Hinato(Hinata X Naruto)

(Slight spoiler alert!) Hinata is desperately in love with Naruto, but she's just too shy to admit her feelings and she has a hard time reading Naruto's. It is after the Chunin exams and she is in the hospital, resting from her coughing fit during the exams.


2. Betrayed and Hurt

     Hinata was finally let out of the hospital after two long months. She was so excited to get out and stretch her legs. Not only did she wish to get back to training, she also wanted to see Naruto desperately. In the amount of time she was there in the hospital, Naruto visited her a few times, she believed at least once a week when he could, but the problem was, the visits were usually awkward, sweet and overall they didn't say much to each other. So, she was rearing to get back out and show everyone what she was made of.

     Hinata was walking along the path to where she usually goes to train. On her way though, she saw her blond haired and blue eyed boy talking to the pink haired girl known as Sakura. Hinata frowned slightly, she knew something was off. So, she snuck closer and decided to hide nearby, in the woods, behind a tree. It was apparent that Sakura and Naruto were in a very heated argument.

     "Why not?!" Naruto shouted at Sakura, his face contorted in anger and denial. Sakura looked as if she was about to slug him in the face, but she put her fist down and growled softly.

     "You're just not my type Naruto, get over it." Sakura stated firmly and directly. She was faced away from Hinata so she could not see how Sakura's facial expressions were changing.

    "And I say you're lying!"

     "I'm not lying Naruto! Do I ever lie to you?"

    "No... but sensuously! What is so wrong with me?"

    "You're annoying! As I've said millions of times before, I just don't like you that way." she looked off to the side in the distance, her eyes thoughtful and sad.

    "It's him, right? It's always him."

    "I love him, Naruto."

    "Oh... but he doesn't love you back! I could give you that, and protect you way better than that idiot could!" Naruto looked red in the face, his anger was almost tangible as he did something that surprised Sakura and Hinata. He kissed Sakura quickly. Sakura punched Naruto as hard as she could. Hinata began to shake. She knew he liked Sakura, but she never wanted to hear or see something like this. She tried to take a step back to get away from this scene, but was rooted in place. Fear wracking her body in anguish. Her poor body felt as if she had been up against Neji again. She feared toppling over in a fit of coughing blood again.

     "No Naruto, you can't and you never will! I love Sauske, I will follow him to the ends of the earth and back. I would die for him. For the last time Naruto, the answer is no and will always be no!" Sakura began to walk away, but turned around and looked straight at Hinata. "If you plan to eaves drop on people, you should hide better Hinata." Sakura left Naruto an Hinata alone together.

    Naruto stood there, staring at Hinata with a mixture of anger, sadness and something she couldn't quite figure out. Naruto took a step towards Hinata. She took a step back, her body shaking uncontrollably. Naruto took another step, reaching out for her.

    "Hinata..." Naruto spoke softly, his blue gaze piercing through her. Hinata's eyes began to water.

    "N-no!" Hinata yelled at him, tears spilling over as she turned around and ran as fast as she could away from him. She heard his footstep close behind her, he even touched her but she turned around and used her Gentle Fist near enough to his heart that he fell to his knees, gripping his chest in pain. Hinata stared disbelievingly at her hands.

    "H-hinata, please..." Naruto looked hurt and looked as if he was trying hard to talk to her, but she turned and ran, leaving Naruto where he was, on his knees in the dirt, starring after her, the sadness in his eyes forever burned into Hinata's mind.

     Hinata ran until she found a training spot, throwing all her effort and chakra into it. Eventually draining herself of almost all her chakra. She fell over and panted but she cried. The rain began to fall as if crying with her, soaking Hinata through. She couldn't move though and cried herself to sleep in the rain. The last image she remembered before blacking out was Naruto on his knees, bent in pain, the anguish in his eyes burning through her.

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