A Night In Burbank

This story is probably in the wrong category, but oh well. it has almost nothing to do with Sherlock other than the fact that Benedict Cumberbatch is in it. It is a very intense short story about a love that should never be. Pat Sajak, yes you read it right, has fallen madly in love with the British super star Benedict Cumberbatch. This story was written solely to make fun of fanfics. I understand some of them are good, but this one is directed to the ones that don't quite make sense. So, have fun reading. It gets pretty graphic, just so you know


1. The Fire


Twas a cold winter evening in Burbank California. The sun was just falling below the horizon, the sky was clear and full of stars, and the city rumbled with the sounds of people and automobiles. There is not enough love in this world to share, so we must find our own ways to gain pleasure. In studio 18, the place where cheap game shows are filmed. Shows such as wheel of fortune, and jeopardy, and deal or no deal, and who wants to be a millionaire, and etc.... They are actually all the same set. The only thing that has changed is the lighting, and the people who host the fucking shit, but this isn't a story about shoddy reality game shows. This is a story of an odd love that no one ever expected. A love that shocked the world and the lovers themselves.

Everyone knows Pat Sajak, the man who is the voice for the ever popular show “wheel of fortune” he has made many people rich and happy. In that process he has been involved in several scandals, and has recently been battling bouts of depression. Which is very very sad, because everyone knows pat Sajak has the largest penis in the history of game show hosts. It is a whole seven inches long, which is wicked long for a host. Some people say that game show hosts host game shows, because if they were to host real shows other hosts would have bigger cocks than their tiny game show host dicks, and that would make the hosts insecure when they are with the other hosts. Enough with the host talk though. Pat Sajak has a huge penis for his job. On this night, pat was feeling very lonely, his long hours speaking to a crowd that was dumb enough to pay 40 dollars to watch other people win money, were taking a toll on his mind. He went back stage into his dressing room, and reached into a cabinet hidden in a corner. He pulled out an old bottle of whiskey, and drank. He drank his life into blackness, and he knew what he was doing to himself, but the didn’t care. He only knew he was done.

After downing half the bottle Pat stumble out of his dressing room. Upon doing that, something odd happened. A man with gorgeous cheekbones, and great hair was there to meet him. It was dark, and pat couldn’t see his face. But he really had the urge to hug him. So he did. “Oi, what in the bloody hell are you doing you crazy drunken loon. Must be fucking mental, hugging me.” said the mysterious man. “Get the fuck off you fucking pleb, before I knock your jimmies off.” Pat quickly jumped back, he had had his jimmies rustled once before, and he didn't want it to happen again. After backing away, he was able to identify the hunk of a man standing before him. It was Benedict Cumberbatch. Sajak knew he had stepped to the wrong man, for he wasn’t a host at all. He starred in a very popular television show, and has been in quite a few movies. Sajak knew that his penis was way over eight inches.

“Sorry Mr. Cumberbatch.” squeaked Pat. “it wont happen again.” Benedict scowled at him and walked into a room that was down the hall from Pats dressing room. Pat couldn't help but stare at his fine ass as he walked away. “Damn, I would like to put that in my mouth.” he mumbled to himself. He then left the studio and went to his fucking shitty ass loft in downtown Burbank. Where he skulked around for a bit, trying the get the image of Benedict out of his mind. He wondered what it would be like to have his massive British cock inside of him, and how it would feel when it finally came. He hoped there was a lot of cum, because Pat likes cum. Sometimes when he is feeling really horny, he goes to gay bars and offers men free blow jobs and butt sex, only because he likes the way semen feels on and in his body. Tonight was not one of those nights.

Sajak woke the next morning without a hangover, because this is how he has woken up for the past six years of his life, and hangovers do not fucking bother this mother fucker, because he has such a fucking depressing life that his head cant be bothered to hurt in the mornings because of much worse god damn mother fucking shitty ass things going on in his life. Pat quickly roused and cleaned himself. He had to film two episodes of his stupid show today. He wondered if he would see his man angel again though. If he did, he thought, it would be a good day. So, pat drove to the studio once again, and sure enough, Cumberkitten was there (Cumberkitten is what pat calls Cumberbatch in his mind. It's kind of like a pet name, but not as cute because its fucking stupid). Pat nodded at him. Cumberkitten did not nod back. :( Filming was hard on pat today, the contestants were stupid people. They couldn’t guess the simplest things until they were 90% solved. Sajak wanted to murder everyone there with a gun, or a knife, but he knew if he did that, Cumberkitten would never love him. So instead, he toughed it out, and despite a huge erection in his pants made it through the day.

After everything was said and done, he went into his dressing room. This time not to drink, but to put on his skank shorts, and his skank shirt, and his skank hat, and his skank glasses, and his skank cologne, and his fancy leather shoes. There we go, now I’m all dolled up, I can go try to fuck my new boy toy, pat thought to himself. Just one more thing, he reached down on the floor (I don't know why this was on the floor, but it was) and picked up a massive black butt plug, and shoved it into his ass. Without lube. He walked out of his room, and wandered down the hall to the place he saw his new crush walk into last night. He stood outside of the door, and politely knocked. “Just a fucking minute!!” a voice yelled behind the door. Sajak knocked once more. “I said one fucking minute, fucking lowlife!!!” and then, the door opened to a half naked Benedict Cumberbatch. He had on only a shirt that went below his cock which was hard as hell right now.

“you miss me baby?” Sajak asked attentively.

“you fucking know it you little bitch, I've been thinking about you all day, since last night. And god knows that every time I’m in America I have to fuck a man, for some reason. You know, to be honest, I really don't know why I have to, I just get the urge really bad, and then it's like I have to fuck some one. Do you know what I’m saying?” Said Cumberbatch.

“I completely understand, but I'm not complaining.” said Pat, as he came in to mouth fuck Benedict with his tongue. Benedict reciprocated the action, and allowed himself to be guided into the room, which was basically a small hotel room. It had a mini bar, nice carpet, a bed with the sheets tucked under the mattress, and even a broken coffee maker. It was classic California. Pat pushed Benedict off with a shove, but not a forceful shove. More like a playful shove. This really got Benedict riled up. He had a massive tent growing outwards from his shirt, and it was still extending. He eyed Pat, and then looked down, hinting at what he wanted done next.

“Why don't you do me a favor.” Benedict said in a slow deep voice. “Daddy wants his dick wet.” slowly, pat lowered himself down Benedict’s long body, until he reached the super massive bulge coming from his waist. He pulled the shirt up and revealed the monster beneath. It nearly took his eye out before he could get a hold of it. He stroked it a few times with both hands, then he spread his mouth as wide as he could, and slipped it in. His cock was rock hard right now as he worked his tongue around the tip. He could taste the saltiness of precum spreading over his tongue, this made him even more aroused. Benedict’s dick must have been about ten inches long, but pat was no stranger to big things, and within a few minutes he was at the cockballs. (What are cockballs? It's a long story.)

Benedict began ramming his johnson in and out of Pats throat, he was surprised at the lack of gagging coming from his partner. “you're a fucking slut, you fucking mingy prick. Yeah, you like that you dirty boy. Daddy’s about to cum, so why don't you turn around and we can get to work.” Benedict said in a strained but happy voice.

“Yes, yes daddy. I want your cum all inside my asshole.” Said pat.

“Good!” yelled Benedict. “ now take off your fucking pants, and let me at your butt hole.”

“Oh yes!” yelled pat, as he pulled off his shorts, and removed his gigantic butt plug in the process. Benedict turned him around and spanked him, before forcing his way into Pat's gaping asshole. Pat squealed in pleasureful pain, but Benedict paid no mind to that, he had only one mission. To give Pat Sajak the biggest load of man cream he had ever had in his butt. “Fill me up daddy!!!!” Pat yelled aloud. At that moment Benedict let out the loudest groan he had ever made, and filled Pat's anal cavity with about a quarter cup or so of Cumberbatch cum. When he pulled out, he made pat put his pants back on immediately. He didn't want his special gift to leave his new lover so fast.

Pat had never felt such bliss before in his life. He could feel Benedict’s hot load sloshing around in his anus, and he had came a little himself in the excitement of things. Not a full orgasm, but definitely on the verge of one. Just then, Benedict unzipped pat's pants and went down on him. Even though he had seen bigger dicks before, he was still impressed. (with pat being a game show host and all). Within minutes they had a rhythm going. Every couple of seconds pat's dick would slide down the back of Benedict’s throat. Pat put his hands around Benedict’s head, as he gave one final thrust, forcing the full length of his penis down him, and he came. His cum sliding down benedict's throat. No need to swallow, pat had already done the work for him. With that, the two of them stood up, longingly looked each other in the eyes, and at the same time they pronounced their love for one another.

They had sex four times that night, and their love continued for several more years, when a saucy scandal involving elton john split the two apart for good. At one time it was a match made in heaven, but even the strength of love is tested every once in a while. Sometimes it just isn't up to par. This split did not stop them from fucking, but they did not have a romantic relationship afterwords. which is sad, because everyone told them that they were the cutest couple to walk the face of the earth. And with that, concludes the end of a wonderful love between a shitty ass game show host, and a fucking cunty douche actor that had a large erection. Thank you for reading ;)...  

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