Bros 'n' Besties

Emma is just an ordinary teenager in Australia, she moves to a new town and changes schools. But she meets someone different, somehow he's keeping a secret from her........


2. HEY......

My mum drops me off at the carpark furthest from the school. "Mum." I say. "You should walk, so I don't embarrass you honey." She whispers. I roll my eyes, do I care? No. It's just another dumb school.

I start walking without caring to wave back at my mum. She drives off. A school bus randomly stopped beside me. People jumped off it, since it's here, I better just hop on.

"Bentley High?" The bus driver asks. "Yep." I reply. He smiles and orders me to continue walking.

I sit at the very back, no ones there, I better just pop my headphones on and listen to some 5SOS.

Don't stop doin what your doin!.......

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