There was only one word to describe the jerk who decided to ruin my life, cold.


2. one.

August 1, 9:00 am.

I sat there wondering how I got into this mess. My thinking was disturbed when the dorm's manager stopped typing. "Mr.Irwin and Ms.Parkway, I have come to my conclusion about our little 'problem.'" She spoke. Ashton rolled his eyes and continued to text,"This isn't a problem," he made quotation marks with his fingers,"It's just that I need a new roommate, I honestly do not intend to live with this." He pointed towards me.

"It's rude to point. Please go on, Mrs.Granger." I put Ashton's arm down. She cleared her throat,"I have just found from the college headmaster, Dr.House, that Bay Parkway will continue to be your  roommate due to his request." Ashton widened his eyes, "My brother is such an idiot, We'll be on our way so I can kill him." Ashton opened the door for me."Always a pleasure talking to you Ashton."

Two Hours Before...

I slugged my way through the hallways of my new dorm with my many bags. Breathless, I found my dorm 405. Putting my key in, I found a guy with scruffy hair watching football (soccer) on television. He turned his attention to me giving me a weird look, "I didn't call for any strippers."




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