Hinato(Hinata X Naruto)

(Slight spoiler alert!) Hinata is desperately in love with Naruto, but she's just too shy to admit her feelings and she has a hard time reading Naruto's. It is after the Chunin exams and she is in the hospital, resting from her coughing fit during the exams.


1. In the Hospital

     Oh why did I have to faint, Hintata thought to herself, I wanted to see the outcome of Naruto's match with Neji. Oh but Neji is so powerful... I hope Naruto is okay.

     Hinata currently resides in her room at the hospital where she has been for the second time now. The first time, she was put in the hospital due to her cousin Neji at the chunin exams. She was forced to face her cousin by a chance of random draw. She had fought valiantly and never gave up until she was almost killed. Naruto cheered her on and stood up for her, which made her fight harder than she ever had to fight but in the end, Neji proved to be the better ninja in skill.

     Hinata got out of the hospital the first time to go watch Naruto in his final chunin exam. He was to fight her cousin Neji. She remembered how angry he was with Neji for all the awful things he said to her. She was caught completely by surprise when Naruto stopped to talk to her before his fight. He had said something very shocking to Hinata after she had told him that she felt different, she felt better, new almost. She had been rendered speechless. The sad part is, poor Hinata was still not completely healed from her battle and she ended up coughing until she fainted.

     Right now, Hinata is spaced out, drawn to look out the window to the beautiful day. She saw the blue expanse with very few clouds as the day passed by before her eyes. The sun warmed her bed where she sat, giving a beautiful red-orange hue. She blinked, jumping in her bed and realized it was 4:50pm, but that was not what caught her attention. A blond haired boy kicked her room's door open, slamming it against the wall.

     Naruto, Hinata sighed mentally. He was the reason she fought, the reason she wanted to change. His nindo is her nindo, their ninja way. They never go back on their words. They never give up. As Naruto walked in, he had both his hands behind his head, strolling in as if he owned the place. That was one thing Hinata admired most about him, he was always so confident. She wished she could confess how she felt to him but her shyness never ceased to get in the way.

     Naruto sat in the chair next to her bed and he smiled at her. She was staring at him, with a slight blush to her cheeks. She loved him, it was true. Would she ever be able to tell him that?

     "N-Naruto!" she exclaimed, "Wh-what are you doing here?" She fidgeted nervously in her bed.

     "I came here to see how a buddy of mine is doing! Believe it!" He exclaimed with a smile. His easygoing attitude giving Hinata a bit of comfort.

     "W-well, thanks N-Naruto." she said, stammering. Naruto just sat there with a big grin on his face. He didn't know what to say and neither did Hinata. She kept thinking about the way he was so mad at Neji for the mean words and then his words to her before his exam. She realized she was staring at him for a bit long. He gave a awkward chuckle.

     "D-did you mean wh-what you said before your chunin final?" Hinata asked, a new color of blush coming to her pale face. Naruto tilted his head, almost like a puppy. She was caught in his ice-blue gaze. She loved the little feline-like lines that stretched on his cheeks, it gave him an interesting characteristic. She swallowed and clarified for him, "Th-that I'm creepy and weird but you actually really like people like that?"

     "Oh! Of course I meant it! Believe it!" he said giving her a very enthusiastic thumbs up. This made Hinata blush more, her voice rendered useless. After a while, Naruto broke the silence, "How are you doing Hinata?"

     "I-I'm okay. I guess I wasn't as healed as I thought I was when I went to go watch your battle." She smiled softly as she responded. She couldn't remember much after fainting, all of it was a blurr. She looked down at the plain white sheets, remembering briefly that she hadn't asked how he was. Her head shot up, making Nartuo jump in his chair.

     "H-how did you do against Neji?" she asked finally.

     "I beat him to a pulp! Believe it!" he exclaimed, becoming very dramatic, "I told him that I vowed to win, and I did. He deserved it too!"

    Hinata was very proud and happy for Naruto but before she could say anything, he was reaching in his coat for something. He pulled out a beautiful lavender flower and handed it to her. Hinata took the delicate flower, staring at it in awe.

     "I was told lavender helped people sleep well. I thought you might need it to get better as fast as you can." Naruto was blushing but he attempted to hide it by turning his head to look out her window. Hinata wouldn't have seen it anyway, for she was looking down in attempt to hide her blushing. Naruto however was slowly making his way to the door, but right before he exited, he looked back at Hinata who was watching him now.

     "Besides, someone as cute as you, doesn't deserve to be hurt and in the shape you're in right now." He winked and left quickly, leaving Hinata as bright a pink as the sunset was casting across the land and her room. She was holding the lavender flower as she fell asleep, but in the middle of the night, a kind nurse took it and put it in a little white vase, setting it on Hinata's bedside table for her to wake up to.


Hey guys! Thank so much for reading my Hinata and Naruto fanfiction. This is my very first try at it so please, if you could leave a comment as to how I did, that would be wonderful! And tell me if you want more please! Thanks <3

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