Why Me?

Ty, just another skateboarding high school junior, was minding her own legal business when she gets stuck in the middle of a mafia fight with guns, knives, and potato launchers, while only armed with her trusty skateboard. What does she do? Runs for her life only to get captured and asked (read: commanded) to marry one of the three sons of the don. And then people want to kill her. Obviously.


18. Chapter Eighteen

"Can't you just tell her I got in a freak accident and died?" Ty whined, getting off of Carlos' bike handing him the helmet.

Carlos chuckled and shook his head, "It won't be that bad, dolcezza." I hope, at least.

It was Friday evening and Carlos had gone to pick up Ty from her house. Ty had already told her friends about what had happened on the night Travis had called her in for an emergency shift, so the Rizzos were spared from her overprotective crew since she had agreed to going to their house of her own free will.

Ty grumbled under her breath and followed Carlos out of the garage and into the house.

Trying to get her mind off of what she was certain would be a horrible dinner, she nudged Carlos' side, a knowing smirk playing on her lips, "So, what did you and your little crush talk about on Saturday?"

To Ty's complete astonishment, Carlos' cheeks turned a light shade of pink.

"N-nothing," he stuttered, looking away. "Just books."

"Holy shit, you're blushing!" Ty laughed. "Calm and collected Carlos Rizzo is blushing!"

"Shut up, Ty," Carlos groaned in embarrassment, shoving her to the side.

Ty continued to laugh and tease him (though not saying anything that could out him if someone happened to overhear) as they walked down the hallways of the mansion, right up until Carlos led her into one of the larger living rooms.

Upon entering, all eyes went straight to her. Other than Roberto and his sons, there were six other people sitting around the room. An old woman was sitting in the armchair, a married couple was sitting on the two-seater sofa with a child in the woman's lap, two more children were sitting on the three-seat sofa with Luca, and Dante was leaning against the wall next to the TV. Ty immediately felt out of place surrounded by all the Italians. I thought it was just the grandma. What the hell?

Roberto stood up and smiled at her, "Ah, there you are, bambina. I thought something may have happened."

Ty, feeling completely uncomfortable with the stares, smiled back shakily, "Uh, yeah. Hey, Roberto. Sorry for being late."

Carlos put his arm around her and gently squeezed her shoulder reassuringly as he scratched the back of his neck, "Sorry, we ran into a little traffic on the way here."

In reality, Carlos had had to force Ty to change clothes numerous times because he knew how strict his grandmother was. Ty was stubborn and predictably argued with him. They eventually managed to compromise and Ty ended up wearing her best pair of black jeans, a black and red checked shirt with the sleeved rolled up, and her usual black skate shoes. Carlos even managed to tame her hair to a standard that could be considered acceptable for a more or less formal dinner.

Another reason for their tardiness was Ty tearing him a new one when she found out how they had gotten her into her apartment the night she passed out drunk in their car. She was pissed and that only further delayed them when they were picking out what she would wear.

Roberto knew Carlos was fibbing but didn't question them, instead gesturing for Ty to follow him, "No problem, you're here now so everything is fine. Let's get the introductions out of the way first."

Ty nodded and put on a fake smile as Roberto directed her towards the couple on the two-seater sofa.

"This is my cousin, Alfredo, and his wife, Caroline. Al, Caroline, this is Ty," Roberto introduced.

Ty nodded and gave them each a polite smile, which they both returned, murmuring polite greetings to her in heavily accented English.

Alfredo didn't look very much like Roberto, only sharing the same dark hair. His eyes were a pale blue and he looked younger than his cousin. He was dressed formally in black dress pants and a light blue dress shirt.

His wife, Caroline, was a sweet looking brunette with bright brown eyes. She was dressed elegantly in a navy blue dress with a wide neckline that showed off her olive shoulders paired with a silver necklace and dark blue heels.

Roberto then waved towards the three scarily quiet children, "And these are their children. The oldest is Nico, then Marzia, and finally little Marcello."

Nico and Marzia took after their mother with their brown hair and brown eyes, but Nico, being fourteen, was developing some more masculine traits from his father. Marcello, who was being held in Caroline's motherly arms, was no more than two years old, stared at Ty with wide blue eyes, little tufts of black hair sprouting on his head.

Ty smiled at them but it was incredibly forced. She really wanted this dinner to be over and they hadn't even gotten to the actual dinner yet.

Caroline, known to be incredibly sweet and kind hearted, held out Marcello who was cradled in her arms, "Would you like to hold him?" She could see that Ty was incredibly uncomfortable and hoped that holding her son would calm the girl down. It usually worked with her nieces and other younger females she met under slightly intimidating circumstances. Meeting some of the family definitely qualified as an intimidating circumstance.

Ty's eyes widened and she shook her head violently, backing away, "No thank you. I hate children."

Everyone in the room stared at her in surprise, not expecting such an immediate and blunt answer.

Caroline pulled Marcello back to her, not sure how to respond. "Oh," she frowned.

Ty quickly tried to water down the situation, "It's not you or your kid, I just really don't like any kind of child below the age of twelve. Never have." Well Izzy's an exception but they don't need to know that. "They're just so fragile, like the smallest of things could kill them and they look creepy as hell."

Dante masked a snigger at Ty's stumble by coughing into his hand, effectively redirecting the unwanted attention to him.

"Can we finish this, I'm starving and the food's going to get cold," he drawled in a bored manner. Like Ty, his brothers, father, and a majority of the people under his father's command who had met Grandma Rizzo, he just wanted this night to end or to not happen in the first place.

His grandmother cast him a disapproving look at his tone but Dante ignored it as per usual. Carlos was the favorite grandson though none of them really cared. Their grandmother was incredibly rigid and though it wasn't the best thing to admit, the boys always dreaded when they had to fly to Sicily to visit family.

Roberto cleared his throat and pulled on his patented business smile, "Dante, you can wait."

Finally, Roberto led Ty to the old woman who had been silently watching the proceedings. She had short, aged grey hair that was curled and hung down to her shoulders. She was dressed in a regal, deep burgundy dress with a pair matching of close toed heels and an intricate, golden rosary around her neck. The woman bore a strong resemblance to Roberto but instead of amber eyes, she had pale blue.

"And finally, Mamma, this is Ty. Ty, this is my mother, Rosalie Rizzo."

Ty held out her hand to the woman, "Nice to meet you, Mrs. Rizzo."

Grandma Rizzo stared at Ty's outstretched arm like it was a bag filled with some kind of unidentifiable toxic sludge. She silently appraised Ty, letting her eyes scan her from head to toe and Ty refrained from shifting uncomfortably.

Awk-ward, Ty sang in her head, pulling her hand back to her side.

Done with her visual evaluation, Grandma Rizzo questioned, "What are those on your feet?" Her English was good but coated with a very thick Italian accent that Ty almost had trouble understanding her words.

Ty looked down and frowned before looking back up and answering, "Uh, shoes?"

Grandma Rizzo shook her head as if Ty had said the sum of three plus seven was thirty-seven.

"How old are you, ragazza?" Grandma Rizzo questioned.

Ty frowned at the term, not sure if it was an insult or some kind of pet name like bambina. She highly doubted it was a flattering term but answered nonetheless, finding it increasingly difficult to be polite to the elder before her, "Seventeen, ma'am. Eighteen in a few weeks."

"What are your hobbies?" she asked.

Ty realized that she was going to be interrogated and impatiently gave the elderly Rizzo a full introduction, "My name is Tyler Jackson. I have five best friends who I've known since I was a toddler. I'm not exactly the smartest of people, but my grades are decent enough. I have a part time job at a great restaurant owned by my childhood friend and old babysitter. I'm an only child, and I hate children. I have no plans after I graduate from high school and highly doubt I'll be going off to some fancy college. I've lived in New York all my life, the farthest I've been is Brooklyn. I like to play videogames, skateboarding is my life, and I prefer tea to coffee. Anymore questions, Mrs. Rizzo?"

The room fell into a deafening silence, awaiting Grandma Rizzo's response. Ty was past the point of caring if the old Italian woman before her found her rude. She wasn't trying to impress anyone and realized that she could turn this dinner into her favor by getting the elderly Rizzo to hate her, therefore giving her a high possibility to lose her fiancée status.

I'm a genius! Ty cheered internally while externally she remained stoic and bored looking.

Just when it seemed that Grandma Rizzo was about to finally respond, a firm knock sounded at the door.

Roberto called for them to enter and Lorenzo stepped in dressed like a butler of sorts.

"Dinner is ready, sir," Lorenzo bowed his head. He noticed the tense atmosphere of the room and wondered what the little brunette had done this time.

Roberto nodded, "Thank you, Lorenzo." He turned to the others and gestured for them to exit the room, "We can continue talking while we eat. Let's go."

Nico and Marzia quickly bounced out of the room but in a still unnaturally well-behaved manner, Roberto helped his mother up and led her out of the room with Alfredo and Caroline following behind, Marcello in Caroline's arms. Dante went out after them, and after sighing heavily, Ty went with Carlos and Luca out of the room.

"Can I leave now?" Ty grumbled.

Lorenzo chuckled beside her, "Just hold on for dinner, bambina. It won't be that bad."

Ty looked at him and raised a brow at his apparel, "Why are you even dressed like that?"

Lorenzo ran a hand through his gelled back hair and sighed, "Nonna Rizzo believes I'm the butler since I live here and am always around Roberto. Whenever we are around her, I pretend to be so. It's much easier than actually explaining the truth."

Ty snickered at him, "Well I guess this might be fun to watch, you acting as a proper butler. Aye, Chucky?"

Carlos and Luca snickered along with Ty and Lorenzo rolled his eyes at them.

Ty's smiled dropped when they reached the dining room, everyone else already seated. Grandma Rizzo was seated at the head of the rectangular table with Roberto on her left, then Alfredo, Caroline (Marcello still in her arms), and Marzia. On her right were two empty seats, Dante, another empty seat and then Nico.

Ty sat down between Dante and the empty chair. She didn't want to sit next to Nico, nor did she want to sit beside the elderly Rizzo. Carlos sat beside Ty and Luca took the remaining seat between Dante and Nico.

Lorenzo had disappeared into the kitchen and came right back out holding plates of food with Mario and Luigi right behind him, dressed similarly in butler-esque clothing that had Ty biting back laughter.

Mario glared at her as he set down the plates of distinctly Italian food that Ty couldn't name. Luigi filled the adults' glasses with wine and the younger ones' with water.

"Thank you, Mario," Ty smirked at him when he placed a serving dish filled of some kind of pasta before her, biting her lip when he almost snarled and moved to throttle her neck.

Carlos nudged her under the table, leaning down to whisper, "Don't goad him."

Ty stuck her tongue out at him and whispered back, "I need some form of entertainment to make this marginally tolerable."

Carlos sighed with a small smile and shook his head, sitting back up in his chair. Their little conversation did not go unnoticed but the two ignored the curious, interested, and annoyed stares.

Ty looked at all the types of food laid out in the center and felt her mouth salivating. She hadn't eaten much of a proper meal since her parents had left due to the usual housekeeper taking leave. Takeout and cereal could only go so far, and she didn't like the questions she received from her friends and their parents whenever they offered her a meal.

Just as she was about to grab the large spoon to start serving herself some of the pasta, both Carlos and Dante jabbed her side with their elbows to stop her.

Ty jumped and glared at them both, "What the fu—"

"We have to say grace," Carlos interrupted her before the expletive could leave her mouth. He realized that they probably should have told Ty about how their grandmother was a devout Catholic of an almost stereotypical standard and didn't tolerate any sort of foul language.

"Grace?" Ty repeated. She glanced between Carlos and the old woman, frowning slightly.

"Yes, why don't you say it for us," Grandma Rizzo suggested reluctantly. She couldn't fathom the reason why her only son would choose the brunette as a candidate to marry one of her grandsons. She had not a trace of Italian blood in her and was not in the least bit close to Grandma Rizzo's ideals for a suitable woman to join the Rizzo family.

"Uh, I don't know how. I've never been religious so…" Ty trailed off, shrugging.

Grandma Rizzo sighed exasperatedly and sent a scathing look to Roberto. It was clear she did not like Ty at all.

"I'll do it, nonna," Luca offered. He could feel the tension rising and like everyone else at the table, just wanted the dinner to end.

The elderly woman didn't even glance at him, looking at Carlos instead, "Carlos, why don't you say grace for us?"

Luca looked down at his plate, keeping the hurt off his face with a blank expression. Carlos nodded obediently and everyone clasped hands over the table. All eyes closed except for Ty as she looked over at Luca with worry and Grandma Rizzo with anger.

What the hell is her problem? Ty's grip on Dante and Carlos' hands tightened unconsciously but neither of them made a comment on it. They could feel her anger radiating in waves.

Carlos took a deep breath and spoke with a clear voice, "Bless us O Lord and these Thy gifts which we are about to receive through the bounty of Thy son, our savior Jesus Christ. Amen."

"Amen," everyone else repeated and immediately began dishing food onto their plates.

Carlos ignored the glare he received from his grandmother. He knew he had disappointed her with his grace, since when he usually did it, he came up with something much more original than the standard prayer, but he couldn't bring himself to look like he cared. The way she treated Luca, her youngest grandson, was uncalled for and he started to feel guilty as he realized that he had never noticed how Luca was treated in the past.

"This is amazing!" Ty exclaimed through a mouthful of pasta.

"I'll be sure to tell Lorenzo that," Roberto chuckled.

"Chucky?" Ty's eyes widened incredulously. "Christ, never took him for a cook."

Grandma Rizzo narrowed her eyes at Ty. Rude, non-Italian, Atheistic, and a blasphemer, Ty had made it to the elder Rizzo's list of sinners.

"Someone has to feed us," Carlos joked, trying to lower the tension that constantly kept rising. This dinner was a horrible idea.

The children laughed at that, oblivious to the animosity that permeated the air, and the adults forced their own laughter.

"So, Ty, have you decided which of the boys you're going to marry?" Caroline asked with a smile. She was still trying to get Ty to open up and relax. She remembered when she had first been introduced to the Rizzos as Alfredo's fiancée and sympathized with the poor girl. Unfortunately for Caroline, she didn't know that Ty wasn't nervous about "meeting the family", she was annoyed and irritated about being forced to continue what she considered a farce.

Ty snorted, "I'm not going to marry anyone, not for a long time, maybe ever. The only reason I'm here is because if I said no, I'd just be kidnapped or blackmailed into coming anyway."

The table fell into an awkward silence at that until Caroline started laughing, believing Ty to be joking. Soon, Alfredo joined in along with his children. Roberto started laughing a little uneasily like his sons, and Ty looked on confused. She hadn't said anything comical at all, just the truth.

"A girl with a unique sense of humor, you boys don't want to let that go," Alfredo chuckled.

"Do I ever get a choice in anything?" Ty grumbled under her breath.

"Ack!" she exclaimed when cold water splashed onto her lap, soaking her jeans and the bottom of her shirt.

"Sorry," Dante apologized insincerely, standing up and pulling Ty to her feet. He had purposely knocked her glass of water but made it look completely accidental. "Let's go to the kitchen and dry that off."

"It's fine, it's just water," Ty said, trying to free her arm. She eyed him suspiciously, Why is he being nice?

"Ragazzo goffo," Grandma Rizzo muttered.

Dante ignored the comment and tightened his grip on Ty until she cringed in pain and let herself be dragged to the kitchen by Dante.

"What the fuck?" she demanded once the door closed behind them.

Dante ran a hand through his thick black hair that had been tamed in an annoying fashion for the night and glared at Ty, "Listen, you need to keep your big mouth shut tonight. No one in our extended family knows about the mafia part, understood?"

Ty frowned at that, "Aren't mafias supposed to be a family business thing?"

Dante sighed, not wanting to explain everything, "Just don't let it slip. In fact, just don't talk the rest of the night and then we can get this stupid dinner over with."

"It's your damn fault that this stupid dinner is happening anyway. None of you have the balls to tell your stubborn father that I'm not your fucking fiancée!"

"I don't want you here either! It's your fault for—"

"How the fuck is this my fault?" Ty interrupted him incredulously. "I'm not the one who murdered someone in the middle of a public park. I'm not the one who chloroformed and kidnapped a person. I'm not the one who's a part of some fucking mafia. So don't fucking tell me this is my fault, you fucking piece of horse shit."

She finished her rant by kicking Dante hard in the shin, turning on her heel and stomping back to the table. She had to get out of there before her temper made her say something that she knew she would regret. Ty had a habit of sprouting information she would rather keep secret whenever she was pissed and remembered Grant telling her once that, "Anger stimulates the region of your brain responsible for producing honesty, that's why when people get angry they tell the complete and utter truth in their fit of rage. It seems to work exceptionally well with you."

Ty plopped herself back down in front of her half-finished plate of food, ignoring the questioning looks she got. Dante soon came out of the kitchen after her and only his brothers and father noticed the slight limp he had as he sent Ty a death glare which she easily ignored.

"So, what's your family like?" Alfredo asked, attempting to dissipate the tension in the room. He regretted being dragged by his grandmother to New York. Never before had a dinner been so uncomfortable.

Ty froze for a brief second that went unnoticed by all except for the brothers and Roberto. She put her fork down to drink some water as she answered tonelessly, "I'm an only child and so are my parents. I've got a very small family."

Alfredo chuckled, "At least it's easy to keep track of everyone then. With us, it's almost impossible but we're still all relatively close. Roberto is the only one who doesn't live somewhere in Italy, in fact, very few of us live outside of Sicily."

Ty simply nodded stiffly and resumed eating even though her tongue could no longer taste the green sauce that coated the pasta.

"So, what do your parents do?" Caroline asked.

Ty clenched her jaw and stabbed a piece of pasta with excessive force, creating a screeching noise when the metal fork hit the plate.

"Nothing much," Ty answered curtly after a moment of stunned silence. She took a deep breath and resumed eating without lifting her gaze

"How is Adreana?" Grandma Rizzo asked, eyeing Ty suspiciously before looking to the brothers, mainly Carlos.

"Adreana?" Carlos questioned, wondering why his grandmother would bring her up all of a sudden.

Grandma Rizzo nodded and Carlos frowned, "She's fine, I guess."

Grandma Rizzo faced Roberto and narrowed her eyes, "Why didn't you think of her instead of this ragazza?"

Carlos and Luca almost choked on their food, eyes wide in disbelief. Neither of them even wanted to imagine if Adreana were their fiancée instead of Ty. Luca, because he doubted he'd be able to stand her constant flirting with his brothers and she would no doubt be at their house constantly, therefore irritating the hell out of every living being. Carlos, on the other hand, would probably end up coming out of the closet in an abrupt fashion after having her throw herself at him when Dante managed to escape her sight.

Ty bit her lip to hold back her laughter. She thinks I'm going to get pissed? Lady, I don't want to even be here, I'd happily let that clingy skank take my place.

"I thought you wanted a virgin granddaughter-in-law, nonna," Dante spoke up with a snarky tone, not moving his gaze from his plate as he continued to eat a type of risotto that was a light green color.

Like his brothers, Dante didn't even want to entertain the idea of Adreana as their fiancée. He didn't want a fiancée in the first place, but if he had to choose, he knew he'd pick Ty over the Italian girl any day. Not that he was going to say that to anyone.

Grandma Rizzo spluttered, "She's…she's not?" On the occasions she had met the girl, Adreana fit the woman's ideals for a family member and had hoped her son would see sense and make the beautiful Italian part of their family instead of just business partners.

Luca smirked, "Nope. I believe she lost it when she was fourteen. I think it was when her family was visiting Catania and were invited to cugino Benny's wedding."

"Cugino?" Ty questioned, tilting her head to the side in confusion. "And what's Catania?"

"Catania is a city in Sicily, it's where we're from," Carlos explained. "And cugino means cousin. We've got a huge family and Benny's actually our oldest second cousin. We don't have any first cousins but we just call them all cugino or cugina."

"I'm guessing it's gender specific," Ty said, noticing the difference in the two similar terms. She also remembered Jimmy complaining about how Spanish was so picky about changing words to fit a gender. He ended up going on a long rant about how a language shouldn't have genders which then dissolved into a rant about LGBT rights and some homophobe he heard about on the news that should rot in jail.

Carlos nodded, a touch of pride coloring his tone, "Yes, looks like you're learning, dolcezza."

Ty rolled her eyes and pointed her fork at him accompanied by a droll stare, "I've told you not to call me that. I am not sweet, Carly."

Carlos chuckled and leaned towards her, biting the pasta that was speared on her fork before pulling back and grinning at her incredulous expression. He also noticed Dante's ticked off expression and held back another chuckle.

"You asshole! Don't steal my food!" Ty exclaimed. She retaliated by snatching a piece of meat that was on Carlos' plate and quickly stuffing it in her mouth.

Luca laughed, "Ever the five-year-old with a foul mouth."

Ty stuck her tongue out at him, "Excuse you, it's eight-year-old with a foul mouth."

Ty glanced towards Grandma Rizzo and saw that the woman was still in a state of shock learning that precious little Adreana was not as perfect or ideal as the elderly woman had thought.

Grandma Rizzo sighed heavily and looked to Ty. "I suppose she will do then. At least she is still chaste."

"Actually, I haven't been 'chaste' for a little more than a year now," Ty stated, putting another forkful of pasta into her mouth.

When no one spoke, she looked up to see that everyone was staring at her in shock. Ty swallowed her food and raised a brow, "Is it really that much of a shocker? Considering this day and age, I think it'd be more surprising if I was a virgin. I'm not a whore though, I've only screwed twice and neither time was it with some random dude." I don't know if I should be insulted that they think I can't get some, or flattered that they think I'm so innocent despite my language.

Ty's revelation resulted in Grandma Rizzo ordering everyone to cease eating as she began to preach the importance of saving oneself until marriage. She scolded Ty about giving herself up before she was even engaged and moved onto quoting lines from the Bible.

No one dared interrupt her since they knew that once Grandma Rizzo started one of her sermons, interrupting her was just asking to be torn apart.

Ty was about to rip her own head in half. She didn't want nor need to listen an angry Italian woman scold her for something that was her own choice. When Grandma Rizzo's lecturing went from heavily accented English into full blown angry Italian, Ty bent over and clutched her stomach, muttering, "I'm going to the bathroom. Monthly issues. Continue preaching, I'll ask Carlos or Luca to fill me in."

Without waiting for anyone to stop her, Ty shot out of her seat and ran to the kitchen once again.

Now having a better look at it, she noticed the kitchen was incredibly large but well designed. It was every chef's dream personal kitchen. Ty spotted two fridges and immediately went to them. One was filled with cooking ingredients and leftovers while the other was filled with snacks and drinks.

"Jackpot," Ty grinned, spotting the beer bottles that filled up most of the lower half of the fridge. She reached in and took out one bottle of a brand that she recognized to be highly alcoholic and shut the fridge, rummaging through the drawers for a bottle opener.

She grinned again when she finally found one and popped the lid of the beer bottle, wasting no time in guzzling down a quarter of the bottle.

Just as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, the door she had entered swung open and Dante stomped towards her.

"What the hell are you doing?" he demanded when he saw the beer bottle in her hand.

Ty ignored him and gulped down another quarter of the drink. She was drinking much too quickly and the high alcohol level of the drink already had her close to tipsy.

"An alcoholic and a whore," Dante spat angrily. "Which STD did you get from the first manwhore you fucked?"

Ty finished off her drink and roughly slammed the bottle down on the counter, almost breaking it, and turned to glare at him, her anger boiling the alcohol in her system. "One, I'm not an alcoholic, I just don't want to listen to your crazy grandmother preach about religious shit I don't give a flying fuck about. Two, I'm not a whore since I don't just spread my legs to some random dude. I only fucked my respective boyfriend at the time. And three," she stalked over to Dante and jabbed her finger into his chest, "No one fucking insults any one of my best friends."

"You fucked your best friend?" Dante glared. His eyes narrowed, "Was it the blond?"

Ty pushed off him and walked to the fridge and pulled out a can of beer, opening it and taking a swig. "None of your damn business, but the first time, yes it was. We were sixteen, curious, and dating at the time 'cause people wouldn't shut up about us being the 'perfect couple' and crap. We were each other's first kiss too because of a bet way back in kindergarten."

As if on cue, Ty's phone rang and the Despicable Me minions' recognizable tune rang out in the silent kitchen.

Speak of the devil, Ty thought as she checked caller ID. When she brought the phone to her ear, Drew's voice sounded in her ear before she could greet him, "Hey, Ty, how's the dinner thing?"

Ty grinned at Drew's dramatic disgusted tone, "It's horrible and I want to shoot myself with a hammer."

Drew laughed, "I don't think it's possible to shoot yourself with a hammer, Ty."

"Well…fuck you," she retorted.

When she hiccupped, Drew questioned accusingly, "Are you drunk?"

"Nooooo," Ty scoffed and then hiccupped again.

"Tyler," Drew stretched her name out into two long syllables.

"I'm not!" she huffed. After a second she relented, "Just a bit tipsy."

Drew sighed and Ty could see him shaking his head in slight amusement, "Anyway, if it's that bad, you could make up some excuse and ditch. I'll be over at your place and we drink our brains out. How's that sound?"

Ty grinned and breathed out in relief, "Drew, you have no idea how much I love you. Oh, and since you're inviting yourself over, get some coke on your way. You know where the rum and shit is. I'll see you in a few and don't fuck up my room."

"Alright, see you, Ty," Drew chuckled and then the line was cut.

Ty stuffed her phone back into her pocket and looked up at Dante in mild surprise. She had forgotten he was there.

"Hey, tell them I felt sick so I went home," Ty told him and shook her beer can a little to see how much was left.

"And you said you weren't an alcoholic troia, stronza," Dante sneered. His fists were clenched tightly and he had been a hair's breadth away from grabbing Ty's phone and smashing it to pieces the moment she smiled at whoever had called. When he discovered it was Drew, his irritation levels skyrocketed.

Ty tilted her head back and chugged down the rest of the can and could feel her mind getting hazy and her body relaxing.

"I don't even know what a troia is and I don't care either. I don't need to hear you of all people lecturing me on my choices, Dante. I'll fuck who I want, drink what I want, do what I want and I'll face the consequences," Ty stated firmly despite the beer that messed with her system. She was sober enough to speak without much of a slur and her movement wasn't inhibited quite yet.

She tossed the empty can and bottle into the trash and turned around to exit the kitchen from the other door that led out to the hallway instead of the dining room where everyone else was.

"You can't just leave," Dante moved to stop her.

Ty spared him a cold glance over her shoulder with her hand on the door handle, "If you even think about stopping me, I'll let your cousins and lovely grandmother know exactly how I met you guys. Every little detail."

Dante opened his mouth to argue with her, but he knew that despite her tipsy state, Ty would undoubtedly go through with her threat. So, he could only watch with gritted teeth as she walked out of the kitchen without a backward glance.

Ty quickly walked through the mansion until she reached the main doors. As she was about to leave, a surprised voice called out to her.

She turned around grimacing. She was hoping she'd be able to leave without running into anyone.

Lorenzo and Luigi were walking past and Lorenzo had been the one to call her.

"What are you doing here, bambina?" he questioned.

"I'm going home," she answered truthfully. "Bye, Chucky, Luigi."

She didn't let them respond and quickly dashed out the door, running down the pathway towards the huge metal gate and quickly slipping past and onto the road. She flagged down a cab and soon was on her way back to her apartment. The alcohol was getting to her and she knew it'd be dangerous to walk around drunk at night. Ever since her first kidnapping, she'd been wary of going out during the nights.

She paid the cabbie and after a quick greeting to Gordon, went straight on up to her floor. The door was already open and she stepped inside to see Drew waiting for her on the couch.

"Hey," he grinned, getting to his feet and turning off the TV.

"Let's get drunk," Ty declared and led the way upstairs to her room.

"Drew Callahan, marry me," Ty stated when she opened the door and saw the coke cans and bottles of rum, whisky, and beer set up on the floor near her bed. He had even prepared two bottles of water and a packet of Tylenol on the side table for their inevitable hangovers the next morning.

Drew laughed and slung his arm around Ty's shoulder as they plopped down onto the floor, each grabbing a drink, "Let me buy a ring tomorrow and then we'll take a road trip to Vegas over the summer when I turn eighteen."

The two talked about random nothings as they slowly littered the floor with empty bottles and cans, though most of them were Ty's. In one hour, Ty was completely wasted while Drew had managed to remain slightly sober as he watched over Ty.

They were sitting up against the side of Ty's bed, Drew with a can of coke in his lap, and Ty sitting beside him, leaning against his side with a bottle of beer at her lips. She was slowly losing consciousness after two cans of coke mixed rum, three cans of beer, and half a bottle of whisky and her head fell down onto his shoulder as her eyes began to droop.

"I think you're done for tonight," Drew stated, taking the half empty bottle from Ty's limp hands and setting it on the side table. He put his coke there as well and got to his feet, mindful of the bottles and cans surrounding them. He bent down and managed to pick up Ty, who didn't have the energy to fight, and set her on the bed before crawling under the covers with her.

Ty stared up at the ceiling with drooping lids, flat on her back, and Drew lay on his side, watching her with worried eyes.

"How you holdin' up?" he asked.

"Allriigh'" Ty answered, her tongue feeling the weight of the alcohol in her system.

Drew sighed, Even when drunk off her ass, she still doesn't want people worrying about her. "What about the stages?" he asked.

Ty tried to fight through the drunken haze but gave up and closed her eyes. She couldn't find the energy to put up her defenses. "I…hiii' ssstage threeee the nigh' o' the ssstoorm."

Drew furrowed his brow in unmasked worry. "Shit, Ty. That fast? Even your mood swings have been ridiculous lately. Did you smoke again after that night?"

"Nooo… Dreew, I'm fiiine. Ssstop…w..worryin'."

"Ty, you've done mood swings, smoking, and drinking already. That's three stages in less than a week! It's never been this bad or this early before," Drew pressed.

Ty rolled her back to him and brought her hands to her ears as she curled up into a semi-fetal position, "Dreeww, pleaassse. I'm…tooo…d..runk righ' now…"

Drew sighed and rolled onto his back, "Alright. Good night, Ty."

Drew didn't get a response as Ty had finally passed out and he soon followed after, faintly thinking about how bad their morning was going to be and thankful that the next day was Saturday.


Italian Lingo:

dolcezza - sweetness/sweetheart

bambina - child/little girl

ragazza - girl

nonna - grandmother

ragazzo goffo - clumsy boy

cugino - cousin (male)

cugina - cousin (female)

troia - slut

stronza - bitch

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