Peer Presure


4. talk to me

I finally wake up from the nap and saw I had over 45 texts from that dude what's his name ummm oh yea Justin. Basically he was saying how he had a great time last night and how he wanted to hang out again. I text him saying to meet me at the macron and coffee shop.

*+*+*+*+*+20 minutes later*+*+*+*+*

I meet Justin at the shop and we order and sit down at a table. "So Jasmine, I have been thinking about you. A lot." Justin said. " wow umm same for you." That was a complete lie I was actually sleeping more often because I wasn't feeling so good. " Jasmine, you seem like an incredible girl and you are a beautiful and smart girl and I was wondering if you would like to go out with me?" He blushed looking nervous. I giggled and nodded my head"sure that would be cool." "Cool. I will pick you up at 6 and wear a swim suit." Justin got up and walked out of the shop. Soon I walked out and drove back to my apartment. It was already 4:30 so I decided to just get ready so I got my hottest bikini on and put a casual but cute sun dress on top of it with flip flops. I decided not to put a lot of make up except water proof mascara. I put my hair in a side fish tail braid and decided that I was finished . I went downstairs and turned on the tv. Finally it was 6 on the dot and I heard a knock. I opened the door and saw Justin with his eyes bulging out of his face. " You look beautiful." "Thank you, shall we get going?" I close the door and we walked to his car.

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