Chestnuts roasting on an open fire or not

I hate Christmas. My family has a tradition of messing up my holidays, and this year is, by far, the worst one yet.


1. Christmas is the worst

"Jaaade!  Come on!  You need to help with decorations!"  I groan at my mother's words. Christmas time is my least favorite time of year, and I dont understand why my parents keep insisting on putting up the decorations, even if they get close to catching on fire. I close my eyes and picture my mother's face if her favorite decor caught on fire. The horror of my imagination propels me to laugh.  I imagine her scowl as she says, " STOP delaying and get your butt down here to help me with the decor!" I groan more loudly as I toss my cell phone onto my bed, the screen still glowing with my chat with onone of my best friends, Sierra.  "Now! "

“I'm coming I'm coming! Hold your horses! " I shout,  feeling my Texas accent, that I've tried so hard to hide, resurface.  

Angry,  I race down the stairs, nearly tripping on that loose step that my parents refuse to fix. "We'll be gone in a couple months,  so theres no need for remodelling." They said that five years ago. Im sick and tired of their empty promises and their abnormal obsession with holidays. 

New Years Eve consists of going to parties and staying up till Ten,  because of the children. The sparkling cider made me feel ssick.  Then my brother would complain about going home early. Valentines day consists of my father bringing the shotgun out of its home in the garage.  My mother would try having me meet some boys but then embarrassing me by showing them baby pictures. And she wonders why I am still single. St. Patricks Day is the time when my dad dresses up like a leprechaun and goes to my little brothers school and hands out chocolate coins. Fourth of July consists of blowing up the neighbors backyard with sparklers...... I know. My brother has a talent for making things explode. Halloween is..... Ugh its too painful to tell you. Thanksgiving is the best.  Just my cousins and I eating some food in peace. 

But Christmas..... Christmas is the worst. 


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