'I wanna love like you made me feel
When we were eighteen'

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2. //Chapter 1//

* So Im Going To Put A Picture At Every Chapter… Hope You Like!!*

-Harry's PoV-

I walked in to my new house in London England Doncaster. I walked up the stairs to look at the rooms, and walked in to the first one. It was a light pink with a walk in closet. "Gemma will want this room", I mumbled " I will want what? OMG ITS PINK, MY ROOM!!!!" She squealed. I walked in to the next room, I guess was mums room. It has boxes in it already, and the next one I saw was light blue. It has a walk-in closet and its own shower. I thought mom would want this room.

I set down what I had in my hands and took my banner that had my name on it and put it on the door. After that I went downstairs to tell the moving men what beds mine and where it goes. "The last bed in there is mine. It's a queen size bed, and it goes in the room with my name on it." I told them, they nodded in understanding. I turned around and I was stunned by the boy that lives next door.

He is skinny and was wearing a stripped shirt with suspenders and a pair of red skinny jeans and converse. He looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. I grabbed a few boxes and took them inside. They already had my bed up there and set it in my room. I started to unpack everything, in the process I found my computer and started playing music.

After two hours I was done. I had all of my pictures and posters hung up on my walls, and my desk was in my room, right next to the window. Which happens to be facing that boys house. I looked out the window and saw that he was in the room that was facing mine. He saw me looking and smiled, then started blushing. That's when I realized that I didn't have a shirt on and my tattoos where showing. I blushed then shut my curtains.

I threw on a shirt and sat down at my desk."HARRY! COME DOWN HERE" I heard my mom yell. I got up and walked downstairs "Yes mum?" I asked "Our new neighbors have invited us to a grill out in there backyard, so go get your shoes and let's go." I ran up stairs and grabbed my converses. Then grabbed a zip up jacket and ran back to my mom."Ready?" I nodded we walked outside and towards the neighbors and my mom started telling me something.

"Harry they have a son your age. His name is Louis and he's going to help you around school tomorrow" She said. I just nodded we reached the house and Louis answered the door. "MUM! THEY'RE HERE!" He yelled, then a woman walked up "Hello, I'm Johannah, and this is Louis" She smiled at me and shook my hand "I'm Harry" I said politely "Louis, do you want to show Harry to the back yard" He just nodded his head. I followed him into the backyard and it was big, like mine, but his has a trampoline and a swing set. There were 5 girls on the swing set and leaves covered the trampoline.

"Louis can we jump on your trampoline?" I asked "Sure, why not? No one has jumped on it in a while. Race you there!" He took off running, I ran too. He seems childish, but I like it. After an hour, we sat down on the trampoline talking we talked about my dad leaving and about his dad leaving, and him taking his step dads name. They called us to eat and after we did we went to his room and played truth or dare.

"Truth or dare my amazing new carrot friend" He said. I smiled, I like him. "Hmm, well carrot king, I shall say dare" He smiled "I dare you to go jump in your pool with only your boxers on and a cape!!" He sad laughing It's eleven at night, my mom is asleep, so is the rest of the family "Ok" And I got up and ran down his stairs, and out to the back yard, and to my pool. He followed behind and I stripped. It was dark, and I looked back. He had a superman cape "Thanks" I said sarcastically.

I turned around to my pool and jumped in. It was cool but not cold. It felt hot tonight. He looked at me and then jumped in. When he came up for air he was laughing and smiling. I broke out laughing as well. I don't know why, but I did have an amazing first day here.


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