Peer Presure


1. Do You Wanna Dance?

"C'mon Jasmine you have to go to this party, it's gonna be crazy!" Said Jada for the 15th time. " Fine, but you have to buy me those shoes at Urban Outfitters."Jada nodded her head and we got ready. Jada wore this Aztec skin tight dress with black high heels. Jasmine wore this black skin tight dress with silver high heels. Jada drove them to the party and it was being held in this big mansion. They walked in and the music was pumping so loud the walls were vibrating. Jasmine lost Jada when Jada found Niall. They started making out right when Jada walked over there. Jasmine walked over to the bar and ordered a shot. When a tall, fit , cute guy walked over and said," I'm paying for the pretty lady." The man turned to me and said, " I'm Justin nice to meet you beautiful." While he smirked. " thank you and my name is Jasmine." " jasmine, what a gorgeous name for a gorgeous girl." She turned away while blushing. "Do you wanna dance?"

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