The Christmas Of Letting Go

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  • Published: 19 Nov 2014
  • Updated: 31 Dec 2014
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Laila Trude has always been told that Christmas can brighten anyones world. But when a tragedy strikes, all Laila's Christmas does is rip her world apart.


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Christmas Eve:


     "Is this really a good idea?" I ask nervously.

     Maddy rocks the sled back and forth slightly, so that it just slightly tips over hills edge. "Relax, we'll be fine" She says. We're in my dads big jet sled, on the sled hill in our home town. Maddy decided that we should spend our day sledding. Maddy pushes us down the hill and I grip the sides of the sled.

     We slide like an avalanche, and Maddy woops excitedly, throwing her hands in the air. The cold air pushes against my face, and I have to squint to see. We approach a dirt mound and I squeal loudly, "Ma-Madd-eeeeeee!" I screech. We hit the mound. The sled flips and I get a face full of snow. I slide to the bottom of the hill, Maddy close behind me. When I finally get to the bottom, I stand up and brush the snow off of myself. "That was terrible." I say to Maddy, who has just reached the bottom, I offer her my hand.

     Maddy takes it and I pull her up. "Nah, that was awesome."


     "Well we're going again, so grab the sled." Maddy laughs. I sigh and walk over to where the sled finally stopped. I grab the rope and turn around, ready to trudge back up the hill.

     My feet sink in the snow with every step, and I grumble curses at the cold. Maddy reaches the top way before I do, and is looking kinda impatient by the time I get there. "We aren't going down the same spot." I say tiredly.

     "Whatever slow poke." Maddy teases me. We climb into the sled and go down the hill again. This time we don't flip. Maddy gets out of the sled and flops into the snow, so that she's lying on her back. I follow her example, and flop down beside her. "Maybe we should just stay down here for a bit." Maddy suggests.

     "Your just saying that because you don't want to pull the sled up,"

     "Soooooo what." Maddy says, laughing. We stare up at the cloud covered sky. "Thanks for coming with me." Maddy says after a moment.

     "No problem." I say.

     "Your an awesome friend, you know that," Maddy comments.

     I turn my head so that I'm looking at my best friend. "Your an even awesomer friend." I say.

     Maddy smiles, then gets up quickly, she snatches the sled rope off the ground. I get up too.

     "Race you to the top?" Maddy suggests.

     "Your on" I smile.


      It was an amazing Christmas eve. I just wish  had known how bad things would get the next day.

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