The Christmas Criminal


2. a week later...

it has been a week sense my brother kidnapped me through my best friends brother, like dude that's sick who would do such a thing? like everyone knows you use the roommates cousin! duh! just kidding. this is no time for jokes considering how loud my stomach is grumbling begging for food. like I said it has been about a week but it feels like almost a year of being imprisoned in this place. so I learned that my brother, well isn't the best sibling, I know right! call me a know-it-all but this is sudden news, note the sarcasm, sorry. its just the shortage of food and water. Trust me I will get myself together. The rusty door began to creek as my brother and Jacob entered the room...


They had pulled up two chairs to the location where I was being held captive by these wicked cuffs and your like dude your C.I.A just slip out of the cuffs like in movies, but don't you think I thought of that?

it was just last night when I had finally got them off but it was apparently time for my questioning? like um just ask me. but yeah Jacob kinda walked in and he knocked me out with a chair!

I now have cuffs around my ankles, wrists and this large metal belt that has a remote and if you press the blue button it tightens and if you press the red it electrifies me. yep its tons of fun, you should try it some time the volts of electric charge makes my hair all frizzy!

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