Why Me?

Ty, just another skateboarding high school junior, was minding her own legal business when she gets stuck in the middle of a mafia fight with guns, knives, and potato launchers, while only armed with her trusty skateboard. What does she do? Runs for her life only to get captured and asked (read: commanded) to marry one of the three sons of the don. And then people want to kill her. Obviously.


5. Chapter Five

“Table five, order up! Ty? Hey, Ty!”

The sharp call shook Ty out of her daze and she stumbled to the counter to retrieve the two entrées. “Yeah, sorry, spaced out for a sec,” Ty apologized.

When she had returned home the previous night, she had luckily avoided her parents who were asleep since it was close to four in the morning. She had quickly showered and cleaned her injuries, bandaging them and then falling asleep only to wake up close to noon to get lectured on her “improper and barbarous behaviour” by her parents. They hadn’t even questioned why she had not returned the night before nor did they ask when she actually had returned or even how she got her numerous injuries. They scolded her like usual and went back to work, her father calling the office and her mother discussing an upcoming gala dinner that was sure to further elevate her level as a socialite.

“You alright, honey? You seem kind of out of it, “Judith frowned worriedly. Judith was one of the many talented chefs at Blue Moon, a very classy, reservations only restaurant. Travis Garrison owned it, a young man of only 26 years who took over the restaurant from his parents when it almost went bankrupt when he was in high school.

The restaurant used to be a small, relatively unknown little place, as it wasn’t really looked over. His parents had received it in a business deal but had not really cared for it since their main industry was a successful supplying company for major automobile corporations. Travis had dreamed to build Blue Moon into a huge, highly exclusive restaurant and was reluctant to follow his parents’ wishes for him to attend law school or join the family business. He made a deal with his family saying that if he could prevent Blue Moon from going bankrupt, he would become the owner and did not have to attend law school or follow in his father’s footsteps. They decided to humor him but Travis worked beyond his limits and managed to create Blue Moon as it was today.

His parents used to be business partners with Ty’s when Ty was but a toddler, but when the Garrisons sold their business to a competing company, the Jacksons cut all connections. Travis and Ty were close friends though their relationship was more like that of brother and sister. He had played with her and her friends on many occasions and even babysat them quite a few times. Even after Ty’s parents completely cut off the Garrisons, Ty and her friends still kept contact with Travis and he did the same. Even now, the seven of them hang out once in a while together when Travis wasn’t too caught up with managing Blue Moon.

Ty smiled reassuringly at Judith. Since Ty was the youngest employee of the restaurant by five years, Judith had taken to worrying over the brunette.

“I’m fine, just didn’t get much sleep last night and then got lectured again this morning so I’m a bit tired,” Ty answered as she took the plates from Judith. “Table five, right?”

Judith nodded and heard her name being called from inside the kitchen. Before going back, she added warmly, “Don’t over work yourself, honey. If you need a break, Travis will give it to you. Heck, he’d do practically anything for you.”

“Who will do practically anything for you?” a cheerful blond strolled to Ty’s side, his blue eyes twinkling and suit as spotless as always.

Judith just laughed and returned to work, leaving Ty to answer his question. “She was just saying how I had you wrapped around my pinky seeing as I managed to convince you to hire me without telling my parents among various things. Now, I have to go deliver this to some rich snobs.”

Travis ruffled Ty’s hair with brotherly affection before she could move out of his reach, “You’re a rich snob yourself, Ty.”

She turned to blow a raspberry at him in response, “I am anything but a snob. If I were, I wouldn’t have practically begged you to hire me two years ago.”

Travis rolled his eyes at her and let her continue working, occasionally catching her fiddle with the formal, butler-like uniform that she had repeatedly told him was stuffy and uncomfortable. She’d never quit though since he was one of the only people that would hire her and not require her parents to know. If any other employer knew exactly who she was, they’d be extremely against hiring her just because of her parents’ social status. Or they’d use her to get in her parents’ good graces.

When closing time came and there were only a few guests finishing up their meals, Ty flopped herself onto the couch in the staff room after changing back into her usual baggy clothes. Judith had already clocked out and returned to her husband, as did the many other employees, each bidding Ty farewell and all telling her to get more sleep. She had been quite languid that night and they had all taken notice. Over the past two years, she had developed friendships with the older staff and they all saw her as a Blue Moon family member. The Blue Moon baby, though they’d never say that to her face.

Travis just had to do last minute checks on income, reservations, supplies, and general business before he locked up and drove Ty back to her apartment. He did so and when she got out of his car after bidding him goodnight, he called her back, “You sure you’re alright? What happened last night anyway? You’re covered in injuries.”

Ty forced a smile, not wanting to worry him, “Just a little skating mishap, no big deal. And I kind of stalled coming home last night. I lost track of time and my parents were pissed and you know how draining their lectures are. See ya ‘round, Travis and thanks for the ride.”

Before he could question her further, Ty ran down the street towards her apartment complex. She greeted the doorman with a smile even though her parents had told her countless times “not to be friendly with the help” and punched in the key code to enter the building, taking the elevator to the penthouse her parents owned.

It was almost midnight so she quietly unlocked the door with her key that she always kept in a small hole in the wall that was covered by a wooden plaque that read “Jacksons”, it added to the happy, perfect family image. Maintaining her stealth, she crept to her room on the second floor. The apartment was dark save for the small bit of light coming from her dad’s office. Her mother was asleep so it was relatively easy for Ty to get to the safety of her room undetected. She crawled into her bed, not bothering to change, and quickly fell into an almost dreamless slumber.


Monday afternoon found Ty, Drew and Jimmy sitting bored out of their minds in their English class, as was per usual. Her friends had noticed the new cuts and many bandages Ty had adorned and questioned her immediately with a seriousness that was non-existent in their usual character. Knowing that lying to them when they were worried was pointless and a waste of everyone’s time, not to mention they were some of the most persistent annoyances she had ever known, she told them what had occurred when she left the skate park during lunch. They had believed her and showed their concern through their joking and bantering; acting as if nothing was wrong and their best friend had not just barely managed to escape from some psychotic killers two nights before. But, to someone who knew what to look for or knew them well enough, they were considerably cautious around her, making sure she didn’t do something that would aggravate her injuries. They hovered over her like overly protective elder brothers with a severe sister complex.

When the final bell rang, signaling the end of the lesson and the school day, the classroom quickly cleared out. The trio soon met up with Henry, Grant and Fred by the front doors after getting their skateboards from their lockers. Well, everyone but Ty.

“I’m really sorry I lost it, guys,” Ty apologized once again. She had been tossing and turning over the loss since that fateful night. To most, it was just an old skateboard and she could easily buy another brand new one seeing as she certainly wasn’t pressed for money. To Ty though, it was irreplaceable. It was a special present from her friends who had all chipped in to buy and design the board from their own hard earned money. Henry had been the one to actually draw and paint it since he was the only one with any sort of artistic skill.

Drew and Jimmy each swung an arm over Ty’s shoulder, squishing her between them and ruffled her hair.

“Jeez, it’s no big deal, Ty. Your life is a lot more important than some skateboard. Besides, it came to use to the very end, buying you time to escape. Skully must be honored as a hero!” Drew grinned, punching the air with his own board.

The gang laughed, shouting, “Hail the almighty Skully! A hero for eternity!” as they headed towards the main gates of Brick Road High in a cheering clump. With each cheer and curiously annoyed gaze, Ty felt her spirits rising once again.

“You really do have horrible naming skills, Ty,” Jimmy commented. “Skully?”

Ty punched his side playfully and stuck her tongue out, “Shut up, Jay-Jay.”

Jimmy groaned half-heartedly at Ty’s nickname for him. His parents just had to make his name alliterate and Ty had to have an extremely skilled talent at coming up with unflattering nicknames.

“Hey guys, what’s going on?” Grant tilted his head towards the rather large number of their schoolmates. They were clustered at the entrance, blocking the exit for those who wanted to leave the hellhole known as school. Most of them were of the female variety, the school sluts and attention-whores to be more specific.

The gang slowed their walk and tried to peer between the semi-dressed bodies to see what had attracted their attention. Ty saw a brief flash of black amidst the brightly colored moths and a foreboding sense swelled within her.

“They’re blocking the way to freedom,” Henry complained. He cupped his free hand to his mouth and hollered, “Oi! Go gawk somewhere else, some of us want to get the hell out of here!”

Because the gang loved to annoy as many people as possible, and this particular group was the easiest with the best of reactions, Fred, Grant and Drew added their own calls in a fit of laughter.

“Fucking on school grounds is prohibited! Have some class. At least go do it in a bush!”

“It’s nice that you want to put on a show, but not everyone is desperate enough to watch live bad porn at a school entrance!”

“Go practice for your future careers somewhere else!”

They got their desired reaction of flipped birds, scowls, sneers, and looks of disgust. Though they were more than juvenile and their taunts were rather horrible, their easily amused minds were satisfied with the results. The gang laughed heartily and continued to walk to the entrance, prepared to shove others out of the way if they had to.

Ty was still sandwiched between Drew and Jimmy as the six made their way through the gathered crowd and to the exit of the school grounds. When they finally reached the line between Brick Road High and Brick Road, the road the school was so creatively named after, Ty froze in shock, her laughter dying in her throat as her gaiety instantly vanished.

“Ty?” Drew and Jimmy questioned simultaneously when they were pulled back by Ty’s sudden halt.

“So your name is Ty, eh? How are you, stronza?” Dante smirked, pushing away a rather leggy fake blonde who had been vying for his attention.

Ty blanched and stuttered, “Wh-what...h-how...?”Her somewhat shaking body did not go unnoticed by Drew and Jimmy who eyed the strangers warily, each tightening their hold on Ty in assurance. Grant, Henry and Fred also realized that the newcomers were dangerous and changed their posture slightly as they moved closer to Ty in a protective semicircle.

Parked right outside their school was a gang of six men in dark clothes, each with a motorbike, three of which looked like they had been in an accident of some sort judging from the dented metal and scratched paint jobs. Three of the newcomers were of around the same age as Ty and her friends while the others were clearly in their late-twenties to mid-thirties. Ty had recognized four of them, the three younger ones and one of the older men.

Carlos stepped forward to stand slightly behind Dante and raised one of his brows faintly. Is this really the girl from two nights ago? He hadn’t really known what to expect when they had found her and decided to pay her a little visit after her school ended, but he certainly wasn’t expecting her to look so fearful and weak, surrounded by five very protective boys. He was half waiting for her cutting remarks and snarky comments along with subconsciously looking for something that she could use to throw at them.

Dante pointedly scanned her from head to toe, receiving five furious glares that he couldn’t have cared less about. “That’s quite a few bandages you have there, stronza,” he commented once his blatant inspection was over.

Before Ty could respond, Drew released her and stepped forward, a scowl marring his usually cheerful face. “I don’t know who you are, but if you’re who I think you are, get lost. Even if you’re not, stay the fuck away from her.”

Dante held Drew’s glare impassively, not finding Drew a threat in the least. He drifted his gaze back to Ty, a slow sneer forming upon his lips.

Drew noticed the almost hungry look in Dante’s eyes and stepped forward once again, dropping his board to grab Dante by the cuff of his shirt and making their chests collide. “I said, stay away from her, asshole,” he repeated acidly.

Dante’s supporters tensed briefly at Drew’s more aggressive action, preparing to harm the high school brat if he tried anything on their boss’ son.

Dante snorted, “What’ll you do if I don’t? Rip my shirt?”

Drew’s eyes narrowed as he wordlessly released one hand from Dante’s shirt to create a fist and throw all his strength into a punch. Before his fist could collide with Dante’s face, Dante ducked, twisted and shoved Drew backwards before anyone could process what had happened.

Ty’s eyes widened and she quickly moved herself out of Jimmy’s protective hold to stop Drew from hitting the concrete floor face-first.

After quickly making sure he was fine, she helped him stand up and sent a fierce glare towards Dante, taking Drew’s place in front of him. “What the fuck was that for?” she demanded.

“Are you bipolar or something?” Luca inquired, stepping out from behind his bike. “You change emotions faster than Dante can deliver a punch.”

Ty spared him a portion of her glare, “No I’m not, but I don’t take well to stalking psychos harming my friends. Why the hell can’t you just leave me alone? I got away fair and square and even sacrificed half my life!”

Ahh, there it is, Carlos almost smiled.

Ty’s body began shaking again, though this time with rage. Her fear from before was long forgotten as she was over the shock of seeing the three boys and even Mario again when she thought she had been free.

Dante turned to Carlos and Luca, “I told you that shit piece of wood was important.” To Ty he said, “You know, I really don’t like that stupid little board of yours. I’m tempted to shred it with a chainsaw, or use it for target practice. You’ve used that thing to hit me twice and it kind of hurt.”

“Twice? Good going, Ty,” Fred grinned, finding the mental image of Skully hitting the dark haired boy before them quite pleasing despite their current situation.

Fred was ignored by all but one whose silent interest had been piqued as Luca spoke solely to Ty, pretending that their rather large audience was non-existent, “Come on, Papà wants you to return and we will not leave without you, Ty.”

Drew grabbed Ty’s arm and pulled her behind him. “She’s not going anywhere with any of you sons of bitches,” he stated with a sternness that was only shown when he was beyond serious and ready to maim.

Drew’s words sparked and burned Dante’s temper though only Carlos and Luca noticed. Hit, Dante’s going to snap, Carlos thought, already feeling a small sense of pity for the unaware boy and preparing to jump in if Dante went too far. Even they would have trouble with getting out of murder charges with their rather large number of witnesses.

Dante’s posture instantly became tense with barely restrained fury. He locked his blazing ambers with Drew’s unwavering browns and quietly bit out, “What did you say?”

Unaware of the effect of his chosen words, Drew repeated, emphasizing the end, “You deaf? I said, get lost you son of a motherfucking bitch.”

Too late, Drew saw the fierce fury that flashed in Dante’s eyes. Mind blank, Dante curled his fingers into a tight fist in a matter of seconds before raising his arm and thrusting the fist forward.

Drew’s eyes flew wide open in surprise and just narrowly avoided the punch, only because another force had pulled him away just in the nick of time.

“Ty!” five voices called out in worry amid a sea of shocked gasps and flinches.

Ty cautiously put her hand to her throbbing jaw and moaned, “Oww...that fucking hurt, asscunt.” She tentatively licked her lips and swallowed a liquid with the taste of metal. When she carefully wiped her hand across her mouth, a red stain came away.

Drew quickly knelt down to the floor, forgetting about Dante and the others to worry over Ty. When she intercepted the punch, the force had thrown her back to the floor and her jaw was already turning a deep, nasty purple.

Dante stood frozen, staring down at the brunette who he could not for the life of him figure out. He was skilled at reading people’s actions before they could execute them yet she continued to stump and surprise him. Why’d she get in the way? He eyed the boy who worriedly fretted over her and had completely forgotten Dante’s existence. The girl’s other friends had also crouched down and fussed and questioned and openly showed their concern for her. She someone important? Or are they all really a bunch of lovesick idiots?

Oh dio mio, Dante! We’re not supposed to hurt her!” Carlos exclaimed once the shock of the situation faded. He automatically moved towards Ty but was stopped when the red haired one of her friends sent him a sharp glare and stood up protectively in front of her, blocking Carlos’ way. His face was slightly flushed with anger, highlighting the scattered freckles that dusted his cheeks and nose. Fred had never really grown to like, or accept his freckles, especially after many comments of how “adorably cute” he looked when they stood out. It defiled his manliness.

“You all should really get the fuck out of here,” Fred growled. He knew that they’d stand no chance if a fight were to break out, but no one, and he meant absolutely no one could hurt any of his friends without incurring the wrath of the rest of them. They were like a pack of wolves, loyal to the bone, and their reputation on campus and among other skaters only emphasized the description.

Mario snorted, “And what will a bunch of marmocchi do?” He was bored and did not see why Roberto had insisted on catching the troublesome girl alive. Mario wanted nothing more than to slowly drain her life, especially after what she had done to him when she escaped.

“Mar-what?” Fred frowned, the momentary confusion disrupting his channel of anger.

Ty groaned and stood up, pushing the others away from her as she held a hand to her swelling jaw. “All of you shut up. Guys, I’m fine, don’t do anything stupid. I really don’t want to take another punch, my jaw already hurts like a bitch, and I’m still recovering from other injuries. And you, my psychopathic stalkers,” she turned to the Rizzo group, “what the fuck do you want?”

“Papà wants you to come back to continue where we left off before you attacked him with the vase and ran away,” Luca droned. At some point during the confrontation, he had pulled out a small silver device with miniature cogs and wires to tinker with. “He will not take no for an answer, and we had a bit of trouble finding you so please come with us without too much of a struggle.”

“Guys, shut up,” Ty scolded her companions before they could interrupt as they were prepared to do. To Luca she said, “Do you really think I’ll willingly go back with a bunch of creeps like you? After all I did to get away? No flippin’ way!”

“Do you want your skateboard back?” Luca looked up from his tinkering. “My brother was not kidding when he said he wanted to destroy it.”

Carlos glanced at Luca, wondering what his little brother was planning not for the first time. Out of all of us, he might be the most manipulative. He might even tie with Papà.

Ty’s resolve wavered slightly at the mention of her board and it did not go unnoticed by Luca’s perceptive eyes. Just because he preferred contraptions to people, did not mean he couldn’t work a person to his will through mere words or minor, passive actions.

“Of course I want my board back, but I’m not willingly going to go into a cage filled with starving piranhas,” Ty responded finally, regaining her previous firmness.

“You won’t be caged, Papà just wants to discuss some things with you. You will be free to leave when your business has concluded,” Luca continued, slowly wearing down the chains on Ty’s decision.

She eyed him suspiciously. The offer seemed advantageous to both her and the Rizzos, plus the temptation was too great. Besides, look at all the witnesses. Unlike that night, I have practically the whole school knowing that a bunch of scary looking, hot bikers looked for me and there are also the guys. And Skully...

“If I go, and that is just an if, I just have to listen to your dad and then I can get my board and leave?”

Luca smiled, “Yes.”

“Ty, you can’t be serious,” Drew pulled her free arm, glancing at the Rizzos with mistrust and at Ty with disbelief. Did that punch mess up her head too? She can’t be thinking of actually going with them after what happened before!

Temporarily ignoring Drew and the others’ concern for her mental state, she prodded, “And no one will drug me, tie me up, cut me up, sell my body parts, capture me, chain me to a wall in a dungeon, keep me against my will or harm me in anyway?”

Luca nodded, “No harm of any sort will come to you in anyway.” He pointedly looked at Mario and Dante, silently raising an eyebrow. They both gritted their teeth and agreed grumpily.

Ty bit her lip before remembering that it was busted and winced in pain. She gritted her teeth in thought instead before finally surrendering, “Fine, only because I love that board. But, swear on your manhood that I just have to listen and then I can leave in the exact same condition I went there.”

Luca grinned and put his right hand out to Ty, “You have a deal.”

Ty shook Luca’s outstretched hand, still quite wary.

“Ty, did that punch fuck your brain as well as your jaw?” Drew exclaimed, not believing that she had actually agreed to go back to her Saturday night kidnappers.

“Drew, I’ll be fine. Look at all my witnesses and if I’m even a minute late to Sal’s, you can go into paranoid-overprotective-brother-acting-father mode and call the FBI, SWAT team, NYPD and whoever else you want. These guys are called, umm...What were your names again?”

Dante looked about ready to open fire at a kitten. Carlos put a hand on his shoulder and smiled, “I’m Carlos, and these are my brothers Luca and Dante, our father is Roberto Rizzo. Don’t worry, I promise that nothing will happen to her and she will be in time to whatever you have planned later.”

“Rizzo?” Grant repeated mostly to himself, the name sounding oddly familiar. Their forgotten audience mumbled the name, others also either recognizing the name or finding it at the tip of their tongue but not knowing where it came from.

“Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine. Besides, not like I can do anything at the skate park without my board and gear. I’ll see you guys soon and tell you everything tonight,” Ty promised.

Even though she knew she was being an idiot, she couldn’t help but be curious. What was the reason for Roberto wanting her to marry into his family? What really happened that night? What was the fight about? Who exactly were the Rizzos? And she had to admit the boys did intrigue her. Luca was younger than her by a year but he seemed to have the mental age of a thirty-year-old, especially by how he had propositioned her, but had the charm and looks of a classic boy-next-door. Carlos seemed to be kind and caring to a degree, a complete contrast to the rather daunting Dante. I have been told multiple times that my own curiosity will be the end of me...

“Ty,” Grant started, trying to convince her not to leave. He was the more levelheaded of the sextet, often playing the role of the only force that made sure none of the others flunked out of school and occasionally actually did their work to an acceptable standard.

“Buzz,” Ty parroted, smiling a little. One look at her and he sighed in defeat. She was determined and there was very little anyone could do when Ty was lured in by her own curiosity and magnetism to trouble.

“Be careful then. You better tell us everything and return in one piece,” Grant finished much to Drew, Jimmy, Fred and Henry’s dismay. They opened their mouths to argue but thought better of it and decided to save their breath. Ty was curious, and when Ty was curious, almost nothing can change her mind as they each had learned from firsthand experience.

Ty grinned, “Definitely. Later, losers.” She waved and marched out of the school grounds, right past the Rizzos and their backup.

“Hey!” Carlos called out, going to stop her.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Dante grabbed her wrist, halting her movement.

She glared at his hand and pulled away, only to fail and direct her glare at him instead. “Let go. I just agreed to go back to your stupid place and that’s where I’m going.”

Luca sat down on his bike and before putting his helmet over his head, pointed out, “You don’t know where our house is.”

“When I jumped the fence in that alley, I ended up in a place I was familiar with. It’ll be a cinch to find your mansion place. And I’ll just be following you guys anyway so it doesn’t matter.”

“You’re going to walk while we drive?” Carlos questioned skeptically. He bit back a grin at her stumped expression that turned to embarrassed irritation.

“Fine,” she huffed and yanked her arm from Dante’s grip, well tried to. “Jesus fucking Christ, would you let go? I’m not going to run and my wrist is starting to hurt, ass.”

He eyed her suspiciously, far from trusting her after their very limited yet highly memorable meetings. He released his firm grip with a quiet threat, “Try to escape, and I will not hesitate to repeatedly run you over with my bike followed by tying you to the back and dragging you along the road on full speed like a ragdoll as Achilles did to Hector.”

A slight cold shiver trailed down Ty’s spine at his words for she had no doubt he would do just that. One of the few things she remembered from her classes was the event Dante had mentioned. Ty, though not the most studious of people, did find some things interesting enough to remember; myths and legends of gruesome battles involving gory details of blood and death being one of a few.

She put on a brave front, refusing to show him her slight fear of him (little did she know that he had already knew of her fear and enjoyed it, though he questioned why it was a rather small amount compared to how much he had expected her to fear him) and narrowed her eyes to sneer, “Says the guy who couldn’t dodge a hastily thrown skateboard and was knocked right off his bike onto his skinny little ass.”

She turned away from him before he could answer and marched to one of the free bikes. It was a simple black, no added tints like the other five, but it was also one of the damaged bikes with missing side mirrors. Ty swung her leg over and seated herself, turning the key and revving the engine, smiling at the low rumbling purr the vehicle emitted. Even though her father owned an automobile company, Ty had yet to get her own car though she would prefer a motorbike, as they were much faster and could slip in and out of narrow areas. Another thing her parents deemed unacceptable for a lady of their social standards.

As she moved backwards, facing the general direction of where she had escaped two nights before, Dante marched to her side, furious. “What the hell are you doing on my bike, stronza?”

Ty flashed him a wicked smirk, secretly gleeful that she had chosen his bike by chance and he was already so infuriated, “Well, as your nicer older brother mentioned, walking will take way too fucking long and this’ll make us marginally even. You stole my board and I’m stealing your bike. Better hurry up, even though I have narrowed down an area, I’m not exactly sure where your place is.”

Before Dante could yank Ty off his bike, she leaned forward and shot down the street, a mad grin stretched across her face.

It took a few seconds before Mario cursed and chased after her, barking for the others to follow.

“She stole your bike,” Carlos stated, not quite believing the fact even though he had just witnessed it. “She actually stole your bike.” Carlos began laughing, surprising the gang and further adding to Dante’s anger.

Drew cleared his throat to get the Rizzos’ attention, “Even though I don’t trust you at all, I think you deserve a fair warning.”

Temporarily putting off his murderous intentions towards the troublesome brunette, Dante rolled his eyes at him, “Look you piccolo pezzo di merda, none of us, or at least I don’t have an interest in your nut-job girlfriend. She’s yours so don’t bother trying the ‘I’m the boyfriend’ act. I don’t promise not to kill her though if she continues to piss me off.”

“Girlfriend? Ty?” Drew blinked. After a second of staring blankly, he burst out laughing along with Jimmy and the others. “Ty? My girlfriend? As in me and her dating and sucking face? Damn, you really have no idea who she is, do you?”

Dante frowned at the five boys who, just like the annoying brunette, seemed to have very turbulent emotions. It was like they had no sense of danger or were completely oblivious to threats.

Drew clapped Dante’s shoulder, shaking his head and chuckling knowingly, “Dude, I was going to say that the last bike Ty rode was one she stole and crashed into a fire hydrant. She’s a speed addict and I’d actually hate to see a sweet ride like yours completely totaled. Oh and it would suck if Ty got hospitalized again.”

“Yup,” Henry agreed. “She was the crankiest little whiny bitch until she was finally freed and her leg was healed and no longer in that cast.”

Lei cosa?” Dante’s eyes widened. Without waiting for an answer – one he wouldn’t get anyway as the boys only gave him confused expressions that clearly expressed, “What did you just say, ‘cause that wasn’t English”–he hopped on the last available bike, tossing the helmet away, and took off after Ty like Mario and the others had, leaving Luca watching with quiet amusement and Carlos bike-less.

“We better go and make sure he doesn’t kill her. Papà probably wouldn’t like that,” Luca commented, turning his bike on and waiting for Carlos to pick up his discarded helmet and sit behind him.

Carlos picked up his helmet, dusting it off and giving a small smile to the gang, “Well, we’ll be off then. We will probably be seeing more of each other, so until then, ciao.” He seated himself behind Luca who wasted no more words or time and sped after Ty and her followers.

Once they were out of view and the spectacle produced was gone, their audience had dispersed, spreading the new gossip that was sure to fill the halls with many fabricated details.

“Does anyone know what the black haired guy called me?” Drew asked out loud once he had picked up his board and began walking towards his house with the other four following. None felt like going to the skate park without Ty and they knew that they’d be too busy worrying over her to enjoy skating anyway. None of them could wait the three hours until their ritual meet up at Sal’s.

They all shook their heads. “Sounded Spanish-y to me,” Fred offered.

“That definitely wasn’t Spanish, Red,” Jimmy denied. He’d been taking Spanish since freshman year and spent more time learning cusses than what the curriculum required. Somehow he managed to pass Spanish 1 and 2 and was maintaining a C average in Spanish 3. “But he said merda or something which sounds like mierda and that’s Española for ‘shit’.”

Drew shrugged it off, not really caring. “Can’t believe he thought we were dating though. That hasn’t happened in a while,” he laughed.

“You know, Drew, you and Ty did actually date and suck face once upon a while ago,” said Grant, a teasing glint in his eyes.

Jimmy, Henry and Fred began poking Drew jokingly until he shoved them off and rolled his eyes, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, you guys are never gonna let that go, are you? It was last year for like two weeks! And it was just to shut everyone up about how we would be perfect for each other and should date and shit. You guys already know that, so shut up. Oh and I think there’s still some of mom’s cookies left over.”

At the mention of cookies, specifically Mrs. Callahan’s cookies, they immediately hopped on their boards and raced to Drew’s house. In the back of their minds though, they each hoped Ty hadn’t gone and gotten herself into a mess that even she couldn’t handle.


Italian Lingo:

Stronza - bitch

Oh dio mio - oh my god

Marmocchi - brats (monello is singular)

Piccolo pezzo di merda - little piece of shit

Lei cosa? - she what?

Ciao - hi or bye

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