The Christmas Of Letting Go

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  • Published: 19 Nov 2014
  • Updated: 31 Dec 2014
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Laila Trude has always been told that Christmas can brighten anyones world. But when a tragedy strikes, all Laila's Christmas does is rip her world apart.


2. -

     My phone rings and I close my book. I hop off my bed and snatch the phone off my dresser. "Hello?" I say, answering.

     Maddy's voice comes through the speaker. "Hi Laila."

      "What's up?" I ask, as I flop onto my bed. My hair fans around me and I stare at the ceiling.

       "You know that list of chores I told you about yesterday..." Maddy trails off.


      "Well my vacuum broke and I was kinda wondering if I could use yours..."

     "Wait." I flip so I'm laying on my stomach. "You mean to tell me that you want me to drag my vacuum down two streets of snow?"

      "If you wouldn't mind."

      "Its a good thing you have such a great friend." I sigh. "I'll bring it over, see you soon."

     "Okay, thanks Laila, your a life saver." Maddy says thankfully.

     "I know,"



     The line disconnects and I shove my phone in my pocket. I throw on my coat and colourful tuque. I walk out of my room and pull out the oversized vacuum. "It will make cleaning easier..." I grumble, quoting my dad. "A big vacuum is good..." The vacuum is a big green colored thing on wheels. Its wide and tall and has a handle at the top. I drag it to the front door and twist the door knob. I lift it onto the landing and then turn back so that I can lock the house. I heft the vacuum down the stairs and onto the sidewalk.

     I pull the vacuum behind me, swerving around the piles of snow. Its a painfully slow process. At least its not to cold today, I wouldn't be able to stand that. I get to the part of the sidewalk that nobody shovels off and drag the vacuum through the snow. The snow collects in the way of the vacuum as if I am shoveling. I groan and kick the snow out of the way. I struggle for at least twenty minuets, kicking the snow out of the way and dragging the vacuum. By the time I see Maddys house, I am NOT in a good mood.

     Maddy comes out her front door. "Took you long enough." She jokes.

     "Just come and get the vacuum."

     Maddy helps me get the vacuum inside, and I rub my slightly cold fingers. Maddy grabs a towel and wipes the snow off the vacuum. "Now that your here," She says. "You should help me finish my chores."

     I take off my jacket and answer. "Fine, but only if you help me with baking tonight."


     So we clean.

     First we sweep the kitchen, and wipe the counters. Then we use the newly dried vacuum to clean every single carpet in the house. After that we wash the walls and dust. The last chore is wash the windows. When we're all done, I help Maddy pack to spend the night at my place. Then we drag the vacuum outside, for the trip back to my house. Its a lot easier the way back, because of the ragged trail I made the first time. When we get to my place we make hot chocolates and get ready to bake. Nothing says 'Christmas' more than a whole bunch of decorated cookies.  

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