'I wanna love like you made me feel
When we were eighteen'

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3. //Chapter 2//

* Mister Sass Master from doncaster!!!!* 

~Louis' PoV~

"You make me, feel like i'm living a teenage dream-" I was singing and was interrupted. "The last bed in there is mine. It's a queen size bed, and it goes in the room with my name on it." Out of curiosity, I decided to check it out. Since my mom did mention that some people were moving in next door. I started making my way downstairs, walking fast, faces pass, and i'm outside. I froze. There he was. The man of my dreams, cause oh lord heaven jeevus, HE IS FINE!! He has on a white wife beater, and oh lord of the carrots black skinny jeans with converse. What have I done to deserve such things. Oh he's looking at me. I smile, trying not to freak. Oh gosh! Kevin has flown to the Carrot Lord and has spoken of my greatness. He smiled back. Oh, I can now di- OMG!! THE DIMPLES!! Ok Lou, calm down. You got this. Normal. I turn away and walk inside and make my way upstairs. I silently squealed into my pillow. 

"Oh gosh…." I say softly to myself. I decided to check twitter. I go and sit at my desk. After a while of reading tweets and such, I hear faint music. I look up and there he is again. I smile. He smiles back. Then I realize he doesn't have on a shirt and trying to keep my mind drifting I look away as I feel my face heating up. I glance up one more time to see he had realized and shut his curtains. But his tattoos were so hot. He had so many. Across his chest and on his arms and across his muscles. Oh Kevin help me! The Sass Master is crumbling on the inside. He's invading. My mind is going crazy. It won't shut up talking about him.

"Lou" I hear a faint little voice coming from my door. 

"Yes?" I turn around looking at Phoebe, smiling and sweating slightly, she replies.

"Mum wants you, she's in the kitchen" She turns and hurries away. I chuckle slightly and start making my way downstairs. Turning left into the kitchen, my mum standing over the sink. I walk over and kiss her cheek and lean on the counter slightly waiting.

"Dear, will you go over and invite the new neighbors over for a cook out. It'll be nice, and I hear they have a son your age" She winks at me and I blush.

"Yeah mum, but don't get any ideas" She giggles.

"Well, maybe you can show him around school." She grins. I smile.

"Definitely, that sounds great." I glance at the window.

"Go child. Invite them." I squeeze mum into a hug one more time and walk out the door. I make my way across the lawn, like a boss, and knock on their door. At the sound of footsteps a sweet voice sings.

"Coming." In sing-song like. The door opens and there is a girl, who I might say is very pretty, because she looks like him of course. She stops, looks me up and down, mouth agape 

"Um Hi" I say, wishing it was the guy instead. A woman walks up.

"Gemma who is it sweety…. oh hi. You are?" She said looking at me. 

"Um, Louis. Your neighbor, my mother asked if you want to come to dinner later tonight at 7…."I looked at my watch, it was 5. 

"Thank you Louis! We will be there" I nodded and walked down the steps. 'I have two hours till he comes over. Great.' I though to myself.

It's two hours later and I've been in the living room watching tv with my sisters like always, when there was a knock on the door. "LOUIS! CAN YOU GET THE DOOR??" I got up and walked over to the door and opened it, and I saw him.

"MUM!! THEY'RE HERE!" My mum walked to the door and introduced her self. "I'm Harry" he said nicely. "Louis, do you want to show Harry to the back yard?" My mum asked me. I just nodded my head. We walked out back and ended up jumping on the trampoline and talking about our life, until dinner was done. After that we went to my room and played Truth or dare.  

"Truth or dare my amazing new carrot friend?" I said. "Hmm, well carrot king, I shall say dare." He said with a smirk on his face. "I dare you to go jump in your pool, with only your boxers on and a cape!!" I said laughing. "Ok."

And he got up and ran down my stairs, and out to the back yard, and to his pool. I followed behind and he stripped. It was dark, and I looked at him and couldn't help but bite my lip. I don't know if I should think this, but I think I'm falling in love. I hand him my superman cape. "Thanks." He said sarcastically. He put it on and jumped in, his curly hair mimicking a halo. Then he came back up for air. I took off my shoes and dove in to the chlorine water. 


 Me (Katt) and Kai have been working on this for a while. I hope you like it.

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