Peer Presure


2. Regrets (RED)

We go and dance on the the dance floor pills and potions was playing and I was grinding on him. I could feel him getting hard. This was so unlike me, I would never have done this if I wasn't for my drinks. We danced a couple more songs and then we played the shot challenge. I won!! Justin noticed how my 28 shots were kicking in so he said, " why not we get outta here?" I nodded. While I was walking out I remembered my ride was Jada and she was more drunk then me. Niall will probably take her home. While we were walking out he opens the door to a black Lamborghini. While he was driving we didn't say a word to each other. Once we pulled up to this HUGE mansion he unbuckled his seatbelt and turned to me and smashed his lips in to me. He stuck his tongue in my mouth and explored. We both fought for dominance. He won. We walked in and the place was beautiful. It had a chandelier, a grand stair case and so many rooms. He took me by the hand and took me into this blue room the I am guessing is his room. He turned to me and pushed me against the wall and smashed his lips into mine. He requested me to let his tongue in but I declined " you are such a tease. You are gonna pay for that." He said with a smirk. He pushed me onto the bed and started gripping my dress off and kissing my neck. He got my undergarments off and he took off his cloths and before I asked him if he had a condom he inserted himself in me. It hurt like hell! It hurt like crazy but then suddenly It turned into pleasure. I was just about to hit my climax when he finally released himself. He laid by me while we both were out of breath. He turned to me and we started to spoon.

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