The Demon Finds His Queen

The Demon Looks Everywhere to Find his queen only killing ladies, He seems to love his job. He Skins them alive and stick a knife on the skull and on the knife it says " You are not my queen". Not only that but he makes them a flower head bend and places it on the skull. He loves his job


1. Your Next

I woke up tied to a chair. I woke to the sound of a knife sharping. This was the sound I dreaded the most, this is the sound that means " YOUR NEXT" the figure in black said.  " ARE YOU  MY QUEEN?" I looked up at him very surprised and shocked and I said "NO" Well then I shall have fun with this knife tonight.  I felt a knife stick into my right hand in and out it went. He ketp doing this untill he asked me again "ARE YOU MY QUEEN?" No i replied. Fine then. He got his long knife and started stabbing my right shoulder. He then whispered into my right ear saying " YOU ARE NOT MY QUEEN". He slowly puled out his short small knife and rose it to my right cheek first and started skin me. "PLEASE, I BEG YOU LET ME GO, PLEASE". I yelled and yelled the pain  hurt to much, kept on yelling until I couldn't take it anymore... " WELL WELL OLIVIA  DEAR YOU DEAD, WHAT A SHAME I WAS GETTING TO THE BEST PART." He got his knife sticked it into her skull and on the knife he wrote " YOU WERE NEVER MY QUEEN OLIVIA" He then put a small red rose flower headband on her skull and said " When I am at my worst, nothing will get in my way, the feeling of blood thirsty,  is all that is left,  I shall slaughter till i find her. They call me the demon king".  ARE YOU NEXT? I KNOW YOU ARE MY DARLING. " ARE YOU MY QUEEN?" 

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