The Christmas Criminal


1. This is a short story :)


Hi my name is Haley Marie Edwards.  I was born on July 27 in Burlingame, California and I am 23 years old, the year? you do the math.  Anyway, I have brown hair and brown eyes and I love shoes and guns. Guns?  Well yes, I am a spy, they are frightening at times but pretty cool when you are running for your life.  As I said I am a spy I have been for 8 years now.  The spy business is pretty hectic these days so I decided to go back to collage for a few years. Ya, writing long boring papers, listening to long lectures, and nothing exciting besides the classic drama, not an everyday 23 year olds dream.  But I hate to break it to you, I am not the average 23 year old. I am Haley Marie Edwards.


"Ya, thanks I will meet you there...ok...bye" I hung up my phone, swiftly grabbed my keys and locked the front door.  I made my way towards my yellow punch bug. The trunk was full with multiple luggage's and all my belongings, I started the car and drove in the direction of my new death of a dream. Collage.  A couple of minutes later I pulled up to the campus people rode bikes, longboards and scooters, which transported them around, I opened my door and abandoned my car while treading in through the massive glass doors I gave the receptionist my keys and she gave me a room key I sauntered through the halls until I could match the card number with the gold plated numbers engraved into the wooden green door. Well, here it go's.  As I carefully slid the plastic card into the contraption a light flashed green and the door opened, I was ready for whatever lies behind the door.


I opened the door, the sight was horrendous! There was three beds, one bunk and one twin, I have roommates?!?! This made me furious! Ya, I have to blend in with these people but roommates? Giggling and laughter rang through my ears. The door clicked open, the laughter stopped, I slowly turned around to see two girls standing in the doorway.


"hey Liz look our new roommate is here!" on happily exclaimed to the other

"Hi, Im Julia, Julia Lane. And this is Liz." one introduced and extended a hand for me to shake. polite, perfect and happy? What did I do to deserve this torture?  That last name though... it rung a bell but I can’t remember from where or what. I left her hand hanging and sat down on the floor annoyed by her perfection.


"well, um... you can have the twin we share the bunk" she replied awkwardly

"so what's your name?" Liz I think it was asked.

"kat- ... um I mean Haley" she looked at me odd as I stumbled to tell her my own name. After all the aliases I have had over the many years I sometimes forget when I can tell people my real name or not. luckily she didn't ask any questions and just left it at that. Suddenly there was a soft gentle knock on the door I hopped up to answer hoping it was my luggage, disappointed I sat back down it was some guy he walked in and Julia ran to give him a hug, he gently embraced her hugging her tightly. Everyone happily joined me, what is it with these happy people, frustrated I got up and went to the kitchen and made a peanut butter and jelly


"Hello" a soft angelic, deep voice startled me making me jump! I had him in a headlock three seconds flat, my peanut butter covered knife up to him.

I dropped him to the ground sighing in frustration, way to blend in Haley just great!

He scrambled and jumped up in fright when he turned around he saw a 23 year old, five foot three inch girl standing there both hands covering her embarrassed face

"Hi I am Jacob, Jacob Lane, I am Julia's brother" Jacob Lane... Jacob Lane. I definitely know him from somewhere.


It has been three short months and Julia, Liz and I have become pretty good friends and my classes are going pretty well, I haven't seen Jacob in quite a while but I don't blame him after what happened. Thankfully he has kept it a secret from his sister and Liz or else they would think I was some type of sick killer woman. During these short months Christmas has crept around the corner and it is only 2 weeks away. I have already gotten everyone's gift and we are going to make some Christmas cookies tomorrow, we are also flying to Wisconsin to visit Julia's family. I am going to do some research on Jacob during these next few days. I have hand to hand combat skills but his strength could over power me if he was a spy.


I pulled out my laptop from my miniature bookshelf. As I typed in the name Jacob Lane many pictures popped up on the dusty screen. None of the people displayed looked anything like the one I know, so I closed my computer in defeat. Curiosity kept eating away at me during that day making me more and more curious.


It has gotten quite cold as the evening went on, while opening the closet door I reached for my sweater then took it off the hanger I slipped it over my shivering body and placed my hands into the soft, fuzzy pockets. Right now all four of us: Julia, Liz, jacob and I are on a plane to Wisconsin. I am very excited. After all Christmas is my favorite holiday! I used to spend all my time with my loving family until the CIA faked my death to recruit me for my new life as a spy. Yes, I did agree to it but I still miss my family and I hated putting them through that.


After a long plane ride we have finally reached are destination. We are waiting for Julia's parents to pick us up. A huge van pulled up and an older lady, maybe in her late forties jumped out of the car as it came to a stop then she rushed over to hug her two children.

"hi, you must be Haley?" she asked in a welcoming motherly voice

"yes it is so good to meet you" she smiled at me and grabbed my luggage, helping me load them all into the trunk. Once we were all safe inside the car, we were off into the merrily blue yonder. Something like that, Liz and I introduced ourselves to their dad he was also very kind and welcoming.


Christmas music played through the old wooden radio as we sat and enjoyed each others company around the warm flames of the fire. This was the first chance I had gotten since I arrived to actually look around the room it reminded me of the many years as a young child that I spent picking out trees with my dad or decorating the tree and making cookies with my mom. Or even if didn't admit it before I really missed running through the store aisles with my brother picking out gifts for our parents. Even if they could buy anything they wanted or needed, it would bring us so much joy to see their faces on Christmas morning, it never mattered how expensive or how cheap our gift was they were just so happy just to have another Christmas as a family. I began to sniffle and tears dripped from my eyes thinking of all the exciting memories of the past.


"hey you ok?" Jacob asked in a sickeningly sweet voice. As the others continued talking, tears streamed down my face, I couldn't stop crying no matter how many times I wiped them away


"ya, im fine, just one minute" I replied then quickly left climbing the stairs one step at a time my hand gliding along the oak wood railing.  I reached the guest room, as I approached it I twisted the brown handle opening the door then swiftly locking it behind me. I threw myself to the bed and huddled under the covers trying to keep all the memories there. I loved them and it shattered me like thin glass hitting a brick wall, even a quick thought of losing them again.  I couldn't lose it, not yet. Those memories brought me back. The CIA broke me, pounded me into a mold then shaped and formed me into the person I am today. My memories are all I have left. A sob left my lips as I continued to cry. Suddenly a soft knock was placed on the other side of my door.


"who is it?" I asked trying to stop my shaky breaths and trying to not let anyone see me cry, many people think of it as a sign of weakness but I think it of a sign of love and a sign that you care. You have to love someone, for it to break you.

"well, its me Jacob, I know we don't really talk much but I wanted to see if you were alright."


"I am fine just, please, leave me alone." I begged feeling more tears coming to my eyes

"no, I can’t leave you like this, come on Haley just let me in whatever is bothering you it will help if you talk to somebody about it" he answered, he is right you know my brain told me. My head is in a tug-a-war stage where it says to go one way then the next, this happens a lot...


"ya? Im here" I replied while getting up to open the door, as I opened the door it reveals a Jacob with a sly smirk across his face.


He grasped my arm not enough to hurt me but enough to let me I know wasn’t getting away. As we reached the base of the staircase  he gave me a warning glare, I followed him through the living room and we walked towards the front door.


Jacob took me somewhere Have no idea where I am my tear stained face hung low and my hands were tied behind me, the rope indenting into the soft skin of my wrists.  A bright light flashed on blinding me, I squinted my eyes as they burned from the sudden brightness, which was only on me, while the rest of the room remained dark.  I heard footsteps echoing through the darkness.  


“Show your face coward” I spat wanting to be home snuggled up in bed.  A dark figure came into the light which soon revealed his true identity. Surprisingly,  it was my brother. he looks much older now a bit of a beard and a more masculine frame.

“hello Haley, merry Christmas” his rough, deep voice boomed , then an evil chuckle escaped his mouth...

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