Why Me?

Ty, just another skateboarding high school junior, was minding her own legal business when she gets stuck in the middle of a mafia fight with guns, knives, and potato launchers, while only armed with her trusty skateboard. What does she do? Runs for her life only to get captured and asked (read: commanded) to marry one of the three sons of the don. And then people want to kill her. Obviously.


8. Chapter Eight

By lunch everyone had heard of the new boys, courtesy of the school's biggest gossip queens and kings, the ever-useful invention of mass texting and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and whatnot. Luca and Carlos refused to answer Ty's questions about the party and as soon as they mentioned it, left her and Fred in a state of surprised shock to look for Dante after having received a text from their father.

Lunch was chaotic to say the least, everyone wanting to know about the brothers since new students were a rarity and the fact that they were Italian studs did not make things calmer. Ty and the gang managed to avoid the Rizzos and only had to see them during classes they shared, which for Ty was both the last periods but she made sure to keep away from them. Luca was telling the truth when he said that he and his brothers shared every one of Ty's classes.

"Look, I am not going to some dumb party just because your dad is a controlling, stubborn, arrogant, fuckfaced douchebag who doesn't listen to what other people say," Ty said. It was different than the hundred "no's" she'd been firing out since the mentioning of the party and her ears and mouth were tired of the single syllable along with the question it answered to.

Carlos and Luca had been trying to convince her to come willingly since they returned from their private family matters and she had gotten into trouble in her last two classes after getting annoyed and noisily telling them to do very painful things to themselves and their manhood with quite graphic detail. She ended up putting a lot of innocence shattering images into the minds of her classmates. One girl even turned a pale green.

It was the end of the day and they had managed to corner her by her locker while she was in the process of retrieving her skateboard and helmet.

"Please, Ty? We don't want to kidnap you again," Luca pouted slightly, his amber eyes wide and deceivingly innocent despite his carefree mentioning of another kidnapping. It took a large portion of Ty's determination to not bend down to his wishes.

Slamming her locker shut, she finally turned to the three, though she really only faced Carlos since Luca's puppy dog face would be her undoing and Dante was brooding against the locker next to hers planning her murder. "I said, no. You don't have anything to blackmail me with this time so fuck off."

Irritated, Dante pushed off the locker he was leaning against and grabbed Ty's wrist. He pulled her back and pressed her up against the lockers, caging her with his arms as her belongings clattered to the floor. He left half an arm's length of space between them but lowered his head to hers, noses almost touching, in a way to intimidate her. Her grey eyes widened a fraction in shock before steeling themselves and clashing with his heated ambers.

"Look," he almost snarled, "Either you come along quietly like a good little girl, or I can happily knock you out cold and drag your unconscious body back. I do not want to spend another minute in this place and will go with whatever is the fastest method."

Ty narrowed her eyes at him and struggled against his grip, but his hold was too strong for her. She resorted to stomping on his foot with the heel of her shoe but Dante barely flinched. "Jesus, what the fuck are your bones made out of? Titanium or some shit?"

They had attracted a lot of attention once again. Jealous gazes were aimed at the scene even though they were blind to the fact that the two were not in a romantic embrace, moments away from having a passionate make-out session that would most likely lead to sex if undisturbed, but were instead barely containing themselves from committing a gruesomely bloody homicide.

"Will you or will you not come along obediently?" Dante questioned, acting unfazed and pretending she had never spoken or acted.

"I'm not going anywhere with you fuckers," Ty snarled. Her eyes flickered downwards briefly, quickly judging the distance between their bodies – specifically if she had enough legroom – and tensed in preparation for her second last resort to escape from his grip. I don't care how unfairly attractive he is, no way am I going with Tactic X unless absolutely necessary.

Dante caught the subtle changes and almost smirked. Oh no you don't, stronza. Even I can play dirty.

Before Ty could jerk her knee up, Dante stepped on the foot she was about to lift up, also moving close enough to her so she couldn't move her legs at all. Out of instinct, she raised her one free hand in a fist and held it across her face, closing her eyes and turning her head away with her forearm pressing diagonally across Dante's upper chest. It was her usual reaction when something large was speeding uncomfortably close to her face (unexpected textbooks, helmets, game controllers and shoes to name a few) when she was unable to duck for cover. In extreme cases, she was known to punch the object or use whatever was in her hand as a bat, though the last time she had done the latter, she broke a chair and was asked to try out for the school's baseball team.

"Hey, PDA alert! How many times have we told you not to mentally scar people, Ty?"

Heads swiveled to the owner of the new voice, Grant, who was with the rest of the gang. Even though he was smirking in a teasing manner, his eyes were zeroed in on Dante and Ty, mainly on how Ty was trapped and quite pissed off.

Ignoring the arrival of Ty's pack, Dante once again snarled through gritted teeth, "Hurry up, stronza."

"Let go of me and shove a porcupine up your ass," Ty spat back. She wriggled against the lockers to try and loosen Dante's hold on her, but his body was a firm wall of muscle and bone.Fuck, they should've made the Great Wall of China out of Dante's. How do I get out of this though? I do not want to do Tactic X. I don't care if his lips look kissable, no way in hell am I initiating that tactic. I'd sooner—

Ty's inner rant was cut off when a loud melody erupted from the ground near Ty and Dante's feet.

"Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-nana ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-nana banana-ah-ah (ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-nana) potato-na-ah-ah (ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-nana) banana-ah-ah (ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-nana) togari noh pocato-li kani malo mani kano chi ka-baba, ba-ba-nana yoh plano boo la planonoh too ma bana-na la..."

"What?" a chorus of people questioned in surprise, looking around for whatever was making the increasingly louder noise, only some knowing that it was Ty's ringtone.

Using the distraction her phone's (what some would call obnoxious) ringtone caused, Ty slipped out of Dante's body cage to the floor and dug through her bag. She pulled out her phone, slid her thumb across the bottom of the screen and then held it up to her ear as she stood up. "Hello?"

"Tina darling, it's me," a fake sweet voice came from the other line. In the background, Ty could hear scurrying, shifting, clinking of glassware, orders being barked and musicians doing a last-minute rehearsal.

Ty grimaced and looked at her phone screen, cursing herself for not checking the caller ID in her rush to get away. She marched down the hallway to an emptier area away from eager ears as she tonelessly answered, "Sorry, but I don't know anyone named Tina. You've called the wrong number."

"Oh haha, always making jokes, that's my daughter. This is your mother, Tina," Mrs. Jackson's tone was already losing it's superficial sheen. The background noises became softer until Ty could almost not hear them anymore.

Ty rolled her eyes and bitterly responded, "Oh really? Well my name isn't Tina and I'm sure a mother would know her own child's fucking name."

"Tina Jackson, you will not speak with such vulgar language!" her mother exclaimed. Now Ty was certain that her mother had indeed moved away to a more secluded area. Don't want people knowing the truth about our so-called perfect, picturesque family, right, mom? Gotta keep appearances up.

"Oh, put a sock in it. My name is Tyler, T-Y-L-E-fucking-R. It's not that hard of a name to remember even if you and the old man didn't name me. Tina is not and never will be a name I will ever respond to so get that through your fucking fake head."

Her friends had gone after her, immediately figuring out what was happening and who was most likely on the phone with her since it could only be one of two people. The Rizzos followed closely behind, though they were thoroughly confused and suspicious. Carlos picked up Ty's once again discarded belongings and Dante scowled menacingly at anyone else that decided to follow them for some sort of new gossip. The eight boys soon found Ty pacing angrily, her free hand clenched into a tight fist that was shaking. She was increasingly getting angrier and angrier as she listened to her mother's response to her rude and unfilial behaviour.

Drew ran up to her and put one hand on her shoulder and the other around her clenched hand, whispering, "Calm down, Tyler. Breathe." She stopped and closed her eyes, breathing in deeply and ignoring her mother's scolding. Drew rubbed slow circles on her shoulder until she had calmed down considerably.

Drew released her now unclenched fist and put an arm around her shoulders. Ty relaxed into his hold and mentally counted to five before breathing out of her nose and coldly cutting into Mrs. Jackson's I-birthed-you-therefore-you-shall-obey rant, "What do you want?"

Mrs. Jackson grumbled on the other line, but if anyone ever commented on it she would deny it fervently since ladies of high class did not grumble. She went back to her previous artificial tone and Ty could see the plastic smile her mother was undoubtedly wearing, "There is a gala tonight celebrating a new line that I am revealing. It is important and there will be many influential people attending."

"And what does any of that have to do with me? If you and the old man are going to be late back to the apartment, I don't care. If you haven't noticed yet, I wasn't there last night and won't be for a couple days."

"You need to come with us. What would it look like if my daughter did not attend a celebration for my new line that could possibly be one of the most important ones in my career?"

"Oh I don't know, people would realize that we are not the family you and the old man painted us out to be?" Ty retorted sardonically.

"You willcome tonight. I've sent a car to pick you up from that dingy school, goodness knows why you caused such a ruckus and embarrassment to not go to Preston High, and it should be there any minute. It will bring you to the spa I go to and they will make you presentable. Never cut your hair again by the way, you look like a mutt fresh off the streets. I've picked out a lovely dress, one of my new designs that hasn't been seen yet, and you will wear that and then take the car to the—"

Ty growled impatiently and turned out of Drew's hold as she sharply interrupted her mother again, "I am not going to your dumb socialite party." Ty caught sight of the Rizzos who were watching with an interested expression and before she could stop herself blurted, "Besides, I already have plans to go to another party." Without saying a goodbye or waiting to hear her mother's inevitable scolding, Ty cut the line and shoved her phone into Drew's hands before lifting her right foot up, removing her shoe and angrily throwing it against the lockers with a frustrated "Arrrgh!" and falling to the floor with her legs under her and hands flat in front.

"Today is not my day," Ty groaned, throwing her head back. "Anyone know where Shady is? I really need him right now."

Jimmy patted Ty's head and helped her up, "Shady didn't turn up today, I think he's sick. Dude hasn't been around since last Wednesday."

Drew handed Ty her phone back and teased, "You really do need to learn to control your temper."

"Oh shut up," she rolled her eyes. "For the record, I had enough control to give you the phone and throw something less breakable. Now c'mon, I need to get out of here fast before the car she sent gets here."

"Then we'd better hurry!" Luca cheered. "You can ride with me, but I'm not going to go as fast as you did yesterday, don't want to get into a crash right before the party." He grasped onto Ty's arm and began pulling her towards the exit with a broad grin.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, hold up," Ty stuck her feet to the ground. She only half halted since socks and sliding went perfectly with each other. "What the hell-stop, dammit!"

Luca stopped and turned around pouting, "But you just said you were coming to our party."

"I-what, but, I just-no, when-gah!" Ty spluttered. "Fuck, quit giving me that look!"

Luca tilted his head to the side and frowned slightly, "What look?" He knew very well what look he was giving Ty and was internally enjoying her reaction very much. He knew just how to use his boyish charms to twist practically any person around his finger.

"Oh don't even try to play dumb you little twat," Ty scoffed, but she still refused to look directly at Luca. The ghostly puppy ears and wagging tail were adamant on remaining. "Dammit, were you a puppy in a past life or something?"

Luca was taken aback, "Puppy?" Puppy? She sees me as a puppy? A little scruff-tailed, slobbering, yipping, baby dog?

Ty freed herself and nodded. She reached out to use her hands to shape out his nonexistent dog-ears as she explained, "You keep looking like a little puppy and every time you give one of those looks or act adorable. I keep seeing puppy ears and a tail on you, like a little Labrador Retriever or other golden fluffy dogs."

Carlos coughed a laugh at her explanation while her friends shook their heads at her and laughed openly. Jimmy picked up Ty's abused shoe and tossed it back to her and she easily caught it to slip back on.

"Anyway," Ty began after tapping the toes of her foot to make her shoe fit more comfortably. "I just said that to get out of going to that dumb fancy gala thing. C'mon guys, the car she sent will probably be here really soon."

Up ahead, their ears picked up loud, excited chattering and Ty groaned, "Fuck, it's already here, isn't it?"

Luca tilted his head, confused, but the gears in his head were turning quickly and efficiently. "We could help you, Ty," he drawled. "You just have to come to the party."

Ty looked between the hallway where the echoes came from and the mafia brothers. Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place. Fuuuuck.


"Ho. Lee. Shit."

Ty pushed the five gawking boys forward and muttered, "Yeah, yeah, gawk later or else Pissface McDick will smash you against the gate and give you a nice bluish-black handprint necklace that goes directly on skin."

Fred whistled long and low as they stepped into the Rizzo property. "Damn, who knew the life of a Mafioso was this expensive?" He was still reeling from the fact that the Rizzos had a customized Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 and him and the gang got to ride in it. Fred was smart enough to stop drooling over the beauty to call shotgun and got to ride in the front with Carlos driving while the others were squished in the back.

Grant nodded in agreement as his eyes reluctantly removed themselves from the array of cash-robbing cars that were parked both in and out of the estate. Not a single one had a flaw of any sort that their star struck eyes could see. Notable brands and models, each a piece of beauty, the boys could only wish to sit behind the wheel of one. Even though Ty's father was the CEO of an automobile industry, they had no special privileges of being the daughter's non-biological family. Ty herself was not allowed to sit in the models in the company, if she even let herself set foot in the building in the first place.

Jimmy was now walking without the aid of Ty's shoving but his eyes were stuck on the sight of the mansion they slowly approached. "These guys could give even your parents a run for their money," he commented carelessly. Realizing what he had said, his eyes widened slightly as he snuck a side-glance to Ty.

Ty shrugged and scanned the building that she had the sneaking suspicion she would be spending a lot of time at. "You're probably right, Cricket. But I'd rather be here than there."

Oh thank god, he thought in relief at the dodged bullet and rolled his eyes at the nickname. "You know, it's really not fair how all our names can have some sort of annoying nickname that actually makes sense, but yours can't."

Ty just smirked, "Well, you guys just aren't creative enough. You'll eventually come up with something, Jiminy Jay-Jay Jinkies Cricket, so just keep on using those few brain cells you have."

"Hey!" Jimmy exclaimed indignantly although he didn't take much offence as he was grinning broadly. He grabbed Ty before she could duck away and pulled her into a headlock, grinding his fist into her head while she whined and cussed his name to the darkest pits of the underworld.

They only ceased their noisy tomfoolery when the doors to the mansion opened and Luigi looked down at them dressed formally in a black suit and deep green tie, his black eye healing nicely but still quite visible. He faintly raised a brow at the two teenagers before him, the girl who had caused quite a ruckus recently caught in a crude headlock and an unknown boy staring up in astonishment. Coming up behind them, Luigi saw four more boys with wide eyes along with the don's sons.

"You're late, boys," Luigi informed the brothers. He sent a silent message to them by glancing suspiciously towards Ty's friends.

"Yeah, sorry Luigi. Slight problem at school when we were trying to leave," Carlos explained loosely. Truth was, even he wasn't too sure what exactly had happened or why Ty had acted like she did. He was still surprised she had actually peacefully agreed even with her condition. As soon as she said "fine", Luca had called for one of their father's men to bring one of the cars to the school and Carlos, being the only one of legal age and trusted to not wreck the car, drove Ty and her friends to the mansion while the man their father sent took his motorbike back. They had also taken a quick detour to Fred's house to drop off their belongings.

Not like I'm complaining, he thought to himself ignoring the small voice in his head that told him his mind was heading into stalkerish territory. He ushered the gang inside, taking the provided liberty to gently push Fred by his lower back and Henry by the shoulder since they were right next to each other.

Inside the mansion, they could hear the faint echoes of lounge-like music bouncing against the walls of the hallways. Luigi closed the door, and eyed the wonderstruck boys who he still had yet to determine as dangerous, nuisances or a waste of his time.

"Dude, could you not stare at us like we're gonna blow this place up? We're Ty's plus five," Drew said, raising an eyebrow at Luigi. "We're really not that suspicious, I'm in my boxers for crying out loud. The only dangerous thing I'm hiding in there is my—"

"Callahan," Grant cut in, "your tiny dick is anything but dangerous."

Drew puffed out his chest exaggeratedly and argued, "Sorry, Malcolm, but I think you're confused as to who has the tiny cock."

They both sized the other up, arms crossed over chests and turned to Ty, demanding in synch, "Ty, who has the tinier penis?"

Ty shook her head at them, laughing, "No comment. And how the fuck would I know that? The last time I saw either of you two in all your naked glory was like ten years ago when we thought sex was just people kissing in a bed without clothes on."

"Well, actually," Henry smirked, "What about last year when you—"

Ty's eyes widened and she leapt out of Jimmy's slackened hold to jump on Henry's back like a koala bear hugging a tree, her legs wrapped around his waist and she clamped her hands over his mouth. "Okay, this discussion is over because well, I don't need a bunch of stalking strangers knowing certain things."

The gang laughed while the Rizzos and Luigi just watched them, completely and utterly bewildered. Finally, Dante grew impatient and fumed away down the hallway towards the classy music in the opposite direction of Roberto's office. The others shrugged and followed, Ty still on Henry's back but no longer suffocating him, her arms loosely draped around his neck, and he had his arms hooked around the back of her knees to make sure she didn't fall.

They silently followed Dante, the gang staring wide-eyed at everything they set their eyes on to distract them from their growing paranoia and suspicion. Even though they were joking around, they weren't naïve idiots. Well, not completely naïve idiots.

They ended up at a set of wooden double doors (the Rizzos sure seemed to like those) that Dante opened to reveal mostly men and a few women dressed in their most formal attire, most with a glass of what appeared to be champagne or wine. There was a long, regal dining table pushed against the wall on the far end with tasteful paintings framed above. Dark, velvet curtains were drawn shut, hiding the lush garden outside. Some of Roberto's men were dressed in uncomfortable formal attire, serving the guests drinks and small treats upon silver platters.

They didn't have more than a minute and a half to gawk before Roberto caught sight of Ty and his sons. He immediately excused himself from the two rugged looking men he had been talking to and made way to them, handing his wine glass to a subordinate.

"Ah, bambina," Roberto smiled warmly at her. He then frowned slightly at the sight of the other boys he hadn't been expecting, especially the one who was carrying his soon to be daughter-in-law in a piggyback fashion.

Ty didn't bother with formalities or a polite greeting, she immediately and directly stated, "I'm only here so I don't have to be somewhere else and I'm standing by my decision from before. Find someone or something else."

Roberto just smiled at her as if he were dealing with a three year old who thought she had just won a logical argument with a brilliantly witty remark. "I sent one of my boys to buy you a dress for the evening since it was rather sudden. Carlos, take her to the upstairs bathroom near Luca's room, I've made sure everything she could need is in there."

Carlos nodded and gently pulled a silently fuming Ty off of Henry's back and led her back out of the large dining room towards the staircase. When it finally kicked in that she was not only completely ignored and patronized but now also manhandled, she began to protest but Carlos was too strong for her (big surprise there). Luca, Roberto, Luigi and the gang watched Carlos push/carry Ty down the hallway they had just come from.

Roberto eyed the boys still dressed in their casual clothes from the day, particularly at Drew's loose shirt and heart-patterned boxers. "And you bambini are?" he questioned blankly though his amber eyes held a small, threatening glint.

The boys resisted the instinctive urge to shrink back at the intimidating man. None of them were sure what the word meant but they could guess the gist of his question.

Gulping nervously, Grant stomped down on his fear and forced a cheerful grin, tilting his head to the side slightly as he introduced, "We're Ty's best friends, practically her brothers. I'm Grant, the redhead's Fred, the could-be-twins are Henry and Jimmy and the blondie still in his boxers is Drew."

"Her condition for coming was that they came along too," Luca explained when Roberto said nothing, making the gang squirm uncomfortably in the awkward silence. "Well it went both ways. She wouldn't come without them and they wouldn't let her come alone."

The boys nodded, shoving their fear of the man before them down. They were all on the same page. So what if he's some kind of don? No one messes with our Ty.

Roberto rubbed his chin in thought before asking, "And she's kept nothing from you, I presume?"

"We know everything, Mr. Don Leader Sir who forces people into the position of fiancée to your more or less psycho sons," Jimmy answered boldly, only belatedly realizing he probably should not antagonize the powerful man before him.

Luca raised a brow at the rude reply. Are they all so blunt and have no care for consequences?

Roberto mentally smirked and simply stepped aside and motioned for them to enter the dining room properly, "I see you six are quite close. Come in and enjoy the party, I wasn't expecting five extra bambini so I do not have any clothes for you. If you'll excuse me, Luigi, get the boys ready to start setting down the buffet."

Without another word, Roberto walked away and was immediately greeted by a bejeweled woman and her almost equally bejeweled husband. Luigi headed off into the direction of the kitchen after giving the boys one last look and Luca took off after Dante to get changed.

The boys looked at one another, sharing looks. Finally, Drew shrugged, "Guess we stick around for a bit. Can't leave Ty alone here, who knows who she'll piss off."


Carlos had managed to get Ty to the upstairs bathroom even though she had made sure not to make it even remotely easy for him. After all his struggling to drag and push her there, she marched right out of the bathroom after ten seconds still in Fred's hoodie and Drew's shorts, scowling.

"You didn't even try it on!" Carlos exclaimed.

Ty glared at him and stated as venomously as possible, "I will never wear those clothes."

Roberto had gone out and bought a dress that Ty grudging had to admit was very pretty but certainly not the type of clothing she'd wear willingly. It was a sleek, black halter neck dress of some sort of soft and delicate material she didn't know the name of or cared to that looked like it would fall a few inches above her knees. It was simple yet elegant with it's plain black cords that would be tied around the back of her neck and the thin grey sash that was sewed around the waist. It was tied with a silver rose ornament and the leftover cloth hung freely down the side for a few inches. To accompany the overpriced dress, there was a pair of black and grey sandals with a small heel along with a couple of silver bracelets and a silver, oriental hair barrette with black and dark grey beads threaded onto three silver strings that would flop slightly at her every move. He even supplied a box of make-up that she had no idea how to use.

Carlos frowned and stepped into the bathroom to take a look at the dress. He held it up and looked at Ty, "What's wrong with it? It looks pretty good."

Ty refused to look at the dress but responded with her frustration only barely controlled, "Just, I can't, no I won't wear it. Let's just say I've been boycotting everything by that designer for a really long time now and am not going to stop anytime soon. And dresses aren't my thing."

What happened? Carlos checked the tag of the dress and read the label. His eyes widened slightly at the tag. Heather J. Limited, whoa. Papà really went all out with this. Even I know how expensive and exclusive this brand is, but why does Ty seem to have a huge problem with the designer? Wait...

"But Jackson is a very common name," Carlos muttered. "It can't be, potrebbe?" He placed the dress back and stepped out of the bathroom, closing the door and facing Ty. She had her eyes closed and was taking deep breaths, barely moving her lips as she counted silently.

"Are you alright?" Carlos asked, worried. I might have to do some research on her despite what Papà said. Just who is she?

She released a deep breath of air and opened her to look at him. "I'm fine," she added a small smile to reassure him. Ty looked down the hall towards the staircase and groaned, "We have to head back down there, don't we?"

Carlos smiled and ruffled her hair, "It's not that bad. Let's get going, dolcezza."

"Doll-whatta? Seriously, quit using Italian around me, I am not going to ever learn it," Ty determinedly said as she began walking quickly back towards the dining room.

Carlos jogged slightly to catch up and translated, "Dolcezza it's a term of endearment meaning 'sweetness' kind of like the English term 'sweetheart'." Ty grimaced and was about to tell him off but Carlos continued, "You'll have to learn Italian though since you will be marrying one of us."

Ty stopped in her tracks right as they had reached the stairwell and crossed her arms over her chest. She looked up at Carlos and firmly stated, "Look, I know none of you guys want tomarry me, much less date me, so why don't you just tell your stubborn father and then we can part ways and never see each other again?"

Carlos imitated her pose though more casually, leaning back slightly and responded easily, "How do you know that? You're pretty sexy with a fiery temper that is quite attractive. How do you know I don't want you to be my loving, beautiful wife to have my children?"

"Because you don't swing that way," Ty immediately responded.

"Huh?" Carlos started.

Ty continued, pretending she didn't notice Carlos falter, "If you were straight, then I might believe you, just barely though."

"W-what?" How?

"I wasn't really sure but after watching you carefully, I'm one hundred percent certain." I've got him, Ty almost smirked but kept her face stoic.

After a moment of gaping, Carlos finally dropped all pretenses and asked quietly, "How'd you figure it out?"

"At first I thought you were just being observant or something, you Rizzos seem to have this habit of analyzing people and things with your eyes. But, when Drew pointed out my lack of a bra and almost all the straight guys who were watching zeroed in on my chest, your attention was focused on mentally undressing one of my best friends who as far as I know is definitely a dude. And, you were staring at him like you wanted to rip his clothes off and jump him right then and there every time you guys were in the same room," Ty explained, letting the smirk she was holding back slip through a little. She added, "I may be completely oblivious to a lot of things, but when it involves my friends and people I care about or when I really put my mind to it, I'm pretty observant."

Carlos slumped and covered his face with his hand. He laughed slightly before looking up at the ceiling, "Nine years. Nine whole years I've kept it a secret and you figured it out in one day."

"I won't tell anyone. When I figured it out, I wasn't sure if your family knew or not. You don't have to worry about me spilling anything, Carlos," Ty promised, letting her arms fall to her side. Changing the subject, she turned and began walking down the stairs, calling over her shoulder, "You coming, stalker-boy?"

Carlos laughed, "In a bit, I have to change because unlike you, Papà will have my head if I'm not dressed properly for this."

Carlos watched her walk back down without a care in the world as if she had not just figured out the biggest secret of his life and had a rage-fit just a couple minutes before.

Oh dio mio, just what is she?


Italian Lingo:

stronza - bitch

bambina - child, little girl

bambini - children, plural of bambina and bambino

dolcezza - sweetness, kind of like sweetheart (as Carlos said)

Oh dio mio - oh my god

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