Hinato(Hinata X Naruto)

(Slight spoiler alert!) Hinata is desperately in love with Naruto, but she's just too shy to admit her feelings and she has a hard time reading Naruto's. It is after the Chunin exams and she is in the hospital, resting from her coughing fit during the exams.


3. Naruto's Confession

     Hinata woke again in the hospital, she coughed long and hard, her body shaking with the effort. She was sick, and she had just gotten out of the hospital. She felt horrible as the same sweet nurse as usual ran in and tilted Hinata's head back to deliver the medicine that would stop her coughing for a bit.

     "Hey sweetie, you really seem to love the hospital huh? You have a severe cold that could potentially open bring all your inside wounds back." The nurse said, showing great concern for the girl in the hospital bed. Hinata looked at her and smiled weakly, recalling the events she last remembered.

     "How long have I been out?" Hinata asked.

     "Just under two days. A nice young gentleman brought you in but you were soaked completely through and your body was frozen, almost a deathly kind of cold. Your heart was barely beating but we got you back to normal in no time at all as you can see," the nurse replied smiling, "I believe the boy's name was Naruto."

    Hinata looked down at the sheets she became so familiar with, her mind flashing to the last thing she remembered. She passed out in the freezing rain, exhausted of almost all of her chakra. So Naruto brought me here huh, Hinata thought, well, he shouldn't have. Hinata looked out the window and the nurse took that as a sign to leave. Hinata was grateful.

     However, the little bit of peace that she wanted was interrupted by the nurse once again, knocking on the door and smiling. Hinata turned to look at her and saw the last person she wanted to see at the moment. Naruto was standing right in front of the nurse, kicking at the ground with his hands in his pant pockets. The nurse left the two alone. Hinata returned to staring out the window, not wanting to speak at all to the boy or even acknowledge his presence.

     "Hinata? Can we please talk?" Naruto asked gently, trying to get her attention. Hinata did not move but glared at him with just her eyes moving, following his movements. He came and sat down in the chair next to her bed. She felt uncomfortable at once, scooting to the window more.

     "Hinata, please?" Naruto pried.

     "There's nothing to talk about." she said harshly, turning her head slightly to look at Naruto. Naruto's eyes flashed with a bit of pain but he let it go.

     "Yes there is, Hinata. You heard my conversation with Sakura and then you deliberately hurt me afterward when I tried to talk to you. To explain things." Naruto said. Hinata stayed the way she was, her hands crossed and twined together over her lap. Naruto continued after a bit.

     "Unfortunately you and Sakura took what I did in a bad way. I was practicing the way to..." he paused for a moment, "confess to someone I really like. I didn't inform Sakura that I was practicing what I wanted to do for someone else," by now Naruto was blushing, "and unfortunately you had been hiding in the woods when I did those things. The kiss was a bit far, I admit, but I have to say that I got very into acting out."

     Hinata was confused. She didn't understand what he meant.

     "Why would you do that?" Hinata asked, her head tilted and the confusion plain on her face.

     "Because I've been too afraid to approach the one I truly like. The one who's heart I'm truly after. Unfortunately, I hurt that girl." He said, smiling very sadly. Hinata was still confused as hell, but the Naruto did something that surprised Hinata. He stood up, gently taking her head in his hands and kissed her strong and deep. Hinata's eyes widened, but slowly they closed and she kissed back, her shaking hand going up to Naruto's cheek.

     Naruto pulled back, caressing her cheek and staring into her purple eyes, "You, Hinata, I want you."

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