Why Me?

Ty, just another skateboarding high school junior, was minding her own legal business when she gets stuck in the middle of a mafia fight with guns, knives, and potato launchers, while only armed with her trusty skateboard. What does she do? Runs for her life only to get captured and asked (read: commanded) to marry one of the three sons of the don. And then people want to kill her. Obviously.


15. Chapter Fifteen

The skate park was bustling with its usual crowd despite having a bunch of wet spots from the previous night's storm, Ty and her gang doing their own things on the various equipment spread about the area. They had been at the skate park since they woke up at around eleven, Ty nursing a hangover and cleaning up the broken bottle pieces before she dressed and met her friends for lunch at Sal's, and then heading to the park. As the day progressed, the park slowly got more filled as school ended for the others who didn't have a stink bomb problem and it was already almost six in the evening.

"Hey, you're sure you don't want any of it, Tyler?" Shady called up to Ty. He had turned up a few hours ago and Ty had given him the envelope with the tickets. He spent the rest of the time doing some deals, mostly alcohol sales and orders, before wandering around and watching the skaters.

"I'm positive, Shady," Ty hollered back, pulling her board back under her feet as she landed a sweet air walk grab on the edge of the ramp.

She got a couple of whistles and claps on the back which she grinned at before looking down at Shady who was sitting on the floor. "You sure you don't wanna have a go?" she asked.

Shady shook his head, "Positive, Tyler." He gestured for her to continue and after shrugging, she dipped back into the ramp intent on grabbing enough air for a clean 360.

She was too busy focusing on her board that she didn't notice the cheering turn into murmurs as two people who had never been seen at the park before headed straight for Ty's ramp. They had no skate gear which is what drew everyone's attention since it was rare that anyone who wasn't going to skate entered the park, Shady being the only exception since he did a number of his deals at the park. Also, never had two teenagers entered the skate park dressed in formal wear.

"I don't think I've ever seen you smile so much before," Carlos commented when Ty landed her 360 with practiced ease.

She immediately snapped her head to look at him in shock and pointed at him and Luca, demanding, "What are you doing here?" She frowned in confusion and added, "And why are you dressed like that?"

Carlos was sporting a pair of clean black dress pants with a dark green vest over a black button down and matching black dress shoes. Luca was dressed similarly with a white button down and blue vest instead. Both their hair was gelled back neatly and Luca didn't have a spot of grease or gunpowder on him.

Ty flipped her board into her hands and hopped down the ramp, glaring at the two. A quick scan of the area revealed that Dante was not with them for which she was grateful for. Even though she passed out plastered the previous night, bits and pieces of Dante's visit remained in her memory, not enough to know the exact reason for why she was pissed enough to drink but enough to know that she was pissed and angry at him and did not want to see him anytime soon.

"We're here to pick you up," Luca chirped happily, latching onto Ty's arm. It was a rather odd sight since he was taller than her but he curled up into her like a puppy.

"Why? And to where?" Ty questioned suspiciously, pulling free of Luca and ignoring his pout.

"Remember we told you about a party that was on Friday? Well today's Friday and it's in an hour," Carlos answered.

"I'm not going to any stupid party with you. And how the hell did you find me?"

"We tried your place but you weren't there so we figured you'd be here. And you are. And we can't take no for an answer, Ty," Carlos smiled apologetically.

"Where's this party going to be?" Shady asked, making himself known.

Carlos and Luca looked at him suspiciously. They had noticed he was there, watching and listening in, but they didn't know if he was close to Ty.

"It doesn't matter, Shady, 'cause I'm not going unless they kidnap me." Again, I might add.

Shady laughed, "Never thought you were the dramatic type, Tyler. Anyway, I'm Shady, haven't properly met you lads before."

Carlos shook hands with Shady, smiling politely, "Carlos, and my brother Luca. Dante's not here though. You don't look like a skater, no offence."

Shady shook off the apology, "It's fine, I'm don't skate even though Tyler's been trying to get me to since we first started to get to know each other. I just come to the park to sell alcohol or cigarettes with the occasional forged note. You'll probably hear of my services if you listen well enough back at school."

"You're a drug dealer?" Carlos questioned, narrowing his amber eyes at Shady.

"No, no, the only drug type substance I sell are cigarettes. I refuse to sell anything that isn't regular old tobacco. I need some form of income since I can't get any decent well-paying part time jobs that'll pay for living expenses now and university next year,' Shady added, used to the judging looks he received when he told people about his dominant side job.

"Get off his case, Carlos," Ty butted in, seeing how the brothers were watching Shady with suspicious looks.

"Do you buy from him?" Carlos directed his attention back to Ty. He remembered the morning when they met Jimmy's sister where Ty had handed Shady some money. His gaze and tone was so serious it threw Ty off for a second before she found her nerve again.

"Whether or not I do is absolutely none of your damn business," she snapped.

"You are not allowed to smoke. It kills your lungs and none of us tolerate any sort of drugs unless prescribed by a certified doctor," Carlos stated sternly.

Ty gaped at him, unable to believe that he was actually ordering her around. She also felt the small niggling of a memory trying to resurface over her alcohol blocked mind but swiftly ignored it. "I can do whatever I damn well please, Carlos. You're not my father, my brother, my boyfriend or even my monkey's uncle. I will smoke if I want to and you can't do shit about it." She turned to Shady who had quietly watched the proceedings, "Let's go find Rinny and the others."

She walked away and Shady followed after casting one last glance at Carlos and Luca. He, like everyone else at Brick Road, knew who the brothers were and that they had some sort of obsession, understanding, grudge or deal with Ty – it depended on which rumor you heard and chose to believe.

Shady and Ty found Henry at the bowl with the others who went over to the two once they caught sight of each other.

"Who pissed you off?" Grant asked noting Ty's expression.

"Two of the Rizzos showed up saying Ty's gotta go to some party and then made the mistake of ordering her around," Shady explained, looking back over his shoulder to see that the aforementioned brothers were following them.

"Where's Dante?" Jimmy asked, spotting Carlos and Luca as they approached but not seeing Dante.

Shady shrugged and Ty simply scowled, grumbling, "Why the hell can't they just leave me alone?"

The others looked at her sympathetically. Fred tried consoling her, "At least they left you alone all of yesterday, right?"

Ty grumbled noncommittally as Carlos and Luca approached. She hadn't told anyone about Dante's visit during last night's storm and figured it best that the night was forgotten. She already forgot most of what happened due to chugging a whole bottle of strong whiskey so she was halfway there to making that evening nonexistent.

Carlos spotted Fred and was a bit apprehensive to go to them especially considering Fred now knew Carlos; sexual orientation and that Carlos had his sights set on the redhead. He sucked it up though and pasted his usual smile on his face, greeting the boys, "Hey."

The boys nodded their greetings normally although Fred couldn't seem to be able to look Carlos in the eye. He remembered what he learned just the previous day and he had also been having flashbacks of his hang out with Carlos for the past couple of days. He reacted to the flashbacks by blushing and even his parents have noticed that something was up with their only son.

"So you're kidnapping Ty to another party? How many parties does your family even have?" Grant asked.

Carlos' smile turned into a slight grimace, "It's usually not this bad and we're not hosting this one. It's being held at the Castrillo, that fancy hotel near Time Square, and hosted by the family that owns it, the Castellas. We kind of have to go for business reasons."

"And because we have to go, so does our fiancée," Luca added, grinning cheerfully at Ty.

"For the hundredth fucking time, I am not. Your. Fiancée!" Ty exclaimed exasperatedly. "Fuck!"

Fiancée? Shady thought silently, looking between the Rizzos and Ty.

Jimmy caught Shady's eye and silently mouthed that they'd explain later. He wasn't sure how they would explain it or how much they would reveal, but the gang trusted Shady despite his little job.

Carlos and Luca shared a look before grabbing Ty's arms and pulling her between them. "I'm truly sorry, dolcezza, but Papà doesn't take no for an answer and we have to get there in less than an hour now."

Ty struggled in their grip but the brothers barely noticed. Carlos smiled reassuringly at the boys who were warily watching the brothers, "I promise she won't get hurt. She just needs to be with us at the stupid dinner/party/gala thing and we'll return her home or to one of your houses the moment we leave."

"There's really not much of a choice is there?" Drew sighed.

Ty was kicking and cursing but everyone pretty much ignored her for the moment. They were getting weird looks from the other skaters in the area but they were promptly ignored as well.

"Not really, sorry. You met our Papà briefly that one time, right? He's determined to get what he wants when he wants it and right now, he wants us to escort Ty at the Castellas' party."Also, the more she is seen with us, the more people will know to keep away from her since she's under our protection. Papà said that Bellini may be looking for her because she's a witness from that night at the park.

Carlos kept his thoughts to himself, not wanting to worry Ty or her friends. The brunette was still rather oblivious of her situation and Carlos wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing.

"Um, hello? Right here and I don't want to go to some snob fest!" Ty argued, still struggling in Carlos' and Luca's hold. She was steadily tiring herself out and was not even close to bursting free. "Let me go, you motherfucking pieces of shit!"

"Our car's right outside, I'll let you try and get her there," Luca said before letting go of Ty and walking right out of the park.

As soon as Luca let go of her, Ty turned to her side, drew her knee up and jabbed Carlos right in the side.

Her friends grimaced, knowing the power behind that knee and Carlos briefly let go of her as he clutched his side. "Oh dio mio, you have a good knee," Carlos gasped.

Ty picked up her board and jumped to stand a little behind Grant and Shady, using them as human shields. "Fuck yeah, I do," she responded smugly.

"How about we make a deal?" Carlos offered.

Ty narrowed her eyes at him suspiciously, "What kind of deal?"

He glanced at her, shifted his gaze to Fred before forcing it to return to Ty. I can fantasize later, Carlos scolded himself as he continued, "You go to this party thing with me and Luca and then I'll do my best to convince Papà to not force you to go to any more parties." When Ty simply narrowed her eyes further at him, thinking about his offer, he added, "That means we'll stop stalking you to your hangouts and no more kidnapping."

Ty bit her lip, thinking, but she didn't debate for long before nodding, "Alright, deal. You break it and I will beat the shit out of you."

Carlos smiled, "Great. Not the whole you beating the shit out of me part, but the fact that we actually came to a civil agreement."

Ty stepped out from behind Grant and Shady and turned to her friends, "I guess I'll see you guys later then?"

They shrugged, Grant responding, "I guess, you spending the night at yours or..?"

Ty nodded, "Yeah, I got the place to myself for the rest of the month. I'll see you guys tomorrow or something."

"Yeah, and thanks for the tickets, Tyler," Shady added sincerely. He was definitely going to be able to get a lot of money for them, money he needed.

She said her farewells and walked with Carlos out of the skate park, the other skaters murmuring amongst themselves about the scene and those who knew the gang well enough going up to the boys to ask them what was up. The boys gave vague answers and soon went back to skating together, except Shady who just watched, as Ty entered the sleek black car that she was first kidnapped in, sliding in next to Luca with Carlos getting in after her and sitting across from the two.

"So where's this party thing and how long do I have to stay?" Ty asked. She tried to see the front but the dividing glass was up so she couldn't see who was driving.

"I said it before, it's at the Castrillo, that super fancy hotel near Time Square and a couple hours should do fine," Carlos answered.

Luca was messing with the collar of his shirt and Ty chuckled, "Yeah, formal wear is a pain, ain't it?"

"I hate these things," he complained, pouting and giving up at trying to make his shirt more comfortable to wear.

"Me too, fratellino, me too," Carlos sighed, unbuttoning the top button of his dress shirt so he could breathe easier.

"If you guys hate it so much, couldn't you just, I dunno, ditch? Make up something so you could avoid going?" Ty questioned, tilting her head to the side. "That's what I do. Or I just run away and hide out for a few hours."

The brothers shared a glance before Carlos scratched the back of his head, "We could but…"

"These party things are the only times we spend with Papà and each other, kind of," Luca picked up where Carlos trailed off. He added a moment later, "Other than recently when we keep an eye on you, otherwise, before we pretty much never saw much of each other."

Ty shifted her gaze between the brothers, slowly saying, "So basically, and this is me being the most psychological and philosophical I'll ever be, you guys use these party things to try and get your estranged family back together without actually doing so."

Carlos chuckled, "I guess we do, in a way. We didn't used to be like this, we used to actually be really close years ago."

"You guys already seem pretty close though, I mean you're no Icky and Jay but you guys don't act like you don't know each other," Ty frowned in confusion. She had noticed that they rarely spoke to each other and she remembered the tense atmosphere when Carlos was treating her wounds that one time, but there were moments where the brothers seemed to be like brothers, or at least what Ty thought a brotherly relationship was like. She had no siblings of her own and Grant was the only one of her friends with a brother but the age difference was completely different than the Rizzos'. Even Victoria and Jimmy had a much larger age gap but those two grew up close, Victoria babysitting them when Travis wasn't or even with Travis and the gang would tease them about going out. They never did.

"We do?" Luca and Carlos furrowed their brows, speaking in sync and then eyeing each other in surprise.

"Okay you guys don't get brothers of the year awards and I don't know how siblings usually act around each other, but from what I've seen, you guys aren't like long lost siblings who've never seen or heard of each other before."

Luca and Carlos frowned in though before Luca conceded, "I guess… But you didn't meet us before we were kind of forced to be around each other more to watch over you. Before we met, we pretty much pretended the others didn't exist."

They fell into a thoughtful silence after that, each thinking about their own thing. Luca and Carlos thought about Ty's observations before drifting off to their own interests, mechanics and Fred, respectively. Ty looked out the tinted windows and slowly began to dread the party. She didn't like formal events and had blocked all the ones she attended from when she was younger and had no choice but to attend from her memory. The name of the hotel did seem oddly familiar to her though but she didn't dwell on it too much.

The car stopped and soon the door was being opened by a rugged looking man with a black stud piercing. Ty thought he looked vaguely familiar and when she entered the hotel, hugging her board to her chest, with Carlos and Luca on either side, she realized he was one of the men who had been caught in the motorbike pile up caused by her skateboard.

"You could have left your skate gear in the car," Luca commented as they got onto the elevator and Carlos told the elevator operator that they were there for the Castellas' party.

"I could have, but I like my board and gear," Ty answered, not about to even think of coming to a compromise. "And I'm not changing clothes. If people have a problem with a plaid shirt and baggy shorts, they can talk to my middle finger." She emphasized her point by adjusting her elbow pads, wrist guards, and keeping her helmet firmly on her head.

The elevator operator cast her a weird look before he frowned as he seemed to recognize her. "I'm sorry, miss, but do you happen to be related to Madam Heather Jackson?" he asked.

Ty froze and the man took that to be a bad sign as he rushed, "I am very sorry, miss, it was just that Madam Jackson had her own gala here a few days ago and you look strikingly similar to her. I'm sorry."

Ty shook out of her daze and forced a smile even though her grip around her board had tightened to the point of the wood digging into her skin, and shook her head, "Nah, it's fine, man. People make mistakes all the time, it's no big deal."

They arrived moments later and Ty rushed out of the elevator, seconds away from breaking something. She stood to the side taking deep breaths as Carlos and Luca hurried over to her, frowning in worry.

"Are you alright?" Luca asked, seeing that something was obviously wrong.

Ty pasted another smile onto her face and nodded, "Yeah, totally fine. Let's just get this over with, 'kay?"

The lie was blatant and obvious but the brothers didn't press on the issue and simply nodded, leading the way to the biggest ballroom of the hotel.

"Ah, bambina! It's been a while," Lorenzo grinned, having caught sight of them as soon as they entered.

"Chucky, hey, and it has I guess," Ty smiled back at him, this one not too forced. Against her rational self, she felt calm and relaxed around the almost fatherly man. "Haven't seen you since the last party I got dragged to by you lot."

Lorenzo nodded, remembering exactly how that turned out.

Ty, sensing where his thoughts were headed, added, "Don't worry, I'll try not to storm off in anger this time. I'm getting better at controlling my mood swings." Well as long as no one brings up my family, everything'll go fine. I think.

Lorenzo nodded, smiling down at her though he could see she was a little on edge despite her easy going behaviour.

"Bambina," Roberto enveloped Ty into a brief hug, being mindful of her board, before pulling back and holding her by her shoulders at arm's length.

She froze in shock and stared up at Roberto thinking he had finally gone senile.

He grinned at her, "Sorry, bambina, it's just been a long time since I've seen you. My boys see you every day but I don't. You need to visit the house more often. Even Luigi's been asking about you."

Ty couldn't move, her brain was frozen and for some odd reason unknown to her, she felt relaxed and a sincere smile wanted to break out on her lips.

"Papà, I think you broke her," Luca quipped. He was seconds away from waving his hand in front of Ty's face to get her back from wherever her mind took her.

"N-no, I'm fine, no one broke me," Ty snapped out of her daze. "Just…surprised."

She backed away and Roberto understood that she was uncomfortable and removed his hands from her shoulders, clasping them behind his back in a businesslike manner.

Ty relaxed at seeing the familiar pose and mentally scoffed at herself. What? I can't handle any fatherly behaviour since I've been deprived of it for as long as I can remember? I'm being way too emotional. Fucking stages.

"Well, I'm going to find the food and probably the alcohol, avoid people and just waste time. I'll see you lot around," Ty smirked and walked past the four, heading straight to where she saw a buffet table set up with ridiculously expensive treats, most of which looked a lot better than they actually tasted.

Ty eyed the bite sized treats, trying to judge which items would not taste like cardboard despite looking so great. She picked up a mini chocolate cupcake that was barely the size of her pinky, thinking that it would be her safest bet. She bit into it right down the middle and grinned when she realized that the mini cupcakes had a shot of liqueur in them.

Ty finished off a few more liqueur cupcakes before grabbing a glass from one of the milling servers with a thank you. She sniffed the bubbly yellow liquid and tipped the glass back, the sweet yet dry champagne mixing with the chocolate on her tongue. She finished the flute and handed it to another waiter who took the glass without a word and went back to the kitchen after Ty grabbed another glass.

"Planning on getting drunk, stronza?"

Ty turned around at Dante's voice and minor broken flashbacks of the previous night appeared in her mind; Dante soaking wet, Dante holding a cup of 2-minute noodles, Dante standing in her room in just his boxers, and Dante sitting on her bed with an empty cup of 2-minute noodles.

"Just a bit, I had a bitch of a hangover this morning and I don't really want another one tomorrow," Ty answered, subtly taking him in. He looked nothing like himself in his formal outfit for the night. He was dressed similarly to his brothers except he was entirely in black, the only exception being the silver piercings in his ear and amber eyes.

"You got drunk yesterday?" Dante frowned. Does that mean she forgot me visiting last night?

Ty nodded and sipped her new glass of champagne, adjusting her board under her armpit, "Completely piss-faced. I don't remember shit from last night. Last thing I do remember clearly was watching Spongebob reruns in my room." She didn't want to talk about him dropping by and hoped he wouldn't mention it.

Dante nodded. He could tell that Ty was holding back information and probably remembered more than she was letting on, but that was fine by him. They both had unknowingly silently agreed to forget the previous night had even happened. It was the easier and much more amicable path.

"Dante!" a sultry cry broke their tensing silence.

"Adreana," Dante bit back a groan as the girl clung onto his arm. Adreana was dressed similarly to the last time he had seen her except her dress was now a sparkly deep green number paired with gold heels that added a good four inches to her height so she was now almost eye-level with Dante.

"Who is that?" Adreana looked down her nose at Ty who was trying to hold back a bark of laughter by throwing back the rest of her champagne. She could see that Dante was irritated with Adreana on his arm and he had already slipped his limb free from her manicured clutches.

"My name's none of your business, slutbag," Ty answered grinning. She was already feeling a light buzz from guzzling the alcohol too quickly but didn't mind. She just had to make sure that she didn't drink too much too fast or have any more liqueur cupcakes. She placed her empty glass on the table and began scouring for another treat to eat, completely ignoring Adreana who gaped at her in shock.

"Dante," Adreana pouted up at Dante. "She called me a slut."

Dante mentally scoffed, And what do you want me to do about it? She's actually right.

"Bag," Ty murmured, not looking away from the treats. "I called you a slutbag. The bag is a very important part of the insult. Like calling someone a scumbag. Totally different from just calling someone scum. Oh!" Ty snatched up a piece of sushi that was hidden behind some sort of mini quiche. She popped the piece into her mouth and quickly chewed and swallowed, grabbing another one and repeating the process.

Figuring out that Dante wasn't going to come to her defense, Adreana decided to try and take matters into her own hands. She crossed her olive arms over her chest, subsequently pushing her breasts up and almost right out of her dress, sneering, "Where did you even come from? And your clothes are just ridiculous. Did you get them from some alleyway dumpster?"

Ty turned to Adreana and gave her a droll stare with a single raised eyebrow, "I've come from the deepest pit of hell, following Lord Lucifer's orders to take stock of you humans before he rises from the underworld and turns you all into either sex or labor slaves. I'm also to figure out the recipe for the best chocolate chip cookies in this boring little realm. My lord absolutely loves chocolate chip cookies."

When Ty didn't get a response she grumbled about people not getting jokes before rolling her eyes, "Where does it look like I arrived from? I've got a helmet and skate gear on plus my board is right in my hands, skankbasket. And I think this shirt is Drew's, or it could be Travis' from when he was still in high school. And the shorts I'm pretty sure I bought at Target. Or it could have been at that sketchy looking thrift store down the street from Mackel."

Ty turned back to the food and picked up a cupcake shoving it to Dante, "Dude, you need to try these, they're pretty damn good and have some sort of liqueur in 'em. Eat it!"

Dante took the cupcake and eyed Ty curiously. She was definitely well on her way to being drunk despite her mental promise. A glance at Adreana showed that she was completely furious, her flawless olive skin heated up in her embarrassment fueled anger.

"Jeez, it's not poisoned, you dolt," Ty rolled her eyes when Dante simply held the cupcake near his mouth but made no move to actually eat it. "Even I can't fuck with something in the span of like three seconds. Eat it! C'mon, I promise it's good."

She didn't even wait for him to react, grabbing the cupcake from him, peeling the lining off and grabbing his jaw, cramming the cupcake into his mouth when he opened it to protest at her actions. The entire time, Ty managed to keep her board locked under her arm as she grinned like a hyperactive eight year old.

Ty grinned proudly as Dante cupped his mouth and managed to chew and swallow the cupcake without making a mess.

"It's good, right?" she asked.

"You got drunk extremely fast," Dante avoided answering the question, glaring at her for almost making him choke on a mini cupcake. She was right though, the cupcake actually tasted pretty good and even though he wasn't one for sweets, the chocolate liqueur tasted great.

"I'm not drunk," Ty denied crossly before smirking. "Just a tad tipsy is all. You have yet to see me full on drunk, Dante my boy." Just as she began to walk away, she called teasingly over her shoulder, "I heard I'm a damn riot when drunk."

Dante did not know how to react to Tipsy Ty and when Adreana turned to face him, demanding to know just who she was and what her relation to him was, Dante mindlessly murmured, "Me and my brothers' fidanzata."

"What?" Adreana gaped. That…that little bitch is their fiancée? How? She was half tempted to stalk over to Roberto and demand to know how the skater girl managed to nag the spot of fiancée when Adreana herself had been striving for the position since the moment she laid eyes on Dante and Carlos, particularly Dante. But, she knew doing so would only make her lose points with the family and embarrass her father.

Dante ignored her and caught sight of his brothers, using them as an excuse to get away from the little heiress who was gradually getting on his last nerve


Ty wandered through the ballroom, sticking to the wall and trying to remain inconspicuous. She managed to nab another flute of champagne but this one she was determined to make last for longer than a few minutes. She had her board between her legs as she leaned against the wall, watching all the formally dressed men and woman schmooze about. She got quite a number of odd looks but swiftly ignored them, not caring about their opinion on her attire that made her look completely out of place.

As she sipped her champagne, simply letting her gaze drift across the scene, another body joined her against the wall.

"We meet again," Vladimir greeted, holding his own glass of champagne.

Ty frowned at him, trying to remember if she had actually met him before. Her eyes widened in realization after a moment as she blurted, "Pelican dude!"

Vladimir's lips twitched in amusement, "Pelican?"

Ty shrugged and sipped her drink, "I forgot your actual name but your last name sounded like pelican."

Vladimir chuckled, "It's Vladimir and I guess Pellegrino sounds a bit like the bird."

Ty hummed noncommittally, continuing to people watch. She saw Lorenzo and Roberto sticking close together, talking with a couple, the woman who looked remarkably like an older version of Adreana. Dante looked like he was arguing with Carlos before he stormed off and grabbed a drink, and Luca had retired to a seat in the corner, fiddling with a small device that occasionally sparked tiny flashes of blue electricity.

"I'm guessing you're not one for formal events," Vladimir commented, trying to make conversation.

Ty tilted her head slightly as she continued to watch Luca and answered, "You'd be guessing right. I hate these kinds of things."

"Then why are you here?" Vladimir questioned.

"Carlos and Luca picked me up from the skate park on the orders of their dad."

"Why?" he continued to interrogate her.

Ty shifted her gaze to him, standing straighter and adapting a defensive stance, "What's up with the twenty questions? It's none of your damn business, Pelican."

"Are you bothering our fiancée?" Luca strolled up to them. He had spotted Vladimir and Ty a while ago but continued to work on his little device that once he managed to fix would be able to shock a person into paralysis for a few minutes. It used to be a simple joy buzzer, but then Luca got his hands on it. When he saw that Ty was looking uncomfortable, he quickly made his way to them.

"Fiancée?" Vladimir exclaimed in surprise, glancing down at Ty.

Luca nodded and put his arm around Ty's shoulders, pulling her into his side, "Yes. She's me and my brothers' fiancée and you look like you were bothering her, Vladdy."

Vladimir grimaced, "I've told you not to not call me that." He loathed the nickname and if Luca weren't a Rizzo, he'd have had him killed by now for referring to him with the horrid nickname.

"And I took your complaints into consideration before promptly ignoring them," Luca chirped. He bent down to pick up Ty's board and slid his arm off her shoulder to hold her hand, linking their fingers together, "Let's go, Ty, I want to show you something."

Without another word, Luca pulled Ty away and towards his previous seat, making her sit beside him on the velvet cushioned chairs and brought out his tinkering toy, showing her his modifications.

"Thanks for the save, Luca," Ty said to him before he completely zoned her out to continue modifying the joy buzzer.

Luca shrugged and smiled at her, "Vladdy's a creep anyway and no one in my family likes him or his father all that much. Besides, I got to look out for my fiancée, right?"

Ty rolled her eyes but didn't bother denying the title. She'd let it slide this one time since he did save her from kneeing Vladimir's crotch and probably avoid getting on a bunch of people's hit lists.



"You're late," Maurice grunted, reclining in his seat in his office.

"Sorry, Mr. Bellini, it was a bit more difficult to find a secluded area than I had thought."

"Don't give me excuses, give me your report."

"Yes, sir. Their fiancée did show up but, sir…"

"Get on with it, idiot!" Maurice snarled impatiently.

"The fiancée is the girl from the park, sir."

Maurice remained silent and his undercover goon hesitantly asked, "Um, sir? Mr. Bellini, sir, are you there?"

"Stop using my name, nitwit, someone could hear you. And are you certain they're the same girl?"

"Positive, sir. It's definitely her."

Maurice tapped his chin in thought. He sat up and directed, "Stay for a bit longer, about another two hours or so, and keep an eye on her and the Rizzos. When you get back, I want a full report while I make some changes to my more private plans."

"Yes, sir. Goodbye."

Maurice set his phone on his desk and ran his hands through his blond locks. "So the fiancée and the girl are the same people. This just made things a lot easier, instead of two targets, it's just one and with that brat still thinking we're working together, I'll be taking down two birds with one stone," Maurice mused, grinning wickedly.

He soon began to laugh. Dark, almost maniacal laughter erupted from his lips as he thought about how he would crush all his opponents and show those that looked down on him that Maurice Bellini was not some insignificant little gang leader.


Ty yawned, stretching her arms over her head and arching her back, almost moaning at the satisfying crack that coursed down her spine. "Maan, I'm ssssoo sssleeepy."

Luca shook his head at her, "What exactly kind of drunk are you? You started off as the happy, bubbly drunk, then the angry, easily irritated drunk, to the flirty, touchy-feely drunk, and now you've hit sleepy drunk."

The two of them had spent the past two and a half hours together, Ty getting steadily drunker by each glass of champagne she guzzled, her previous decision to not get drunk completely forgotten. Luca gave up working on his modified joy buzzer and simply watched Ty go through her drunken phases while keeping an eye on her to make sure she didn't do something that would cause trouble later. It was the most fun he'd ever had at a formal party his family had to attend.

Ty hiccupped and leaned on his shoulder, slurring sleepily, "I tooold Dainty I wasss a riooot. You shhhould ssseee me on t-tequilaaa or ssscotch or whissskeey, bro."

"I think it's time to drop you home," Luca chuckled, wrapping his arm around Ty's waist and standing up, using his other hand to hold her skateboard.

Ty nodded sleepily and slung her arm around Luca's shoulders to keep herself up. Her balance was completely impaired in her drunken state though and she nearly sent them both toppling to the floor with one step.

"Alright, bambina, it is time for you to go home," Lorenzo chuckled at the sight. He helped Luca by taking Ty from him and easily lifting her up into his arms. They completely ignored the looks they were receiving from the other guests since no one would dare to say something against the Rizzos.

"Chuckyy!" Ty laughed. "I'm drunk!"

"I can see that, bambina," Lorenzo smiled down at her in amusement. He turned to address Luca, "How much did she drink?"

Luca shrugged, "While with me she had about five glasses before I cut her off, but she probably had more when I wasn't paying attention. She was also already tipsy when I got to her."

"Is she drunk?" Carlos asked coming up to them right after Luca finished speaking. He watched Ty laugh sleepily with a flushed faced and glazed over eyes.

"Carly!" Ty slurred cheerfully.

"I'll take that as a yes," Carlos snickered. He gestured for Lorenzo to pass Ty to him and Lorenzo did so, Ty not complaining as she was shifted into Carlos' hands and she wrapped her arms around his neck to prevent from falling to the ground. "We'll take her home, Lorenzo."

Lorenzo nodded and bid them goodnight, telling them that he'd see them back home before he went to tell Roberto that his sons and Ty were leaving.

"What's wrong with her?" Dante had seen them walking out and desperate to escape from Adreana's clutches, went after them, catching them by the elevator. He narrowed his eyes at the sight of Ty clinging to Carlos, being carried in a bridal hold and she didn't seem to be complaining or even marginally reluctant.

"She's drunk," Adreana snorted in disgust right behind him. She wasn't about to let Dante go that easily. She pouted up at him and tilted her head back to the ballroom, "Let's go back, babe."

Dante grimaced at the pet name and Ty surprised everyone by laughing out loud despite her drowsy, drunken state, "Oooooh, Dainty, you sssure do know how ta pick 'em. Haha –hiccup – Whoopsss! I drank a little too much."

"You guys taking her back to her house?" Dante questioned, ignoring Adreana. He had spent the entire night ditching her which was an incredibly difficult task, especially when her lapdog/best friend Tina was sick at home with a fever.

"Yeah, then we're heading back home for the night," Carlos answered. He noticed the way Adreana was trying to get Dante's attention back to take him back to the ballroom and also how Dante was desperately trying to get her to leave him alone without outright insulting her. He sympathized with his brother since when Dante did manage to escape, Carlos was the one who was then preyed upon by the girl. "You coming with, fratellino?"

Dante nodded, "Yeah, I'm beat. It's been a long day." He mentally thanked Carlos, momentarily pushing his irrational sense of resentment for his brother away. He didn't even know why he felt annoyed with Carlos. I'm probably still annoyed by how long they took to get the stronza here in the first place. He left it at that and entered the elevator with his brothers, mentally wishing that Adreana did not follow them down and that the elevator operator would hurry and shut the doors.

"Oh but it's going to be so boring without you," she whined but entered the elevator. "I'll see you boys off."

"Thank you, Adreana, but you really don't have to," Carlos smiled politely though he and his brothers were all quite annoyed that she was tagging along for longer than necessary.

"Oh but I want to, Carlos," Adreana purred.

"Can'tcha take a hint, ya boob flashing hussy," Ty drawled, trying to shift herself into a more seating like position in Carlos' arms.

"What?" Adreana gasped at Ty, shuffling next to Dante seeking support she was not going to receive.

"Ya heard me, you slut-hoe-bitch triple decker combo whore-wich. Mah boyss dun want ya ta keep sstalkin' 'em, ssooo why don'tcha take yer cheap assss whore self back to the sssnob partay. Yuup!"

Carlos bit back a smirk, watching Adreana turn beet red in rage and Dante subtly stepped away from her, keeping his face as blank as possible even though he wanted to snigger. Even the elevator operator was fighting back a laugh by biting down harshly on his lip and resolutely staring at the lit up floor numbers. He definitely considered this one of the highlights of his day.

Luca started laughing, unable to hold back, and only tried to muffle his laughter by covering his mouth with the hand that wasn't holding Ty's board.

Adreana sent him a harsh glare, snarling, "Shut up, Luca. No one even cares if you even come since you're not even inheriting anything nor do anything for your father's businesses. You're the most useless Rizzo."

Luca simply gave her a look that said he clearly didn't care even though Adreana had rubbed salt directly into one of his hidden scars, but Ty was having none of that. She struggled in Carlos' grip until he set her down and she stumbled towards Adreana. She lost her balance and Dante quickly grabbed her around the waist, steadying her until she could stand on her own by holding the railing of the elevator.

After staring at her feet to make sure they weren't moving, she looked up and pointed her finger at Adreana, frowning, "Ey! Who the fuck do ya think ya are to tell Luca that shit, ya little D-class hooker wannabe? He'ss amazin' n' smart n' abssoluutely adorable, like a puppy. He made my night fun which iss amazin' 'cause I hate sstuupid partay thingsss like these so you can just go and ssuck a horse's dick. Oh wait! You probably already have alon' with a bunch o' catsss'. Did ya know catss have spiky penises? 'Course ya did 'cause ya sucked a cat's dick!"

Adreana gaped at her like a fish as did everyone else in the elevator. Ty, oblivious to it all due to her extremely drunken state, turned to face Luca and stumbled towards him, falling onto him and wrapping him in a hug as she began to ramble loudly, "Luluu! Don't lisssten to that skankaroo, alrighty? You're wonderful n' cute n' that sparky thingy ya showed me wasss da bomb diggity, brah."

"Grazie?" Luca chuckled, returning Ty's hug.

Ty turned around and pointed at Dante and Carlos, frowning, "And you loossersss. You're sssuckyy brothersss! Ya gotta defend yer little bro, brahs."

The elevator dinged and Carlos took Ty into his arms again to carry her out of the lift and into the lobby with Adreana and his brothers following close behind. They stood outside of the hotel, the man that drove Carlos, Luca and Ty to the hotel saw them and brought their car up to the entrance.

Luca opened the door and slid inside with Carlos helping Ty in before he and Dante entered the car too.

"See you never, Skankerella!" Ty sang from inside the car, putting Luca into another fit of laughter at Adreana's outraged expression.

"Good night, Adreana," Carlos forced out calmly even though he really wanted to burst out into laughter like Luca. Dante didn't pay her any attention and soon their car was speeding down the road and into traffic.

Everyone immediately burst into hysterical laughter, clutching their stomachs as they remembered Ty's drunken babbling and Adreana's reactions.

"That was the best thing I've ever seen," Luca panted once he managed to calm down.

Ty's eyes drooped but she managed to puff her chest out proudly, "No shhhit, Shhhirley. I'm the king of..."

The brothers never found out what Ty claimed herself to be the king of because she nodded off mid-sentence, her head rolling to the side as she finally passed out.

"How much did she drink?" Dante questioned, watching with a little irritation as Carlos adjust Ty so that she was leaning on his shoulder as she slept and wouldn't wake up with a sore neck along with an inevitable hangover.

Carlos shook his head and Luca shrugged.

"Hey, Lance," Dante called out to their driver of the night. "We're stopping by her house first." He rattled off the address and Lance nodded, turning left at the traffic light.

"She seems to like you a lot, fratellino," Carlos commented slightly teasingly to Luca.

Luca shrugged, "She'd have probably done the same if Adreana said something about either of you or anyone else really. Besides, she's completely drunk, I doubt she'll remember any of this tomorrow."

Carlos nodded, agreeing, and Dante silently thought, Yeah, again apparently. What is she, a secret alcoholic?

The rest of the drive went by in relative silence though Ty ended up causing the others to laugh when she began mumbling incoherently and curled herself up into a ball on the seat. They arrived at her apartment building and Carlos carried Ty back up to her floor with Dante and Luca.

"We don't all need to go to just drop her off," Carlos said when they were in the elevator.

"I want to see where she lives," Luca revealed. He was curious about Ty and the state of one's home generally did reveal a lot about a person.

Dante merely looked away and got out of the elevator once they reached the top floor. Luca skipped over to the door and pulled out a lock picking set he kept on hand, easily picking the lock and opening the apartment.

"Do you always carry one of those around with you?" Dante questioned.

Luca smiled secretively, "You never know when they'll be handy." Luca skipped into the dark apartment and looked around, frowning. It was not what he was expecting, it was too neat and perfect, like it was pulled right out of a home furnishing for the exceedingly rich magazine.

"Upstairs," Dante directed when his brothers just stood in the center of the room. He made his way to the stairs, remembering where Ty's room was.

"How do you know where her room is?" Carlos raised a suspicious brow at Dante's ease in navigating the penthouse.

"Where else would it be?" Dante threw back. No way am I telling them I came here last night.

Once they got to the top floor, Dante pretended to look through the different rooms until they came upon what was obviously Ty's.

Carlos laid her down on her bed, removing her shoes and skate gear, setting them to the side of her bed with her board that Luca laid down.

"We should probably leave a note or something so she doesn't freak out when she wakes up," Carlos suggested.

"She'll be fine. Let's just go back home," Dante crossed his arms over his chest impatiently.

Carlos rolled his eyes at him and went to Ty's desk, quickly finding a scrap piece of paper and a pen. He quickly jotted down a note telling Ty that he and his brothers were the ones to drop her home and that she passed out drunk in the car. He placed the note on her bedside table and the brothers quietly left her house, locking the door behind them.

Wordlessly, they left the apartment building and got in the waiting car to go back home and get out of their stiff formal wear. They arrived back at the Rizzo estate and immediately split off, going their separate ways like usual.


Italian Lingo:

dolcezza - sweetness/sweetheart

oh dio mio - oh my god

bambina - little girl/child

stronza - bitch

fidanzata - fiancée

fratellino - little brother

grazie - thank you

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