bikes. They raced to the front gate to where Ty had been headed and he was just in time to see her hop the metal fence and create a tear in one length of her pants. She really is a crazy bitch. Fiery in a pretty sexy way too. The last thought came unbidden and Dante forcefully threw it from his mind, focusing on the main gates.

Carlos had followed Dante to the bikes calling out, “Dante! Dio mio, Dante, calm down! She can’t get far.” Carlos’ call was unheard though as Dante had already sped out. Grumbling about his brother’s sudden rashness, he ran to his own bike and followed with four others, Luca included, at his heels. They had just caught up to Dante when he shouted over the roaring engines.

“Open the gates!” Dante hollered, resulting in the man that had ran to try and catch Ty to follow his orders. He didn’t even pause before racing through and just barely avoided getting knocked off by the gates as they opened. His determined amber eyes spied out the black clad and cut up brunette who had surprisingly ran a fair distance. His lips curved into a predatory-like grin and he leaned forward, accelerating his vehicle to continue the chase. You are mine, stronza.


Ty had heard the thunder of engines specifically produced by speeding motorbikes and quickened her pace. Dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit! The word repeated endlessly in her thoughts as she ran, looking for some way to lose them. Even though she had a decent head start, with motorbikes and their complete disregard to traffic rules, she’d be in their bloodied hands once again.

She ran on much like she had the first time she was chased by the suspicious men just hours ago. She had no idea what time it was, but it was still quite dark out with not a soul in sight. Such minor details were ignored though as she sought out refuge, knowing she couldn’t keep running in her desperate attempt at escape. Her pursuers had speeding vehicles whereas she had two fatigued feet and a skateboard.

She glanced back to see that they had already caught up, or at least Dante had. He was helmetless and leaning forward with an almost animalistic grin that she really did not want to be on the receiving side of. It made her feel like the unfortunate prey of a very skillful, merciless hunter. Oh wait, I fucking am.

Ty looked back once again only to see five more pursuers had joined and were right behind Dante, though the rest of them had spared a few seconds to put a helmet on. She cursed repeatedly once again and looked between the board in her hands and then her hunters. I am so sorry, but I do value my life, she thought before turning around to completely face Dante and the others.

When she turned her body and ran backwards, her pace lowered considerably thus confusing the Rizzo boys and their followers as they only sped up, quickly reducing the distance between them and their escapee. Even if she hadn’t slowed, they would have caught her in a matter of minutes since unless she was some sort of mutated human-hybrid or a supernatural being of some sort, feet versus motorbikes was a battle lost before it even thought to begin.

What is she thinking now? Carlos wondered briefly. From the very short encounter he had with her, he already knew she did not fit any particular, broad stereotyped groups. She was strange, definitely different to the many females of his species that flocked to him out of greed and lust or feared his family’s wrath and power. She had not known of them and even if she had, Carlos doubted she would have cared or acted differently. Her emotions were open, easy to read, but were as predictable as the winning lottery numbers as were her actions. Throwing the vase at his father and kneeing Mario’s manhood with no remorse or hesitance was completely unexpected, along with jumping off of a five-story house. I wonder what she’d be like in a real fight.

Luca had a very similar train of thought, finding the rash brunette interesting as well as slightly annoying. He had been in the process of modifying one of the several semi-automatic pistols he had “borrowed” from Dante’s personal stash of firearms when the others had returned with the strange girl along with various injuries she had surprisingly supplied. If she hadn’t shown up, he could be tinkering to his heart’s content instead of chasing the reckless girl down. But, he thought, Seeing Dante lose his calm so easily was entertaining and how she talked back was stupid on her part, but pretty cool and funny.

Ty’s next action perfectly proved Carlos’ analysis of her behaviour and Luca only strengthened his resolution that she was trouble breathing, though if Dante or Mario ever got their hands on her, the breathing part may be iffy. She also seemed to have a thing for throwing random objects to cause a distraction for her to run away.

When Ty had turned to run backwards, she had adjusted her hold on her skateboard so that she was able to fling it at her pursuers. Like with the vase, it was completely unexpected and had the desired effect. Stunned shock. Her aim was pretty decent too, though her plan went far better than she had anticipated.

Seeing the wooden board with wheels coming directly at his unprotected face, Dante swerved out of the way, or at least tried to. As he had been practically racing directly into it, the board hit him for the second time that night with full, unrestrained force, though thankfully not his face again. The blow, combined by his hastily attempted swerve, resulted in him losing complete control over his bike, thus creating a collision with the five following bikes, one by one. They hollered and yelled caution and curses, falling or jumping off of their vehicles to prevent major injuries and death.

As metal hit metal and asphalt floor, Ty once again used the distraction she created to slip down an alley. She ran on, not looking back though she heard angry voices behind her. Instead of the voices getting closer as she ran, they faded away for which she was grateful. She knew if she were caught again, her chances of survival or escape would be zero to less than none.

Ty ran through the alley until she came across a rusty, wired fence that split the alley she was on with another that was shorter and led out to a main road. She climbed up, ignoring the new cuts her hands received from the rundown metal, and quickly hopped over, sparing one last glance back before running off.


Ty’s pursuers had successfully avoided major injuries and their rides weren’t complete totaled, just slightly more than a bit bashed up. Dante was undaunted though and quickly ran in the direction he had seen the brunette escape to during the commotion. He sprinted into the alley and ran to the end, punching the metal fence when he saw no sign of the girl.

Cazzo, cazzo, cazzo!” he cursed, gripping the old fencing tightly in his hands, the wire cutting his skin. Behind him, Carlos and one of the other underlings ran to see what was wrong.

“Where is she?” Carlos asked though the question was rather pointless and unnecessary seeing as no smart-mouthed brunette was in sight.

Dante glared down the alley from across the fence and grumbled, “We lost her. She must have jumped the fence and ran out. We could circle the area, but she’ll be long gone by then.” He sighed forcefully and turned his back to the fence, silently leading the way back to where Luca and two of his father’s men were seeing to their bikes.

They had managed to separate the bikes and stand them up, and Dante felt rising resentment towards the missing brunette for creating a large dent and scratched paint job on his ride. The side mirrors had been broken as well.

Luca looked up to the returning trio and asked, “You lost her?”

Carlos answered for Dante who looked as if he were about to explode if anyone mentioned the impulsive girl again. “She jumped the fence and is probably long gone by now. How’re the bikes?”

Luca understood the silent message and as much as he loved trying to get under Dante’s skin, he wasn’t suicidal and had no desire to die a horribly slow and torturous death. He went with Carlos’ change of topic and answered, “Damages aren’t too bad, they’re still functional. I could fix ‘em up back home, might take a few days though and I’ll have to put my other projects on hold.”

Luca already mournfully thought about the blueprints and tools dispersed upon his workbench and scattered about his room that would be left alone for until the bikes were fixed. He eyed Dante warily since he knew that Dante would figure out that a certain Glock 20 10mm Auto was missing from his extensive collection. I’m a dead man if he finds out. Last time, he almost killed me with it. Good thing I removed the ammo or I’d have died long ago.

Dante had wandered off during his brothers’ conversation and crouched down to pick up the item that had caused the accident. He brought it back to the group of five and held up the skateboard. An idea cropped up in his mind and a sharp glint flashed in his eyes as he smirked. Carlos and Luca recognized the look and pitied the poor girl who seemed unable to get a break, even after escaping. Their brother had found a new prey.

“This seemed rather important to that little stronza,” he mused, that almost sinister-like smirk still firmly in place. “She can run and think she’s safe, but I’ll definitely find her,” he vowed, already feeling the rush of his new hunt.

Without another word, he reclaimed his bashed motorbike and rode back home with the skateboard in his lap and the others following behind. Luca and Carlos went at a slower pace while the other three men followed closely behind Dante.

Carlos shook his head in wonder at Dante’s disappearing back and spoke out loud to Luca, “She was pretty interesting though.”

Luca nodded, “Stupid, reckless and very impulsive, but , molto interessante. I feel kind of bad for her though.”

That’s something new, Carlos thought as he glanced at his younger brother. Luca, unlike most of their family, never mixed English and Italian when speaking. He was also not one to pity another and generally avoided human contact. He preferred toying with weapons and mechanics than spending time interacting with his own species. Carlos himself was quite similar but he enjoyed human contact to a degree, though his family and those he was generally surrounded by weren’t really normal (sometimes wanted) company.

“She’s incurred Dante’s more predatory interest, Papà’s...whatever he’s up to this time and Mario’s resentment,” Luca explained at Carlos’ silence. He grinned, “I’ve a feeling things are going to be pretty fun around here.”

Carlos, after recovering from the shock of seeing Luca so open, sincere and actually interested in something that was a living creature, nodded his agreement.


Ty ran out of the alley and circled around repeatedly, not wishing for a repeat of the last time she thought she had gotten away. When she didn’t see or hear any chasing motorbikes with angry, admittedly attractive males, she let out a relieved sigh but ran along the road anyway just to be careful.

She felt a chill run up her spine and shivered unintentionally. Even though I escaped, I have a really bad feeling that something I won’t like is going to happen.

“Where the hell am I?” she asked aloud, temporarily trying to ignore her paranoia. She was exhausted and really just wanted to crash in her bed, even if she had to face the return of her parents. She took a quick look around the empty road and realized it was one she travelled quite often. In all that commotion and unbelievable string of events, she had ended up a few mere blocks from Sal’s.


Italian Lingo:

Cosa candidati fidanzato? - What fiancé candidates?

nipoti - grandchildren

bambina - child/little girl

Inseguire il suo! - follow her!/chase her!/pursue her!

stronza - bitch

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