The Christmas Of Letting Go

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  • Published: 19 Nov 2014
  • Updated: 31 Dec 2014
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Laila Trude has always been told that Christmas can brighten anyones world. But when a tragedy strikes, all Laila's Christmas does is rip her world apart.


4. -


     I open my sleep heavy eyes, and flop over to look at my clock, the blue digital numbers read 1:30. In the morning.


     I groan and get up, I drag myself over to my dresser and pick up my phone. "Huuulllo?" I ask tiredly, my eyes begin to droop.

     "Laila," I hear the familiar voice of Maddy, then I hear a sob. "Laila, my dads dead." There's another sob, as Maddy cries into the phone.

     "Holy crap, Maddy are you serious?" I ask, suddenly awake.

     "I wouldn't joke about this. The army people c-called and told me that he's d-d-d-" Maddy begins crying into the phone again, and my heart breaks for my friend.

     "Maddy, I'm so sorry." I say.

     "I-I can't do this anymore, their both dead. I'm so alone." Maddy sobs.

     Tears collect in my eyes and I say. "Your not alone,"

     "I-" Maddy sobs again. "Your my best friend, your like a sister, I'm sorry."

     "Maddy, what-"
     "I've got to go, thanks for everything." Maddy disconnects the line and I curse loudly.

     "Maddy.... What are you doing?" I ask out loud. Worry claws at my chest and I put my phone down. I open my dresser and get dressed quickly. I throw on a hoodie and my jacket. I grab my tuque just as I run out my bedroom door.

     I run to my dads room, and knock loudly on the door. "Dad?" I ask, "I need to come in!"

     I open up his door, to see him rubbing is eyes. "What is it."

     "Maddy just called, her dad died and I'm worried about her." I fret.

     "Oh god..." My dad says.

     "I'm going to go to her place, like right now."

     "I'm going to get dressed, I'll come too."

     "I'll see you there." I say. I rush out of the house. Its dark outside. I run along the side walk. It still has the path the vacuum made. I trip and fall, scraping my bare hands.

     I push myself back up, ignoring the pain. When I see Maddys house the lights are on. I run up to the door and knock loudly. Her aunt answers. Her dark hair is a mess and tears are running down her face, she is holding a house phone.

     "I  need to see Maddy" I say.

     "Y-you can't come in." Her Aunt says.

     I push past her, and walk into the house, not bothering to take off my boots. I run up to Maddys room. Her Aunt is close behind me, shouting at me to stop.

     I push open Maddys door, and stop dead in my tracks. "Maddy..."

     My best friend lies on the ground, her eyes lifeless, her body motionless, and an open bottle of pills clenched in her hand.

     I stumble backwards, my hand raised to my mouth. Tears stream down my face and  let out a strangled cry. I back into Maddys Aunt, who is also crying. She tries to put her hand on my shoulder but I smack her away. I turn around and run out of the house, my eyes blurry.

     Maddys Aunt shouts at me, but I keep running. When I get outside I can here sirens, but I keep running. I run down the familiar streets, I run across the bridge, down through the trees. My thoughts are muddled, but I some how make it over the tangled roots and mounds of snow. I stop in the clearing, Maddy and I's clearing. I fall down, still crying. My tears sprinkle the snow. I sit up and hug my knees to my chest. I sob loud and stare out at the familiar lake. My cries echo, and I sound like a wounded animal.

     Maddy's dead. Maddy's dead. Maddy's killed herself. My friend is gone.

     My shatters with these thoughts. It shatters into tiny pieces. And I know it'll be a long, long time before I can put them back together again. 

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